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👍 | Boldly recruiting "husband killing" on Twitter ... 44-year-old "poisonous woman" motivation and debt

Photo The home apartment where the incident occurred (C) Nikkan Gendai

Boldly recruiting "husband killing" on Twitter ... 44-year-old "poisonous woman" motivation and debt

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Miyuki Takita, a 44-year-old part-time employee in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, was arrested on the 8th by the Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division 1 on suspicion of attempted murder and trespassing, alleging that he had asked men to "kill her husband" on Twitter. ..

"I want you to kill my husband." Boldly, I was looking for a "killer" on Twitter that anyone could browse.twitter… → Continue reading

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Miyuki Takita suspected

Criminal department

Criminal departmentWhat is (Keijibu)?Japanese criminal justiceEngage inGovernment office OfDepartmentIt is the name of, and there are the following examples.[1].

  1. PrefecturesPolice headquartersInstalled in刑事 事件 OfinvestigationDepartment to do.This is explained in this section.
  2. Prosecutor's officeThe department that conducts the investigation in.
  3. Each place裁判 所AtCriminal case OfHearingDepartment in charge of[2].. In contrast,Civil actionThe department in charge of the trialCivil DepartmentCall.


Generally against criminal offensesinvestigationI do.Criminal dramaGeneral "DetectiveThe department to which the staff called "belongs."There are many configurations as follows.In the small prefectural police, the third and fourth sections are not set up, and the first section isThief investigationThe second sectionBoryokudan crimeMay also serve as[3].

Investigation Department XNUMX
Called a forcible criminal殺人,robbery,暴行,injury,Kidnapping,Standing up,Sex crime,arsonSuch asViolent crimeIn charge of[4].
Second Department of Investigation
Called an intelligence criminalscam,Currency counterfeiting,bribery,breach of trust,tax evasion,FraudtransactionSuch asEconomic crimeIs the department in charge of[5].
The police are also tax evading刑事 事件investigationIs possible.The section in charge isPolice stationThen.Criminal Division Intelligence Criminal Section,Police headquartersThen, the second investigation section, butantisocial forcesIf it's a relationshipOrganizational crime measures sectionBecome[6][7][8]..In June 27,Fukuoka Prefectural Police Kudo-kai Related Case Special Investigation HeadquartersAnd the Second Investigation DivisionFukuoka District Public Prosecutor's Office,Fukuoka National Taxation BureauIn collaboration withFifth President Kudo-kaiHas been arrested on suspicion of violating the Income Tax Act[9].Special fraudHas been in charge of the Second Investigation Division as one of the frauds, but since it is a systematic crime centered on the gangsters, the National Police Agency took charge of the office work from the intelligent criminal investigation department in April 1. Transferred to department[10]..At the same time, each police headquarters also reorganized the department in charge of the Fourth Investigation Division and the Organizational Crime Countermeasures Division.[11][12].
Investigation Department XNUMX
Called a thiefEmpty nest,Snatch theft,ShopliftingSuch asTheft caseIn charge of.If the victim is dragged and injured without releasing the damaged item even with the same snatchRobbery-murder caseI will be in charge of the first section.
Investigation Section XNUMX
GangsterResponsible for criminal investigation.Each department of the criminal departmentGuiltUnlike the department in charge of switching depending on the crime, if it is a crime group crime, it will be in charge regardless of the type of crime.[5].
Metropolitan Police DepartmentIn 15, with the Criminal Investigation Division XNUMXLife Safety Department Drug Countermeasures SectionWe will reorganize the organization to integrate departments such asOrganizational crime control departmentWas launched[13].
Fukuoka Prefectural PoliceIn 22, the Criminal Department's Organizational Crime Countermeasures Bureau was promoted to the department, and the organization was reorganized.Boryokudan Countermeasures DepartmentWas launched.This is the second case in Japan after the Metropolitan Police Department to set up a department specializing in measures against gangsters.[14]..The Boryokudan Countermeasures Department has moved from the Criminal Department's departments and sections, such as the Fourth Investigation Division, which was in charge of the Boryokudan Investigation Division, to the Organized Crime Countermeasures Division, the Boryokudan Criminal Investigation Division, the Kitakyushu District Boryokudan Criminal Investigation Division, and the Drug Firearms Countermeasures Division. 4 sections are set up.Kitakyushu District Crime Investigation DivisionDesignated Boryokudan Kudo-kaiIn charge of criminal investigations in Japan, and the Criminal Investigation Division of Boryokudan is in charge of investigations of gangsters in the prefecture except Kudo-kai.[15]..As mentioned above, an increasing number of police headquarters have been reorganized to have the Investigation Division 2021 or the Organizational Crime Countermeasures Division take charge of special fraud in the spring of XNUMX.
Forensics section
Left at the scene of the incidentfingerprint,FootprintsSuch asEvidenceTo collect.Evidence collectedAppraisal TheForensic Research InstituteDo it with.If the appraisal is not possible even at the KaseikenCentral government OfScientific Police Research InstituteDone in.
Mobile investigation team
usuallyMasked police carRegionThePoliceAnd if an incident occurs,Initial investigationI do.If the case cannot be resolved only by the initial investigation, the investigation will be handed over to the Investigation Division XNUMX and the Investigation Division XNUMX.

