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👩‍🎤 | Momokuro, Shrimp Naka et al. <Star Prafes> [Event Report] The second Cinderella is Iginari Tohoku ...

Photo Momokuro, Shrimp Naka et al. <Star Prafes> [Event Report] The second Cinderella will be Karen Tachibana from Iginari Tohoku!

Momokuro, Shrimp Naka and others appear <Star Prafes> [Event Report] The second Cinderella is Iginari Tohoku ...

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On the stage titled "Cinderella Medley", 37 Cinderella candidates participated in four senior group songs, "Let's talk more and more" (Tacoyaki Rainbow), "Triple Seven" (TEAM SHACHI), and "Jump" (Private Ebisu Junior High School). ), "Coco ☆ Natsu" (Momoiro Clover Z) was sung in a medley, and everyone made the final appeal.

Nippon Broadcasting System "Mukomi VR" and Stardust Promotion's idol section "Stardust Planet ..." → Continue reading


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Momoiro Clover Z

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Momoiro Clover Z(Momoiro Clover Zet)Momoko Natsuko-Shiori Tamai-Ayaka Sasaki-To TakagiConsists ofJapanIt is a 4-member girl unit. In 2014,National StadiumWas the first female group to perform live in Japan and mobilized 2 people in two days.[3]..ライブの年間動員数においては、過去2度にわたり女性アーティスト1位を記録Recorded No. XNUMX female artist twice in the past in terms of the annual number of live performances[4].

Celebrating the 2020th anniversary of their major debut in 10, featuring performances by a small number of elites and innocent characters[5],MononovIt has its own fan base called.

Japan Olympic CommitteeAs a special cheering party member of "Ganbare! Nippon! All-Member Unity Project" planned byTokyo OlympicsTorchbearerIn charge of[6]..He also works as an actress and starred in the group movie "Curtain goes up"so39th Japan Academy AwardReceived topic awards, etc.[7].

Nickname isMomokuro[8].. Zの文字を宙に書いて指を突き出すポーズを常用するI regularly write the letter Z in the air and stick out my fingers[9].


With the meaning that "a pure girl wants to bring happiness"Momoiro CloverFormed on May 2008, 5.Was a sub-leaderAkari HayamiOn April 2011, 4, with the withdrawal ofMomoiro Clover ZRenamed to[10].

At the time of formation, all were junior high and high school students, soWeekend heroineStarted activities mainly on Saturdays and Sundays.Although the members were selected from within their office, they are rarely featured in the media because they are judged to be "not really promising human resources and require effort".Live idolAs for several customersStreet liveWas forced to start from[11].

After that, with one wagon carOvernight in the carWhile doingYamada DenkiIt took about two years from the formation of the group to the major debut, having gone through a lot of work such as going around, dancing at the storefront and selling CDs by hand.[11]..今でもライブでは、ファンへの感謝を深く長いお辞儀で表すシーンが度々見受けられるEven now, at live performances, we often see scenes that express gratitude to the fans with deep and long bows.[12].

Featuring a dedicated and energetic live performance[5]..In all liveMouthPerform with "live song" instead[13], Display lyrics for the stageprompterDo not use[14]..自らのスタンスと呼応するように持ち歌は、夢や情熱を感じさせる応援ソングが多いMany of the songs they have are cheering songs that make you feel dreams and passions so that they correspond to your own stance.[15].

There is no rule prohibiting the love of members, and the people themselves and the management side say that "Momokuro's activities have no goal", suggesting that members will love, get married and give birth while continuing the group.[13].

"Momokuro will continue for a long time, but if everyone takes a rest in turn and does well on the 20th and 30th anniversary"
— Comments from members in 2019, the 12th year of formation[16]

I don't wear swimsuits and other highly exposed costumes, and I haven't held a so-called contact event such as a handshake event at the end of 2012.[17].. Since the CD does not include special benefits such as event tickets, single sales are limited to around 10 at the maximum.Active with a focus on live performancesIn some years, the number of mobilization exceeded 60 (recorded the number one female artist twice in the past).[4][Annotation 4].

In the "Best Performance Artist of Everyone's Choice" of Japan's largest live music information service "LiveFans", it won the first place in the female idol category for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018 (the category will be abolished in 3).[19].. In 2020, Japan's largest name recognition and popularity survey "Talent power rankingIn the women's music group category, the second place (the first place isperfume)[20].

May be evaluated by rock fans[21][22],Hotei Torayasu,Takamizawa Toshihiko(THE ALFEE) Etc., an American rock bandKISSAlso released a collaboration single with.Ayakoji Sho(Kishidan) Andhyde(L'Arc ~ en ~ Ciel) Invited to the sponsored rock festival every year, the international hard rock festival "Ozzfest』Has also appeared in.

The transition of dreams

After being formed in 2008, they had a live performance on the street.Yoyogi park TheNHK HallBecause it was adjacent toRed and White Singing ContestI had a dream of participating in[23].

At the major debut announcement press conference, with red and whiteNippon BudokanDeclared with the goal of holding a live performance in.同時期にDVDで観たI watched it on DVD at the same timestorm OfNational StadiumImpressed by the performance, he dreamed of delivering the song to more people, such as setting up a stage in the image of the National Stadium when performing live on the rooftop of a department store.[24]..そして、長く愛されるグループとして前述の嵐やAnd as a long-loved group, Arashi mentioned aboveSMAP,The DriftersStart aiming for a female group like this.

Over the yearsSaitama Super ArenaAchieved the "Budokan Goal" in terms of the number of seats[25]. album"Battle and romance"ButCD shop grand prizeAwarded, and the existence of the group became generally known[26][27]..その後、目標の日本武道館でのライブが実現し、悲願であった紅白歌合戦出場も果たすAfter that, the target live at Nippon Budokan was realized, and the long-awaited participation in the red and white song battle was also fulfilled.[28].

The day after the red and white appearance, the live performance at the National Stadium was officially declared as the next goal.さらに、2020年のオリンピック開催地が東京に決まると、メンバー全員が祝福のコメントをブログで発信するとともに「開会式で歌いたい」という夢を掲げたFurthermore, when the venue for the XNUMX Olympics was decided in Tokyo, all the members posted congratulatory comments on their blog and dreamed that they would like to sing at the opening ceremony.[29](Since then,Live with the Olympics in mind"A good opportunity to learn about the culture of each country. We would like to cooperate as a younger generation."[30]).

The national stadium was supposed to be renovated, but the dream of "live holding" came true just before the start of construction.女性グループでは初の快挙となり、2日間でのべ11万人が来場This was the first achievement for a women's group, and a total of XNUMX people visited in two days.[3]..From Arashi, the group that triggered the dreamSakurai ShoWas visiting for appreciation[31].

During the live, the members had been holding up for a long timeI want to be a group that can continue for a long time with the same friendsI talked carefully to the audience[3]..その際にリーダーのAt that time, the leaderMomoko NatsukoDescribes the dream as follows.

We don't do it because we want to do it in a big venue.If you set the venue as a goal, if you do it in a big venue, it will be like the end, but we want to see everyone's smiles, stick to it, and want to do it in a big venue ...

I don't think there is a goal in bringing smiles to everyone.Therefore, we will continue to do various things to bring smiles to everyone.

We came to get the world.But it is neither the idol world nor the entertainment world.I want to take the world by delivering smiles to everyone.I think so.I want you to see us and laugh all the time, even if you have something you don't like.[3]

At the member's own suggestionGreat East Japan EarthquakeIs a disaster areaMiyagiOnagawaContinue to interact with[32],Kumamoto Earthquake (2016)Planning a charity live to support the reconstruction from Japan.被災地へ全員が炊き出しのボランティアとして非公式に訪れていた、というエピソードもあるThere is also an episode that everyone visited the disaster area informally as volunteers to prepare meals.[33].

