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👆 | The "game meal" on the first day of the Ryuo battle is ... Ryuo "Seafood bowl" Triple crown "Katsu curry"

Photo (above) Lunch of Ryuo Toyoshima.Lunch of seafood bowl, pickled local traditional vegetables in miso, and lobster sashimi (bottom) Fujii Triple Crown landed in Iwaki City.Hayama plateau pork cutlet curry and local vegetable salad

The "game meal" on the first day of the Ryuo battle is ... Ryuo "Seafood bowl" Triple crown "Katsu curry"

If you write the contents roughly
A plan to anticipate a snack and lunch that both parties will eat on the 31st is being held on the Yomiuri Shimbun's special website for the Ryuo War.

The 34th Ryuo match 7th game 3rd station started on the 30th at "New Tsuta" in Iwaki Yumoto Onsen in Iwaki City.Masayuki Toyoshima Ryu ... → Continue reading

 Minami Fukushima Shimbun

A news site of the local newspaper "Fukushima Minyu Shimbun" that represents Fukushima Prefecture. Since it was first published in Meiji 28, we have been transmitting the latest community-based news as a “friend of the people of the prefecture”. The prefectural news covers a wide range of local news by connecting 25 news bases in Fukushima prefecture. We are also focusing on recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and articles related to TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. We will deliver a variety of articles such as gourmet, sightseeing, events, readable serials.

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Yomiuri Shimbun

Of this articleitem nameHas the following notational fluctuations.
  • Yomiuri Shimbun
  • Yoritsu Shimbun

Yomiuri Shimbun(Yomiuri Shimbun, title: Yoritsu Shimbun,British: The Yomiuri Shimbun) IsYomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office,Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Head OfficeandYomiuri Shimbun Western HeadquartersIssued byNews (Chinese)[3]..The morning edition has a circulation of 709 million, which is a representative of the world's largest circulation.National newspaperIs[4]..Digital version (News site) AsYomiuri Shimbun OnlineIs present.

The title isEdo PeriodToTile versionI was selling while reading "YomiuriIs derived from.At the time of the first issue, there were other proposals such as "Furigana Newspaper", "Yaharagi Newspaper", and "East, West, South, and North".

In the survey of 2009 (Heisei 21),National newspaper5 of the mostMaintenanceIt is said to be in the tone (mainly 5 points, maintenance plus, innovation minus 0-10 points, Yomiuri Shimbun 5.6, Sankei Shimbun 5.3, Nihon Keizai Shimbun 5.2, Mainichi Shimbun 5.0, Asahi Shimbun 4.4).

Historically, the tone of the Yomiuri Shimbun changes according to the background of the times and is not constant.


  • 1874 May 11 Partnership company"NisshoThe first issue of "Yomiuri Shimbun".The first presidentGifuShun Koyasu from[Annotation 2]..The first issue has two pages on the front and back[5]..At the time of its first publication, it was a bi-daily newspaper published every other day, and was an epoch-making newspaper for the common people who shook the kanji.However, the circulation of the first issue was about 1, and the actual sales were less than half.[6].
  • 1875 Moved to daily newspaper.At the end of the year, the circulation reached 1.[6].
  • 1891 May 5 Achieved paper age 15[5].
  • 1897 May 1 Ozaki autumn leavesWorkNovel"Golden yasha] Has begun serialization.
  • 1904 May 5 Launched "Telegram Communication" service for direct subscribers of this paper, which sends breaking news of serious incidents by telegram at the expense of telegram readers (~1905 October 9)[7].
  • April 1905, 4 Achieved paper age 8[5].
  • 1906 October 10 Newly established "Athletic World" column, which corresponds to the current sports aspect.
  • 1914
    • "Personal consultation" (current "Life guide]) Serialization started.
    • April 4 Newly established "Yomiuri Women's Appendix", which corresponds to the current living and family aspects.Akiko YosanoWrote poetry and critique.
    • May 8 横 浜 市Opened the first local branch office in.
  • 1917 December 12st Trade name changed from "Nissho" to "Yomiuri ShimbunWas renamed to.
  • 1919 May 1 Achieved paper age 5[5].
  • 1923 May 9 Great Kanto EarthquakeThe company building is on fire[6].. The number of copies, which had exceeded 1920 in the early 13s, has dropped to the 5 level.[6].
  • 1924 February 2, due to financial difficulties after the Great Kanto EarthquakeMetropolitan Police DepartmentChief of Police, laterLDPMember of the House of RepresentativesIsMasataro MatsuriAcquired.With the appointment of a positive president, he laid the foundation for the development of the Yomiuri Shimbun to this day.
  • 1925 November 11 "Yomiuri Radio Version" newly established (tv set-radioColumn =A TV schedulePioneer of).
  • 1931
  • 1932 May 10 Achieved paper age 22[5].
  • 1934 December 12, Dainippon Tokyo Baseball Club (currentlyYomiuri Giants) Founded.It greatly contributes to the expansion of the number of copies.
  • 1938 The morning edition has exceeded 100 million copies[6].
  • 1942 May 8 Newspaper controlByJunichi ShimbunMerged. "Sports HochiRenamed to.
  • 1944 The morning edition has reached 191 million copies[6].
  • 1945
  • 1946
    • May 5st Title "Yoritsu ShimbunReturn to.
    • May 6 2st Yomiuri disputeOccurs (ends December 10).
    • July 7 Started using the current title in the horizontal clerical script, which was written in place of the conventional vertical regular script title.
    • May 8 Achieved paper age 10[5].
    • September 9 Announced "Yomiuri Creed".
  • 1947 December 12 Start recruiting "Japan's Top 6 News" by reader voting (overseas version1989 Start from).
  • 1949
    • March 3 Morning edition column "Editor's Notebook" started (1953 The title was changed to "Editing Notebook" from August. The title of the column before "Editor's Notebook" was "Akimado").
    • May 11 "Evening YomiuriFirst issue (evening edition is back,1951 In September, it was integrated into the Yomiuri Shimbun by resuming the morning and evening edition set system).Akiyoshi Of4 comic strip cartoon"Todoroki] Has begun serialization[Annotation 3]
  • 1950 June 6 The Yomiuri ShimbunLtd.Reorganized into.
  • 1951 Release of the expulsion of Matsutaro Shoriki from public office.
  • 1952 May 11 OsakaFirst issue of "Osaka Yomiuri Shimbun" (laterYomiuri Shimbun Osaka Head Office) AndMitsuo Mutai(AfterYomiuri ShimbunPresident / Honorary Chairman) became the first president.Until thenEast Japan OfBlock paperIt was justKansai-West JapanMade a full-scale entry into the market.Asahi Shimbun-Mainichi NewspapersLine up withNational newspaperTo lay the foundation as.
  • 1953 August 8 Japan's first private TV station funded by the Yomiuri Shimbun, etc.Nippon Television Network(NTV) started the main broadcast.
  • 1955 May 1 Masataro MatsuriIn response to the order, a large campaign was started to introduce the nuclear power plant.
  • 1955 April 4st The English newspaper "THE DAILY YOMIURI" was launched.
  • 1958 The morning edition has exceeded 300 million copies[6]..Mitsuo Mutai in OsakaQuasi-key station Of讀賣TV broadcastingTo open the station.
  • 1959 May 5 SapporoOpened Hokkaido branch office.Started local printing.
  • 1960 May 5 Achieved paper age 10[5].
  • 1961 May 5 ToyamaTakaokaOpened Hokuriku branch office in Japan.Started local printing.
  • 1962 May 4 Yomiuri Nippon Symphony OrchestraEstablished.
  • 1964 September 9 At that time, it was the largest city in the Kyushu region and a key point of railway transportation.FukuokaKitakyushu"Yomiuri Shimbun Western HeadquartersEstablished.Started local printing of Kyushu-Yamaguchi version.
  • 1966 June 6th From this day to July 29ndビ ー ト ル ズHosts a performance in Japan.
  • 1967 The morning edition has exceeded 500 million copies[6].
  • 1971 October 10, Yomiuri Shimbun, head officeChuo-kuGinzaFrom Chiyoda WardOtemachiMoved to 1-7-1.The site isPrintemps GinzaThroughHorse chestnutIt is (Ginza 2 & 3).
  • 1974
    • May 2 Achieved paper age 1[5].
    • May 10 Emperor Showa-Empress KasumiVisited the Yomiuri Shimbun (Otemachi).
    • November 11nd 2th anniversary of the first issue.
  • 1975
    • North tohoku(Aomori-Iwate-Akita) Newspaper printing factoryAomoriEstablished in (the first distributed printing factory).
    • May 3 Nagoya cityLaunched "Chubu Shimbun" as a sister tie-up paper with the Yomiuri Shimbun.For the first few years of the first issue, it was a vertical composition unique to the Chubu version, but after that it became the same horizontal composition as other head offices.
  • 1977 February The morning edition has a circulation of 2 million and "Asahi Shimbun』To be the best in Japan[6](The world's largest circulation was in the 1990s, the Soviet Union →Russiaof"Prouder''Komsomoriskaya Pravda], Etc. after the number of copies was greatly reduced).
  • 1978 "Guinness Book of Records" (currently: "Guinness World Records』) (1979 edition) is described as" the newspaper with the largest circulation in the world except the communist bloc "[8](Also published in the 2009 edition as "Maximum circulation of daily newspapers"[6]).
  • 1979 Tsuneo Watanabe(CurrentYomiuri Shimbun Group HeadquartersChairman) becomes the editorial writer.
  • 1980 Blank day incident,Yomiuri GiantsNagashima ShigeoEncounter a boycotts of dismissal of the director.
  • 1980 Takarazuka City School Child Abduction CaseWithout considering the safety of the victimPress agreementDefeat and make flying reports.Hyogo Prefectural Police Press Club has been dismissed for 3 months[Annotation 4].
  • 1982 May 4 Ueda MasashiWork4 comic strip cartoon"Kobo-chan] Has begun serialization.
  • 1987 May 10 Achieved paper age 25[5].
  • 1988 June 6 The Yomiuri Shimbun merged with the Yomiuri Shimbun to become the Yomiuri Shimbun Chubu Headquarters, and "Chubu" was removed from the title.
  • 1989 May 12 SuspectStop abandoningSuspect”, Etc.
  • 1994
    • October Japan ABC AssociationThe number of morning editions exceeded 1000 million (1001).[6].
    • November 11 Major under the then president Tsuneo WatanabeMediaAnnounced the "Draft Constitutional Amendment" for the first time in JapanThe Constitution of JapanInsist on constitutional amendment.ConstitutionIt was an opportunity to reconsider about.
  • 1995 June 6th Digital versionYOMIURI ONLINE(Current Yomiuri Shimbun Online) opened.
  • 1999 February 2st of financial difficultiesCentral public opinionAcquired the companyCentral public opinion new companyEstablished.
  • 2000
    • January 1st Revised "Yomiuri Creed".
    • January 1: The names of dealers nationwide have been unified to "Yomiuri Center" (abbreviation: YC).Until now, Tokyo and Saibu were called "YSC" and Osaka was called "Yomiuri IC".
    • December 12 Enlarged text on the page. Ignite the "second character expansion boom".
  • 2001
    • January Reported by the Japan Audit Bureau of Circulation, the number of morning editions reached 1 (a record high)[6].
    • May 7 Achieved paper age 17[5].
  • 2002
    • January 1 The Roman alphabet of "THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN", which was written under the title of the Yomiuri Shimbun, has been abolished.
    • July 7 Group reorganization.Yomiuri Shimbun Co., Ltd.Yomiuri Shimbun Group Headquarters(Group holding company) and Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters, Co., Ltd.YomiuriTo Yomiuri Shimbun Western Headquarters and Yomiuri Giants Co., Ltd.Company split..The Chubu Headquarters was split and succeeded from Yomiuri to the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters (Chubu branchDowngraded to).Osaka Headquarters (Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Headquarters)Stock exchangeMoved to a wholly owned subsidiary of the Yomiuri Shimbun Group headquarters.
    • October 10 The only newspaper companyJapan Olympic CommitteeBecome an official partner of.
  • 2004
  • 2005 April 4 Yomiuri Yokohama Building completed and relocated
  • 2007 October 10 Yomiuri Shimbun Group HeadquartersNihon Keizai Shimbun-Asahi Shimbun3 companiesインターネットAnnounced that it will conclude a business alliance in joint business and sales business by field, and a mutual assistance agreement for newspaper publication in the event of a system failure and disaster.
  • 2008
    • March 3 The paper has been significantly redesigned.Enlarge the characters on the paper, changing from 31-stage to 14-stage "mega characters"[9].. The column "Editing Notebook" on the bottom of the first page has been reorganized from one horizontal row to two vertical columns, and the Roman alphabet of "THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN" has been revived on the title.Screentone for evening titles abolished[Annotation 5].
    • August 8 The "Izumi" corner of the Osaka head office is over.Take over to the new corner.
  • 2009
    • January 1 As a project to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first issue, 135 candidate sites were posted six times every day, and in mid-April, "Heisei XNUMX viewWas decided.
    • February 2 The service of Japan's first online database "Yomidas History Museum", which allows you to search for paper articles from the first issue in 10 to the present, has started.
    • May 2 Wall Street JournalAnnounced to partner with for editing, printing and sales2009 From March 3nd, the headlines of the main articles in the Asian version began to appear on page 2 of the evening edition in Japanese.[10].
    • March 3 As a project to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the first issueColumn"PokémonLet's remember together! Proverb Encyclopedia ”and become familiar with newspapers from childhoodこ と わ ざStarted serialization of commentary.afterwards"IdiomEncyclopedia ","慣用 句Complete Works "," UnderstandChengyuFrom this day onwards, along with the title of "Find! Pokemon Proverbs Encyclopedia on some page"PikachuIllustrations are posted.
    • May 6 Shimane Iwami districtIssuance changed from Western Headquarters to Osaka Headquarters[Annotation 6] However, in Shimane prefecture, the Osaka head office version will be released in all prefectures.
  • 2010
    • May 3 Announced rebuilding of the Tokyo head office (1-7 Otemachi).30 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground, total floor area of ​​about 7Square meter・ Construction was carried out until 180 with a plan of 2014 meters in height.The Otemachi office building at that time was dismantled in 2010, and the temporary office building during that time was 6-chome, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.Nissan MotorIt was decided to use the old head office building[11].
    • May 10 The temporary relocation of the Tokyo head office from Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku to the former head office building of Nissan Motor in Ginza, Chuo-ku has been completed. Although it is a provisional period of just over three years, the head office in Ginza has revived for the first time in 3 years.
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
    • May 4 The title of the English newspaper "The Daily Yomiuri" was changed to "Japan News』Renamed.
  • 2014
    • May 1 Tokyo Headquarters (Otemachi) new office building (Yomiuri Shimbun Building, 200 meters above ground, 33F above ground, 3F below ground, total floor area 89,650 square meters) completed and relocated from the temporary office building (former Nissan Motor headquarters building) in Ginza, Chuo-ku[12].
    • May 4 Western headquarters has this dayOitaSuspended the publication of the evening edition at.The prefecture is the first in Japan to be downgraded from the morning and evening edition set area to the integrated version area.[Annotation 7].
    • May 11 Middle school students-A high school studentA tabloid-sized weekly newspaper forYomiuri junior and senior high school newspaper] First issue.
    • May 12 Established "Appropriate Press Committee"[13]..In the future, all "corrections" and "apologies" in articles will be posted on the social side to make it easier to understand whether or not there are corrections.Briefly explain the reason for the mistake."Correction" of the regional version will be posted in the regional version[14].
  • 2015
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
    • May 7To Miyazaki Nichinichi Shimbun Satohara Center Western Headquarters morning edition (whole Miyazaki, most of Kagoshima) commissioned printing
  • 2019
    • January 1 The subscription fee for the Yomiuri Shimbun was raised.The set version of the morning and evening editions will be raised from 1 yen to 4,037 yen to 363 yen, and the integrated version of the morning edition will be raised from 4,400 yen to 3,093 yen to 307 yen.It is the first time in 3,400 years since January 2 that the price has been raised, except for the two times when the consumption tax was raised.[15]
    • February 2 YOMIURI ONLINE and Yomiuri Premium are integrated, and subscribers can also use the free internet site "Yomiuri Shimbun Online] Is newly opened.
  • 2020
    • February 2 Free distribution of 9 copies of the Yomiuri Shimbun and 350 copies of The Japan News to the cruise ship "Diamond Princess", which is infected with the new coronavirus outbreak at Yokohama Port. (February 250st passenger disembarkation / March 2st all disembarkation)
    • March 3 Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Headquarters "Mutual Agreement on Newspaper Issuance in an Emergency"Chinese newspaperConcluded with
    • March 3 Yomiuri Shimbun Western Headquarters Concludes "Emergency Newspaper Issuance Mutual Recognition Agreement" with Miyazaki Nichinichi Shinbun
    • May 4 Iwate Nichi-Nichi ShimbunAcquired all shares of Aomori Express Offset, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aomori, and made it a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • April 4st with the Yomiuri ShimbunNippon Paper IndustriesOperates a "closed loop" system that circulates 100% of used newspaper resources in Japan in the 3 wards of Tokyo
    • April 4 The "Emergency Newspaper Issuance Mutual Recognition Agreement" signed by the Yomiuri Shimbun Western Headquarters and Miyazaki Nichinichi Shinbun comes into effect.
    • October 10 Renamed "Aomori High Speed ​​Offset" to "Aomori Yomiuri Print Media"

