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🥾 | "Golden Legend" Remaining Mt. Kuwasaki Female announcer challenges hard mountain climbing with "elevation difference 1,400m" [From Toyama]


"Golden Legend" Remaining Mt. Kuwasakiyama Female announcer challenges hard mountain climbing with "elevation difference 1,400m" [From Toyama]

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Announcer Misa Yano: Finally, I can see the top of Mt. Kuwasakiyama.

"Mt. Kuwasakiyama", one of the 1,400 famous mountains in Japan, rises a little away from the main ridgeline of the Tateyama mountain range.Altitude difference about XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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Mt. Kuwasakiyama

Mt. Kuwasakiyama(Kuwasakiyama)Hida Mountains(Northern Alps)Tateyama Mountain RangeIt is inToyamaToyama Ofelevation2,090 m Of(I.e...Lord of the mountain rangeRidgeIt rises a little away from.Nihon Sanbyaku Meizan(Japan's three hundred famous mountains)as well as the Hundred Mountains of Toyamaone of.


TateyamaIt is located to the west of the mountain, and from the top of the mountain, in addition to Tateyama,Mt. Tsurugidake-Mt. Oku Dainichidake-Mt. YakushidakeYou can see the mountains of the main ridgeline of the mountain range.Tateyama CalderaCan be overlooked from a panoramic view.

HakusanWith the godTateyamaGodhoeThere is an old tale that it was Mt. Kuwasakiyama who spilled when competing for the height of the mountain using.Locals have long said that the weather can be seen by looking at the clouds in this mountain.

To Mt. KuwasakiyamaBuried treasureLegend has been told.Tensho13 years,Narimasa Sasa TheHideyoshi ToyotomiIt is said that he buried one million gold just before being attacked by the army.In the village at the foot of the mountain, there is a song that says, "The rising sun shines in Hoezaki, seven mussels, seven mussels, and a lot of gold shines."[1].

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Around the ski resortThe lodge,Pension-GuesthouseMany of them are open all year round.

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  1. ^ Hanagasaki 2002, p. 38, "Sassa Narimasa and its era".

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