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🐈 | Ren Ishikawa, friendly kitten and Doup XNUMX SHOT fan faint in agony!


Ren Ishikawa, a friendly kitten and a fan faint in agony at Doup XNUMX SHOT!

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From the fans on this post, "I want you to grow up quickly", "I want you to grow up safely and big", "Mon's amazing ... cute child", "Cute Nyan", "Very cute", "Super cute", " Voices such as "The strongest two", "Both are too cute", "Cute", "Very cute and lovely", and "Moo ~ Double and cute Nya ~" are flooding.

Actress Ren Ishikawa, an exclusive model of fashion magazine "CanCam" (Shogakukan), will be on the official blog and In ... → Continue reading

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