In addition, we hold a live "Momokuro Spring's Big Things" every year, aiming to "revitalize the town" in collaboration with local governments. 2020年にはIn XNUMXEpidemic of new coronavirus infectionIn response to this, a total of 2000 million yen has been donated to successive venues of the live and the Japanese Red Cross Society, including donations from fans and donations from members.[33][34][35][36].


Eisuke Kirihara, the author of "Momokuro Theory"Shinjindo(Representative of Co., Ltd.) said that the expressive power of the members is characterized by a "one-time" lively performance that is not a reproduction of practice, due to the load of constantly singing and dancing live. Analyzing to[37].

"Of course, attractive improvisation does not always appear on the stage of Momokuro, but many adults have witnessed the scene where it is produced with high probability.At that moment, they are "living" on the stage.Isn't this living figure the true identity of what impresses us?'

— Momokuro Theory-Swimsuit and Thorn Tradition- (from p.271)

X JAPAN OfYOSHIKIWhen he had a session with the group on his internet show, he said that each member had an aura on the vocals, and said, "I think there are many good people, but not many people can touch their hearts. It doesn't matter what style it is. Because I have that kind of thing, I think I've been here for 10 years (group) for a long time. "[38][39][40].

Japan Acoustic Research InstituteIn the voice analysis during singing by, each member has very different characteristics of singing, and when they are combined,1/f fluctuationA voice waveform called (Fbun no Ichi Fluctuation) that gives people a feeling of comfort and healing effect was recognized.[41][42][43][Annotation 5].

Of the brain scientists regarding the characters of the membersNobuko Nakano"Each person has a color (individuality) and their roles in the group are clearly different." Therefore, we have a team that respects each other's individuality, methods, and ways of thinking. "[44].


The "center" is not fixed in the formation, and the main members change depending on the song.

Old member

Main support members

At large live performances and music festivalsDOWNTOWN MOMOCLO BANDFour members will follow a backing band named (DMB), and the performance will be live performances and songs.

The following are band members who have appeared multiple times. (As of December 2020)

フ ァ ン


Since around 2011, when the name was changed from "Momoiro Clover" to "Momoiro Clover Z", it is evaluated that it has attracted people who were not interested in idols as fans.[45].

In 2019LINEIn the questionnaire "What is your favorite idol group?", In the top generation of the survey, "Momoiro Clover Z" was ranked first for both men and women, and the percentage of fans in their 60s in the group was 1. %Met[46].

We are holding an event targeting a specific fan base,Female fan limited live Nippon Budokan,Osaka Castle HallIt was held on a scale of 1 people. 2015年に開催されたHeld in XNUMXLive with parents and children onlyVisitors from a wide range of age groups, from 0 years old to 86 years old, visited the venue.[47].

At the live venue, there are "family seats" exclusively for parents and children, a nursing center and a nursery space, and "reserved seating seats" for the elderly and beginners to sit and watch.

Momokuro fanMononov(Kun'yomi of "samurai")[48]..これは、2010年代前半の「アイドル戦国時代」と言われる状況下で発生した呼び名であり、メンバーやスタッフも使っているThis is a name that arose in what is called the "Idol Warring States Period" in the early XNUMXs, and is also used by members and staff.[Annotation 7].

Since it is a group that emphasizes "solidarity" rather than "competition" between members, fans can support a specific recommended member (favorite member).Box pushShinichi Anzai (former associate professor at the University of Tokyo), the author of "Momokuro no Aesthetics," analyzes that it is characterized by the premise that (the state that everyone in the group likes).[49].

Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryInformation analyst Masayoshi Sakai said, "Because I profess to be a fan of them, please understand that there are a lot of subjective expressions." For many fans, the members said, "Pseudo-romance. Rather than "object", he shows the view that it is "an object that can be immersed in and talk with the charm of character and humanity".[50].

When the live was held with tens of thousands of people, there was almost no garbage dumped around the venue by fans, so the local government of the venue once posted a thank-you comment on the official website.[51].

Support from various fields

Fans are also found in the entertainment and sports worlds, and they are known as idol lovers.Masahiro Tanaka(Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles) Is my wife'sMai SatodaI also went to live with[52]..Besides in the professional baseball worldTeruaki Sato(Hanshin Tigers),Hiiragi Ishikawa(Fukuoka Softbank Hawks),Junichiro Kishi(Saitama Seibu Lions) There are many players who profess their fans[53].

Members sometimes perform with an awareness of professional wrestling and martial arts, and there is a lot of support from that direction.[54].

In academia, Shinichi Anzai (Tokyo UniversityAssociate Professor) and Ryusuke Seike (Associate Professor)Waseda University(Assistant professor) and others expressed their fans and wrote a book that criticized the group and became a hot topic.[55].Masamichi Katayama(Musashino Art UniversityProfessor) also professed his fans and invited five members to the university.Creative directorI have given a special lecture from the standpoint of[56].

Until 2016Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and TechnologyServed asHiroshiAlso expressed a fan.馳の地元である石川県でライブが行われた際は、自費でチケットを購入し観に行ったというエピソードがあるThere is an episode that when a live performance was held in Ishikawa prefecture, the hometown of Feng, he bought a ticket at his own expense and went to see it.[57].

Creation / distribution culture

It is very popular for fans to create goods such as illustrations and miscellaneous goods with the motif of member groups.これらの作品を多量に制作しProduced a lot of these worksTwitterMany fans distribute it inside and outside the live venue after announcing it, and it is done free of charge so as not to cause copyright inconvenience to the management side.[58]..これに対して漫画家のOn the other hand, the cartoonistTokoso"It seems to be a very rare culture," he said as of 2016.[59].

Activity history

Formation / activities on the street


In October, the project to create the first full-scale idol group for the office started.芸能10部の中からFrom the entertainment part 3Manami Ikura-Takai Tsukina-To Takagi-Runa Yumikawa-Miyu Wagawa5 people were selected[Annotation 8].


Members have been changed, and as of March, Manami Ikura, Tsukina Takai, Reni Takagi ...Shiori Tamai-Momoko Natsuko・ It became 6 people of Miyu Wagawa[60]..その後、百田夏菜子の母の案が採用され、グループ名をAfter that, the idea of ​​Momota Kanako's mother was adopted, and the group name was changed.Momoiro CloverDecided[Annotation 9].

May 5,Kawasaki AzaleaIt was unveiled for the first time in the "Stardust Performing Arts Part 3 Audition" held at, and the member lyrics "To that skySinging.この日がThis day isOfficial formation dateBecomes

From July to AugustYoyogi parkOn the street, thenIidabashi StationLive in a corner of the building.

Initially, Takashiro was the leader, but he was replaced by Hyakuta around autumn.The reason is that Takashiro was in a state where he took things too seriously and could not afford it, so the management side decided that the person who took a step back would be able to show his own color.

In this yearKashiwa Kashiwa-Ayaka Sasaki-Akari Hayami-Sumire FujishiroJoined in the middle, and Ikura, Takai, Fujishiro, and Wagawa left the group, and the change of members was fierce.

Yamada Denki Tour / CD Debut


Indie debut single "Momoiro Punch] On saleYamada DenkiHeld the first national tour in the form of renting the storefront.グループとして「和」のコンセプトを掲げ、和服・浴衣といった衣装や、楽曲のアレンジにWith the concept of "Japanese" as a group, for costumes such as kimono and yukata, and for arranging songsJapanese musical instrumentWas incorporated[61].

Indie 2nd single "Recommended for the future!], The members are solidified by the following 6 people, and the image color is set so that customers can easily identify even if they do not remember their names (Momoda = red, Hayami = blue, Tamai = yellow, Sasaki = pink).・ Ariyasu = green, Takashiro = purple)[62]..The five-day performance held in Akihabara also filled the venue with 5 seats on the final day.