Itinerary of the title


  • At the time of the first issue, it was written vertically.
  • The horizontal title first appeared in the morning edition of April 1, 1905, when the first issue of 4 was achieved, but there was a one-off feature of the 8 issue.
  • It wasn't until after the war that the titles written horizontally appeared in earnest, and it continues to this day.In November 1949, it was published independently from the Yomiuri Shimbun at that time.Evening YomiuriWas written vertically from the beginning.The Chubu Yomiuri Shimbun, which was first published in 1975, was originally written vertically, but soon became unified into horizontal writing.
  • The screentone of the title that appeared in the evening edition was integrated with the Yomiuri Shimbun in the evening edition.1951 OctoberFrom.See footnote below[Annotation 5].
  • After writing horizontally, under the title, "THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN(In the evening edition, a line break will occur after this.EVENING EDITION"), But once2002 OctoberIt was abolished in.afterwards2008 May 3From the evening edition, as in the morning edition, the title will be "THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN"The notation has been revived.


Shun Koyasu,Morimichi Motono,Masakichi ShibataWas founded, Koyasu served as the first president (1874-1889), and Motono served as the second president (2-1889).Shun Koyasu (1909-1836)Ogaki DomainBorn as the eldest son of Shigeru So, he went to Edo.Gunnery,Dutch studies,SeimiGaku,EnglishAfter learning such things, in 1868Ministry of Foreign AffairsBecame a senior official, beside 1870Yokohama Mainichi NewspaperInvolved in the launch ofYokohamaIn 1873, he published the English-Japanese dictionary "Attachment Illustration English-Japanese Zihui" with Masakichi Shibata, and published the Yomiuri Shimbun the following year.[17].

The third president is (1910-1912), and the fourth isHidekichiro Honda(1912-1917), the fifth generationAkizuki Satsuo(1917-1919), the sixth generation was served by (1919-1924)[18].

human resources

Main brush


Social department

In 1953, the "Yomiuri Shimbun Social Affairs Department" was first published.Kikuchi Hiroshi AwardAwarded (Shiro HaraThe dark side detection activity of the Social Affairs Department centered on), in 1955, a reporter of the Social Affairs DepartmentMitsuyasu AbeThe 3thKikuchi Hiroshi AwardHas been awarded.

Also, the Yomiuri Shimbun onceHonda Yasuharu(Tokyo Head Office),Kiyoshi Kuroda,Akihiro OtaniHe was said to be "strong in social aspects" by having a reporter such as (Osaka Headquarters) in the Social Affairs Department.

We made an easy-to-read page for the common people by creating forecast articles and manga columns for horse racing, but the driving force was Katsue Shibata, who became the editorial director. ... This Shibata aimed for rebirth under the president, who reigned with territories all over Japan, and was known for his identity.YakuzaIt was a project that selected 36 prominent people from the group, and when it was serialized in a "Human Forest" style personal commentary, it became popular and sales increased significantly.

It is the New Year of the year when the serialization is over.Thirty-six prominent people dressed up in crested hakama stopped the streetcar and lined up on the main street of Sukiyabashi, sat down at the front entrance of the Yomiuri Shimbun and bowed all at once. I want you to read it. " ... Shibata appeared calmly at the front door, and before that, the representative of the prostrate who fell down said, "I am honored to introduce a shaded person like us to the world in such a sunny paper. I will not forget this gratitude until the last generation of Sun Tzu, and I pledge here that we will do our best to advance the Yomiuri Shimbun as long as our lineage continues. " It seems that he pulled it up quietly.

According to Norio Tanabe's famous person (around 27), the Social Affairs Department of the Yomiuri Shimbun made a great leap forward, and with the cooperation of the prominent people, it became a tremendous series of special events, and sales increased with the support of the downtown people. ... Norio Tanabe, the director of the Social Affairs Department, is also a famous Yomiuri man, and his family register has a cross (x) of 11, so no matter how many human resources are in the Japanese newspaper world,Previous11 The criminal is not so in Zara. … It is said that he was the one who was noticed by the prominent crowd.Due to this tradition, other companies, including Asahi, cannot get along with each other in the underworld, but only the Social Affairs Department of the Yomiuri continues to record scoops, and it seems that one of them still stands out in the newspaper world. — Hajime Fujiwara, Asahi and Yomiuri no Hi Dharma Era, International Review, 1997

Based on the column "Window" and the long-term serialization "War", the Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Social Affairs Department published many special articles from the perspective of the vulnerable, and after Kuroda became the director of the Social Affairs Department, the Social Affairs Department was nicknamed "Kuroda Corps". Was called by.However1980 eraIn-houseTsuneo WatanabeWhen the conservative thoughts of these people became mainstream, the pressure increased and1987 Kuroda was forced to leave the company.There were many reporters who were expelled by Watanabe, but Watanabe did not directly deal with them.It is said that the people around him who had the intention of Watanabe were usually forced to leave the company by relegating the relevant reporter or taking up the job.[20].

