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👍 | "Thank you for # V6" has entered the Twitter trend due to the dissolution of V6.Gathering gratitude from fans and celebrities


With the dissolution of V6, "Thank you for # V6" has entered the Twitter trend.Gathering gratitude from fans and celebrities

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Masayuki Sakamoto, Hiroshi Nagano, Yoshihiko Inohara, Ken Miyake, and Junichi Okada belong to Johnny's office and are active individually.

Johnny's popular group V6 will be disbanded on November 26st, the 11th anniversary of its debut.From the morning on the day, "... → Continue reading

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Ken Miyake

Ken Miyake(Ken Miyake,1979 May 7[1] -) isJapan Oftalent,An actor,singer,Idol..Male idol groupV6, Former member of Coming Century[1].

KanagawaBackground[1].Johnny's OfficeBelongs.


  • 1993 に親戚の勧めでJohnny's OfficeへResumeを送り、それから2・3日後に社長のJanie KitagawaReceive a direct call fromSMAPInvited to a concert[4]..On the dayMasahiro NakaiAppeared in the role of boys standing around when he performed the ballad, and participated in the shooting of an idol magazine in plain clothes that day.[4]. AlsoJohnny's Jr.Even after I started working as a dance lesson, I was exempted from dancing lessons at first, saying, "You're going to be visual."[4]. afterwards,Tsuyoshi MoritaTogether with it, it is called "Goken duo" and gains popularity.[5].
  • 1995 May 9ToVolleyball world cupHe was selected as a member of V6, a 6-member idol group formed as the first official cheering party (16 years old at the time), and started activities as a team of 3 young people, Coming Century (hereinafter referred to as Kamisen).May 11"MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLEDebuted with.
  • In 2003 the movie "COSMIC RESCUE』For the first time in the movie with three people from Kamisen[6].
  • Since April 2005, the title program "Ken Miyake's Radio』Started broadcasting, acting as a personality alone[7].
  • In 2006Looking for a thumb』, The movie alone first starring[8].
  • For the third consecutive year since 2016,Takizawa Kabuki』Appeared in[9]..Co-starHideaki TakizawaAnd the idol duo in 2018KEN ☆ Tackey』Formed[9], On July 7stGyakuten LoversDebut[10]..In addition, "KEN ☆ Tackey" ended its activity in half a year as Takizawa retired from the entertainment world in December 2018.
  • V2021 disbanded on November 11, 1[11](At the same time, Coming Century has also ended its activities).Along with that, he becomes a solo talent. Opened personal Instagram on November 11nd[12].



Except for TV dramas and movies, only individual appearances are described. Appearing as a member of V6 or Coming CenturyV6 (Group) # AppearanceSee.

TV drama

Entertainment shows

Other TV programs

  • NHK everyone's handwriting(October 2014 -,NHK E Tele)-Navigator[14]
  • Support everyone!Rio Paralympics(June 2016-9, 9,NHK E Tele) --Main personality[15]
  • Supporting everyone! Pyeongchang Olympics (February 2018, 2, 18, NHK General TV) --Main personality
  • Supporting everyone! Pyeongchang Paralympics (March 2018-3, 10, NHK General TV) --Main personality[16]
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics Everyone Highlights (August 2021, 8, NHK General TV) --Main Personality[17]


Television Animation



Radio program


Solo music

CD recorded songs

Cover song


Photo album

  • Ken Miyake &Tsubasa Imai Midsummer Boy "Neverland" (August 2001, Shueisha TV Book)
  • Movie "Thumb Search" Official Visual Book (August 2006, Gakken)[54]

Magazine serialization


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