Universal MusicFrom the major debut single "Kaito Girl][63].NHK"MUSIC JAPAN』(Idol special feature).

Universal Music had a policy of "release one single every three months" and "priority on sales" as an industry practice, but the office side opposed this.[64]..音楽的な面白さを追求するため、このシングルだけで契約を終了し、自由に楽曲を作りやすい環境にあったIn pursuit of musical fun, the contract was terminated with this single alone, and it was in an environment where it was easy to freely create music.King recordTransferred to[64].

Since then, the companyJunnosuke MiyamotoWill take command of music production.. 2nd single "Pinky Jones』Starting withAlternative music,Progressive rockThe number of songs that incorporate the elements of is increasing.

"TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL(TIF) ”and“Idol Unit Summer Festival 2010』And expanded the scale of the fans by appearing in idol festivals such as[65][66][67].

At the end of the year, the first hall concert "Momoiro Christmas in Japan Youth Center ~ Moulting: DAPPI ~Held[68]..ここから、数々のバラエティ番組や格闘技イベントを手がけてきたFrom here, he has worked on numerous variety shows and martial arts events.Atsushi SasakiLive production by,wrestlingIntroduced an opening video that imitated the so-called fanning V, which was played before the match.The 1200 seats were full on the day, and the members who saw the scene shed tears one after another.

Rename / increase media exposure


Sub-leaderAkari HayamiAnnounced that it will leave the group in April.The reason was that after continuing to worry about the significance of his existence in Momokuro and his suitability as an idol, he decided to pursue the path of an actress he had originally aimed for.

It was also a spiritual support for the members, and he was indispensable to be appointed as MC (facilitator) at the live performance, but his intention was firm, "4.10 Nakano Sunplaza Tournament Momokuro Spring is importantWithdrew from the group[10][69].

A change of heart,Group name changed from "Momoiro Clover" to "Momoiro Clover Z"[10].. The pose of writing the letter Z in the air and sticking out your finger (commonly known as the Z pose) isMazinger ZKnown as the singer of the theme songIchiro MizukiIt was directly transmitted from.At that time, Mizuki explained to the people that the meaning of Z is "ultimate" or "infinity" because it is the last letter of the alphabet, and that it also means "return to the beginning" because it can return to A.

In order to break through the situation of MC absence, for the week from the next day,Momoiro Clover Z Trial Seventh Game], Talk live with celebrities from various fields is held every day.

In live,Zepp TokyoHe also planned to push the limits of his energy and physical strength, such as performing a two-hour performance three times a day and performing a total of 2 songs.

1st album in summer "Battle and romanceReleased[70]..At the release commemorative free live held under Tokyo Tower, the song stopped while singing "Orange Note", but sang to the end with a cappella with the fans' clapping and big chorus in the background.

Unusual for an idol at the time, he appeared at rock festivals,KishidanWithAgainst vanAnd emphasized so-called "other-style games".All Japan Pro WrestlingToKeiji MutoAppeared as a disciple ofAnimelo Summer Live(Anime Song Festival)LOUD PARKBy actively participating in events with few idol fans such as (Metal Festival), we have acquired a fan base that is different from conventional idols. "MononovThe name "" has begun to take root.

The first live for male / female customers onlyMomokuro Autumn's two major festivals "Men's Festival 2" and "Women's Festival 2011"』Implemented[71].. 『Momoiro Christmas 2011"Saitama Super ArenaUntil it was held at[72].


By voting by shop clerks nationwide"I want to sell this work from the bottom of my heart" "I want customers to listen to it"4th to chooseCD shop grand prizeIn the 1st album "Battle and romanceWas selected for the grand prize[27].

TV appearances have increased, and from AprilNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.On the regular radio program "Momokuro Club xoxo] Has started broadcasting.

New challenges continue, "Momokuro Spring's Big Things 2012 ~ Yokohama Arena Rainy Day 2DAYS ~In "", a completely different stage production was performed on both days, and "Exclusive! Momo Kuno 60 minutes], A series of unusual live performances.The first live for kids "It's a children's festival of Momokuro!, And the first dome performance "Momokuro Summer Stupidity SUMMER DIVE 2012 Seibu Dome TournamentWas held, and an official fan club was also launched.[73][74].

In summerKonosuke Sakazaki(THE ALFEE) Presided over an event[75] When I tried a session with an acoustic instrument at, the members couldn't sing because the sound was greatly removed.Some members even said apologies on the blog the next day, so the group's first acoustic live "Momoiro Night Banashi] Is held.After careful preparation, the members sang mainly folk songs and showed growth.

I had been aiming for it since my debut in the fallNippon BudokanRealized the performance in.Momokuro Autumn's two major festivals "Men's Festival 2 -Dynamism-" "Women's Festival 2012 -Girl's Imagination-"Mobilize 1 people each[76][77].Hotei TorayasuProvided the song "Saraba, my dear griefBecame a hot topic,MUSIC STATION』(TV Asahi) For the first time.

At the end of the year, it was a long-cherished wish since its formationNHK Red and White Singing BattleFirst appearance in.. Released two years ago, "Kaito GirlFor the first time on this dayPrime timeYou will be able to sing atSaraba, my dear griefShowed off in a medley that includes[28][78].


On New Year's Day, right after the big dream came true, the membersNational StadiumAnd declared that the next goal was to perform live there.[79].

There will be many challenging live performances this year. 2nd album "5TH DIMENSIONWill be released, with the intention that the members will be masked and there will be no talk."5TH DIMENSION" tourHeld[80][81][82]..A Buddhist view of the world of "reincarnation""GOUNN" tourI also went[83][84].

"Momokuro Spring's Big Things 2013 Seibu Dome Tournament』FromSatoshi TakebeIntroduced the "Downtown Momokuro Band" led by the company, and in the subsequent large-scale performances, the live performance basically started to proceed live.[85][86].

International rock festival "Ozzfest Japan』Also decided to appear.However, some heavy metal fans also flooded with criticism of the organizer regarding Kuro's appearance.On the day of the event, the members dared to wear idol-like costumes and appeared on the stage.Leader'sMomoko Natsuko"Look at it and decide! We're idols right now! We're the weekend heroine Momoiro Clover Z!" And started the live show, and as a result, we were worried. The confusion that was there did not occur[87].

In the summer, it will be the first single female artistYokohama International StadiumHeld a live performance at (Nissan Stadium) and mobilized 6 people (Momokuro Summer Stupid WORLD SUMMER DIVE)[88].. Crown program "Momokuro Chan』Started terrestrial broadcasting, and popularity expanded.

With the group from this yearMiyagiOnagawaExchange started.Great East Japan EarthquakeTemporary disaster broadcasting station established laterOnagawa Saigai FMSo, that high school girls of the same generation are working as personalitiesTo TakagiKnows and proposes "I want to go"[32].. After visiting for the first time on May 5 and appearing on the programOnagawa Elementary SchoolA surprise live is also held.After that, he will continue to visit the town.

At the end of the year,Momoiro Christmas 2013], It was announced that the dream "National Stadium Live" will be realized next spring, and the members burst into tears on the stage.[89].

National stadium performance / starring movie released


"Momokuro Spring Big Things 2014 National Stadium Tournament] Is held.同所でのライブはLive at the same placeWomen's group's first featAnd mobilized 2 people in two days[3]..At the end of the second day, the members shared their thoughts as they achieved their maximum goals and focused attention on their subsequent developments.

See Music Natalie's article for the full speech[3]

Then belongKing recordAt the innerStar childNew label fromEVIL LINE RECORDSTransferred to.Miyuki Nakajima"You can cryRelease and new program on CS "Konosuke Sakazaki's Momoiro Folk Village NEXT』Started, and launched new innovations.

