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💪 | It works when you eat it!3 "whole body exercises" that won't lose to the fall of appetite


It works when you eat it!3 "whole body exercises" that won't lose to the fall of appetite

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(1) Prepare in a posture like push-ups with elbows.

Autumn of appetite.It's a time when it's easy to get fat because the world is full of delicious food.But everything I want to eat ... → Continue reading

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push ups

push ups(Udate Fuse)STRENGTH & CONDITIONING One of. In physical education,Push-upsAlso called. in English push-up(Push up).


ProneFrom the state ofHandAnd bothToeIt is basically supported at 4 points, and the movement to lift the body by the force to extend both arms (movement to extend the elbow joint from the bent state) and the operation to bend the elbow joint and lower the body to the extent that it does not touch the ground are basically repeated. It's a simple method. On this occasion,waistAlways bend from head to toes without bendingStraight lineIt is important to maintain[1].. Breathing during operation includes a method of exhaling while lifting the body and a method of exhaling when the maximum point is reached by lifting.


Since the place where the load is applied changes depending on how the arms are opened, specific muscles can be selectively trained. Specifically, if you do it with your arms wide openPectoralis majorWhen you do it with both hands alignedTricepsLoad. Besides this, as an auxiliary muscleDeltoid musclefront,Elbow muscleIs used. In addition, from the shape of the arm at that timeDiamond push upSometimes called[Source required].

Bending and stretching slowly and properly, rather than bending and stretching at high speed, can apply a large load continuously,筋肉It is efficient if you do it for the purpose of[Source required].

注意 点

Although it is easy to get started, you need to be careful because the load is heavy.People who have stiff wrist joints and whose palms do not bend easily are more likely to break down their wrist joints.In this case, use the push-up bar or do push-ups, and in some casesdumbbellUsedWeight trainingConsider.


Push-ups generally bend the palm around the floor and bend the arm,karate,boxingIn training such as "finger push-up" performed with the fingers raised and the palm floating, "fist push-down" performed with the fist held,Medicine ballThere is also one that uses a tool called a push-up bar. These are the strength of the forearm andGrip strengthIt is said to be effective in training. Further, in order to increase the load, the legs may be tilted higher than the upper body, or these may be performed with one arm. 90 degrees instead of 180 degrees with both hands to the body, that is, when performing in a Banzai state, the load is very heavy and various parts can be trained, but it is difficult. Conversely, knees can be used to reduce the load over normal push-ups.

In addition, as a highly difficult item, there is a "90° push-up" that repeats handstand and push-up with the strength of the arm without putting the foot on the floor.Guinness World Records20 times[4].

Push-ups as a competition

SportsOrCompetitionThere are also times when push-ups are performed. As an example, there are a case of competing for a limit with unlimited time, a case of competing for the number of times in a fixed time, and a case of competing for the time of performing a fixed number of times. As a method of counting the number of times, it is often the case that one back and forth movement of the body is performed once.[Source required], It is counted as one time by extending the elbow from the most folded state and expanding it once, and then returning the elbow to the folded state again, or counting once from extending the elbow to bending it to the original state again. Is optional. Accurate counting is required when pursuing rigor as a competition,chinMay set standards such as determining that the body has been pushed down sufficiently by touching the ground[Source required].

Prominent episode

58nd generationYokozuna OfChiyo no FujiIs innatelydislocationIn order to strengthen the shoulder joint, which is easy to do, we performed push-ups 1 times a day (but divided into several sets) to stabilize the shoulder joint with muscles and obtain a body that is difficult to dislocate.[5].


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