Medical Information Department

The Yomiuri Shimbun is not found in other national newspapersMedicalHas a specialized coverage institution "Medical Information Department".The directorKazuo MaenoIs myselfCerebral aneurysm, ThenThyroid cancer"Anxiety and choice of people with cerebral aneurysm" by making use of the experience of suffering fromISBN-4 88320-246-1), "I'm not afraid of thyroid cancer" (ISBN-4 385-36190-8) (Co-authored with the latter).In addition, "'Health Common Sense' Lie Real 55" (ISBN-4 06-257370-9) Questions the "common sense of health" that is passed down to the world.

Paper, tone, history

The current tone is generallyCenter right-Pro-riceMaintenanceIs[21].PopulismAlso described as[22].

2009 According to the survey (21), the Yomiuri Shimbun scored 10 points in the distribution of "most conservative = 0 points, most innovative = 5.6 points".Sankei ShimbunIt exceeded 5.3 points ofNational newspaperIt was considered to be the most conservative of all.Nihon Keizai ShimbunIs 5.2 points,Mainichi NewspapersIs 5.0 points, the most innovativeAsahi ShimbunIs 4.4 points[23].

Ogaki DomainSword ...Saga DomainMaster/Morimichi Motono,Masakichi ShibataThe Yomiuri Shimbun, which they founded, was known as the "Literary Newspaper."In addition to aiming for an easy-to-understand newspaper and a newspaper that anyone can read, we introduced telegraph from an early stage, such as issuing an extra on the day of the death of Saigo Takamori.1877 (Meiji 10), the circulation exceeded 2, and it was already the largest circulation in Japan.[24].1887 In (Meiji 20),Constitutional reform party,Waseda UniversityInvolved in the foundingSanae TakataIs the firstMain brushThe article was about the Diet and the Constitution, but the Yomiuri Shimbun, whose number of copies has declined since the middle of the Meiji era,1919 (Taisho 8),White rainbow incidentIn response to those who left Tokyo Asahi due toTaisho democracy OfYang Yan Night"Proletarian literatureIn addition to being a venue for announcements such as, the number of copies increased sharply from 3 to 13 by adding political and economic hard-line articles.1923 (Taisho 12),Great Kanto EarthquakeThe Yomiuri Shimbun, which fell into a slump due to the invasion of1924 (Taisho 13) On February 2, he served as the Chief of the Criminal Division and Chief of the Police Department of the Metropolitan Police Department.Toranomon IncidentRetired at 38 years oldMasataro MatsuriIt is in the hands of.

Positive power isKazue Shinagawa, Yoshimasa Kobayashi, etc.Police bureaucracyActively welcomed into management and sales, and promoted to become a "police newspaper", while the American Hurst newspaper companyYellow journalismFollowing that, he promoted the creation of a unique page that combines police material and sensational articles.In particular, he was unrivaled in the coverage of the underworld, and after the war, he built the Yomiuri "Kingdom of the Social Affairs Department" under the director of the Social Affairs Department, Shiro Hara. RootedliberalThe tone was developed.Matsutaro Shoriki, the president and owner of the company, who has absolute power, is a politician of the Liberal Democratic Party, but he rarely disagrees with the editorial, and was called "the demon of sales" and "the god of sales." Successor presidentMitsuo MutaiHowever, it is a big thing that I did not put my mouth in the editing which is the heart of the newspaper[25].

1979 ,Tsuneo WatanabeSince taking office as the editorial writer, the editorial policy and tone of the paper have beenRight-ConservatismIt became.Currently basicallyLDPsupport,Amendmentsupport,Nippon Keidanrensupport,NeoliberalismSupporting economic reform.On the other hand, "Dalian PlanAs seen in subsequent editorials, etc.Democratic PartyAnd its supporting bodyUnionMany of the opinions are harsh, but they are positive about the "grand coalition" that participates in the Democratic Party "mo" administration.[26] There is also an aspect.Perhaps because of that, the Democratic Party is not only criticized because it is in a different direction, but also tax reform.[27] The basic direction is the same as the current mainstream Democratic Party, but there are also criticisms due to the difference in degree.In addition, Syuhitu, Tsuneo Watanabe is a war-experienced person, so especiallyYasukuni Shrine(EspeciallyYujukan) Is critical of historical recognition,Junichiro Koizumi OfYasukuni visitOpposed to[Source required].

Regarding government policy, depending on the policy field (constitutional amendment issue, defense policy, etc.), it is characteristic that the company's view (editorial) is clearly stated ("Headquarters announces draft constitutional amendment", November 1994, 11. Day).On the other hand, regarding policy fields that we are not good at, we basically report on the basis of government announcements, and it is also characteristic that we do not devote ourselves to articles that independently dig up awareness of problems that are not revealed in government announcements.In addition, there are few articles that bring out the views of individual reporters, and most of the articles are in line with editorials.[28].

Nuclear powerAbout Matsutaro ShorikiAtomic Energy CommissionSince he was appointed as the first chairman of the committee, he has consistently insisted on promotion, and in editorials, energy problems (eg, soaring oil prices and so on)再生 可能 エネルギーEtc.), and in the conclusion, I almost always end up with a claim to promote nuclear power generation, so I am sticking to the nuclear power plant.[29][30][31].

Also, to secure the interests of the newspaper industryDemocracyMaintenanceInsisted on the special maintenance of newspapers in editorials as a cause (editorial dated February 2006, 2), or to newspapersReduced tax rateFrequently insisted on the introduction (editorial dated December 2015, 12, February 20, 2016), and eventually it was implemented, which has a great impact on paper politics.[32]..On the other hand, the reduced tax rate and 2015Security billDespite the pros and cons of the report, the Yomiuri picked up only the articles and opinions that were in favor of it, not the opinions that were against it.[33].

Only among the 5 major national newspapersLife counselingI have a corner "Life Guide" on the paper.In terms of educationWaseda UniversityPartner with[34]..Also in 2008Yomiuri WeeklySince the publication was suspended due to sluggish sales,weekly magazineIt became the only national newspaper that did not publish.

About the readership of the Yomiuri Shimbun,Osaka University of CommerceJGSS (Japanese General Social Surveys,Japanese version of comprehensive social survey) Based on a survey by the Research Center, "The percentage of high school graduates (new system) compared to Nikkei and Asahi,Blue collarAnd the percentage of non-regular employees is high. "Reflecting these educational backgrounds and occupations, the average annual income of readers' households is said to be second only to Nikkei, Asahi, and Sankei, along with daily income (Kimura, 2004). [3]).

Road to national newspapers

The Yomiuri Shimbun said before the warKyushu DailyAll over JapanLocal newspaperI bought and participated in the management and planned to expand nationwide,Second World WarAccompanyNewspaper controlThe plan failed.

January 1952, 27 (Showa 11),OsakaOsakaKitaThe first issue of "Osaka Yomiuri Shimbun" was published in Nozakicho.The Yomiuri Shimbun (currently the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters) in Tokyo and the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters, a separate company and corporation, "Osaka Shimbun Co., Ltd." has expanded the "Yomiuri Shimbun" into the Kansai region and established a system as a national newspaper. From April 1953, 4, "Osaka" was removed from the title and published under the same title as "Yomiuri Shimbun" in Tokyo. Since 1, the name "Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Headquarters" has been used.
January 1964, 39 (Showa 9),FukuokaKitakyushuKokurakita WardPublished the first western edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun at Sunatsu Nakatsuguchi (currently 1-11 Meiwamachi).The western headquarters of the Yomiuri Shimbun at that time was established as a business of Yomiuri Kogyo Co., Ltd. (later changed its trade name to "Yomiuri Co., Ltd."), the operating company of the Yomiuri Giants.
On March 1975, 3, the Yomiuri Shimbun was published in the three Tokai prefectures.Aichi-Gifu-MieThe "Chubu Yomiuri Shimbun" (title: Chubu Yomiuri Shimbun, reading: Chubuyomiuri Shinbun) was launched.The paper was partly shared with the paper produced in Tokyo, and the Yomiuri Headquarters and Chubu Yomiuri cooperated with each other in the fields of editing, construction, sales, and advertising.The first issue is not a side-by-side title of the general Yomiuri Shimbun, but a vertical title unique to Chubu Yomiuri.[35] Was used.

Every SundayWeekly publication OfTwo-part paperAsSunday edition"Yomihot" is enclosed together.Previously it was titled "Sunday Edition" → "y & y".Also, in the "y & y" era, apart from the "y & y Sunday edition", the weekly TV program guide "y & y TV" was serialized on Thursday,2008 OctoberIt came to be enclosed with the Sunday edition from the issue of[36].

J League team notation problem

News and scoops that attracted attention

  • 1953 ,Shinjuku1st due to campaign coverage such as expulsion of violence in the underworldKikuchi Hiroshi AwardAward[37].
  • 1954 ,Daifuku RyumaruReported the special story of the A-bomb incident.Suddenly become known to the world.
  • 1966 due to the report of the price reduction campaign due to the serialization "Price War"Japan Newspaper Association AwardAward[38].
  • 1962 May 8, Scooped data from Dr. Tadashi Kajii (Hokkaido University School of Medicine) who first revealed the existence of thalidomide children in Japan[39]..About half a month after receiving it (May 9),at lastDainippon PharmaceuticalHas decided to discontinue (and collect) Isomin and Provan M.Lenz WarningIt was about 1961 months after (November 11).
  • 1968 Received the 16th Kikuchi Kan Prize for the serialization "Emperor of Showa History"[37].
  • 1973 May 8Happened toKim Dae Jung Incidentso, South KoreaKCIAReceived the 1974 Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Award for scooping the fact that[38].
  • 1977 ,Hirosaki University Professor Murder Murder CaseThe 25th Kikuchi Kan Prize was awarded due to the news about the retrial.[37]Received the 1977 Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Award for a series of reports on this incident.[38].
  • Received the 1978 Japan Newspaper Association Award for the project "What to do with medical care"[38].
  • Japanese in KoreaReceived the 1986 Japan Newspaper Association Award for reporting on the wife's homecoming campaign[38].
  • 1988 Occurred inOsaka Prefectural PolicePolice officer and Sakai Minami station (currentlyNishi Sakai Police Station) In the case where the staff under the chief of the station tried to accuse the housewife of embezzlement of possession and secession, the Yomiuri Shimbun reporter heard the case early and posted a large feature article on the social side, and the case was discovered. The false charge of the housewife cleared up.This report won the 1988 Japan Newspaper Association Award.[38].
  • 1991 May 6 OfUnzen/FugendakeReceived the 1991 Japan Newspaper Association Award for photojournalism of the eruption[38].
  • Received the 1992 Japan Newspaper Association Award for the project "PKO Gutari" History of Good Sense ""[38].
  • 1994 OfCulture DayAnnounced the "Draft Constitutional Amendment," which was the first issue raised by the Japanese media.Constitutional revision debateIt will be the forerunner.However48 年前Same month and same day (The Constitution of JapanIn the "New Constitution Reader" published on the day of promulgation), "By firmly acquiring the new constitution and making ourselves the democratic spirit that flows consistently through the new constitution, we are the first people of a peaceful nation. "It can be fixed.", Regarding Article 9 of the Constitution, in the same book, "If you look at the Constitution of Japan as a model of peace in a new era, the fear of vaguely feeling the need to maintain some strength will be regenerated by this Constitution. It is only a trampling on the humanism of the Japanese people who say that it is just a sentimental feeling of a small citizen. "(That is, it is not well known."Conversiondid)[40].
  • Received the 1994 Japan Newspaper Association Award for the "Medical Renaissance," a serial project that deals with Japanese medical care.[38].
  • New YearThe top article on the front page is not a serialized feature article like other papersscoopBring an article.
  • For the first time in Japan, we received an egg donation from a third-party womanIn vitro fertilizationReceived the 1998 Japan Newspaper Association Award[38].
  • Yugoslavia conflict-Kosovo conflictReceived the 1999 Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Award for a series of photo reports on[38].
  • 2009 May 12In the morning editionEisaku SatoRichard NixonbyJapan-US nuclear import problemExclusive scoop.This report won the 2010 Japan Newspaper Association Award[38].
  • 2011 May 7In the morning editionToden OL murder caseIt is reported that another person's DNA was found in.Scoop that the true criminal may not be a Nepalese man. Received the 2012 Japan Newspaper Association Award.

