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👍 | Tokyo 03 Kakuda declares Twitter pause "Last exchange" also echoes

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Tokyo 03 Kakuda declares Twitter pause "Last exchange" also echoes

If you write the contents roughly
If there is "Tokyo 03 and Star" Season 2, I would like to tweet from this account again!

[Akihiro Kakuta announces the suspension of Twitter with the end of the first terrestrial TV program "Tokyo 03 and Star" in Tokyo 03. SN ... → Continue reading


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Season 2

"Season 2] (Season Two)Muscular girl beltThe 14th album of.2009 May 5Released.


In 2006Muscular girl beltIs the second album to be revived. The guest support drummer who was disjointed in the previous work is fixed to Koji Hasegawa who also served as a support on the newcomer tour. A former memberMitsubaJoined again with the piano keyboard.

recorded music

  1. Broken Angel
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Satoshi Honjo)
  2. Donna donna
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Satoshi Honjo)
    "Tour Final" coupling song.
  3. Dancing baby human
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Fumihiko Tachibana)
    Self-cover of the song of the unit "Kenji Otsuki and Fumihiko Tachibana".
  4. Human hate song
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Kenji Otsuki)
  5. Love songs from all over the world
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Satoshi Honjo)
    With PV
  6. Russian Roulette My Life
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Satoshi Honjo)
  7. Pride of Underground
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Kenji Otsuki)
    Music unit "PoaloThe self-cover of the song provided in.
  8. Lotus field
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Yuichiro Uchida)
  9. Norman Bates '09
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Kenji Otsuki)
    1st album “Buddha LOf the songRearrangeversion.
  10. 1000 watchers
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Fumihiko Tachibana)
  11. Navel sky Elizabeth color
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Satoshi Honjo)
    "Tour Final" coupling song.
  12. God Angle Part2
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Yuichiro Uchida)
  13. Tour final
    (Lyrics: Kenji Otsuki / Composition: Fumihiko Tachibana)

(All arrangements: Muscular girl belt)


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東京 03

東京 03(Mr. Tokyo)Production rickshawBelongs toSatoshi Iizuka-Akihiro Tsunoda-Toyomoto AkinagaConsists ofJapan OfComedy trio..The abbreviation is "03 (Zero-san)".King of conte2009 champion.


Satoshi Iizuka (Satoshi Iizuka)
Birthday : (‭1973-05-27) 1973 May 5(48 years old)
mainlyTsukkomi・ Leader charge[1], The standing position is in the center.
ChibaI'm from
Height 170 cm, weight 60 kg.Blood TypeO[2].
Characterized by intense tsukkomi.Although there are many stories that play the position of a common sense person, it sometimes turns into a crushed character.
Akihiro Kakuta
Birthday : (‭1973-12-13) 1973 May 12(48 years old)
mainlyLarge bokehResponsible[1], The standing position is on the far right.
TokyoI'm from
Height 172 cm, weight 62 kg.Blood type A[2].
It features high-tension bokeh.HetareOften plays a good-looking character, and rarely dresses as a woman[Annotation 1].
Akinaga Toyomoto
Birthday : (‭1975-06-06) 1975 May 6(46 years old)
Mainly in charge of medium bokeh[1], The standing position is on the far left.
AichiI'm from
Height 175 cm, weight 65 kg.Blood type A[2].
Characterized by a carefree and easy-going character.There are fewer turns and lines than the two companions, and sometimesWomen's clothingdo[Annotation 2].


Before formation

Iizuka has been fond of laughing since he was a studentSchool festivalIt is said that he was writing material without showing it in public[3]..I was worried about getting a job or going to college after graduating from high school1992 ,The Great Prophecy of NostradamusIs fashionable. If the world is destroyed in less than 10 years, I will try to do what I like and aspire to be an entertainer despite my introverted personality[4].

In addition, Toyomoto was also worried about his career after graduating from high school, and he hated getting a job or going on to university, so he thought that laughter would be fun and he could go to Tokyo, so he decided to enter a training center aiming to become an entertainer.[4].

