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🥾 | Evacuation drill for Mt. Fuji eruption Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture Changed to gradual evacuation


Evacuation drill for Mt. Fuji eruption Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture Changed to gradual evacuation

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This is because the revised hazard map specifically shows the expected disaster area for each crater location, and it is an evacuation that shortens the travel distance while avoiding the disaster area.

Regarding the first evacuation drill for the eruption of Mt. Fuji after the revision of the hazard map, Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture has been in the Kuninaka region so far ... → Continue reading

 UTY TV Yamanashi

There are lots of news to watch in Yamanashi, such as Japan's No. XNUMX Mt. Fuji and the world's fastest linear motor car. We will closely adhere to Yamanashi and deliver news from the perspective unique to the local media of XNUMX years.

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crater(Kako,British: crater) Is地下 OfmagmaAndVolcanic gasWas carried toRock massSuch,solid~liquid SurfaceErupted in (or erupted in the past)hole..What spoutsmud,Hot waterEven so, it is sometimes called a crater depending on the scale.crater(British: eruptive crater).

gasThe hole that ejects only (gas)FumaroleIn fact, it is roughly distinguished by size, and even if it is only gas, it is often called a crater when it is several meters in diameter.It does not matter if there are past or present eruptions (OitaMt.For example).

Crater formation and shape

The crater is a little magma温泉 水However, it is formed by rising from the deep underground and breaking through the surface of the earth.

Water that has accumulated in the craterCrater lakeThat.

Arrangement of craters

The craters are often lined up in a straight line.

If the magma rises in a plate shape instead of a thin columnar shape, a fissure eruption will occur, but on the ground surface, it will be a row of craters with elliptical craters lined up in a straight line instead of continuous cracks.
  • When affected by a wide area stress field
地殻 TheplateBy the movement ofstressTherefore, the direction parallel to the maximum compression principal stress axis (orthogonal to the minimum compression principal stress axis) is liable to crack, and the craters tend to line up in the fragile direction accordingly.In this case, the distance between the craters is much farther than the crater row of the fissure eruption.


EarthquakeEruption soon due to activities etc.Pyroclastic flowThere is a risk of outbreaksulfurOf originVolcanic gasWith the squirt ofPoisoningThere is a risk of death, so access is restricted.MunicipalitiesThere is also.



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