JurisdictionPolice stationIn charge of similar workCriminal sectionThere is. The rank of the detective director of the Metropolitan Police Department isPolice officer, The prefectural police headquarters criminal directorPolice commanderOrPolice commanderIs allotted.

Metropolitan Police Department Criminal Department

The Metropolitan Police Department stipulates the following two points of administrative affairs under the jurisdiction of the Criminal Department (Ordinance on the Establishment of the Metropolitan Police Department (Ordinance No. 2, June 29, 6) Article 30[16]).

  • Thing about criminal police.
  • Thing about criminal forensics.



  • Criminal General Affairs Division
    • General affairs-General affairs (general affairs in the criminal department, criminal general affairs section)
    • Treasurer-Treasurer (Budget Accounting in the Criminal Department)
    • Criminal Planning-Criminal Planning 1st and 2nd Section (Comprehensive Coordination of Criminal Department)
    • Criminal Guidance-Criminal Guidance 1st and 2nd Section (Practical Guidance of Criminal Police Officers), Legal Guidance 1st and 2nd Section (Legal Research and Guidance), Criminal Special Investigation Team (Criminal Director's Special Investigation Team)
    • Criminal Liberal Arts-Criminal Liberal Arts Sections 1 and 2 (Practical Liberal Arts and Training for Criminal Police Officers), Criminal Statistics Section (Criminal Statistics)
  • Investigation Department 1 (Only the Investigation Department XNUMX member has a red circle with a gold frame with "SXNUMXS mpd" and gold characters.badgeIs attached to the collar of the suit)
    • First Forcible Criminal Investigation-Forcible Criminal Investigation Section 1 (general affairs in the section), Forcible Criminal Investigation Section 2 (Establishment of Investigation Headquarters, Liaison and Coordination)
    • Second Forensic Investigation-Forensic Criminals 3rd and 4th Section (collection and maintenance of forensic criminal investigation materials), Scientific Investigation 1st and 2nd Section (Scientific Investigation)
    • Third assault criminal investigation-murder criminal investigation Section 1 and 2 (murder and injury investigation)
    • Fourth Forced Criminal Investigation-Murder Criminal Investigation Sections 3 and 4 (Investigation of Murder and Injury Cases)
    • Fifth Forced Criminal Investigation --Murder Criminal Investigation 5th-7th Section (Investigation of Murder and Injury Cases)
    • Sixth Forcible Criminal Investigation --- Robber Investigation Section 1 (Investigation of robbery cases, investigation of consecutive crimes of assault / injury cases, criminal method materials related to robbery cases), Robber Investigation Section 2-4 (for robbery cases) Investigation, investigation of consecutive crimes of assault / injury cases)
    • Seventh Forced Criminal Investigation-Sexual Crimes Investigation Section 1 (Sexual Crimes Investigation, Criminal Information Collection and Analysis Related to Sexual Crimes, Practical Guidance for Sexual Crimes Investigation), Sexual Crimes Investigation Sections 2 and 3 (Sexual Crimes Investigation)
    • Eighth Forced Criminal Investigation-Fire Criminal Investigation 1st and 2nd Section (Arson and Misfire Investigation)
    • First Special Criminal Investigation- Special criminal investigation1st and 2nd staff (kidnapping, hostage retention, aircraft hijacking, telephone and written blackmail, intimidation)
    • Second Special Criminal Investigation-Special Criminal Investigation Sections 3 and 4 (Accidents in public transportation, bombings, explosions,Industrial disaster(Investigation of accidental fatalities and injuries), Special Criminal Investigation Section 5 (Investigation of important peculiar cases related to special offenses, Investigation of special mission cases)
    • Third Special Crimes Investigation-Special Crimes Investigation Sections 6 and 7 (Investigation of crimes related to blackmail, intimidation, etc. via the Internet)
    • Special Investigation Countermeasures Office --Special Investigation 1st-5th Section (Unsolved caseContinued investigation of <May 2010 for murder casesPrescriptionHas been abolished>, a special investigation into a forcible criminal)
  • Second Department of Investigation
    • First Intelligence Crimes Investigation-Intelligence Crimes Investigation Sections 1 and 2 (General Affairs in the Section, Intelligence Crimes Investigation Management, Intelligence Crimes Investigation Materials Preparation, Intelligence Crimes Information Investigation)
    • Second Intelligence Criminal Investigation-Election Section (Election Violation Case Investigation, Political Funds Control Act Violation Investigation), Information Section (Collection and Management of Intelligence Criminal Information, Investigation of Important Specific Intelligence Criminal Cases)
