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👍 | Takafumi Horie and Jakucho Setouchi mourn in the past.

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Condolences to Takafumi Horie and Jakucho Setouchi "Various positive influences have been given" in the past

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Mr. Horie posted a YouTube video on Twitter saying "Thank you, Jakucho Setouchi."

Takafumi Horie, also known as Horiemon, a businessman, updated Twitter on the 11th.Setouchi, a writer and nun whose obituary was announced on this day ... → Continue reading

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Setouchi Jakucho

Jakucho Setouchi(Setouchi Jakucho,1922 Taisho11 years>May 5 - 2021 Reiwa3 years>May 11[1]) IsJapan OfNovelist,Tendai sect OfNun..Common name:Harumi(Harumi).priestly rankIs a Gondai monk[2].1997 Cultural Merit,2006 Order of Culture[3]..The rank isThird place..Educational background is Tokushima Prefectural High School (currently:Tokushima Prefectural Joto High School),Tokyo Women's UniversityGraduated from the Japanese language major.FormerTendaiji TemplePriest,sameHonorary priest.. ExHieizan Enryakuji TempleZenkobo chief priest.FormerTsuruga Junior College(At that time, Tsuruga Women's Junior College)President.TokushimaHonorary citizen[4],Kyoto CityHonorary citizen[5],Ninohe CityHonorary citizen[6].

The masterpiece as a writer is "End of summer"Ask the flowers" "Place" and many more. After 1988, "The Tale of GenjiThere are many works related toShincho Doujin Magazine AwardStarting withWomen's Literature Prize,Junichiro Tanizaki Award,Noma Literature AwardReceived such awards.Taisho /Showa-Heisei・ A writer who lived in Reiwa and the four eras.[7].


TokushimaTokushimaIn the back of the wall (currently Yukimachi)Buddhist altarshop(Setouchi Shoten), The second daughter of Toyokichi Mitani and KoharuHarumi MitaniBorn as a kid who was weak and loved to read books.Harumi also adopted her father later with her grandmother, Setouchi.Tokushima High School for GirlsFrom Mitani in the timesSetouchiChange to surname.

Tokyo Women's UniversityIn school1942 At the age of 20, he got engaged with Teijiro Sakai (1913-1992, Tokushima City student).1943 Married in February and husband's post in OctoberBeijingCross over.1944 May 8[8], Giving birth to a girl.1945 My husband convened in June and returned home with the end of the war in August.1946 , In August, the family repatriated to Tokushima and confessed to her husband's student's literary youth and affair, husband (Harumi 8 years old, husband 3 years old, partner 25 years old).1947 Three family members move to Tokyo in the fall[9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16].

1948 I abandoned my husband and my eldest daughter, 3 years old, and left home to live in Kyoto.While working at Osui Shoin, I wrote the first novel "Pygmalion's Love"FukudaSend to.

1950 Formaldivorce(It is said that he settled with his eldest daughter after he left home), went to Tokyo and aimed to become a novelist in earnest, and was his former real name.Harumi MitaniPosted a girl's novel under the pseudonym of "Shojo Sekai" and was published in "Shojo Sekai" magazine.Sachiko MitaniSelected for the prize novel of "Himawari" magazine under the pseudonym of. ,,Shogakukan,KodanshaWrite girl novels and fairy tales.AlsoFumio NiwaParticipated in the douujinshi "Literary", and participated in "Z" after the dissolution[17].

Debut as a writer in earnest

1956 , Announced her virgin work "Painful Shoes" to "Literature", in 1957 with "College Student Song Airi"Shincho Doujin Magazine AwardAwarded.In the first award-winning work "Hanashin"Porn novelBeing exposed to criticism that it is, critics said, "uterusLabeled as "writer".

For the next few years, there were no requests for writing from literary magazines, and "Kodan Club''Public opinion] Published works in other popular magazines, weekly magazines, etc.

1959 Started serializing "Toshiko Tamura" in the douujinshi "Unnamed Magazine".In parallel"Tokyo Newspaper, The first feature-length novel "Woman's Sea" is serialized.At this timeJinjiro OdaIn "End of Summer", which depicts the love experience of an affair (love triangle) with a student of Ya and his ex-husband.1963 OfWomen's Literature PrizeAwarded and established a position as a writer[18].