This year, the live "Making the best summer festival in Japan"Peach God Festival] Was held for the first time.エンタテインメントの入場管理で世界初となる「顔認証システム」を導入したIntroduced the world's first "face recognition system" for entertainment admission management[90]. Also,Lady GagaAppeared as an opening act in Japan performancesMetropolitan Police DepartmentAt the ceremony to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the police box systemPolice commanderWe performed in front of them.

The youth movie released the following year "Curtain goes upFive members were selected as the protagonists of the movie, and prior to shooting, the original author and playwrightHirata OrizaAttend a theater workshop for about 25 hours.撮影は1年前からスケジュールが確保され、2か月間をほぼ撮影にあてることができたThe shooting schedule was secured from a year ago, and I was able to spend almost two months shooting.[91]..Taking advantage of this experience, at the end of the year, I am also challenging a musical-style live performance (Momoiro Christmas 2014 Saitama Super Arena Tournament ~ Shining Snow Story ~).

The day before the red and white song battleAri Anka influenzaAnd one person declined to participate.最年長のThe oldestTo TakagiAnnounced on the blog that "all participants will make Yuan smile"[92]..A piece of cloth cut from the green costume that Ariyasu was supposed to wear was sewn on the costumes of the four participating members.


US hard rock bandKISSCollaboration work with "Bloom in the dream floating worldWas released and appeared in KISS's performance in Japan.afterwards,Los AngelesLived alone in Japan and mobilized 4351 people[93].

In early springThe youth movie "5 people played the leading role"Curtain goes up"publish..The theme song "YouthIs a hit,Gold discIt became a certification.When it was staged, it was the first challenge for the members and there were scenes where they struggled to express themselves, but they survived 1 performances a month.

The range of media appearances has expanded, and we have had a close relationship with each other for some time.ShofuiteiIn collaboration with the new TV program "Pink Tsurube-The Next One-Is the first FM regular program, "SUZUKI Happy Clover of Momoiro Clover Z!], Each started.

The activities of individual members have also begun to stand out.To TakagiHolds the group's first solo concert.Ayaka SasakiAs a director, he worked on the group's first live performance with parents and children and the live house performance "Monthly TAKAHASHI" at Tsukiichi.

"" Held in the fallMen's Festival 2015 in Taishofu』, The membersDazaifu TenmanguuguSinging dedication was also performed on a special stage in front of the main shrine[94]..However, unexpected troubles occur in the implementation of this performance.

The group has been holding live performances exclusively for female customers and live performances exclusively for male customers since 2011, but for this "Momoclo Otoko Festival 2015", "It is strange that the audience is limited to male customers," from a local civic group. There was a complaint in Dazaifu City[95]..In response to this, the mayor of Dazaifu requested the executive committee not to limit gender, and ripples spread.NHKWas featured in the national news of[96]..実行委員会はこの件に関して「今回は男性限定という形になったが、ももクロとは複数年にわたり違う試みを企画している」と一部の取材に対して述べThe executive committee told some interviews about this matter, "This time it was limited to men, but we are planning a different attempt for several years from Momokuro."[97], The live was held only for male customers as scheduled.

After that, the group has been aiming for it since its formation and has participated for three consecutive years.NHK Red and White Singing BattleWas rejected[98].Sports Nippon"It's hard to say that this year's Momokuro lacked'activity'and'support'," and "it's likely to be a disappointment for fans."[98]..グループは公式サイトでファンに向けて「私たちは私たちのやり方で、みなさんと一緒に“私たちの道”を歩き続けます。ど真ん中しか歩きません」と宣言したThe group declared to fans on the official website, "We will continue to walk" our way "with you in our way. We will only walk in the middle."[Annotation 10].Women's SPA!2nd place (1st place is the singer questionnaire that I wanted you to appear in red and white)Kyary Pamyu Pamyu) Became[100].

Despite adversity, new attempts continued.Karuizawa Snow ParkHeld a live performance for 3 days on the slopes of the city, even below freezing.Momoiro Christmas 2015 ~ Beautiful Survivors ~).大晦日に6時間近くに及ぶカウントダウンライブ『第一回ももいろカウントダウン ~ゆく桃くる桃~「笑顔ある未来」』を行い、歌・お笑い・トークショーなどを詰め込んだ複合型エンターテインメント・ショーを構築したOn New Year's Eve, a countdown live "XNUMXst Momoiro Countdown-Yuku Momo Kurumomo-" Smiley Future "" was held for nearly XNUMX hours, and a complex entertainment show packed with songs, comedy, and talk shows was constructed.[101].

From the end of the year to the beginning of the year, the group starring movie "Curtain goes upThere are more opportunities to be evaluated, "39th Japan Academy Award Topic Award Actor Category[102]"70thEvery day movie contest TSUTAYA Movie Fan Award[103]"40thHochi Film Award Received "Special Award".

Increased solo activities and activities for kids


At the beginning of the year, the 3rd album "AMARANTHUSAnd the 4th album "Dawn of platinum] Is released at the same time.Simultaneous release of two original full albumsA total of 20 new songs were included under the theme of "life, death and fantasy".In order to reproduce the world view of each album, the group's first national dome tour "DOME TREK 2016Was also held and a total of 25 people were mobilized.[104].

Also occurred in the same yearKumamoto earthquakeA charity live was held at the initiative of the members to support the reconstruction from Japan.被災地となったBecame a disaster areaMashiro machiIn addition, there is an episode that all the members visited as volunteers to prepare meals.[105].

Individual activities have become more prominentAri AnkaとAyaka SasakiWill have his first solo liveYokohama ArenaAnd mobilized more than 1 people each[106][107].

First overseas tour in autumn "Trans-American Ultra Live』Held (Hawaii→Los Angeles→ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク).Ayaka SasakiDirected by, and the theme was "Four Seasons of Japan", which was a mixture of Japanese drums and Japanese dance.現地のファンも数多く来場しており、日本語は分からないようだが涙を流す人もいたと、現地でライブを見ていたファンがレポートを残しているMany local fans also visited the venue, and although they didn't understand Japanese, some of them shed tears, a fan who was watching the live show left a report.[108].

NHKContinuous tv novel"beautiful girlAll the members received the heroine audition, and missed the lead role[109] But of the leaderMomoko NatsukoAppeared as the main cast.To TakagiIs the crowning program on the radioReni Takagi's Weekend Momokuro Punch !!』Start,Shiori TamaiIsSKY PerfecTV! Music Festival』And acted as MC at multiple events.

For this reason, there was a problem that it was difficult for five people to get together.Therefore, a talk event "Location scouting-Momokuro Oonikataru-" is held regularly as a project that can be established only by some members.一方で主要なライブはタイトなスケジュールの中でも例年通り行ったため、年間の動員数は5万人で女性アーティスト63.6位となったOn the other hand, the main live performances were performed as usual even in a tight schedule, so the annual mobilization number was 1, ranking first among female artists.[4].

As a culmination of up to that point, the documentary work "First Momokuro -Complete Edition-, "Momoiro Clover Z MUSIC VIDEO CLIPS", which contains all the music videos of the past, and the winter best album "MCZ WINTER SONG COLLECTIONWas released[110].

On the other hand, there were scenes that left issues for performance.所属事務所の女性グループ8組が1対1で1曲ずつパフォーマンスを行い、観客の声援の大きさで勝敗を決めるイベントにて、後輩グループのAt an event where eight female groups from the agency perform one song at a time and decide the outcome based on the cheering of the audience, the junior groupTeam ShachihokoWas defeated.Because it was a league match format, Kuro won the championship in the end,Momoko Natsuko"I hope I can walk firmly so that I can show everyone a good back," he said.[111].