School jcaIizuka, who was a 2nd gen member, couldn't find a companion in the year he attended, so he invited Toyomoto, who was in charge of Tsukkomi, who was in charge of Tsukkomi in another combination at that time in the 1rd gen member.Alfalfa"1995 Formed in[5]..Tsunoda was invited by two high school classmates during college to join the trio "ー ラ ス ド ラ イ イ ー ー"1996 Formed in.Originally KakudaGo NagabuchiIs a fan ofsingerI was aspiring.LOL on air battle(NHK), Alfalfa had 22 races and 17 wins, and the plus driver had 16 races and 14 wins, showing a certain level of ability.BothGold ButlerQualify the number[Annotation 3].


AroundUntouchable,Ogi and Hagi,Drunk DragonWhile there were entertainers of the same generation who were active in the same human resources building, it did not go well and the period of agony continued.[6].

2002 The Phillips screwdriver disbanded after a suspension of activities.2003 May 9, The current trio was formed with Kakuda joining Alfalfa.The last live of Alfalfa, in which Tsunoda participated as a guest performance, will be the predecessor of Tokyo 03.The trio name is Alfalfa and the control group "Chocolate hunterThe writer who was formingOkuraIs named.3Being a group, 2003Formed in the year,Tokyo 23 Ward OfArea codeIt is a triple-meaning with.Yahagi"Trio de Sunshine" devised by (Ogiyahagi) (will be the title of the second solo live)[7], "Weekend gentleman" was also a candidate.Kakudaネ プ チ ュ ー ンConscious ofThree ZeusWas devised, but it was rejected after being said to be the worst name.From the beginningComicI have never thought about doing it, and Iizuka is the reasonUtchan NanchanとDowntownWas appearingIf you can meet in a dreamAnd 'Feeling like a mess of downtown], [Drif LOLThat's because what I liked was Tale, and Toyomoto was that generation, and laughter = Tale.[8].

LOL On Air Battle Kagawa Tournament (Recording date: 2003)May 10), On the 4th day of formation, achieved the first challenge on air and achieved the shortest record from debut to on air in the same program.[9].

2005 October, Jinrikisha All-Star Unit "VisitDebuted on CD. "Laughter on Air Battle" and "The god of entertainment] And other news programs. "3rdComedy Hope Award] InKing of comedyIt was the second place after.The following year (2006 )of"4st Comedy Hope Award』Won the grand prize.

TV ShizuokaFor the second consecutive year (2,2007 ) In the mainMidnight programHad

2009 , Tokyo 03, whose main battlefield is a long conte, says "LOL red carpet』And the short control boom was fueled, and the live audience was retreating.HoweverMay 9, Won the King of Conte 2009 and became the second champion.On the second stage, he got the only 2 points (16 points) out of all 8 stories (because 2 groups show the stories twice), at that time.Masanori HamadaIt was MC in the duo withHitoshi Matsumoto(Downtown) praised him as saying, "It's natural to win. Everything up to the punch line is perfect."[10]..After winning the championship, he was active mainly on national tours under the auspices of the then president of Jinrikisha, and on the other hand, as the number of TV appearances increased, there were times when things did not go as expected, but he said, "I can show myself as I am."producer OfNobuyuki SakumaAnd the program "Okura serves as the compositionGod Tan"When"Urero ☆ seriesFind out where you are[6].

2013 May 3 - May 3, Bananaman and unit who also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the formation at that time to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the formationhand made worksFormed a control live "hand made works live"Actor theaterHeld at[11].

2017 May 2,monthly30 daysRandomly publish past live contestsYouTubeOpen official channel[12].

2018 May 1, Official app "TOKYO 03 CompanyReleased[13].

2020 ,CoronaDue to his self-restraint, he was unable to practice in March.OctoberContinued until[3]..In the meantime, Iizuka says that he sets up the control every day and makes material.SophieInspired by, I was making material as a hobby[14]..When I showed it to Okura, it was well received and I started making remote material[15]..This is one week later, "It's separated. 』It leads to. 

2020 May 5, Opened new YouTube official channel "Tokyo 03 2nd channel"[16], Iizuka's birthdayMay 5On the same channel, a remote solo performance "It's separated. 』Held[17].

2021 On September 9th, the first terrestrial crown control program "Tokyo 03 and StarIs from October 10rd of the same yearNippon TVAnnounced that it will be broadcast on the system[18].

Art style

"Casually lurking in everyday lifesituationI drewUltimate real Tale[19][20].