Suspicious coverage/fabrication/scandal

  • 1911 On January 1th, the description in the elementary school "Japanese History" teacher's textbook about the Northern and Southern Dynasties that "it should not be easily discussed in the meantime" was regarded as "mistaking the cause".editorialCriticized by, so-calledNorth-South Asahi theoryI ignited the problem.The North-South dynasty controversyGreat reverse caseBecause it was taken up immediately after the judgmentKatsura CabinetUsed as a "flag of justice" by people who want to impeachRikken KokumintTogether with the High Treason IncidentMinisterResolutionSubmit a proposal.The Katsura Cabinet has decided to reject the resolution,Chuo Club"ToOura KanetakeThroughKorean bankIt is said that he gave him 1 yen. February 2,Southern Dynasty-North morningWhich one is orthodox?Cabinet decision..Eventually, the orthodox court of the Southern Court came down, and the Northern Court became a "fake morning", nowRoyal familyThe Emperor of the Northern Court, the ancestor ofJapanese history], It was decided to call it "○○ in".Not only did it create the beginning of history education that was orthodox in the Southern Court before the war, but it also invited education as a preventive measure, social policy, and strengthening of police control in conjunction with the High Treason Incident.[41].
  • 1925 Creation of radio section,1932 While making papers ahead of the times, such as publishing the "local version" "Yomiuri Koto version"1927 ,Nude picturesOn the social side, "YomiuriEro guroCalled "principle" and criticized[25].
  • 1930s,Mainichi Newspapers-Asahi ShimbunSo-called "Fifteen years war""Large headquarters announcementFully cooperate withGreat East Asian WarI made a news report that fueled.However, at that time, the same trader said, "Newspaper articles are considered to be proficient reporters, and eventually they will be promoted to executive positions."[42]"It's called a foreign phone, and it's actually on the desk in the editing room.NEWSTo create "[43] In 1938, he was greeted with surprise when the reporter was disposed of in the forged article "Visit to the Yangtze River and the United States Warship."Also,CommercialismTypicallyParent Nazi-HitlerMade a praise paper, 1941German-Soviet battleImmediately after the start, he said, "German army's electric shock victory" and "Red Army's total collapse", so it became impossible to collect at the end of the year.Its appearance has been "ShowaComedy of the Age "[43] Was taken.
  • 1948 ,Shoden PrisonIn, the summons of important people are announced one after another and hit, a series of oversized scoops are performed, and it is said that "When you wake up in the morning, look at Yomiuri, make sure that your name is not mentioned and read the Asahi". I made a report.This sensational papermaking was made possible by a fledgling reporter, 3 years old, who had little training as a reporter and was in his third year at the company.Kazuhiro Tatematsu's father, Kaisei,Pak Yol IncidentJudge of the trial.Therefore, Tatematsu was loved by the prosecution executives and said, "Kiuchi Somasu Supreme Public Prosecutor's OfficeDeputy Prosecutor-Yoshitsugu Baba-Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's OfficeDeputy Prosecutor-Shintaro Kawai-Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's OfficeSucceeded in connecting to the "chief prosecutor" line.at that time,GhqInsideOccupation of JapanOn the rightCharles WilloughbyMajor General and leftCharles L. CadethIs in conflict and split, and Maj. Gen. Willoughby is a Liberal PartyYoshida ShigeruWas supporting. The prosecution line for "Kiuchi-Baba-Kawai" isHitoshi Ashida CabinetIn line with GHQ's political ambitions to crush the sword, he created the Shoden Jail and created an era in which the prosecution ruled politics.Nobutaro Kawai continued to leak investigation information to the Yomiuri Shimbun under the acquiescence of Baba.The prosecution succeeded in disrupting the Ashida coalition government by giving a strong impact to various fields by monopolizing and continuing the scoop with only one Yomiuri Shimbun.However, Tatematsu had to be very careful not to let reporters from other companies who were breathing in the Yomiuri continuous scoop realize that Kawai was the source of the story, due to lack of sleep and fatigue.HiroponThe more you hit, the more your mind and body become tattered, and soon you will be forced to take leave. 1957Prostitution Prevention LawIt is said that the major misinformation incident in the Yomiuri Shimbun began when the director of the social department, who was rushed to delay the coverage system, recalled Tatematsu, an ace reporter at the time of Shoden's suspicion, from sick leave.The judiciaryPress clubThe habit of begging for "news" by rushing to the prosecutor's house at night began with Shoden Jail.Shipbuilding PrisonEstablished inLockheed case,Douglas Grumman case,Recruit caseThen, the leak to the news media by the prosecution officials, that is, will be rampant.According to Kazuo Mita, the practice of immediately "banning entry and exit" when the prosecutors think of it and the news media criticizes the prosecution is due to the Yomiuri Shimbun's coverage of the Shoden and Shipbuilding Scandals. Condemned[44].
  • 1950 March 6Radio wave three methodsWith the enforcement of米 国With funds and technologybroadcast-communicationBuild a domestic backbone network in the field,Public body,Security forcesThe idea of ​​lending to was emerging, causing a turmoil.1952 The Yomiuri Shimbun on September 9thMasataro MatsuriHas been announced as a microwave relay concept that plays a central role.The concept changed a lot, but in the end1954 It was settled by a resolution of the House of Councilors Communications Committee at the end of the day.
  • 1954 January,Daifuku Ryumaru OfExposureAfter that, the Yomiuri Shimbun became the ownerLDPCongressman,Masataro MatsuriFrom the speculation of the expansion of political power and the seizure of nuclear powerCIAWith the cooperation ofNuclear powerEncourage peaceful use "Japanese nuclear power plantFor "Construction", we made an active campaign article.However, JapanRearmBecause ofnuclear weaponsThe CIA's intentions did not match the positive power that promoted the nuclear power plant in anticipation of its development ability, and the CIA only cooperated.Tetsuo ArimaIt is clarified by "Nuclear Power, Positive Power, CIA-History of Showa Backside Read in Confidential Documents".
  • 1957 On October 10, the morning edition of the top social article was established the previous year.Prostitution Prevention LawWas doing an opposition movement overRed line(Official prostitution) From the organizationUtsunomiya Tokuma・ It was said that Fukuda Tokuyasu was bridging.this isMinistry of JusticeIt was a leak from the criminal section chief, Nobutaro Kawai, but it was a black propaganda that the prosecution set up for the Ministry of Justice in order to reveal the Ministry of Justice officials who leaked information to the Yomiuri.The Yomiuri Shimbun was immediately accused by both representatives of being unfounded, and the author, Kazuhiro Tatematsu, was also arrested.At that time, laterAttorney GeneralbecomeShigeki Ito(I.e.Tokyo Inspection Special Investigation DivisionThe prosecutors are the former administrative vice-ministerYoshihiro KishimotoWas skipped by the instructor byShintaro KawaiBut,Yoshitsugu Baba・ I was worried that the Deputy Secretary of Justice would call me back to the Chief of the Criminal Division of the Ministry of Justice, and eventually I would return to the Chief of the Special Investigation Department.I don't think I'm a lawyer Shipbuilding PrisonThis is because he was worried about Kawai's forcible investigation method.The emotional conflict between the Kishimoto faction and the Baba faction within the public prosecutor's office has reached its peak over the appointment of Kishimoto Tokyo High Public Prosecutor General.The Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office, where the Kishimoto faction gathers, dared to give a black propaganda to the Ministry of Justice to confirm Kawai's alleged leak to the Yomiuri Shimbun since Baba's Shoden Jail.Nobutaro Kawai is one of the five suspected representatives listed by the Ministry of Justice.Utsunomiya TokumaAtsushi FukudaOnly, he allowed Tatematsu to report under his real name, not his initials.This was considered to be the dirtiest corruption at the time, but Utsunomiya in the 2nd district of Tokyo and Fukuda in the 7th district of Tokyo were defeated by having Yomiuri name them, and they were scheduled to run in the general election as big newcomers at that time. ,Aiichiro FujiyamaMinister for Foreign Affairs (Tokyo 2nd district) and later Chairman of the House of CouncilorsKen YasuiBrother,Seiichiro YasuiMake sure that the Governor of Tokyo (7th district of Tokyo) is elected Kishi CabinetIt is believed that the aim was to provide convenience for the sake of.The editorial director Kojima replied that he was a "public prosecutor's office source" in order to conceal the news source Nobutaro Kawai, but the prosecutor-general completely denied their charges and information leaks.In response to the movement to summon witnesses by the Legal Committee of the House of Representatives, Shiro Hara took root in other newspapers and, despite false alarms, launched the Tokyo High Public Prosecutor's Office attack.Eventually, with the mediation of Matsutaro Shoriki, an apology advertisement was issued on December 12, and Tatematsu was suspended from disciplinary leave.It was a scandal that was said to be the beginning of the end of the Yomiuri "Kingdom of the Social Affairs Department".
  • In the 1960s, the Yomiuri ShimbunDPR KoreaPraise,Koreans in JapanActively promoted the North Korean return project. On January 1960, 1, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported on a correspondent train from Pyongyang that "Japanese wives returned to North Korea" and "dreamy."New Year", And posted an articleKim Il SungInvited by the Prime Minister to attend a New Year's banquet, and to convey the rich lifestyle of specially distributed rice cakes and New Year's dishes for the New Year, motivated Koreans living in Japan, including Japanese wives, to return home. It was.And, "Everyone who returned to my husband's homeland is devoted to joy and happiness. It seems that the anxieties and worries before leaving Niigata have completely disappeared with the welcome of the whole country." "In Japan It's a dreamy New Year for my wives who have lived in poverty and sometimes humiliation. I want people in the same situation who are still hesitant to return to Japan to say "I want you to come early". "All the Japanese wives that the reporter saw show peace as if they came to Korea and were relieved." "Everyone is looking forward with hope." Many Japanese sacrifices It became the driving force to create people.Yomiuri ShimbunSankei ShimbunWhile fueling the return of Koreans and their Japanese wives to North Korea, he said, "I laugh at my eyes and boogers" when he just attacks the Social Democratic Party and the Asahi Shimbun and does not reflect on his past speeches at all. Has been severely criticized[46].
  • On December 1966, 12, a special article entitled "Going to the general election" was published on the front page of the morning edition.Black fog"Unwelcome support of the prime minister" "The lowest unpopular cabinet in history" "(Approval rate) XNUMX% unpopular prime minister",Tsuneo WatanabeA reporter's criticism campaign against the Sato Cabinet will be held. Old since 1961Ministry of FinanceKanto Finance Bureau-State Property BureauMet"National landIt was because the problem of "surplus" was aggravated.Since the site is a prime location facing Hibiya-dori, more than 100 companies have applied.The Yomiuri Shimbun was the 49th application, but "Mr. Kaku, give me the land of the company building" (Tsuneo Watanabe'sKakuei Tanaka(Remarks at the time of a direct interview with) and fierce political work. In 1963, it was decided to sell to Yomiuri.HoweverMizuo NaruoSankei ShimbunIn the summer of 1966, the surplus was withdrawn due to the president's turnaround.Therefore, on December 1966, 12, the work was boiled.Mitsuo MutaiAt the Yomiuri Shimbun Headquarters General Managers' Meeting, the vice president said, "I have made a clear promise to sell the state-owned land in Otemachi. If this promise is broken, Japanese politics will be over. The morality will fall to the ground. If that happens, there is no choice but to have a fight with the Cabinet. " The morning edition of the article on December 12 was pressure on the Sato Cabinet, which did not pass the state-owned land to the Yomiuri, using the dissolution general election. December 24, 1966, "Black fog dissolved"soHouse of RepresentativesIs dissolved. On December 12, Mitsuo Mutai and Eisaku Sato will meet at the Prime Minister's Office.The Yomiuri Shimbun succeeded in acquiring the state-owned land of Otemachi with a backing of 29 million copies.[28]
  • 1974 から1975 The Yomiuri ShimbuncelebrityIt caused a war turmoil. In the former Meijin War, which began in 1961, the contract fee was set at around 14 million yen for 2500 years during the high-growth period.Therefore, Nihon Ki-in presented a contract fee of 1 million yen.Asahi ShimbunAnnounced that the right to host the Meijin War will be transferred to.The rushed Yomiuri Shimbun added fierce bashing to the entire Go world for almost a year, saying "for money" and "no faith", and it has evolved into a trial. At the end of 1, "The best Go player was decided.Holy battleAlthough it settled down in the form of its founding (started in 1976),Japanese Ki-inThe number of graduate students who are professional eggs has dropped sharply.It contributed to the decline of the Japanese Go world and the rise of China and South Korea.[47].
  • 1978 , With the Yomiuri Giants of the Professional Baseball Central League, taking advantage of the agreement the day before the draft meetingSakushin Gakuin,Hosei UniversityOrigin (laterHanshin Tigers-Yomiuri Giants, Commentator) pitcherTakashi EgawaSigned a membership contract, so-calledBlank day. this isTochigiElected deputyFunanakaIt is said that lawmakers were involved, and the background was "Actual record Takashi" (Original: Suguru Egawa, Drawing:Hiroshi Motomiya) Etc.This case was discussed in the 100-year history of the Yomiuri as to what to do with the description, but it was treated as a kind of taboo within the Yomiuri company, such as being postponed after all.But,2005 OfNippon TVIn recent years, the internal treatment has been changing, such as the case being taken up in a sports program of.
  • 1986 In the evening edition of December 12, there was a case of replacing the "Yomiuri Short Review". In "Yomiuri Short Review"NakasoneOf the regimeSales taxIn response to the decision to introduce it, "Another meaning of Asa Migurashi, the point of taunting people by using fraud, also applies this time. (Omitted) Prime Minister Nakasone said at the same day election in July,"Large indirect taxI promised the electorate that I would not introduce it. "Tsuneo WatanabeMain brush(1985 It was replaced in a hurry from the 6rd edition of the evening edition because it was not suitable for the sales tax introduction campaign that "sales tax is a medium-sized indirect tax, so it is not a breach of promise" (inaugurated in June). In "Yomiuri brief comment"1981 Won the Japan National Press Club AwardKiyokazu MuraoReporter1987 Retired as an advisor to the publishing office in June[28].
  • 1987 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Korean Aircraft Bombing CaseThen, "Confirmation of the crash of Korean Air Thailand"Okuchi" (November 11th evening edition) was reported.It was the one that crashedBay of BengalIt was in the sky.Also, in this case, on November 11, the JapaneseRiding on the backForgedJapan passportThe person who usedMiddle East OfバーレーンI was about to be arrested and committed suicide by poisoning. In the evening edition of December 12, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported that the man who committed suicide was the same person as Akira Miyamoto (Li Kyung-Ame), saying, "Is it the same person as Miyamoto, the man who committed suicide on a crashed Korean plane?"Actually, it was Katsuichi Kin, and another newspaper reported that "Is it a different person from the suicide man Miyamoto?" (Evening edition of the Mainichi Shimbun on the same day).In addition, on the following day, the top page of the evening edition reported that the headline "Arrest warrant for" Miyamoto "danced" and "On the 2rd, an arrest warrant was taken on suspicion of forgery of official documents."However, in reality, the morning edition of the following day, "Miyamoto" arrest warrant request was postponed, and it was a complete false alarm. It was a series of false alarms as a result of relying too much on "Korean sources" and "public security sources".[48].
  • 1989 August 8, at the top of the evening edition,Tokyo/Saitama consecutive kidnapping murder case"I found Miyazaki's hideout," he reported.In the article, the state of the hideout was talked about, and even a map near the hideout was included, but the investigation headquarters completely denied it, and it turned out to be completely false.The next day, he issued an "apology", but the "verification" article took two months, and the content was lacking in concreteness.This false news caseCoral damage article fabrication("Asahi Shimbun』April 4, the same year evening edition)Glico Morinaga case criminal investigation fabrication("Mainichi NewspapersIt was a big scandal along with the morning edition of June 6st of the same year, but it was hardly talked about because it was hidden behind the coral incident of the Asahi Shimbun, and the Yomiuri Shimbun did not mention the details of the disposition and the name of the reporter who wrote the article. I didn't reveal it.
  • 1990 On May 5th, the morning edition of the morning edition of Children's Day, the top social leader said, "On a rainy day, at 6:5 am on the 2th, two young children are left behind. Sidewalks and sloppy protection without parents' names." "There is still no end to the selfishness of parents," he criticized.However, in reality, he was only protected by his father silently going out at midnight, and it was a reporter's early dust.However, instead of issuing a correction / apology article, he sympathized with the fact that "the brothers and sisters were surrounded by adults and could not even say that their home was nearby due to tension and alertness." "(May 2, evening edition), the Yomiuri Shimbun blamed the child for false alarms.
  • 1994 On March 3, the headline "A leading suspect in" Glico Morinaga ", a man in Osaka, partly stated" was struck on the front page of the morning edition.The contents are "25 people in a group", "To the investigation headquarters simultaneous hearing", "Katsuhisa Esaki-GlicoConfirmation work such as "statement suggesting involvement in a series of incidents that began with the kidnapping of the president" "possibility of a perpetrator at the end" "statement that" if you talk, you will be killed "" "reproduce the behavior at that time" "I started" "I will reach the biggest Yamaba in the situation where there are about two months left until the statute of limitations".However, there was no progress after that and it turned out to be a false alarm.The Yomiuri Shimbun published the morning edition of June 6nd, "Glico Morinaga IncidentAn article signed by the "Osaka Social Affairs Department'Glico Morinaga Incident" coverage group, which was posted in conjunction with the passage of "Frustrating Prescription", a social article in response to the announcement that "Abeck Attack" is also prescription. "It is undeniable that the verification of information was unsatisfactory," he explained in the "report of this paper."[48].