    • Corporate Crimes Investigation Section 1 and 2 (Corporate Crimes Investigation), Corporate Crimes Investigation Section 3-6 (Intelligent Crimes Investigation Related to Financial Institutions)
    • Third Intelligence Crimes Investigation ―― 1-3 Section (Investigation of Important Intelligence Crimes such as Bribery, Investigation of Special Mission Cases)
    • 4th Intelligence Crimes Investigation --- 6th-XNUMXth Section (Investigation of important intelligence crimes such as bribery, investigation of special mission cases)
    • Fifth Intelligence Crimes Investigation --- 7th and 8th Section (Investigation of important intelligence crimes such as bribery, investigation of special mission cases)
    • First Financial Investigation --Financial Investigation No. 1-3 Section (Corporate Crimes Investigation, Financial Analysis Related to Intelligent Crimes, etc.)
    • Second Financial Investigation-Financial Investigation Sections 4 and 5 (Corporate Crimes Investigation, Financial Analysis of Intelligent Crimes, etc.)
    • Third Financial Investigation --Financial Investigation No. 6-8 Section (Corporate Crimes Investigation, Financial Analysis Related to Intelligent Crimes, etc.)
    • 1st Intelligence Criminal Special Investigation --Special Investigation 6-XNUMX Section (Adjustment and Investigation of Complaint Cases, Criminal Investigation Related to Fraud / Responsibility / Misappropriation, Counterfeit Currency and Public Bonds, Real Estate Invasion / Boundary Damage, Honor and Credit Criminal method materials, investigation of crimes related to special laws that do not belong to other divisions)
    • Second Intelligent Criminal Special Investigation-Special Investigation 7th Section (Adjustment and Investigation of Complaint Cases, Criminal Investigation Related to Fraud / Responsibility / Misappropriation, Counterfeiting of Currency and Public Bonds, Real Estate Invasion / Boundary Damage, Honor and Credit, Criminal Techniques Related to Intelligent Crimes Documents, investigation of crimes related to special laws that do not belong to other divisions)
    • Third Intelligence Criminal Special Investigation --Special Investigation No. 8-10 Section (Correspondence Case Adjustment and Investigation, Criminal Investigation Related to Fraud / Responsibility / Misappropriation, Currency and Public Bond Counterfeiting, Real Estate Invasion / Boundary Damage, Honor and Credit, Intelligence Crimes Criminal method materials, investigation of crimes related to special laws that do not belong to other divisions)
    • 11th Intelligent Criminal Special Investigation --Special Investigation 13th-XNUMXth Section (Adjustment and Investigation of Complaint Cases, Criminal Investigation Related to Fraud / Responsibility / Misappropriation, Counterfeiting of Currency and Public Bonds, Real Estate Invasion / Boundary Damage, Honor and Credit, Intellectual Crimes Criminal method materials, investigation of crimes related to special laws that do not belong to other divisions)
    • Fifth Intelligence Criminal Special Investigation --Special Investigation No. 14-16 Section (Adjustment and Investigation of Complaint Cases, Criminal Investigation Related to Fraud / Responsibility / Misappropriation, Counterfeiting of Currency and Public Bonds, Real Estate Invasion / Boundary Damage, Honor and Credit, Intelligence Crimes Criminal method materials, investigation of crimes related to special laws that do not belong to other divisions)
    • Hearing Room Hearing Sections 1 and 2 (Criminal accusation of intelligence crimes, acceptance of accusations, guidance and education for investigation of intelligence crimes)
  • Investigation Department XNUMX
    • 1st thief investigation-2st section (general affairs in the section, thief investigation management), XNUMXnd section (technical materials, grasping addicts such as theft, investigation materials and arrangements for stolen goods, guidance for investigation of stolen goods, special unlocking tools Investigating violations of the law regarding prohibition of possession)
    • Second thief investigation-Third section (Investigation of crimes related to fraud using credit cards, bankbooks, etc. related to theft, theft, loss, etc. by foreigners or groups, violation of the law concerning prohibition of possession of special unlocking tools, etc. Investigation)
    • Third thief investigation-Fifth and sixth section (theft investigation)
    • 7th thief investigation ―― 9-XNUMX clerk (car theft, snatching, pickpocketing, other thief investigation)
  • Investigative Mutual Aid Division (Wanted nationwide, cooperation with other prefectural police)