1966 ,Mitsuharu InoueLecture trip to Takamatsu and become a romantic relationship.1973 , Buddhist priest to break the relationship with Inoue[19].

Since then, he has written numerous romance novels and biographical novels and has become a popular writer, but for 30 years he has not received any awards for pure literature or popular literature.

Since becoming a popular writer

1988 "Jakucho Setouchi" is a bestseller that sells 1 copies in a year.1992 ,IppenIn "Ask the Flower"Junichiro Tanizaki AwardWas awarded. "The Tale of Genji"ofModern japanese grammarIn translation, the name is known.

2007 May 8, Serve as directorTokushima Prefectural Literature and Calligraphy Museum(Tokushima) In the lectureAge-related macular degenerationHe revealed that he couldn't see most of his right eye.

2008 In the so-called "Mobile novel”Genre.Starts PublishingThe novel "Tomorrow's Rainbow" is added to the mobile novel site "Noichigo" operated by "Purple".Pen nameWhat I was writing inMay 9Revealed at a press conference.

2010 TovertebralHe suffered a compression fracture and was forced to live a bedridden life for half a year. In the examination during the second compression fracture treatment in 2014Gallbladder cancerWas discovered, but the doctor told me that he was over 90 years old.手術Although it was said that no one would do it, Setouchi decided on the spot that he should take it immediately, and the operation was successful.He said that he had forgotten the pain in his lower back, which he couldn't get rid of even with twice the usual amount of medicine, during the cancer turmoil.Then return.2015 May 11IsTV Asahi"Tetsuko's roomAppeared in.I can't stand the severe pain while I'm in the hospital, "There is no god or buddha anymoreAn anecdote was revealed.The show said he was completely cured of his cancer and was drinking alcohol without any pain.[20].


2021 November 11, 9:6,heart failureDied at a hospital in Kyoto city. He died 99 years old.The obituary was announced on the 11th of the same month.[21][22].Legal nameIs "Jakucho Setouchi Daiho Nun'[23]..I had been hospitalized for about a month before I died because I was in poor physical condition.[24]..The Government of Japan has the date of deathThird placeTo[25][26][27].. On December 12th, a "remembrance party" was held at Jakuan.


1973 Listened to this spring at the age of 51Now Toko) As a priestChusonji TempleInTendai sectProfitability,Legal nameTo be lonely.At that time, even if I went homeFamily registerSince I didn't have to change my name, I hated the hassle of banking procedures and other profane things, so I left the family register name as it was and used the legal name only in terms of Buddhist affairs.As a writer, he continued to call himself a common name even after he left the house, but in 1987, when he became a priest at Tohoku Tendaiji Temple, he changed his family register name to Jakucho Setouchi.[28], Started writing activities under the name of Jakucho Setouchi.

1974 years,Mt. Hiei60 days at Yokokawa GyoinRowAfter that, KyotoSaganoI live in a hermitage named Jakuan.He is also enthusiastic about his activities as a nun, and on weekends he preaches the blue sky (Tendaiji Temple), I was talking about the law.When he attended a press conference between the boards of the dojo of the Gyoin after the full line, he realized that he became a nun for the first time.[28].

Among more than 40 go-apprenticesNunThere were 5 people including Jakucho Setouchi.For two of themhusbandThere,hairwas there. Among the five nunsinspirationThe only thing that wasn't there was Jakucho Setouchi.ProfitabilityAt that time, I was asked what to do with my hair from this spring, and immediately answered, "I will drop it."Next, when asked "By the way, what about the lower half of the body?" The story was never exchanged.Jakucho shave his head,sexI wrote later that I was not confident and worried about the future, and I was probably worried at that time.[28].

For Jakucho SetouchiHoma burningIs veryEroticIt was something like that.Esoteric Buddhism OfFour PrayogasI thought that the mark was an erotic type when burning the Homa inContemplationFrom the sentence forFudo FudoAngryMale genitaliaIs associated with.The ultimate boundaries and boundaries that Buddhism aims for are bothEsotericBeing gave courage to Jakucho Setouchi.Esoteric BuddhismRowThen, I felt the life to regenerate, and I couldn't taste it in the last month's training session.Space OflifeEnjoy the brilliance of the soul, the infinite expansion of the self that is directly connected to it, and the ecstasy.Jakucho Setouchi has always beenKanako OkamotoWhat made the novel bloom in his later yearsJodo ShinshuButZen BuddhismI was able to confirm in Yokokawa that I was glaring at the idea of ​​the esoteric universe's great life hymn.[28].