The scenario of Tale is made by Iizuka and Kakuda, and Toyomoto does not participate in the story making.Sometimes I write with the settings that Kakuda put out, and sometimes Kakuda writes my own lines with the settings that Iizuka thought, but Iizuka said, "At first, we were completely half and half, but I'm steadily. The ratio is increasing ... "[19].

The real name is used in the contest, and the female role by Toyomoto is also named after the real name "Toyomi".[21].

Since everyone is active mainly in live performances, the guarantee is divided into three equal parts even for individual members' activities.[22][23].


Playing a situation where the tension is rugged and sometimes a daily control drawn so realistically[24].

Producer of "Enta no kamisama"Gomi Kazuo"It's not a simple bokeh, it's an advanced laugh. I'm aiming for empathy by exchanging in extreme situations. There are pros and cons, but if you can laugh, you should be able to enjoy the world of laughter more."[25].

In 2018zakzakIn the "Most Interesting Trio Entertainer Ranking" announced by[26].

Appearance history

Appearance by a member aloneToyomoto Akinaga,Satoshi Iizuka,Akihiro TsunodaSee section.

tv set

Current appearance program

  • Black and white unjashes(Chiba Television)-Irregular appearance
  • God Tan(Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.)-Irregular appearance
    • "東京 03However, Iizuka and Toyomoto are introduced as "Alfalfa" in the duo era because they are judges of the "Seriously Song Championship" (Kakuda is a serious song singer).Since the formation of the trio, this program is the only one that has been introduced as "Alfalfa".
  • Tamori Club(TV Asahi)-Irregular appearance
    • There are cases where three people perform together, but in many cases one or two people perform.
  • Momokuro Chan(TV Asahi)
    • Iizuka appears semi-regularly as a facilitator in some corners, and Toyomoto and Tsunoda appear irregularly as guests.
  • Tokyo 03 in UNDERDOGS -I lost today, but I will definitely win tomorrow- (June 2020, 6-,BS Fuji)- Crown regular program[27]
  • Active 10 Lekideri(NHK E Tele)-Regular appearance

Special program

Past regular programs

Other appearances

  • LOL on air battle(NHK) 20 wins, 4 losses, highest KB 521KB Gold Butler certified, TV debut
    • 8th Champion Final 9th[Annotation 4]
    • 9th Champion Tournament Semifinal 7th place eliminated
    • 10th Champion Tournament Semifinal 6th place defeated (1st place in annual ranking)
    • 11th Champion Tournament Semifinal 6th place eliminated
    • Broadcast on July 2006, 7 (Shizuoka-Fuji city(Recorded)453KBWhile hitting a high score, he is losing 6th place.This is an off-air KBNinouragoIt is the record of the third place in history along with[29][Annotation 5].
    • From February 2007, 2 broadcast times to August 2, 2007 broadcast timesPassed the top for 4 consecutive racesBut this isAmerican crayfish-Taka and ToshiThis is the second highest record after the 6th consecutive race.
    • In the 2007 total kilo battle ranking, it was the first time in history for a trio of Tale to record the number one position in the year.[Annotation 6].
    • From the broadcast on April 2005, 4 to the broadcast on April 9, 2007, free talk after the story was broadcast almost every time on the air.[29][Annotation 7]..It is extremely rare for this program to broadcast free talk after the story, and it is only Tokyo 03 among the challengers of all time that the talk part was also broadcast almost continuously for such a long period of time.
    • As mentioned above, participated in the championship tournament for 8 consecutive years from the 11th to the 4th.[Annotation 8]However, it was only the 8th that was able to advance to the final, and after the 9th, most of them lost the semifinals in 6th to 7th place and missed the final advance.[Annotation 9].
    • Alfalfa era
      • 17 wins, 5 losses, up to 505KB
      • 2th Champion Final 5th
      • 4th Champion Tournament Semifinal 10th place eliminated
      • 5th Champion Tournament Semifinal 6th place eliminated
    • Phillips screwdriver era (Kakuda only)
      • 14 wins, 2 losses, up to 505KB
      • 3th Champion Tournament Semifinal 7th place eliminated
      • 4th Champion Final 11th 
    • * As an aside, all three have participated for 03 consecutive years from 3 to 1999, including the Alfalfa, Phillips driver era and Tokyo 2008 era.
  • Comedy gateway(Fuji Television Network, Inc)
  • Laughter gold medal(Asahi Broadcasting)
  • Lol(NTV)
  • Comedy Dynamite!(TBS) (December 2007, 12) Red group, 29th group.The catch phrase is "Ability group trio"
  • Tamori's Vocabula Heaven Great Easter Special(2008, Fuji TV) The catch phrase is "Turn! Area code"
  • The Iromonea(TBS, October 2009, 10) * Lost the 29th stage.
  • Stupid(TOKYO MX)
  • "Pu" Suma(TV Asahi)
  • Amethyoke!(TV Asahi) Bring-in presentation project 8th, trio entertainer, companion Tsukkomi best ~ entertainer, Tokyo 03 Iizuka favorite entertainer

