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⛺ | [Teached by the author with more than 10 years of ikebana history] How to make and decorate dried flowers!Easy to decorate at camp


[Teached by the author with more than 10 years of ikebana history] How to make and decorate dried flowers!Easy to decorate at camp

If you write the contents roughly
Hang it in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight for about a week.

How about dried flowers as one of the interiors of a fashionable camp?Natural dry flower ... → Continue reading


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Good direct sunlight

Sun light

Sun light(Sunlight,British: sunlight) Is(I.e.ReleaseLight.sunlightAlso called (Nikko).地球InBiology ActivitiesclimateIt has a great influence on such things.Mankind has also enjoyed the blessings of the light of the sun, which is also called the blessing of the sun.

The mechanism of the sun

Generation of sunlight

  1. In the center of the sun, by gravityhydrogen OfNuclear fusionIs happeningGamma rayOccurs.
  2. Gamma rays are repeatedly absorbed and emitted into matter inside the sun, at which time energy is lost.The closer to the surfacefrequencyGoes down, someVisible light,Infrared,UVIt is radiated next to it.

Reaching the earth

As sunlight(I.e.Released fromLightIt is,地球Approximately 1.37kW / m near the orbit2(Solar constant)ofEnergyhave.This is in earth orbitArtificial satelliteIs the energy that can be received.Photon1 x 6 per square meter per second21Pieces (tenMore than one).

Most X-rays are blocked by the atmosphere.Also harmful UV raysstratosphere Ofozone layer90% or more is cut.Visible light and infrared lightAtmosphereInReflection-scattering-absorptionOver 4% of the average decays due to factors such as reaching the ground (Commentary by the Japan Meteorological Agency).Since the distance through the atmosphere changes, the energy density that can be received at each point on the ground changes according to latitude, season, and time.Up to about 1kW / m near Japan2It becomes the energy of.

  • It takes about 8 minutes 17 to 19 seconds for sunlight to reach the ground after being emitted from the sun.Astronomical unit,(I.e.地球Radius,speed of lightCan be calculated from).
  • The total amount of energy of the sun's rays that reach the earth per hour is20st centuryIt is comparable to the energy consumed in the latter half of the world during the year.
    The breakdown of that energy on the ground is
    • About 45% of the energy that turns into heat on the ground
    • 20% of the energy stored in the sea
    • About 0.2% of the energy that changes to the driving force that moves the wind and waves
    • photosynthesisEnergy used for is about 0.02%
    • About 30% of the energy reflected into space

Eventually,visible light,InfraredSuch asElectromagnetic waveIs re-radiated into space.For more informationEarth's energy balanceSee.

The heat energy converted from sunlight isweatherActs as a driving force for phenomena and in various places on the earth(I.e.,WindContributes to bringing about.

Also, plants and phytoplanktonphotosynthesisNeeded byoxygenAnd producing energy.Some animals also maintain their body temperature by being exposed to sunlight.Also, the change in the amount of solar radiation, that is,NoonThe transition has a great impact on the activity of living things.

Use of sunlight

The energy that reaches the ground is used directly and indirectly in human life.

Use from ancient times

Drying wet clothes, drying earthenware,Dry matter,Olympic torchIt was used for ignition of.


The inclination of the sun was used as the time using sunlight.
It was used for daylighting, signals, and messages.
カメラAndtelescope,microscopeAnd gave birth to optical machines.

Power generation

Solar power-Solar power
Converts the energy of sunlight into electricity using solar cells and turbines.
The flow of the river is the rain caused by rain clouds warmed by sunlight.
Wind-power generation
Wind is the flow of air warmed by sunlight.
Wave power generation
Above and below the surface of the sea are swells of waves fanned by the wind.
Ocean current power generation
Ocean currents are the circulation of seawater warmed by the sun.By the way, tidal power generation has nothing to do with sunlight.
biomassPower generation
Photosynthesis of plants uses the energy of sunlight.

Adverse effects of sunlight

Included in sunlightUVIt is,Synthetic resin(Plastic)Light reactionCauses decomposition and deterioration.Also, in many other materials, ultraviolet rays cause deterioration and discoloration.

Some of the ultraviolet rays contained in sunlightSterilizationAt the same time as having an actioncarcinogenicIt has also been confirmed to have.IARC OfCarcinogenesis risk classification"Sunlight exposure" is classified as Group 1 (carcinogenic).Especially,Skin cancerIt is considered to be one of the onset factors of.Epidemiologically, UV-C (which hardly reaches the surface of the earth) and UV-B have been found to cause genetic damage that can lead to cancer, as well as the same.RaceStudies have shown that the lower the latitude, the higher the incidence of skin cancer.[1][2].


  1. ^ Participating in the 19th International Pigment Cell Society Chikako Nishikiori, specific area research related to cancer research.
  2. ^ Interview explaining the relationship between UV rays and sunburn Masataka Umeda, Nikkei BP SAFETY JAPAN, August 2005, 8.

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