  • Matsumoto Sarin IncidentOn June 6, the mass media reported that "the drug was mixed incorrectly" and "agricultural chemicals were mixed".Poisonous gasCan't be refined by compounding instead of pesticides on July 7rdchemical weaponof"SarinHowever, in the evening edition of July 1994, 7, the company employee said, "Immediately after the incident that hints at drug use."Yoshiyuki KonoIs being reported as a criminal.The Yomiuri Shimbun1995 After May 5, I made a paper apology to Kono.
  • August 1995, 3,Subway Sarin caseIn the midst of the overheating of the news, the top page of the morning edition was "Determined as a hospitalized man" and "Kodenmacho Station SarinWe posted articles entitled "Put it in the car", "Locate by sighting information", and "Investigate as soon as it recovers".Contents,Corporation subwayHibiya LineWitness information revealed that the man in sunglasses wearing a newspaper package, which is the source of sarin, was the same person in the third car of the train as the man who was hospitalized in sarin. That is.However, in the follow-up report of the evening edition of the same day, he completely denied the morning edition special dane, saying that it was "unrelated to the crime" in terms of society.No apology or explanation was given for the person who was determined to be the suspect.
  • 2001 から2002 The Yomiuri ShimbunMakiko TanakaForeign MinisterPlay the role of the flag waving of the change. In an editorial dated June 2001, 6, "Confidential expensesIt is important to change the closed constitution of foreign bureaucrats, which is seen in problems.However, he is worried about Foreign Minister Tanaka's sense of diplomacy, saying, "If it unnecessarily causes confusion in the ministry and weakens diplomacy, it will fall over." In the editorial dated August 8rd and 3th,Under SecretaryBased on the turmoil in personnel, he demanded the replacement of Foreign Minister Tanaka.this is,"9 · 11It became the forerunner of the criticism of Foreign Minister Tanaka, which erupted after that, and led to the change of Foreign Minister on January 2002, 1.However, since February 29, embezzlement of confidential expenses, inflated fraud, systematic slush fund making, private diversion, and "Suzuki MuneoWhen "suspicions" erupted, it turned around and "despite the criticism of the unclear relationship between'politics and government', the consciousness of foreign ministry executives has not changed at all" (editorial dated February 2002, 2). ).
  • 2002 year 4 month,Personal Information Protection LawWith a planHuman rights protection billAt the time of the Diet deliberations, the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association (Chairman: Tsuneo Watanabe) sought to abolish or reissue the proposal because it would violate freedom of expression and the press, and even issued an urgent statement to show its opposition.However, the Yomiuri Shimbun is compatible with "freedom of the press," which is based on the principle of excluding "ensuring transparency" only in the news field, among the basic principles that must be observed, including the media, regarding the Personal Information Protection Law. / Amendment tentative proposal to the head office ”was posted on page 5 of May 12. May 1thKoizumiThe prime minister should enter into amendment talks with reference to the Yomiuri tentative plan(I.e.Secretary-GeneralInstruct to.Most media oppose the Yomiuri tentative plan in response to suspicious movements that make us suspect that it has been pre-understood. "It's not a bill that can give a" green light "if a particular big newspaper is good."Hokkaido Shimbun]) "The Yomiuri plan is a <historical stain>" (Monthly "文藝 春秋』) And received strong criticism.
  • By visiting Koizumi on September 2002, 9Japan-North Korea summit meetingThen, in the article signed by the director of politics, "north korea Military dictatorshipAs long as it is, economic cooperation cannot be done, "he said.But,1962 から1965 ,Park ParkWith the administrationJapan-Korea diplomatic recoveryIn negotiationsGoldAnd the party who opposed the recovery of diplomatic relations between Japan and South KoreaOno MutsumiFor example,Military dictatorshipThe role of Kuroko who realized the economic cooperation for the Yomiuri Shimbun was Tsuneo Watanabe (at that time).[28].
  • 2003 March, by the United States and the United KingdomIraq warAt the start ofGulf WarTwelve years after that, he still has not fulfilled his obligation to dispose of weapons of mass destruction. "(Editorial, March 3)"Weapons of mass destructionWas discardedHusseinThe administration's claim has not yet been substantiated. "(Editorial, March 3)" The essence of the problem is(I.e.Weapons of mass destructionterroristHow to eliminate the danger of falling into the hands of Iraq ”(March 3), and argued in favor of the attack on Iraq.However, a final report by the U.S. government investigation team in 19 concluded that weapons of mass destruction did not exist in Iraq.[49].
  • 2004 Happened on April 4thIraqi Japanese hostage caseIn the press, the Yomiuri Shimbun said, "The actions of the three are careless and underestimated the essence of terrorists." (April 4) "The three are also responsible for causing such a situation" (April 9). There are some doubts about the behavior of the hostage family ... It puts a heavy unnecessary burden on the government and related organizations. It is a problem that should be seriously reflected "(April 4), criticizing the hostage and its family. To "Self-responsibilityIt will be the spark of the theory.In terms of society on April 4, he advocated the "self-pay theory" by calculating in detail not only the cost of returning to Japan but also the cost of activities of government officials.However, the Yomiuri ShimbunSDF Iraq dispatchSummerwaWhen the reporter was withdrawn from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said, "The local security has deteriorated.Japan Air Self-Defense ForceThe fact that it was used "(April 4) was announced because it was requested to withdraw from the transport plane, but it has not yet been clarified whether it" paid "the cost of returning to Japan and the activity cost of government officials.
  • September 2004, 5, ``Al QaedaPosted an article under the heading "Executive Niigata Hidden".I run a company in NiigataバングラデシュA man of nationality reported as if it was related to the international terrorist organization Al Qaeda.As a result of a police investigation, the manAl QaedaTurned out to be unrelated.The man sought damages of 330 million yen from the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters for being disgraced.The Yomiuri Shimbun side insisted that "the article reported the views and policies of the police authorities", but the first and second trials did not have enough support coverage from the Yomiuri Shimbun side, and the plaintiff headlined the article.Al QaedaJudging that it would mislead readers into thinking that he was an executive, he admitted the plaintiff's defamation. On November 2008, 11, the Supreme Court dismissed the Yomiuri side's appeal, and the two trial decisions that ordered the Yomiuri Shimbun to pay 25 million yen were finalized.
  • 2005 ,DenmarkNewspaper "Jyllands Posten", But the ProphetMuhammad12 caricatures aboutMuslimInvited a backlash and protest.European newspapers reprinted caricatures, etc.Freedom of expressionIn appealing2006 On February 2, the Yomiuri Shimbun wrote in an editorial, "Caricatures'Freedom of Expression'Takes Responsibility."Cartoon caricatureIt would be a category of the press to sarcastic about people in power and social phenomena with the expression method.But that doesn't give freedom of expression the right to hurt pious faith. "Religious freedomHe argued that he should not invade, and did not reveal what the caricature was.At first glance, it seems that "freedom of religion" was emphasized, but in reality, Islamic violence andterrorismExtremely afraidJapan Newspaper Association,Japan Magazine AssociationIt was revealed that the caricature was only obeyed without reprinting, and the weakness to violence was severely criticized.[50].
  • 2007 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Asahi beer Sapporo HoldingsIt was reported that the company proposed a business integration, but both companies denied that there was no such fact.[51][52].
  • 2007 On June 6, it turned out that the illustrations for the morning edition of the serial novel "Ask Your Voice, Kimi ni" were drawn without permission from the photographs published in the magazine on May 2 of the same year.As a result of immediately stopping the posting of the illustrations and investigating whether there was any other unauthorized use, it was found that 5 new items were suspected of copyright infringement on July 28.The illustrator was in charge of the illustrationMegumi NakajimaThe unauthorized use of photographs is permitted.The photo used isKochi newspaper32 points published in and 3 points published in the Yomiuri Shimbun.Of the photos published in the Kochi newspaper, 13 areKyodo News, 5 pointsNewsletter, 2 pointsShufutoseikatsushaThe Yomiuri Shimbun apologized to each company[53].
  • 2007 year 11 month,LDPDemocratic PartyBetweenGrand coalitionThe idea of ​​forming a cabinet was raised, but reports from newspapers other than the Yomiuri Shimbun reported that Tsuneo Watanabe, the chief editor of the Yomiuri Shimbun, was involved as an intermediary.The Yomiuri Shimbun itself reportedly promoted the grand coalition and criticized the Democratic Party for the failure of the concept.
  • 2008 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,IshikawaWhen I investigated the article about the degree of a university faculty member published in the edition, there was a protest from the university that "comments are posted even though I have not been interviewed", and a reporter from the Kanazawa branch office told the university side. I wrote an article by referring to the reports of other newspapers, universities, and materials published by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology without interviewing, and commented "SaturdayIt was discovered that he was forging because he couldn't connect to the phone.Reporter was disciplined for one month on leave[54].
  • August 2008, 7,AomoriPublished in the editionAll Japan Band CompetitionPublished in an article related to the Aomori Prefectural ConventionHachinohe CityA reporter from the Aomori bureau thought that the discourse of the representative orchestra leader "needs an article related to the earthquake-stricken area in central Iwate prefecture," and named the orchestra.Search engineIt was a forged article that I researched and wrote in (The commented leader is a predecessor and has nothing to do with the orchestra)[55]..Discovered by the indication from the former leader himself.The discourse was canceled, the writer was on leave for three months, and the director of the Ito Gakubu was disciplined for reprimand.The cancellation / apology was published only in the "Aomori version".An apology press conference was not held, and the author was not disclosed.
  • 2009 An article published on the sports side of the morning edition on May 5nd and 22thChinese newspaperIt was discovered that it was plagiarized from.Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Headquarters Athletic Department reporter apologized to Chugoku Shimbun for admitting suspicion[56]..Later, as a result of investigating the existence of other plagiarism, several expressions that closely resembled the sports article of the Chugoku Shimbun on September 4, 16 were found in the morning edition of the morning edition of April 2008 written by the same reporter.[57], Finally confirmed plagiarism in 8 articles[58].
  • May 2009, 7pollIn the article "" Proportional is democracy "42%, maintaining superiority ... Yomiuri poll"Taro AsoYukio HatoyamaOf these, the graph that compares which one is suitable for the Prime Minister is posted, but Taku Sugawara, Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo (Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology,Doctor of Law) Deliberately (manipulating the reference axis) expressed that Hatoyama had fallen sharply against Asao's flat comment, and criticized it as "damaging the credibility of the media."[59].
  • August 2011, 3,Great East Japan EarthquakebyFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentA large amount of advertising fees for the nuclear power plant promotion groupTEPCOThe Yomiuri Shimbun I received fromradioactivityRepeated false reports that pretended to be less damaging. On March 2011, 3, under the title of "The Hoax of'Black Rain'and'Mouthwash'," it is unlikely that radioactive substances will dissolve in the rain and fall.Nuclear Safety Technology CenterContinued to deny exposure to hotspots from rainwater containing radioactive substances, such as by posting a comment.However, on October 2011, 10,ChibaKashiwaOn private land, high at 57.5 microsieverts per hourRadiation doseIs detected[60], October 10, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology will recognize it as "rainwater caused by the nuclear accident"[61].
  • 2011 May 5At the top of the morning edition ofTEPCOUnder the heading "Mr. Tsukidate as president"Masataka ShimizuThe president retires and is permanentStatutory AuditorTsukitate Victory will be appointed president[62], ActuallyToshio NishizawaManaging DirectorBecame president[63]..Regarding this false alarm, "I thought,'Oh, the newspaper is desperate anymore.'" "I wrote that a person who does not become the president becomes the president. That is also a crap, but the president's personnel has been 1 for this period. People who think that they are top-ranked and special are making newspapers. That is the most foolish thing. "(Yohiro Karasuga)" It is better to say that more than 131 becquerels of iodine 10 were detected in wakame and kelp. It's a big news from around the world. Moreover, Japanese people eat it. But newspapers don't do it. The feeling is off. "(Takashi Uesugi)" No, I should say that I'm crazy. "(Yo Karasuga) Hiromichi) and others have been criticized.[64].
  • 2011 May 9 OfNoda CabinetAt the time of its inauguration, it was put on the top page of the morning edition of the same day with "Finance, Mr. Okada".Katsuya OkadaReported to the Minister of Finance[65]In fact, Okada did not enter the cabinet, and it was a false alarm.[66].
  • The top page of the morning edition of the Asahi Shimbun dated March 2012, 3 isYomiuri GiantsWas reportedly spending more than 1 million yen on new players with a slush fund.On the same day, the Yomiuri Shimbun immediately published a counter-argument article in line with the Asahi Shimbun's report.Until January 1, the ban on contract payments of 2007 million yen or more for new players was only a guide.However, this counter-article is "in 1Yokohama,SeibuThe big news was that he was paying over 1 million yen.commissionerSeibu and other senior executives took responsibility for this. "" What is that? NomaguchiIs the same 04.Why didn't the giant back up at that time? "It's not a rule."You think so "(Tomoaki Ogura) Was not the only response.The behavior contrary to the "morals of the press" of the Yomiuri Shimbun, which distributes anti-thesis documents to the press companies saying "Asahi is doing this kind of coverage," was also severely criticized.In particular, the Yomiuri Shimbun's counterargument made me laugh, saying, "When the team is now working together to support the Great East Japan Earthquake, why not bring up what was 10 years ago?"Great East Japan EarthquakeIt was an attitude that criticized the Asahi Shimbun and tried to contain the back money report, disregarding the support for the reconstruction of[67].
  • 2012 (Heisei24 years)May 10AttachedMorning newspaperIn the top article on the front page, "iPS myocardial transplant --The article with the heading "First clinical application" is posted on one side and three sides.Harvard UniversityVisiting lecturerTokyo UniversityVisiting researcherNaofumi MoriguchiBut,iPS cellsCreated usingsyringe心 臓Inject into 30 places手術Wrote an article that was successful.But two days laterMay 10In the front page article, "iPS port is falseWith the heading "ApologyIs posted. October 10th morning editionEvening paper・ Posted an apology for an error in a related article in the morning edition of the 12th in some areas.False positiveWas acknowledged, and the verification article was published on page 10 of the morning edition of October 13, effectively.False newsWas admitted.
  • 2013 (25)May 5On pages 1 and 8 of the morning editionTEPCO Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power StationResuming operation of Units 1 and 7Nuclear Regulatory CommissionIt is reported that the policy to apply to is decided.YOMIURI ONLINEAlso posted an article with the same content[68]..On the other hand, TEPCO denied the contents of the Yomiuri report, saying that there was no such fact.[69].
  • 2017 It was reported that the discourse of the mayor of Naraha, Fukushima Prefecture, was forged.Mayor Naraha said, "Employees who do not return from the evacuation site will not be promoted or raised." However, the reporter who was approaching the deadline actually forged the text without interviewing.The Yomiuri Shimbun apologized for disciplinary action against the reporter.[70]
  • 2018 (30)May 1With the kimono sales rental company "Hare no HiThe store was suddenly closed, and many new adultsComing-of-age ceremonyFurisodeI couldn't wear it横 浜 市Reportedly considering holding a coming-of-age ceremony for victims[71]. But,Yokohama City Board of Education TheCredit research company"Data maxIn response to the interview, he denied that "there is no such fact" and stated that "at present, we are trying to understand the damage. It is undecided what the city can do and whether it will do anything."[72].
  • 2019 (First year of Reiwa)May 10In the morning edition Toyama editionToyamaOf the municipality inSocial networking servicesPost a comment about.Immediately after, the comment of the local government was found to have been forged by a reporter, and an apology for the article was published in the Toyama edition dated 29th of the same month.[73].
  • On June 2021, 6, South Korean President Moon Jae-in reported that the Japanese and South Korean governments are coordinating to come to Japan in time for the Tokyo Olympics, which will start on July 15.[74], Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato denied that there was no such fact on the same day[75].
  • It is reported that on November 2021, 11, the government decided to provide a uniform amount of 5 yen in cash to children and young people under the age of 18.[76], 7th,Sanae TakaichiThe Liberal Democratic Party's political chairman said this was a false alarm and revealed that the offices of LDP lawmakers were flooded with protests.[77].