Many others



Current regular program

Past regular programs

  • I'm gonna talk(Monday → Tuesday → Saturday → 4th broadcast,K'z Station)
  • SCHOOL NINE(In charge of Monday from October 2010 to the end of the program in September 10.JFNNational network)

Past semi-regular programs

Other appearances

Internet show

Current regular program

Past regular programs





Music video


Live alone

Tokyo 03 solo performance

Live titles only from the 1st to 3rd, "Tokyo 4 solo live" from the 9th to 03th, and "Tokyo 10 solo live" from the 03th onward when performances are held nationwide. It is called "Performance".

Basically, the title of the solo live is summarized in a trilogy[39]..The following is an example.

  • 4th-6th ... Features of Kakuda
  • 7th-9th ... In line with the content of the Tale that will be shown in the live
  • 10th-12th ... Two-letter words arranged in ",,." (They call it the "Tentenmaru series").
  • 13th-15th ... "◯◯ in ◯◯"
  • 16th-18th ... "Don't"
  • 19th-21st ... Original four-character idiom
  • 22nd-24th ... "Yana ○○"

More than 21 people were mobilized in the 4st solo performance[40].

Regarding the 22nd solo performance, a national performance was scheduled from August to November,New coronavirus infectionDue to the influence of the epidemic, it was announced on June 2020, 6 that all performances including transfer performances will be canceled on the official website of Jinrikisha.[41]..As a result of repeated discussions after that, it was decided to hold infectious disease countermeasures only in Tokyo and Osaka from September to November.[42]..Also, from this time, live distribution of the performance, which is the first attempt of the group, is being carried out.

All except the two performances "Human Touch" and "Celebration !!" are visualized.However, "trio de sunshine" has only been announced as a bonus disc in the 2th anniversary DVD-BOX of Tokyo 2013 released on March 3, 27, and has not been officially visualized.In addition, although the DVD of "Summer Poor Man" was released, it is currently out of print, so it is difficult to obtain it (later it was also recorded in the DVD-BOX mentioned above, but the BOX itself is in quantity. This is a limited edition product and is no longer in production).

The material to be shown at the solo live is written by Iizuka and Kakuda, and only the material to be shown at the end of the liveOkuraIs writing[39].

