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🥾 | [Mashiko Town] Observatory with a superb view XNUMX minutes one way hiking! !! "Mashiko Prefectural Natural Park Mashiko Forest"

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[Mashiko Town] Observatory with a superb view A XNUMX-minute one-way hike! !! "Mashiko Prefectural Natural Park Mashiko Forest"

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Go up the gentle walking path to the observatory.

Hello! !!I'm a local correspondent.I want to hike in the season when it feels good to go out.But I'm tired ... → Continue reading

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Observatory(Tenbodai) isCapeAt the tip of(I.e.Near the top of theHigh-rise building,塔On the top floor ofSceneryEquipment installed to see.


The observatory may be outdoors or indoors.You may be charged or free to enter the observatory.You can see from there on the observatorySceneryIs drawn on a signboard and the name of the feature is written, or paid or freetelescopeEtc. may be installed.屋内展望台であって、建物の外周部がゆっくりと回転するIt is an indoor observatory, and the outer circumference of the building rotates slowly.Rotating observatoryThere is.

waterfallThere is also an observatory where you can see the waterfall basin oppositeWaterfallIt is called (Kanbakudai).

Height record

Transition of the highest observatory in the world

1889 yearsEiffel towerThe transition of the world's tallest observatory since its completion.

(I.e.,cliffExcept for the above, artificialBuildingLimited to the above.

Record retention periodNameCountrycityYear of completionHeight to the highest observatoryRemarks
1889-1931 yearEiffel towerFranceParis1889 275cmObservatory at 57m and 115m
1931-1973 yearEmpire State BuildingAmericaニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク1931 369cm[1]Observatory at 86m on the 320th floor
1973-1974 yearWorld Trade CenterAmericaニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク1973 399.4cmThe observation deck on the 107th floor of the South Tower opened on April 1973, 4.
American terrorist attacksCollapsed.
1974-1975 yearWillis TowerAmericaChicago1974 412.4cmThe observation deck on the 103rd floor opens on June 1974, 6.
1975-1976 yearWorld Trade CenterAmericaニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク1973 420cmThe South Tower rooftop observatory opened on December 1975, 12.
American terrorist attacksCollapsed.
1976-2008 yearCN towerCanadaToronto1976 446.5cmObservatory at 342m and 346m
2008-2011 yearShanghai World Financial CenterChugokuShanghai2008 474cmObservatory at 423m and 439m
2011 - 2014 Canton TowerChugokuGuangzhou2011 488cmThe rooftop outdoor observatory opened in December 2011.There are several other observatories indoors (up to 12m).
2014 - 2016 Burj KhalifaUnited Arab EmiratesDubai2010 555cmThe observation deck on the 148rd floor opens on June 2014, 10.
2016-Shanghai TowerChugokuShanghai2015 561cmOpened on July 2016, 7, three elevators directly connected to the observatory are in operation.上りは分速1m(秒速3m)のUphill at 1,080m / min (18m / s)The fastest elevator in the worldIt will reach 2m from the 13nd basement floor (about 119m underground) to the 552th floor (about 565.4m) in 55 seconds.

Height ranking

List of observatories
NameCompleteTypesCountrycityObservatory heightBuilding heightfootnote
1Shanghai Tower2015 SkyscraperFlag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of ChinaShanghai561cm632cmIn July 2016, the elevator developed by Mitsubishi Electric, which can operate at a speed of 7 m / min (1,230 m / s), will start operating and will reach the 20.5nd basement floor to the 2th floor in 119 seconds.[2]
2Burj Khalifa2010 SkyscraperUnited Arab Emirates flag UAEDubai555cm[3]828cm148th floor. 124th floor, outdoors.
3Canton Tower2011 Steel towerFlag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of ChinaGuangzhou488cm600cmThe rooftop outdoor observatory opened in December 2011.
42nd Lotte World Tower2017 SkyscraperRepublic of Korea flag South KoreaSeoul Special City478cm555cmOECDIt is the tallest building in the member countries
5Shanghai World Financial Center2008 SkyscraperFlag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of ChinaShanghai474cm[4]492.3cm100th floor. There are also observation decks on the 94th and 97th floors.
6Tokyo Sky Tree2012 Steel towerJapanese flag JapanTokyo451.2cm634cmThere are also observatories at 340 m, 345 m and 350 m.
7CN tower1976 Concrete towerCanadian flag CanadaToronto446.6cm553.3cmThere are also observatories at 342 m (outdoor) and 346 m (indoor).
8Willis Tower(Former Sears Tower)1974 SkyscraperUnited States flag The United States of AmericaChicago412.5cm527.3cm103 floor
9World Trade Square2011 SkyscraperHong Kong flag Hong KongKowloon393cm484cm100th floor. 360 ° panoramic indoor observatory.
10Taipei 1012004 Skyscraper Republic of China(Taiwan)Taipei391.6cm509.2cm91st floor (outdoor). There is also an observatory on the 89th floor (indoor) 383.2m.
11Petronas Twin Towers1998 SkyscraperMalaysia flag MalaysiaKuala Lumpur370cm452.9cmThe 86th floor of Tower 41. There is a sky bridge 42m connecting the two towers on the 170st and XNUMXnd floors.
12Empire State Building1931 SkyscraperUnited States flag The United States of Americaニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク369cm[5]448.7cm102nd floor. It is also on the 86th floor (320 m).
13Oriental Pearl Tower1994 Concrete towerFlag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of ChinaShanghai351cm468.9cm14 floor
14Kaohsiung 85 Building1997 Skyscraper Republic of China(Taiwan)Kaohsiung341cm347cm74 floor
15Kinmo Tower1998 SkyscraperFlag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of ChinaShanghai340.1cm421.5cm
16Ostankino Tower1967 Concrete towerRussian flag RussiaMoscow337cm540.1cm
17John Hancock Center1969 SkyscraperUnited States flag The United States of AmericaChicago313.8cm343.5cm
18Eureka Tower2007 SkyscraperAustralian flag AustraliaMelbourne285cm297.3cmSkydeck 88 is 285 m high
19Royal Gorge Bridge1929 bridgeUnited States flag The United States of AmericaColorado291cm321cmArkansas River OfGrand CanyonTo hang on.
20OUB Center
1-Altitude Gallery
2010 SkyscraperSingapore flag Singapore280cm280cmThe rooftop gallery opened in 2010.1-Altitude Part of the establishment.
21Eiffel tower1889 鉄Truss towerFrench flag FranceParis276.1cm324cm3rd observatory
22Kuala Lumpur Tower1996 Concrete towerMalaysia flag MalaysiaKuala Lumpur276cm421cm
23Columbia Center1985 SkyscraperUnited States flag The United States of AmericaSeattle275cm284cm73 floor

Underwater observatory

Underwater observatory(SometimesUnderwater observatoryIn (referred to as), the base of the building is on the seabed, and onlookers can go down below the surface of the water and appreciate the state of the sea from the window.


The United States of America


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