  • August 1969, 12,All Nippon AirwaysA passenger plane and a reciprocating plane of the Yomiuri Shimbun collided in the air.Both aircraft were able to fly after the collision, so no casualties were reported.
  • 1975 On March 3, the monthly subscription fee for the "Chubu Yomiuri Shimbun" at the time of its first publication was set at 25 yen (500 yen per copy), which is cheaper than other newspapers.Fair Trade CommissionIssued an emergency stop order as "suspected of being unfairly sold"Tokyo High CourtI filed a complaint with.On April 4, the same year, the Tokyo High Court ruled that sales at prices below 30 yen per month would be prohibited until a decision by the Japan Fair Trade Commission.
  • 1981 September, Yomiuri ShimbunSales promotion teamLongpistolsmugglingThere was a case of being arrested in the case. Dated September 1981, 9, "Asahi Shimbun],Wide-area gangsters OfSumiyoshi UnionThe second case of smuggling pistols from the United States was carried out, and a total of XNUMX people were arrested and XNUMX pistols were seized.The Metropolitan Police Department's Investigation Division XNUMX in charge stated that the total number of smuggled pistols was "more than a hundred."Kimihisa Yano, president of Musashino General Planning, which is an expansion sales group that covers the Yomiuri Shimbun's "Josai district" (Suginami, Nakano, Shibuya), was also arrested for "violation of the Firearms and Swords Control Law."Kimihisa Yano is the number two of the Ikeda-kai Miyazaki group, "Automatic pistolIt is said that he possessed four and XNUMX live bullets.The Metropolitan Police Department has announced the identity of Kimihisa Yano, but the Metropolitan Police Department has decided.Press club OfRigging"Why didn't a line appear in the newspaper / Yomiuri Shimbun sales promotion team leader / arrested for pistol XNUMX smuggling case" ("Weekly Bunshun』September 1981, 9 issue) and received severe criticism[78] .
  • 1990 May 12,TokyoChofu CityA newspaper scholarship student died from overwork at a Yomiuri Shimbun store.As a result of the trial1999 May 7ToYomiuri ShimbunA settlement was reached between the bereaved family and the bereaved family.
  • Named Tsuneo Watanabe on November 2004, 11Nippon Television NetworkAnnounced that the shares are the shares actually owned by the Yomiuri ShimbunSecurities reportCorrected.In response to this, it also announced that it actually holds shares of 24 local TV stations and 18 radio stations in the name of a third party such as an officer.As a result, the investment ratio in 9 TV companies and 3 radio companiesConcentration elimination of mass mediaIt became clear that the limit of the principle was exceeded.After that, it was discovered that the act of evading the restrictions in the name of a third party was also carried out in other national and local newspapers.[Source required].
  • 2005 From May 5th to 4th early morningJR Fukuchiyama Line derailment accidentAt the press conference,JR West JapanThe reporter who attended asked for an explanation about the response immediately after the accident and did not stop the recreation, and was swearing at him, saying, "You're okay, call the president," and repeated emotional remarks. Turned out.Readers and other media criticized him for lack of coverage morals, especiallySankei ShimbunIs a "claim" (editorial) Posted a criticism.Later, while an apology was posted on the social side in the name of the director of the social department of the Osaka head office, the reporter denied some of the reports.[Source required].
  • 2006 ,Weekly ShinchoIn the February 2 issue of the report, the ownerMasataro Matsuri Central Intelligence AgencyIt was revealed that it was acquired by the (CIA) and acted according to its intentions.this isTetsuo Arima-Waseda University教授But,US National Archives and Records AdministrationDiplomacy published byConfidential documentsIt was found as a result of investigating, and it was a big hit. "Yomiuri newspaper, Japan." Is codenamed "POBULK"[79][80][81][82].
  • As of June 2007, 9J-CASTIn the news, from Asahi Shimbun (asahi-np.co.jp)Wikipedia Japanese versionIt was reported that the article items in the article were revised in large numbers, but the Yomiuri Shimbun published more than Asahi.Over 850 correctionsWas also discovered at the same time (Example of editing for own item).YomiuriWikiScannerListed as a "recommendation" for program developers in the Japanese version[83].
  • 2012 May 1 OfNaraIn the version, the police officer shooting case charged with murder etc.Judge trial(Nara District Court), Posted comments from women appointed as lay judges[84].Lay judge lawArticles in the Yomiuri Shimbun may violate the Saiban-in Law, as Article 102 prohibits contact with lay judges.[85]..On the 20th of the same month, Director General Akinori Ueda of the Nara District Court sent a protest document addressed to the director of the Yomiuri Shimbun Nara Bureau, expressing regret.[86][87][88][89].