Special performance

National performance

  • 2009- TOKYO03 BEST LIVE "Tokyo, Zero Sun"
    • June 6-19 (Sapporo / cube garden)
    • June 6-22 (Sendai / Sendai City War Reconstruction Memorial Hall)
    • July 7-6 (Fukuoka IMS Hall)
    • July 7-9 (Osaka Business Park Enkei Hall)
    • July 7-12 (Aichi / Higashi Betsuin Hall)
  • 2010- The 10th Tokyo 03 solo performance "I, myself, myself."
    • February 2-19 (Akasaka / Sogetsu Hall)
    • March 3-6 (Osaka, umeda AKASO)
    • July 3-13 (Fukuoka IMS Hall)
    • March 3 (Hiroshima Aster Plaza Naka Hall)
    • March 3 (Ehime / Matsuyama Civic Center Medium Hall)
    • March 3-20 (Aichi / Terepia Hall)
    • March 3-26 (Miyagi / Sendai Welfare Plaza)
    • April 4 (Sapporo, Doshin Hall)
    • February 4-10 (Akasaka / Sogetsu Hall)
  • 2010- The 11th Tokyo 03 solo performance "Correct, objection, quarrel."
    • February 11-16 (Akasaka / Sogetsu Hall)
    • December 12 (Ishikawa / Ishikawa Prefectural Education Center)
    • December 12 (Nagano / Nagano NBS Hall)
    • July 12-11 (Aichi / Higashi Betsuin Hall)
    • May 12-17 (ABC Hall, Osaka)
  • 2011- The 12th Tokyo 03 solo performance "Dry, swear, uncover."
    • February 5-18 (Akasaka / Sogetsu Hall)
    • June 6 (Akita / Akita City Cultural Center Small Hall)
    • June 6 (Aomori / Aomori Prefectural Welfare Plaza)
    • December 6 (Ishikawa / Ishikawa Prefectural Education Center)
    • June 6 (Niigata / Niigata LOTS)
    • July 6-24 (Aichi / Higashi Betsuin Hall)
    • June 6 (Kyoto / Kyoto Prefectural Hall Arti)
    • June 6 (Osaka / Kishiwada City Namikiri Hall Small Hall)
    • July 7-2 (Fukuoka IMS Hall)
    • July 7 (Nagasaki, Melka Tsukimachi)
    • July 7 (Kumamoto / Kumamoto City Gender Equality Center is Amonii)
    • July 7 (Hiroshima Aster Plaza Naka Hall)
    • July 7 (Okayama / Santa Hall)
    • July 7 (Tottori / Yonago Convention Center Small Hall)
    • July 7-23 (Hokkaido, Doshin Hall)
    • May 8-5 (ABC Hall, Osaka)
    • August 8-19 (Miyagi / Sendai City War Reconstruction Memorial Hall Memorial Hall)
    • November 8th-25th- Additional performance "Dry, swear, uncover, dry again."(Tokyo Hakuhinkan Theater) 
  • 2011-2012 years- The 13th Tokyo 03 solo performance "Zusei in Zusei"
    • February 11-16 (Akasaka / Sogetsu Hall)
    • July 1-28 (Fukuoka IMS Hall)
    • January 1 (Kumamoto / Kumamoto City Gender Equality Center is Amonii)
    • February 2 (Nagasaki Chitosepia Hall)
    • February 2 (Hiroshima Aster Plaza Naka Hall)
    • July 2 (Okayama / Santa Hall)
    • May 2-18 (ABC Hall, Osaka)
    • February 2-25 (Nagoya / Higashi Betsuin Hall)
    • March 3 (Shizuoka / LIVE HOUSE Hamamatsu window frame)
    • March 3 (Hyogo / Kobe Asahi Hall)
    • February 3-24 (Akasaka / Sogetsu Hall)
  • 2012- The 14th Tokyo 03 solo performance "Afterwards"
    • June 6-21 (Akasaka / Sogetsu Hall)
    • July 7-14 (Fukuoka IMS Hall)
    • February 7 (Nagasaki Chitosepia Hall)
    • July 7 (Kumamoto / Kumamoto City Gender Equality Center is Amonii)
    • July 7 (Miyazaki Medikit Prefectural Cultural Center)
    • July 7-27 (Aichi / Higashi Betsuin Hall)
    • August 8 (Doshin Hall, Hokkaido)
    • August 8 (Kagawa / Sunport Hall Takamatsu / Small Hall 9)
    • March 8 (Hyogo / Kobe Asahi Hall)
    • August 8-17 (Miyagi / Sendai City War Reconstruction Memorial Hall)
    • August 8 (Iwate / Iwate Prefectural Hall / Middle Hall)
    • August 8 (Hiroshima / Hiroshima Prefectural Cultural Center)
    • July 8 (Okayama / Santa Hall)
    • September 9 (Nagano / Nagano NBS Hall)
    • June 9 (Niigata / Niigata LOTS)
    • September 9-13 (ABC Hall, Osaka)
    • September 9 (Okinawa Tempus Hall)