"Nikkei Entertainment!』Announced the largest popularity survey in Japan"Talent power ranking, Momoiro Clover Z became "the top female idol group for the fifth consecutive year" (perfumeIs not considered a female idol group)[112]..Momoiro Clover Z ranked first in the number of commercials that appeared on New Year's Day by talent (1 such as Suzuki "Hustler").[113].

Along with the expansion of the fan base, a unit for kidsMomokuro-chan ZStarted activities under the name.Educational variety show "Guchoki Party], And released two albums for kids. NHK "Everyone's song』Appeared inHakkeijima Sea Paradise,Japan Science Museum of FutureWe expanded the range of activities, such as collaborating with a project for kids in Japan.In addition to the "Children's Festival", the first "Student Festival" and "over.40 Festival" were held as events to limit the ages of participants.

in springAri AnkaAt the request of Fujimi City, Saitama Prefecture, where he was born,Momokuro Spring's big thing 2017 in Fujimi CityHeld[114]..From this year, the event was to accept offers from local governments, select venues, and bring smiles to the community.

Became the protagonist of this year's "Spring Big Things"Ari AnkaReleased the member's first solo album, and realized a live performance at the Higashi-Meihan Tour and Nippon Budokan.[115][116][117].

In the summer, the single "Fusion of music and sports"BLAST!], The stadium live immediately after is linked to it.With an Olympic-conscious production, "Momokuro Summer Stupid 2017 -FIVE THE COLOR Road to 2020- Ajinomoto Stadium TournamentWas held as[118].

In the fall, the acoustic live "MTV Unplugged』, Played the first appearance as a Japanese female idol group[119][120].

At the New Year's Eve event "Yuku Momo Kurumomo" for the third consecutive yearThe 1st Momoiro Uta GassenHold..ももクロ軍とゲストのMomokuro army and guestsMasahiro TanakaIn a military battle format,Maki Oguro-Yuzo Kayama-Kishidan-Kiyoko Suizenji-Sachiko Kobayashi-Masashi SadaA total of 16 groups participated[121].

In addition, "Momoiro Clover Z Japan Tour" Youth "", which tours 2 prefectures over two years from this year, has started.Taking advantage of the experience of the talk event "Location scouting" held all over the country in the previous year, we interwoven talks based on the characteristics of each region everywhere and developed a tour that is close to the fans.

4th anniversary of conversion to 10-person system


XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Ari AnkaHowever, he suddenly announced that he would graduate from the group and leave the entertainment world at the end of the live performance on the 21st of the same month.In his blog, he explained, "I once became more motivated to live a normal girl's life away from the world I've been in for 22 years since I was a child actor, and accepted my selfishness."[122].

Some net news reports have disagreements with other members, but it is said to be different from the facts in the memoirs of writers accompanying the group and close coverage of specialized magazines.[123][124]..In the magazine released after graduation, a dialogue article in which Ariyasu and each member talk about their true intentions on a one-on-one basis was published, and Ariyasu stated the reason for graduation as follows.

I think it was about a year ago that I started thinking about graduation.It's time to graduate from college. [Omitted] All the classmates around me get a job or make a new start when they graduate from university.I was watching each of them courageously heading for a new start, and I wanted to grow even more and become independent.Of course, I have the courage, but for me, getting off to a new start meant graduating from Momokuro.I don't know what kind of work will come in tomorrow.Anyway, work in this world doesn't go as planned, right?I'm the type who prepares well no matter what I do, so I've been living this kind of life for 1 years, and I think it's the limit to continue this forever.So once I want to stay away from this world and spend time slowly. — “BUBKA March 2018 Issue” p.3

Many media reported this as "retirement from the entertainment world", but he said in an interview that he was "graduating" rather than "retiring" and mentioned the possibility of some kind of expression activity.[125].

January 1st, the last live "Momoiro Clover Z 2018 OPENING ~ To the new blue sky ~Is an internet TV programAbemaTVWas broadcast live in an emergency and recorded the highest number of viewers in history in the music department of the same station.[126].

Respecting long-standing relationships and not recruiting members[127]..It was the same decision as when Akari Hayami left the group at the beginning of the group, but in the situation where she has about 10 songs in front of the 120th anniversary of the formation, she is at a loss to change all the songs and formations. It took a lot of effort.

At the beginning of the lesson, I danced with the same choreography as before, shifting only the standing position, but "I think it wasn't something I couldn't see, but I felt it wasn't interesting."Shiori Tamai) In some cases, the members decided to try to reassign on a zero basis.[127].. "I'm excited to be able to show you something that has been upgraded" (Momoko Natsuko) From[127], Some songs have been redesigned beyond their original form.One of the group's representative songs, "Kaito GirlIn "", the number of acrobatic patterns such as "Roundoff", which lands with a twist on the cartwheel, has increased, and the lyrics have also changed.

The formation on the stage covered the decrease in the number of people, so the lateral movement distance was increased, and each member had more opportunities to move to the opposite side of the fixed position.また、それまで中央の「0」を基準に「1」「2」「3」と整数で刻んでいた立ち位置を、「0.5」「1」「1.5」と細かく刻むようにして、曲中の動きにバリエーションを持たせられるようにしたIn addition, the standing position, which had been engraved with integers such as "XNUMX", "XNUMX", and "XNUMX" based on the central "XNUMX", is now finely engraved with "XNUMX", "XNUMX", and "XNUMX" to make the movement in the song. Made it possible to have variations[127].

The members mastered a total of 15 songs and performed them at the Valentine's event, with the change in singing.Momoko NatsukoIn an interview later, "Momokuro's songs are designed to be handed over between members like a dialogue, so depending on which part you sing, you will recreate your breathing. Like dancing, where It was a feeling that the routine of life changed completely because I took a breather and changed all the rhythms that were created in me. "[127].

After that, live performances such as "Youth Tour" and "Spring Ichidaiji 2018" awaited all over the country, and a total of 3 songs were renewed and unveiled in 40 months.[127]..During this time, a new regular program "Musee du Momokuro ~ Designing Art Learning ~" was started, and an official fan club (AE INTERNATIONAL) for residents outside Japan was also launched.

In April, the first single in the new system "Lol lol ~ Xiao Yi Xiao! ~] Is released.Continuing from the previous year, as a collaboration with local governments,Momokuro Spring's Big Things 2018 in Higashiomi City ~ The Power of Smiles Connecting Omoi ~"ShigaHeld at.約3万人のファンが小さな街に集結し、観光や飲食などを通じた波及効果も大きかったことから話題となったApproximately XNUMX fans gathered in a small town, and the ripple effect through sightseeing and eating and drinking was great, so it became a hot topic.[128].

Celebrating its 5th anniversary in MayThe first best album "Peach is ten, Bancha is also floweringReleased..As a commemorative live, "Momoiro Clover Z 10th Anniversary The Diamond Four -in Momokyo Domu-], The first in the groupTokyo DomeHeld for 2 days at.ファン・スタッフを含めた新体制でのプロジェクト名としてAs a project name under the new system including fans and staffTeam Diamond Four (TDF)No back dancers were appointed throughout the two days, and the performance was held against a total of more than 2 spectators.[129].

Many collaboration projects to commemorate the 10th anniversary were carried out,Tokyo Sky TreeAt the observation decks and department stores nationwide, exhibitions were held to look back on the progress of the group.

From August, a single will be released for 8 consecutive months.Summer live with a new concept "MomocloMania2018 -Road to 2020-], And developed a stage that was conscious of the Tokyo Olympics.In addition, a music festival "Summer S" was held for the first time with a group of 12 younger sisters.