    • First Investigation Mutual Assistance-Arrangement Section (General Affairs in the Section,Fugitive warrantContact adjustment)
    • Second Investigation Mutual Aid-Investigation Mutual Aid (follow-up investigation of suspects such as wanted), Wide Area Investigation Mutual Aid (Wide Area Important Case Arrangement Office)
  • Forensics section (in charge of forensics, autopsy, training of police dogs, etc.)
    • First site management-Forensics management section (general affairs in the section, management of forensics equipment), Forensics measures section (forensics guidance, collection and maintenance of forensics materials, forensics of special mission cases), Forensics No. 1-4 (forensics)
    • 5nd site management --- Site identification 8-XNUMX section (site identification), police dog section (management and operation of police dogs)
    • Autopsy-Inspection measures (adjustment, inspection of special mission cases), inspection 1-third section (inspection, investigation of corpse handling, investigation of unidentified persons, etc.)
    • Fingerprints-On-site fingerprints (collecting and sorting on-site fingerprints), fingerprint verification 1st and 2nd (fingerprint verification), fingerprint rationalization (fingerprint detection), fingerprint data (management of fingerprint base paper), on-site footprints (Verification and appraisal of on-site footprints, footprints, etc., collection of tire marks, etc.)
    • Photo-Site Photographer (Creating Site Photographs), Special Photographer (Special Processing of Photographs, Photo Appraisal), Photograph Material Section (Creating Montage Photos, Caricatures, etc.)
  • Forensic Research Institute(Commonly known as: Kaseiken)
    • First Law Medical Department-General Affairs Section, First Law Doctor (Body fluid, tissue appraisal and examination)
    • Second Legal Department-Second Legal Officer (DNA test
    • Department of Physics-Electrical staff (electrical accidents, fire causes, voice prints, other physical assessments and inspections), mechanical staff (machine accidents, traffic accident causes, firearms and swords assessment, trace assessment)
    • Document Appraiser-Document Appraiser (Document Appraiser, Currency), Psychologist (Polygraph, Intelligence Test, Personality Test, Dialect Appraisal, Other Psychological Appraisal of Linguistic Psychology)
    • Department of Chemistry XNUMX-Chemistry XNUMXst Section (Causes of gas-related accidents, explosives / explosives identification and inspection), Chemistry XNUMXnd Section (Oil, organic solvent identification and inspection)
    • Second Department of Chemistry-Chemistry Third Section (Drug Appraisal and Inspection), Chemistry Fourth Section (Intoxication Appraisal and Inspection, Pollution-related Appraisal and Inspection, Drug Toxic Appraisal and Inspection)
  • Investigation Support Analysis Center Director, Deputy Director, Analyst
    • 1st Investigation Support-Support Management Section (general affairs, reception of investigation support request), Mobile Analysis 2st and XNUMXnd Section (Investigation support by collecting and analyzing images at the site, simple appraisal of passports, etc.)
    • Second Investigation Support-System First Section (operation, management and guidance of the investigation support system), System Second Section (collection and management of investigation information, registration and inquiry of land certificate materials), Information Analysis Section (crime information analysis) , Analytical Investigator (Aggregation of crime-related information in the field and investigation support by analysis)
    • Technical Assistance-Technical Assistance Sections 1 and 2 (Analysis and Appraisal of Information Equipment, Investigation Support Utilizing Science and Technology)
  • Mobile investigation team(Initial investigation)
    • General Affairs Section, Liaison Section, Teams, Branch Offices (Initial investigation at the scene, police officers)
    • First Mobile Investigation Team (Tokyo WardEast half charge)
    • Second Mobile Investigation Team (in charge of the western half of Tokyo ward)
    • Third Mobile Investigation Team (Tama areaResponsible)
  • mainSpecial Investigation Headquarters


Criminal chief

If the Criminal Director finds it necessary, he says, "Special Investigation HeadquartersCan be announced.in particularHostage withdrawal caseIn that case, a countermeasures office will be set up in the Criminal Affairs Division to take full command.In some cases, he may go directly to the scene and take spearhead command.The first investigation section managerNon-carrierA police officer is supposed to be hired.In addition, the second section chief of the investigationCareerPolice officers are supposed to work.


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