About 10 days after entering the esoteric Buddhism line, as soon as I opened the door of the hot spring to clean the bathroom, a naked man who got wet in the dressing room, which I thought was empty, turned to Jakucho Setouchi and stood up. Was.He was by far the tallest of the go-apprentices and was the young man who yelled at the sutras louder than anyone else.In the eyes of loneliness, the dark jungle under the navel and the angry towering from it, just like Fudo MyoswordI can see things like this.The next moment, Jakucho setouchi and the man with a bright red face burst into laughter.The man with a lot of energy was bathing his whole body, stealing the moment when he started his work in the early morning.He wrote that the reason why Setouchi didn't move to the naked body was that he was neither dead nor clear in his training, and that it was only grotesque in itself, not aesthetic or cute.[28].

Thoughts and beliefs

  • Nuclear power"I want to be involved in the anti-nuclear movement for the rest of my life," he said in an interview.2012 May 5,Breaking with nuclear power generationAsk forCivic groupsDecided to seek nuclear powerHanger strikeParticipate in.The hunger strike was held until sunset (about half a day)[29].
  • In 2000Okamura IsaoI was impressed by the memoirs of the crime victims and was involved in the establishment of the crime victims' association.[30],2016 May 10,Japan Federation of Bar AssociationsHeld byDeath penaltyAt a symposium against the death penalty, Setouchi criticized the death penalty in a video message and said, "Please fight against the idiot who wants to kill you."I was at the venue for this remarkNational Crime Victims AssociationA lawyer who supports members of (Tomorrow's Association) and crime victims (adviser of "Tomorrow's Association")Okamura IsaoEt al. Protested, "It's a word that tramples the feelings of the victim."[31]..Also, about this wordDark Site Murder CaseThe victim's bereaved family (who sought the death penalty for all three perpetrators, but only one was sentenced to death in the trial in this case) was on December 3, 1.TokyoChiyoda WardWhen he gave a keynote speech at the symposium held at Seiryo Hall in Seiryo Hall, he criticized the word and said, "Why should we (the bereaved families of our victims who support the death penalty) be accused of'the idiots who want to kill'?" Isn't this a word that should be directed to the perpetrator (who actually killed the person)? "[32].