In the fall, the group's first musical "Do You Wanna Dance?" 』Challenge,Maihama AmphitheaterThe performance was held every day for about two and a half hours for two weeks.

At the end of the year, a live performance with a total of 35 strings and bandsMomoiro Christmas 2018 DIAMOND PHILHARMONY -The Real Deal-Was held, and "New Year's Eve" for the second consecutive yearMomoiro Uta Gassen] Is a newBS Nippon Television,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.However, it has come to be broadcast live.

This yearAyaka SasakiとTo TakagiHeld a solo concert following the previous year.Shiori TamaiWas selected as the cast of the circus group "Samurai Rock Orchestra".Momoko NatsukoIs NHKPlastic smile』Played the drama first starring.As a group, we completed a "youth tour" that goes around 47 prefectures over two years,Hokkaido Iburi Eastern EarthquakeWe also held free live performances near the disaster area.


This year, the annual "Momokuro Spring's Big Things"ToyamaHeld at. 6億円超の経済効果があったと地元自治体が発表したLocal government announced that it had an economic effect of over XNUMX million yen[130]..In addition, the local governments that have held the live performance (Saitama prefecture flagSaitamaFujimi-Shiga prefecture flagShigaHigashiomi City-Toyama Prefecture FlagToyamaKurobe) Has accumulated a track record of regional revitalization, such as concluding the "~ Smiley Power Connecting Omoi ~ Regional Cooperation Agreement".[131].. “クローバー”伝来の地として知られるKnown as the place of origin of "clover"NagasakiHas been appointed as a tourism ambassador and is jointly developing products.

Chibi Maruko-chanInaugurated as the 30th anniversary ambassador, the opening theme song "Dance pompocolinWas switched to singing by Momoiro Clover Z from this year.As a new program "Go with Momokuro!And "Matsuzaki Shigeru and Momokuro no Kuro Journey" have also started broadcasting.

On May 5th, the day of formation, the first original album "17 people"MOMOIRO CLOVER Z] Is released.It is a work that expresses the ups and downs of various emotions that occur in life.Tokyo Kinema ClubHe showed new innovations such as holding a "SHOW" to reproduce the world view.

In summer, it has a long history from the Meiji eraMeijizaIn the composition of the play and the live show, "Momokuro Ichiza special performanceHeld[132]..In winter, the theme is "Showa Kayo Show"Momoiro Christmas 2019 ~ Winter Sky Mirror Ball ~], Etc., the efforts to sublimate the entertainment of the good old days were conspicuous.

As a solo activity,Momoko NatsukoIs the golden time drama "Promising Stage-Two Songs Running Through Time-』,Shiori TamaiIs the music program "Shiori Koji Shiori Tamai x Konosuke Sakazaki's Odaiba Folk Village NEXT』Start.To TakagiIs the member's first solo TV commercial appearance (light car) Suzuki Every)achieve,Ayaka SasakiProduced by himself and also serves as a memberNamie Women's Union, And planned the idol festival "AYAKARNIVAL" that he presided over.

As a groupTaiwanとChugokuHeld the first Asian tour at.In addition, the outdoor rock festival "JAPAN JAM''ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVALIn addition to appearing in the autumn, in the fall for 5 consecutive weeks,Izumiya Shigeru-Kishidan-Nishikawa Takanori-Matsuzaki Shigeru-South kosetsuWas invited to the music festivals they presided over.

Leader at Christmas Live at the end of the yearMomoko NatsukoSaid that the makeup staff said, "I haven't regretted having seen various scenery so far," and said as follows.New goalSaid.

No, wait a minute-I still have the scenery I want to show, the scenery I want to see, and the scenery I want to see together.

From the 12th year of the present (formation), I'm thinking about what kind of scenery I can see again at that time-recently everyone, I'm trying to get rid of future stories, but at that time we After all, there was a scenery I really wanted to show, and that was-at the New National Stadium.

There will be an Olympic and Paralympic Games at the New National Stadium in 2020, and I'm really looking forward to it, but one day we should stand together with everyone.

I wonder what kind of scenery it would be if I stood in that place with everyone.I want everyone to see it, see where they are standing, and I want everyone to create a new live performance.I think there are many things, but I would like to do my best, have fun, and do what I can to keep going.[133]

New challenge


Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionAs content that can be enjoyed even at homeYouTubeLive video on Blu-ray / DVD will be delivered live uncut.無料視聴が可能であったが、送金アプリと連携させる試みを実施したところ379万7319円の募金を集めIt was possible to watch for free, but when I tried to link it with the remittance application, I collected a donation of XNUMX yen.[134], 500 million yen including donations from members at a later dateJapanese Red Cross SocietyGave to[33].

After that, we carried out a similar project and donated 500 million yen to the "Protect Tokyo Corona Countermeasure Medical Support Donation" established in Tokyo.[35]..グループと縁の深い5つの地方自治体へも計500万円を寄付し、メンバーからの「児童保育の現場で役立ててほしい」という意向に沿ってWe also donated a total of XNUMX million yen to five local governments that are closely related to the group, in line with the members' intention to "use it in the field of childcare."[34], Used for the business of purchasing health products for nursery schools and after-school children's clubs[135].

In addition, we are looking for ways to deepen our knowledge of medical practice and support workers. "Japan Medical AssociationIf so, I think we can quickly reach the medical field. "We decided to donate to the association.ただし受付口座がなかったため、新設してもらえるよう請願書を提出した結果、口座開設と500万円の寄付が実現したHowever, since there was no reception account, as a result of submitting a petition to have a new one established, an account was opened and a donation of XNUMX million yen was realized.[136]..なお、3年前にリーダーのIn addition, three years ago, the leaderMomoko Natsuko TheSapporo Medical UniversityAt the school festival in Japan, "I can't save people's lives, I can't do it even if I want to do it ... So, on the contrary, I want to be able to save the hearts of those who save those lives." Was speaking[137].

The "Momokuro Spring Big Thing", which was held every year in collaboration with local governments, was postponed, but the achievements up to the previous year such as contribution to regional revitalization were recognized and it was awarded the "12th Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner's Award" A special letter of appreciation was presented[138].

In June, an interactive live performance with no audience was held using the web conferencing tool "Zoom".これに先立ち、医療法⼈メファ仁愛会理事長・院長監修の下で作成した独自の無観客ライブ 感染対策ガイドラインPrior to this, the original guideline for measures against live infections without spectators was created under the supervision of the director and director of the Medical Care Act Mefa Jinaikai.[139] Was released on the web with the intention of "I hope other artists can use it."[140].

Large-scale live performance in AugustMomokuro Summer Stupidity 2020』Also became an online live with no audience and live distribution[141]..約1ヶ月前の時点ではAbout a month agoSaitama-MetLife DomeAudience mobilization live infection control guidelines on the premise of putting spectators in[142] However, the policy was changed based on the situation.Chartered resort facility (photo) in Shonan, Kanagawa Prefecture[143], Singing while going around the location with the sea in the background, the stage on the pool, the wedding hall and other facilities.There was also a scene where a song was delivered from the sea on a cruiser.[144].

Online live held in November "PLAY!], We have introduced a "multi-angle function" that allows you to switch the screen to your favorite viewpoint, and a "questionnaire function" that determines the songs to be sung by the viewer's vote during the live performance. Attempts were also made[145].

On New Year's Eve, the 4th with no audienceMomoiro Uta Gassen(BS Nippon Television-Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.-AbemaTVEtc.) was hosted.

This year, it was "no CD release" since it was formed in 2008, but the book "Momo Kurogettaman Gymnastics Power Explosion!" Released in the summer."Core diet DVD with 67 minutes" became a hot topic due to the success of weight loss by celebrities, and sold 10 copies.[146].