Mascot character

let's see

Features of "Which"
  • The "big eye" shows the basic policy of the Yomiuri Shimbun, which looks into the future and reports with foresight.Reading newspapers symbolizes the attitude of valuing print, and green symbolizes the attitude of valuing the environment.
  • "Which" is a word that symbolizes a strong spirit of inquiry and curiosity.
  • 2005 , The song produced by Studio Ghibli "Which song"(song:Haikyo Meiko) Was announced and used in the corporate commercial of the Yomiuri Shimbun. "Which song" is also used as a music hold when connecting to the department when calling the head office of the Yomiuri Shimbun.
  • By the way, Hayao Miyazaki is a Yomiuri affiliate.Nippon TVMascot character of "I wonder whatI also worked on it.


2002 Appeared as an image character in the evening edition of the Yomiuri ShimbunBatCharacter.Initially it was an evening edition character, but later it was appointed as a TV commercial for subscription applications and a mascot character for the morning edition children's side.Yomiuri Shimbun GroupCentral public opinion new companyIssued byChuko Bunko』It is also used as an image character.

Yomiuri Shimbun and professional baseball

JapaneseProfessional baseballFrom the perspective of the Giants, who have the largest number of fans, many consider the Yomiuri Shimbun to be the "parent company" of the Yomiuri Shimbun, but few consider the Yomiuri Shimbun to be the "group company" of the Yomiuri Shimbun.[Source required]..As a result, many people dislike the "Yomiuri" color coming to the forefront of the Giants (of course, the majority of Giants fans are not readers of the Yomiuri Shimbun, nor do they support the tone of the Yomiuri Shimbun. , I'm just a fan of the Giants team).In addition, as the popular name of the Yomiuri Giants, "giant" is widely used including the media, and it is rather called "Yomiuri".Anti giantIt is often seen by fans in the position of.

  • 1980 Was hugely popular with fansNagashima ShigeoWas dismissed from the Giants coach, and fans started a boycotts of the Yomiuri Shimbun.
  • It became an ON confrontation2000 OfJapan Championship SeriesLater, the number of copies tended to decrease, especially in the Kyushu region.Since then, within the jurisdiction of the Western Headquarters and Osaka Headquarters, local affiliated commercial TV stations (Fukuoka BroadcastingYomiuri Television), EachFukuoka Softbank Hawks-Hanshin TigersArticles are treated in the same way.
  • 2002 As the management body of the team changed from "Yomiuri Co., Ltd." to "Yomiuri Giants Co., Ltd.", the official name of the team changed from "Tokyo Yomiuri Giants" to "Yomiuri Giants", and the chest of the visitor uniform. The characters have also been changed from "TOKYO", which has been used for many years, to "YOMIURI".In particular, the change in uniform was disappointing, and there was a protest banner on the right wing seat of the Tokyo Dome (the "YOMIURI" notation was abolished in 2004).
  • 2004 ,Japan Professional Baseball Players AssociationbystrikeWhen the event was held, the news denounced the players' association and caused a backlash from the fans.
  • In recent years, professional baseball baseball stadiums around the world (Chiba Marine Stadium(Etc.), there is a place to post an advertising sign for "Yomiuri Shimbun".Also,New York Yankees OfFormer Yankee StadiumAlso posted an advertising sign.
  • 2011 May 11, Giants coach HRKiyotake HidetoshiWith the team representativeTsuneo WatanabeThe owner's turmoil was dealt with extensively by other national newspapers, while it was featured in the sports section of the Yomiuri Shimbun.[90].

catch copy

  • 900 million copies trusted, the world's largest circulation (late 1980s)
  • 1,000 million copies, a new century to open up with readers (1990s)
  • Certainly the media (1999)
  • NEWS! (2002) * CM characterToshiaki Karasawa.
  • Tomorrow's Chubu (Chubu branch office) walking with readers
  • Looking at Chubu and opening the world (Chubu branch office, 2010) * Used for the 35th anniversary of the publication of Chubu
  • No. 1 in the world (Osaka head office) in Kansai, nationwide
  • action! (Western Headquarters) * Used when moving the Western Headquarters to Fukuoka
  • Read now.Read ahead.Read, really. (2003-)
  • Read, cheer (2004-) * Used for sports
  • May the newspaper be the Yomiuri Shimbun. (2006) * CM characterHiroshi Tamaki.
  • The world into people. (2006)
  • Please see the Yomiuri Shimbun this morning. (Limited to January 2009) *Softbank mobileTie-up CM with.
  • I want to tell you more. (2009) * Official catch phrase for the 135th anniversary of the first issue. CM characterAKB48(Main isMaeda Atsuko).
  • Real power. (2010) * CM characterEXILEHIRO.
  • Write by people and deliver to people. (2013)
  • Turn over tomorrow. (2014)

CM TheNTV seriesIt is broadcast mainly on the broadcasting stations of, but in the Kanto areaTBS,Fuji Television Network, Inc,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.But it may be broadcast.Also,OlympicThe Yomiuri Shimbun will be on the airJapan Olympic CommitteeIn a relationship that is an official partner ofTV Asahi seriesBut it will be broadcast. In 2009New YearA limited-edition commercial that tied up with Softbank's Shirato family was broadcast.