    • October 10-October 13 (Tokyo, Ebisu The Garden Hall)
  • 2013- The 15th Tokyo 03 Solo Performance "Blatant in Blatant"
    • June 5-23 (Akasaka / Sogetsu Hall)
    • July 6 (Kumamoto / Kumamoto City Gender Equality Center is Amonii)
    • February 6 (Nagasaki Chitosepia Hall)
    • June 6 (Fukuoka IMS Hall)
    • July 6-28 (Aichi / Higashi Betsuin Hall)
    • February 7 (Hiroshima Aster Plaza Naka Hall)
    • July 7 (Okayama / Santa Hall)
    • September 7-13 (ABC Hall, Osaka)
    • July 7 (Hokkaido, Kyosai Hall)
    • August 8-3 (Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, Playhouse)
  • 2014- 16th Tokyo 03 Solo Performance "Don't You As It Is"
    • May 5nd-May 22th (Sogetsu Hall, Tokyo)
    • June 6 (Niigata / Niigata LOTS)
    • June 6 (Nagano / Matsumoto Performing Arts Center Small Hall)
    • July 7rd-July 3th (Osaka / ABC Hall)
    • July 7-July 11 (Aichi / Higashi Betsuin Hall)
    • July 7 (Kagoshima / Kagoshima Citizens'Culture Hall Citizens' Hall)
    • July 7-July 25 (Fukuoka IMS Hall)
    • July 7 (Kumamoto / Kumamoto City Gender Equality Center is Amonii)
    • July 7 (Nagasaki / Nagasaki Chitosepia Hall)
    • August 8nd-August 2rd (Hyogo / Kobe Asahi Hall)
    • August 8-August 8 (Miyagi / Sendai City War Reconstruction Memorial Hall)
    • August 8 (Hiroshima / Hiroshima Aster Plaza Naka Hall)
    • August 8 (Okayama / Okayama Santa Hall)
    • August 8 (Hokkaido, Kyosai Hall)
    • May 9nd-May 19th (Sogetsu Hall, Tokyo)
  • 2015 - 2016 The 17th Tokyo 03 solo performance "Don't let it settle in time"
    • October 11-October 5 (Tokyo, Ebisu The Garden Hall)
    • November 11th-November 18th (Sankei Hall Breeze, Osaka)
    • July 1-July 16 (Fukuoka IMS Hall)
    • July 1-July 23 (Aichi / Higashi Betsuin Hall)
    • January 1 (Hiroshima / Hiroshima City Minami Ward Cultural Center)
    • January 1 (Okayama / Okayama Mirai Hall)
    • August 2-August 5 (Miyagi / Sendai City War Reconstruction Memorial Hall)
    • February 2-February 27 (Kanagawa / KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater)
  • 2016 18th Tokyo 03 solo performance "Don't be blown by tomorrow's wind"
    • July 7-7 (Sogetsu Hall, Tokyo)
    • July 7 (Keihanna Plaza Main Hall, Kyoto)
    • August 8nd-August 2rd (Aichi / Nagoya City Performing Arts Center)
    • August 8 (Chitosepia Hall, Nagasaki City)
    • August 8-August 12 (Fukuoka IMS Hall)
    • August 8 (Kumamoto / Kumamoto B.14 V9)
    • August 8 (Shizuoka / Hamamatsu City Welfare Exchange Center)
    • September 9-September 2 (Hokkaido, Doshin Hall)
    • September 9th-September 6th (Osaka Sankei Hall Breeze)
    • September 9 (Okayama / Okayama Mirai Hall)
    • September 9 (Hiroshima / Hiroshima JMS Aster Plaza Naka Hall)
    • September 9 (Nagano / Matsumoto Performing Arts Center / Small Hall)
    • September 9 (Fukui / Fukui Hibiki Hall)
    • September 9-September 29 (Miyagi Prefecture, Sendai City War Reconstruction Memorial Hall)
    • October 10th-October 7th (Yomiuri Otemachi Hall, Tokyo)
  • 2017 19th Tokyo 03 Solo Performance "Self-Drunk"
    • July 5-25 (Sogetsu Hall, Tokyo)
    • August 6nd-August 9rd (Aichi / Nagoya City Performing Arts Center)
    • July 7 (Nagano Hokuto Culture Hall Medium Hall)
    • July 7 (Toyama / Toyama Education and Culture Center)
    • September 7th-September 13th (Osaka Sankei Hall Breeze)
    • August 8 (Shizuoka / Hamamatsu City Welfare Exchange Center)
    • September 9-September 1 (Hokkaido, Doshin Hall)
    • September 9 (Hiroshima / Hiroshima JMS Aster Plaza Naka Hall)
    • September 9 (Okayama / Okayama Mirai Hall)
    • September 9-22 (Tokyo, Ebisu The Garden Hall)
  • 2018 20th Tokyo 03 Solo Performance "Unnatural Body"