Continuing from the previous year, he was appointed as the Traffic Safety Public Relations Ambassador of the Metropolitan Police Department's Traffic Department.[147].Japan Olympic CommitteeWas also selected as one of the special cheering team members of the "Ganbare! Nippon! Everyone Unity Project" planned by[148].


Masahiro TanakaAn album containing successive cheering songs given toMasahiro Tanaka], Released at the same time as his return to the Japanese baseball world.single"Moon color ChainonIs the first time in 25 yearsSailor MoonIt was tie-up as the theme song of the new movie.

Also, "Nippon Egao HyakkeiThis year, the video posting appTikTokIt became a worldwide hit on the top (ranked high on the J-POP charts of each country, Netherlands-Finland-Greece19st place in 1 countries)[149][150]..The song is an anime with the theme of rakugoJoshiraku』Theme song, the trend is to imitate the dance in the ending video, and the former soccer playerArgentineRepresentativeCarlos TevezIt became a hot topic that I posted a video[151].

In summerTokyo OlympicsTorchbearer in Shizuoka PrefectureMomoko Natsuko [152], In Kanagawa prefectureShiori Tamai-Ayaka Sasaki-To TakagiWas in charge of a group of three[153]..In addition, the "Birthday Festival" will be held for the first time (online) in the form of self-produced by each member.

On the other hand,Momoko NatsukoとShiori Tamai New coronavirusDue to a positive reaction to[Annotation 11],Ayaka SasakiIs "right peripheralFacial nerve paralysisI was diagnosed and hospitalized[Annotation 12], There were times when group activities were restricted.

As a new project, "The Drifters"Momoiro no Jikan" is called "Talk Variety Program" where Momokuro interacts across generations.Nico Nico Live BroadcastStart at[161]..At the end of the yearNippon BudokanHeld a joint live at the venue and delivered songs and tales to the audience.[162].


Blu-ray / DVD


All songs are compatible with the flat-rate music distribution service (subscription)[163].

  • Original album
12011Battle and romance
  • CD shop grand prizeAwarded (clerks nationwide vote once a year, selected from all released CDs)
  • Covers songs from major debut to immediately after group name change[164]
  • Oricon weekly 2nd place,Platinum discCertification
  • The theme is "evolution to 5 dimensions"EDM-hip hop-Latin musicConsists of a wide range of genres[165]
  • No. 1 on the Oricon week, certified as a platinum disc
  • Selected for "J-POP Heisei Masterpiece 30" (Yomiuri Shimbun, 2018)
  • Released at the same time as the later album "Hakkin no Yoake"
  • The theme is "dream to get up and see", and it features a lineup of songs that express people from birth to death.[166]
  • Oricon weekly 2nd place,Gold discCertification
42016Dawn of platinum
  • Released at the same time as the above-mentioned album "AMARANTHUS"
  • With the theme of "dreaming to sleep", draw parallel worlds and fantasies that transcend the time axis[167]
  • No. 1 on the Oricon week, certified as a gold disc
  • The first original album of 4 people consisting of all new songs
  • Show-style expression of the ups and downs of various emotions that occur in life and 11 years since debut[168]
  • Oricon weekly 1st place
  • Compilation album
12013Exit without entrance

Includes mainly songs from the "Momoiro Clover" era (such as "Towards that sky")


Includes successive Christmas limited release singles

32021Masahiro Tanaka

Professional baseball playerMasahiro TanakaConsists of successive cheering songs (appearance songs) given to

  • Best album
12018MOMOIRO CLOVER Z BEST ALBUM "Peach and Ten, Bancha and Flower"
  • Includes all successive singles and album lead songs
  • Youth documentary Blu-ray for 10 years since its formation "The first thigh black』Included(Excluding regular edition)
  • No. 1 on the Oricon week, certified as a gold disc

Other Albums

  • Braban Momoiro Clover Z! ~ BRASS AND ROMANCE ~[169](2014) - Siena Wind OrchestraThe soundtrack of the group's main songs
  • Re: MOMOIRO CLOVER Z[170](2015) --The songs of the group selected by fan votingTeddy LoidIs a remix
  • ZZ's[171]-ZZ's II[172](Limited to distribution in 2020 and 2021) --Self-remake of popular songs of all time as ZZ ver. (4 person version)
  • TDF LIVE BEST[173](Limited to distribution in 2020) --TDF (Team Diamond Four = 4 people) LIVE best album selected by fan voting