Published four-frame cartoon

Sunday edition


  • Tokyo Headquarters 7-1-XNUMX Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Osaka Head Office 5-9 Nozaki-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
  • Western headquarters 16-5-XNUMX Akasaka, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
    • Kitakyushu General Headquarters 1-1-XNUMX Komemachi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu

Printing factory

Yomiuri Shimbun Group affiliated printing company

(Aomori Yomiuri Print Media)

(Fukushima Minyu Shimbun)

(Yomiuri Print Media)

(Hochi Shimbun)

(Tokai Print Media)

(Yomiuri Osaka Print Media)

(Kansai Tosho Printing)

(Media Press Setouchi)

(Western print media)


Area in charge of each company

Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters
Aomori,Iwate,Miyagi,Akita,Yamagata,Fukushima,Ibaraki,Tochigi,Gunma,Saitama,Chiba,Tokyo,Kanagawa,Niigata,Yamanashi,Naganoas well as the Shizuoka
Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters Hokkaido Branch
Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters Hokuriku Branch
Toyamaas well as the Ishikawa
Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Headquarters Chubu Branch
Gifu,Aichias well as the Mie(Nabari,Iga CityOther than)
Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Headquarters
Fukui,Mie Prefecture(Nabari,Iga Cityas well as the Minamimuro-gunMihama Town,KihochoPart of),Shiga,Kyoto,Osaka,Hyogo,Nara,Wakayama,Tottori,Shimane ,Okayama,Hiroshima,Tokushima,Kagawa,Ehimeas well as the Kochi
Yomiuri Shimbun Western Headquarters
Yamaguchi ,Fukuoka,Saga,Nagasaki,Kumamoto,Oita,Miyazaki,Kagoshimaas well as the Okinawa

Overseas coverage network

  • London (Directorate General of Europe)
  • Paris
  • ブ リ ュ ッ セ ル
  • Geneva
  • Berlin
  • Frankfurt
  • Rome
  • Vienna
  • Moscow
  • Prague
  • Athens
North / Latin America
  • Washington (US General Administration)
  • ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク
  • Los Angeles
  • Mexico
  • ハ バ ナ
  • Rio de Janeiro
East Asia
  • Beijing (Directorate General of China)
  • Shanghai
  • Shenyang
  • Hong Kong
  • Taipei
  • Seoul
Southeast Asia
  • Bangkok (Directorate General of Asia)
  • Manila
  • Singapore
  • Jakarta
  • Sydney
Southwest Asia
  • New Delhi
  • Islamabad
Middle East
  • Cairo
  • Jerusalem
  • Tehran
  • Istanbul
  • Johannesburg

Plate making

The final version isMorning newspaper14th edition,Evening paper4th edition. It is written on the upper part outside the paper frame. The deadline for submission of articles/photos and delivery area for each edition are not announced.

Another morning and evening edition

Hokkaido(Ishikari jurisdiction,Kamikawa jurisdiction,Sorachi jurisdiction,Shishi jurisdiction,In the Iburi canal,Hidaka jurisdiction),Ibaraki,Tochigi,Gunma,Saitama,Chiba,Tokyo,Kanagawa,Yamanashi,Shizuoka,Toyama,Ishikawa,Shiga,Kyoto,Osaka,Hyogo,Nara,Wakayama,Yamaguchi ,Fukuoka,OkinawaThen, except for some areas, the morning and evening edition set[91]..Other prefectures are morning editions, but the Chubu branch office edition is the only morning edition in the entire target area.

In addition, due to internal circumstances, the evening edition for Shizuoka Prefecture and the morning edition for the western region are under the jurisdiction of the Chubu branch office.KiyosuPrinted at the factory and transported by truck (Articleschecking).

In Okinawa Prefecture, the edition issued by the Tokyo head office and the edition issued by the western head office are sent by air in both the morning and evening editions, and are delivered from noon to the next morning.

In addition, in the integrated area under the jurisdiction of the Western Headquarters,SagaKumamoto,KagoshimaThen,JRSaga Station-Kumamoto Station-Kagoshima Chuo StationIn addition to the early evening edition being sold at Kiosk, the integrated edition area under the jurisdiction of the Osaka head officeOkayamaBut,JROkayama stationThe early evening edition is on sale at Kiosk (Okayama, Saga, Kumamoto, and Kagoshima prefectures do not have home delivery or program schedule replacement).

In addition, under the jurisdiction of the Western HeadquartersOitaAlsoOita City,Beppu,NakatsuPart of the morning and evening edition set area,2014 May 4The publication of the evening edition was suspended.National newspapersLocal newspaperThe evening edition of the newspaper has been abolished for several years, but Oita Prefecture is the first case in the Yomiuri Shimbun to shift to the morning edition alone in the morning and evening edition set area.[Annotation 23].

Pressed plate

Of the Yomiuri ShimbunPressed plateHas been published since the September 1958 issue and is released late every month.One month's worth (final edition issued by Tokyo head office =Tokyo23 wardsThe entire page of the internal edition) is reduced to A4 size and published as a single book.nationwidelibraryYou can browse at.

Besides booksCD-ROMThe Yomiuri Shimbun reduced edition is also released at the end of every month.

Japan Book CenterFrom 1945 to 1948, a reprinted and reduced edition of the "Yomiuri Shimbun" and "Yomiuri Shimbun" has been published in eight volumes.

In addition to the normal reduced edition, a "special reduced edition" centered on related news may be issued in the event of a serious incident, accident, or disaster.For example1995 May 1Occurred inGreat Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeIn the case of, from the extra on January 1thMay 2Until the evening edition, the "Osaka Yomiuri Special Reduced Edition Hanshin Great Earthquake" was published, which summarizes important articles from the final edition of the Osaka Headquarters, which normally does not issue a reduced edition.Also,2011 May 3Occurred inGreat East Japan EarthquakeIn the case of March 3thOutsidersからMay 4"Yomiuri Shimbun Special Reduced Edition 1 Month Record of the Great East Japan Earthquake" that summarizes important articles from the papers up to the evening edition (both are the final editions in Tokyo) in one book (ISBN-978 4643110067) Was issued.further,2016 May 4Occurred inKumamoto earthquakeIn case ofMay 4From the extra issued at the time of the main shockMay 4"Yomiuri Shimbun Special Reduced Edition Kumamoto Earthquake" (Yomiuri Shimbun Special Reduced Edition Kumamoto Earthquake), which summarizes important articles from the final edition published by the Western Headquarters, which normally does not issue reduced editions until the morning edition.ISBN-978 4643160055) Is issued.

Sales outlet

Newspaper shopNickname is "YC".this is"Yomiuri CIt is an abbreviation of "enter", and until then, the jurisdiction of each head office in Tokyo, Chubu, and West (the Chubu is currently downgraded to a branch office) is "YSC''(Yomiuri Service Center), Osaka Headquarters jurisdiction only "Yomiuri IC(Yomiuri Information CI said enter)2000 Was integrated with the achievement of the 125th anniversary of the first issue of.In recent years, in addition to selling newspapers, there have been attempts such as "" by YC to provide information specific to the region.


  • Yomiuri is different from the Asahi, which originated in Osaka, every day.Newspaper controlAfter the temporary withdrawal by, it has been fully deployed in Kansai since the 1950s.
  • Hokuriku 3 prefecturesInToyamaIshikawaIs under the jurisdiction of the Hokuriku branch office under the Tokyo head office,FukuiWas under the jurisdiction of Tokyo until the publication of the Yomiuri Shimbun in Osaka. At the same time as the publication of Osaka Yomiuri in 1952, Fukui PrefectureKinkiSince it is close to, it has been switched to the jurisdiction of Osaka.
  • The paper age of the Chubu branch office (number of issues since the first issue) was the age from the time when it was first published as "Chubu Yomiuri Shimbun" until June 2002, 6, but from July 30, 7, the Tokyo head office As it became a branch office of, it became the same age as the Tokyo head office version.By the way, until May 1, 1988, when "Chubu Yomiuri Shimbun" became "Yomiuri Shimbun", the Tokyo head officeTokai prefecture(Aichi,Gifu,Mie) Was published in the local version "Chukyo version" (The TV / radio section of the Chukyo version is Shizuoka prefectureEnshu versionBecause it was shared with), the "Chukyo version" from the Tokyo head office and the "Chubu Yomiuri Shimbun" published by Chubu Yomiuri (currently the Chubu branch office) were sold together.
  • Mie prefectureIga regionWas under the jurisdiction of Tokyo, but was changed to the jurisdiction of the Osaka head office on June 1988, 6 due to the merger of Chubu Yomiuri with the main body of Yomiuri.Iga regionKeihanshinClose to the commuting zone,Asahi Shimbun,Mainichi NewspapersConsidering that other national newspapers are under the jurisdiction of Osaka, it was switched to the jurisdiction of Osaka.Kumano CitySouth, etc.Eastern KishuIn rural areas, other national newspapers such as Asahi and Mainichi are under the jurisdiction of Osaka as in the Iga region, but only Yomiuri is still under the jurisdiction of Tokyo (Chubu branch office).
  • Kyusyuas well as the Yamaguchi Before the publication of the Western Headquarters Edition in 1964, the Osaka Headquarters Edition was on sale.
  • Tokyo head office in 1997Hakodate newspaperStarting with the distribution of articles to, we have started the "Regional newspaper article photo distribution service".Received an article from YomiuriLocal newspaperIs often misunderstood as the Yomiuri series, but the local newspapers receiving the serviceFukushima MinyuThere is no capital relationship other than.
  • IbarakiThen from May 2020Soka GakkaiEngine paperIsSacred newspaper,KomeitoIt is a bulletinKomei ShimbunEntrusted delivery work such as[92].

Native celebrity

Yomiuri Shimbun Group companies / organizations

Overseas special contract media


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注 釈

  1. ^ The largest decrease in the number of ABC copies in April 2019 was the Yomiuri Shimbun, which decreased by about 4 copies a month and about 1 copies a year.[1]
  2. ^ Prior to becoming president, he served as a translator at Yokohama Customs.Yokohama Mainichi NewspaperWas also a reporter.
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