    • July 7-4 (New National Theatre, Tokyo)
    • July 7-24 (Fukuoka / Momochi Palace)
    • August 7 (Chitosepia Hall, Nagasaki City)
    • August 8 (Nagano Hokuto Culture Hall Medium Hall)
    • August 8-14 (Aichi / Nagoya City Performing Arts Center)
    • August 8-18 (Shizuoka / Hamamatsu City Welfare Exchange Center)
    • August 8-24 (Sankei Hall Breeze, Osaka)
    • August 8-September 31 (Hokkaido, Doshin Hall)
    • September 9 (Okayama / Okayama Mirai Hall)
    • September 9 (Hiroshima / Hiroshima Aster Plaza Naka Hall)
    • September 9 (Niigata Ryutopia Theater)
    • September 9 (Miyagi / Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai Theater Hall)
    • September 10-12 (Tokyo, Ebisu The Garden Hall)
  • 2019 21st Tokyo 03 solo performance "Human taste"
    • September 8-21 (Tokyo, Ebisu The Garden Hall)
    • August 9-4 (Aichi / Nagoya City Performing Arts Center)
    • September 9-7 (Miyagi / Hitachi Systems Hall Sendai Theater Hall)
    • September 9 (Nagasaki / Sasebo Community Center Hall)
    • July 9-15 (Fukuoka / Momochi Palace)
    • August 9-21 (Shizuoka / Hamamatsu City Welfare Exchange Center)
    • October 10 (Toyama / Toyama Prefectural Education and Culture Center)
    • August 10 (Nagano Hokuto Culture Hall Medium Hall)
    • September 10 (Okayama / Okayama Mirai Hall)
    • September 10 (Hiroshima / Hiroshima Aster Plaza Naka Hall)
    • October 10-21 (Gunma / Takasaki City Arts Theater Studio Theater)
    • September 11 (Niigata Ryutopia Theater)
    • August 11-September 15 (Hokkaido, Doshin Hall)
    • November 11 (Kanagawa / Minamiashigara City Cultural Center)
    • November 11-December 28 (Osaka Umeda Arts Theater Theater Drama City)
    • September 12-5 (Tokyo, Ebisu The Garden Hall)
  • 2020 22nd Tokyo 03 Solo Performance "Yana Shioumi"
    • July 9-3 (New National Theatre, Tokyo)
    • November 11-12 (Osaka Umeda Arts Theater Theater Drama City)
    • November 11-27 (Nippon Seinenkan Hall, Tokyo)
  • 2021 The 23rd Tokyo 03 Solo Performance "Yana Causal"
    • September 5-19 (Tokyo, Ebisu The Garden Hall)
    • June 6-24 (Aichi / Nagoya City Performing Arts Center)
    • July 7 (Hiroshima Aster Plaza Large Hall)
    • July 7-7 (Fukuoka / Fukuoka International Congress Center Main Hall)
    • July 7-16 (Osaka Umeda Arts Theater Theater Drama City)
    • August 8 (Miyagi / Talk Net Hall Sendai)
    • August 8 (Osaka, Namikiri Hall)
    • September 8-19 (Tokyo, Ebisu The Garden Hall)

Remote performance

  • 2020/5/27 Tokyo 03 Remote solo performance "It's separated."
    • During the cancellation / postponement period of the 22nd solo performanceZoomUsingYouTubeLive streaming on channel "Tokyo 03 Channel 2"[43].

As of March 3, 10 million plays have been achieved.


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注 釈

  1. ^ In this case, "AkikoIs called.
  2. ^ In this case, "ToyomiIs often called.
  3. ^ In 2007, Tokyo 03 also acquired the Gold Butler qualification, overcoming the condition that "the same qualification cannot be obtained unless you continue to work in the same group".
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  11. ^ In common with DVDs after "Buy an umbrella and get rainy", it is customary to record a sub-audio privilege that explains the entire control and some intermission videos by the three members, but "subtlety" Since the best live intermission video is a privilege, the sub-audio was not recorded when it was released as a single item.
  12. ^ Originally, it was the name of a unit formed by three groups: alfalfa, ogiyahagi, and drunk dragon.


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