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👍 | Akina Minami praises “Imechen” adult coordination SHOT “Becoming beautiful” “I have seen it twice”

Photo Akina Minami Crank-in!

Akina Minami praises "Imechen" adult coordination SHOT "Becoming beautiful" "I have seen it twice"

If you write the contents roughly
In addition to a series of voices such as "It's very mature" and "I like the usual fluffy atmosphere, but this kind of crisp and cute atmosphere is also wonderful", "The second piece is better (Note: Husband, Masaru Hamaguchi) just a little I thought it was similar, "he said.

Talent Akina Minami updated Instagram on the 10th.When the adult outfit that renews the image is shown, the fans ... → Continue reading

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Yu Hamaguchi

Masaru Hamaguchi(Hamaguchi Masaru,1972 (Showa47 years)May 1 -) isJapan Ofcomedian,YouTuber.. Comedy combinationYokoNoto madness (Tsukkomi) In charge. My partnerShinya Arino.Shochiku entertainmentBelongs.Blood TypeIs A type.星座 TheAquarius.. WifeAkina Minami[1].

OsakaOsakaKonohana WardI'm fromOsaka Municipal Kasugade Junior High School,Osaka Municipal Panai High Schoolgraduate.


My parents' house runs a coffee shop.Since I didn't use "tsu" in the sentences in the impressions of watching the play I wrote when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school, the sentences became like Katakoto from beginning to end.[2]..When I was in high school, I was nicknamed "Kuri"[3]..When I was in the third year of high school, I evaluated the report card in English.1In the comments of the English teacher at that timeIt's the last minuteWas written[2]..As a motive for entering the entertainment world, he said in the past that he became an entertainer because he hated working normally.[4].

Held in 2014Akiko WadaAt the birthday party, I saw the interaction between Hamaguchi and Minami and felt the feelings of both parties.Tetsuro DegawaMediated the exchange of telephone numbers, which led to the start of dating with the South.Immediately after, on February 2014, 2, after announcing that he was dating, he became a couple officially recognized by the media and each other's office, and made the standby screen of the mobile phone a magnificent image of the south. In the new year of 27, when I went out to the annual date at Miracosta at Tokyo DisneySea, I replaced the ring that Minami usually wears with an engagement ring, and said when Minami was wondering about an unfamiliar ring. In response to the proposal of "Please get married", Minami responded "Thank you" and the engagement was concluded.[5].. Around May 5thShinya ArinoReported his intention to marry and asked him to become a witness for the marriage registration, and on May 5, he completed the marriage registration.On the same day, he reported his marriage to Minami.[1].. July 2019, 9,Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCostaWe had a wedding reception at[6].. On April 9Saitama Super ArenaHeld at "29thTokyo Girls Collection In "2019 AUTUMN / WINTER", the couple appeared as secret guests, wearing kimono wedding costumes.RunwayWalked[7].. On April 2021, 4, the pregnancy of his wife's first child in the south was revealed on the YouTube channel "Ouchi no Masaru" with the south.[8].. June 6th, it is announced that the first child has been stillborn[9][10].

On June 2021, 6, he announced on his Instagram that he had purchased a 27 million yen camper.The details of the purchase are published on the YouTube channel.

January 2022, 1, with my wife MinamiNew coronavirusAnnounced that it was infected with[11]。 1月24日、南と共に療養期間が終了したことが発表される[12].



"KinnikumanI like, "Kinnikuman II] In "Stepman"I designed a superhuman, and was adopted in the main story to support the evil superhuman.However, it is destroyed in 2 pages by Lightning & Thunder.[13].Tomizawa TakeshiChoshu powerThe superman of design is also published in Volume 74.

Takashi OkamuraWas the MC of the special project "Mecha x 2 Nagaku Yuruderu! ~ 2 Robin Mask Saves the Earth !! ~" of the Internet program "Mecha x 43 Yuruderu!"[14]At the inner corner "Early Morning Idol Swimming Tournament", he himself is "Ramen Kamukura Man" along with "No. 43 Robin Mask" dressed as Okamura.[15]Appeared wearing a mask.Robin Mask vs Ramen Kamukura Man's freestyle swimming showdown.

Hamaguchi Tale Circle

First held on August 2011, 8[16].. Live with a colleague entertainer with the aim of "let's feel free to play Tale like club activities"Shochiku Performing Arts Shinjuku Kakuza,Shochiku Geino DAIHATSU MOVE Dotonbori Kakuza) And TV (Hatsumode! Bakusho Hit Parade,Day 10 ☆ Performing Arts Parade) Is showing off the control.

  • Visual-kei air band "Bald Dream"
From the planning in the circleVisual Kei Ofエ ア-Band"Bald dreamWas born, and he himself called himself the artist "Yoshiyuki", Air.DrumsDeveloping professional activities as a producer[17].
An idol project born by Hamaguchi himself as the founder.Former "Idling!!!Was established as a successor group.Idol festival "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL』, Co-sponsoring a talk show" Snack Umeko "that repeats various projects to appear every year[18].

Hamaguchi style

"Uchimura Produce』Plan" Produce another person's personality king deciding match 3 "[19]Hamaguchi became naked in the lower half of his body and screamed "Tasukete !!" while standing upright on the toilet bowl at the situation contest "What if there was a toilet bowl in the fitting room of the boutique?" "I wanted to leave something in Uchimura Produce," said Hamaguchi, who had a satisfied face.Mitsuyoshi UchimuraThe co-stars, including the one, are so impressed with the impact.Named "Hamaguchi Style" in the program, laterYu Shinagawa,Banana manAlso went on to Hamaguchi style.

This "Hamaguchi style" is on the DVD "Uchimura Produce-Fermentation"[20]It is recorded in.


Described the appearance of Masaru Hamaguchi as an individual.Appearance at YoikoYokoSee.

Current appearance

tv set


  • Hamaguchi Idol Power Hump! (April 2019, 4-,CBC Radio)

Past appearances


Web tv

  • This year's dirt will be removed! Yoiko Hamaguchi takes a 12-hour ladder bath at her amateur girl's house! (December 2016-12, 30, Abema Premier channel)[21]
  • Hamaguchi Women's University Amazon Special (September 2017th-9th, 8, Amazon Prime Video)
  • Fantasaka Gakuen and large chorus plan(July 2019, 7-September 16, AbemaTV)-MC[22]

TV drama

Television Animation

Educational program

Information program

  • Delsata(October 2016, 4-March 9, 2021,Me ~ Tele)-Moderator[28]
  • Delsata 11 (April 2018, 4-September 7, 2020, Me-Tele)-Moderator



Theater animation


  • Our hero(October 2003-March 10,MBS Radio
  • Young Park(April 2004-March 4, MBS Radio)
    • Young Park Overtime / Tren Bowl (April-September 2004)
    • Young Park Overtime, live discussion until 2 o'clock (October 2004-March 10)
    • Shakariki! Overtime V3 (April-September 2005)

Online program

-ゲームセンターDX(2015 -,YouTube-NintendoOfficial channel)


-Unicharm Products Silcot Wet "The Moment I Noticed" (February 2021 --) --Co-starring with Akina Minami[31]


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