Yearly record


Until the 1960s

  • "Memory of White Gloves" Tomobunsha 1957Chuko Bunko
  • "Flower core"Mikasa Shobo After 1958Bunshun library,Kodansha library
  • "The Lost Woman" Koboten Shobo 1959
  • "Love school"Tohosha 1959 Later Kodansha Bunko
  • "Love Acquisition Course" Wado Publishing Co., Ltd. 1959
  • "From the end" Naniwa Shobo 1960
  • "The real face of love, everything about marriage"Tokuma bookstore 1961
  • "Toshiko Tamura"文藝 春秋After the new company 1961Kadokawa Bunko,Kodansha Literature Library
  • "End of summer"Shinchosha Co., Ltd. 1963 Later Bunko
  • "Woman" (Chisho TakaokaNun is a model) Shinchosha 1963 Later paperback
  • "Blue diamond"Kodansha 1963 Later Bunko
  • "Actress" Shinchosha 1964 Later Bunshun Bunko (Michiko SagaIs a model)
  • "Woman's Sea" Keibunkan 1964Shueisha library
  • "Female chopsticks" Tohosha 1964
  • "Envy" Shinchosha 1964 Shueisha Bunko
  • "Hanano" Bungei Shunju 1964 Later Bunko
  • "Wifes" Shinchosha 1965 Later paperback
  • "Kanoko Ran" Kodansha 1965 Later paperback (Kanako Okamoto) (Commentary:Miyoji Ueda
  • "Rondo" Kodansha 1965 Later paperback
  • "road"Cultural Costume InstitutePress 1965
  • "Beginning with love"Chuokoronsha 1966 Later Bunko
  • "Setouchi Harumi self-selected work』All four volumes 4-1966
  • "Beauty is in turmoil" (Sakae Osugi-Noe Ito) Bungei Shunju 1966 Kadokawa Bunko, Bunko Bunko
  • "Bishonen" Toho Novel Selection Book 1966
  • "Kleshas Dream" (Izumi Shikibu) Shinchosha 1966
  • "Morning morning" Kodansha 1966 Later Bunshun Bunko
  • "Tempted" Kodansha 1966
  • "Setouchi Harumi Masterpiece Series" 5 volumes Kodansha 1967
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  • "Golden Tack" Shinchosha 1967 Kadokawa Bunko
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  • "Essay of love" (essay)Seishun Publisher 1968 Later Kadokawa Bunko
  • "Gion no Nyogo』Kodansha 1968 later paperback
  • "Her husbands" Kodansha 1968 Later paperback
  • "Only for you"Sankei ShimbunPublishing Bureau 1968 Later Bunshun Bunko
  • "Mistresses" Shinchosha 1968
  • "Night Conversation" Bungei Shunju 1968 Later Bunko
  • "Between wife and woman"Mainichi Shimbun After 1969Shincho Bunko
  • "Mrs. Butterfly NovelTamaki Miura』Kodansha 1969 later paperback
  • "Baking orchids" Kodansha 1969 Later paperback (Commentary:Hideo Kamei), Bungei Bunko
  • "Envy and Tsure" Kodansha Roman Books 1969
  • "Affair Dividend" Kodansha Roman Books 1969
  • "Song of Fall" Kodansha Roman Books 1969
  • "Unfaithful Sadajo" Kodansha Roman Books 1969
  • "Night of grooming" Kodansha Roman Books 1969
  • "Dancing in the Naraku" Bungei Shunju 1969 "Naraku" Bunko

1970 era

  • "Distant voice" (Kanno Suga) Shinchosha 1970 paperback
  • "Koikawa" (Kiritake Monjuro) Mainichi Newspaper 1971 Kadokawa Bunko
  • "Pure love" Kodansha 1971 Later paperback
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  • "Spring in the margin" (Fumiko Kaneko) Chuokoron-sha 1972 paperback
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  • "Medieval Flame" (Gofukakusain NijoAsahi Shimbun After 1973 Shincho Bunko
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1980 era

  • "Sagano Diary" (essay) Shinchosha 1980 Later paperback
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  • "Jakuan Jyofuku"Culture Publishing Bureau 1980 Later Shueisha Bunko
  • "Sequel Setouchi Harumi Feature Film Selection" All 5 Volumes Kodansha 1981-1982

(Hereafter, Harumi's name and Jakucho's name are mixed)

  • "The Story of Buddha and the Woman" Jakucho Setouchi 1981 Bunko
  • Self-portrait of "Harumi Setouchi by Harumi Setouchi" Bronze Company 1981
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1990 era

  • "My Sex and Life" Jakucho Setouchi, Harumi Setouchi Shinchosha 1990 Later Bunko

(Unified afterwards by listening)

  • "Love me before leaving home" Kawade Bunko 1990
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2000 era

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翻 訳

  • "Japanese classicSuddenlyModern translation ”Gofukakusain Nijo Kawade Shobo Shinsha 1973 Shincho Bunko
  • Translated by "Perfect Woman" Mikasa Shobo 1990 Renamed "Relationship between Mother and Daughter" Intellectual Lifestyle Bunko
  • "Modern Language Translation Genji Monogatari" All 10 Volumes Kodansha 1996-1998 Later Bunko

A work on the theme of Jakucho Setouchi

Activities on the internet

  • Jakucho Setouchi Let's talk to you ~ Video counseling room ~
    An online video program featuring Jakucho Setouchi, which started in August 2008.Setouchi himself will answer inquiries from generations who find it difficult to find hope in the future (the generation in their late 8s to 20s during the "employment ice age").The interviewer is the TV program "Passion continent』Director, Yutaka Nakamura.
    Now[When?]Is being updated on the official mobile site "Jakucho Setouchi Life Counseling Room".Yutaka Nakamura will continue to be the interviewer.

Media appearance


  • Masahiro Sakaguchi, "Hakujin no Haiku", Hon'ami Shoten


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