  • All songs are compatible with the flat-rate music distribution service (subscription)[163].
  • Released in 2011work's songThe single CDs after that have the following features.
    • In the arrangement, the sound of programming (driving) is reduced, and live performance is the main (excluding some songs).
    • There are no special benefits or appendices, and the contents are only a disc and a lyrics card.[174].
Years#recorded music
(Title song is in bold)
RemarksOriconRecording album
20091Momoiro PunchIndie debut song23 bitExit without entrance
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
MILKY WAYExit without entrance
Rough style
2Recommended for the future!11 bitExit without entrance
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
I feel like Super Girl!Exit without entrance
20101Kaito GirlMajor debut song3 bitPeach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
Battle and romance (5 people ver.)
ZZ's (4 people ver.)
Run!Momokuro's live song rankingNo. 1 (2013 survey)[175]Exit without entrance
Masahiro Tanaka (4 people ver.)
ZZ's (4 people ver.)
2Pinky JonesMomokuro's popular song best rankingNo. 5 (2012 survey)[176]8 bitPeach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
Battle and Romance (5 people ver.)
Coco NatsuMusic distribution gold certification (10 downloads or more)ZZ's (4 people ver.)
You and SekaiRequest voting at fan clubNo. 4 (2019 survey)[177]Not recorded
Kimiyuki-Exit without entrance
BelieveRequest voting at fan clubNo. 2 (2019 survey)[177]Exit without entrance
words of the mind -brandnew journey-
The strongest parade paradeAnime"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya』Song cover
20113Mirai Bowl(Both A sides)3 bitPeach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
Battle and Romance (5 people ver.)
Chai Maxx(Both A sides)Momokuro's live song rankingNo. 2 (2013 survey)[175]ZZ's (4 people ver.)
Best girlMomokuro's popular song best rankingNo. 1 (2012 survey)[176]ZZ's (4 people ver.)
Song to give to Akarin-Not recorded
Deco Mayu Flame Final Battle
4Z Legend ~ Endless Revolution ~Momokuro's popular song best rankingNo. 4 (2012 survey)[176]5 bitBattle and romance
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
5D'no Junjo6 bit
6work's songKenji Otsuki(Muscular girl belt) Is the lyrics7 bit5TH DIMENSION
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
SantaMomokuro Music Video Popularity VoteNo. 1 (2012 survey)[178]MCZ WINTER SONG COLLECTION
ZZ's (4 people ver.)
White windVoting for recording request for best albumNo. 9 (2018 survey)[179]-MCZ WINTER SONG COLLECTION
ZZ's II (4 people ver.)
We are UFI !!!Not recorded
20127Furious Space Symphony, XNUMXth Movement "Infinite Love"Momoiro Clover Z Masterpiece RankingNo. 3 (2013 survey)[180]5 bit5TH DIMENSION
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
ZZ's II (4 people ver.)
LOST CHILDNot recorded
DNA RhapsodyMomoiro Clover Z Masterpiece RankingNo. 1 (2013 survey)[180]
Voting for recording request for best albumNo. 1 (2018 survey)[179]
Masahiro Tanaka (4 people ver.)
ZZ's (4 people ver.)
8Z Woman WarYakushimaru EtsukoIs songwriting3 bit5TH DIMENSION
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
PUSHNot recorded
Take a look ☆ over here"Pokemon Best Wish"Ending theme
9Saraba, my dear griefHotei TorayasuComposes and plays the guitar.
Music distribution double platinum certification (50 downloads or more)
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
ZZ's II (4 people ver.)
Black weekendMomokuro's favorite song rankingNo. 4 (2014 survey)[181]Not recorded
Empty curtainMomoiro Clover Z Masterpiece RankingNo. 4 (2013 survey)[180]
201310GOUNNThe 64th NHK Red and White Singing BattleSong,Request voting at fan clubNo. 3 (2019 survey)[177]2 bitPeach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
ZZ's II (4 people ver.)
Someday youmiwaIs the songwriting (lyrics are co-written with Momoiro Clover Z)Not recorded
Momoiro Taiko Donga BushiAngry heavenIs songwriting
Winter that seems to cry(Both A sides)Kami HiroseIs songwriting2 bitMCZ WINTER SONG COLLECTION
Will of steel(Both A sides)Takamizawa Toshihiko(THE ALFEE) Is songwriting and guitar playingNot recorded
201411You can cryMiyuki NakajimaIs songwriting1 bitAMARANTHUS
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
Dignified Peace DeclarationChinza DopenessIs a comprehensive producerNot recorded
My Dear FellowThe 65th NHK Red and White Singing BattleSinging songMasahiro Tanaka (4 people ver.)
12MOON PRIDE"Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Crystal"Opening theme3 bitDawn of platinum
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
ZZ's (4 people ver.)
Moon color Chainon (4 people ver.)
Moon rainbow"Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal" ending themeMoon color Chainon (4 people ver.)
Moon Revenge"Theatrical version Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R』\ Theme song cover
With a smile ...(Both A sides)7 bitMCZ WINTER SONG COLLECTION
Chai Maxx ZERO(Both A sides)Not recorded
KONOYUBi TOMALeTokoro GeorgeIs songwriting
201513Bloom in the dream floating worldKISSCollaboration song with2 bitDawn of platinum
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
Rock and Roll All NiteKISS song coverNot recorded
14Youthmovies"Curtain goes up] Theme song4 bitAMARANTHUS
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
Run! -Z ver.-Not recorded
Spring coming spring
Link LinkVoting for recording request for best albumNo. 3 (2018 survey)[179]
15Oath of "Z""Dragon Ball Z Resurrection "F"] Theme song4 bitDawn of platinum
Peach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
ZZ's (4 people ver.)
RomanticNot recorded
CHALA HEAD CHALA"Dragon ball z』\ Opening theme cover
配 信Tonight, under the live-MCZ WINTER SONG COLLECTION
201616The Golden History2 bitPeach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
DECORATIONRequest voting at fan clubNo. 1 (2016 survey)[182]Not recorded
Shin Luka Anti LukaYuki Yanagita(Fukuoka Softbank Hawks) Theme song
201717BLAST!"MTV VMAJ 2017 ”won the“ Best Japanese Music Group Video Award ”3 bitPeach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
Yum-Yum!Not recorded
Challenger at any timeMasahiro TanakaTheme songMasahiro Tanaka (4 people ver.)
Border PendulumNot recorded
The name of heaven(Both A sides)Yu AkuWritten by (composed unpublished music)-
You can't expect strange things ...? ♡(Both A sides)"Momokuro Club xoxo" listener voteNo. 4 (2018 survey)[183]
Trick or dream
201818Lol lol ~ Xiao Yi Xiao! ~"Crayon Shin-chan Bakusei! Kung Fu Boys ~ Ramen Dairan ~"Ending theme4 bitPeach is ten, Bancha is also flowering
Chin Tong Shan!Not recorded
GO with Bakapo!
配 信Re: Story5th album "MOMOIRO CLOVER ZThe first release of new songs for 5 consecutive months, which was pre-delivered from-MOMOIRO CLOVER Z
配 信You skipped too much !!5nd new song release for 2 consecutive months-
配 信Heaven's bullshit5nd new song release for 3 consecutive months-
配 信GODSPEED5nd new song release for 4 consecutive months-
配 信Sweet Wanderer5nd new song release for 5 consecutive months-
2019配 信Nightmare Before Catharsis"MomocloMania2019 -ROAD TO 2020- The biggest pre-opening ceremony in history"Theme song-Not recorded
19Dance pompocolin"Chibi Maruko-chan"Opening theme22 bit
Thank you song"Chibi Maruko-chan" collaboration song
Choose me! Hanawa-kun"Chibi Maruko-chan" collaboration song
20stay goldNippon Television Drama "cheat] Theme song4 bit
HOLIDAY"Momoiro Christmas 2019 ~ Winter Sky Mirror Ball ~"Theme song
2020配 信PLAY!Viewer Participation Live Broadcast "PLAY!"Theme song-
202121Moon color ChainonTheme song for the movie "Sailor Moon Crystal"[Annotation 13]

Other songs

  • Hyadain Tomokuro no Jojo Yujo (2012) --Hyadain (Maeyama Kenichi) Participate in the song
  • Blue Stardust feat. Momoiro Clover Z x Cypress Ueno and Roberto Yoshino x Dorian (2017)- Yuzo KayamaParticipate in the music of
  • Vegetable (2018) --Momokuro-chan Z ×Pico Taro Name
  • The party is now (2019)- Special effects× Momoiro Clover Z name
  • More & More feat. Momoiro Clover Z (2020)- Cypress Ueno and Robert YoshinoParticipate in the music of
  • In order to make the best everyday, attack from yourself, pay attention to the words, and proceed in a good mood. All the fun is quick and the answers are chasing after you. feat. Momoiro Clover Z & Norikuro (2021)- Noritake KinashiParticipate in the music of.Kinashi Music Connection 3Recorded in.


Major live

We are developing multiple live series with distinctly different concepts.TaiziIs a performance with four people.

One important thing in spring

It started as "an important thing for members", and from 2017 it was renewed to a live aiming for "town revitalization" in collaboration with local governments.

14.10 Nakano Sunplaza Tournament Momokuro Spring's Big Things-You were in the glare-(2011)

Akari HayamiWithdrawal live

2Momokuro Spring's Big Things 2012 ~ Yokohama Arena Rainy Day 2DAYS ~

Challenge completely different content and stage form in 2 days

3Momokuro Spring's Biggest 2013 Seibu Dome Tournament ~ Momo Peach for the Stars ~

Introducing live music by backing band

4Momokuro Spring's Big Things 2014 National Stadium Tournament ~ NEVER ENDING ADVENTURE Beyond the Dream ~

Women's group's first live at the national stadium

5Momokuro Spring's big thing 2017 in Fujimi City

The group's first collaboration with a local government.Ariyasu serves as PR ambassadorSaitamaFujimi

6Momokuro Spring's Big Things 2018 in Higashiomi City ~ The Power of Smiles Connecting Omoi ~

ShigaHigashiomi CityHeld at.Economic effect is about 5 million yen

7Momokuro Spring's Biggest 2019 in Kurobe City ~ The Power of Smiles Connecting Omoi ~

ToyamaKurobeHeld at.Economic effect is about 6 million yen

8Momokuro Spring's Biggest 2022 The Power of Smiles Connecting Omoi in Naraha / Hirono / Namie Sanmachi Joint Tournament

Initially scheduled to be held in 2020,Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionAfter being postponed twice byFukushima-J VillageWill be held in

* Since the renewal in 2017, the local government that has been the venue has signed the "~ Smiley Power Connecting Omoi ~ Regional Cooperation Agreement", and with this live as a trigger, we are promoting initiatives such as mutual name recognition, promotion of attracting customers, and promotion of products. ing[131].. A special letter of appreciation was presented at the "12th Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner's Award"

Various summer live

1Hello from summer dive 2011 paradise Gate

First large-scale outdoor live

2Momokuro Summer Stupidity SUMMER DIVE 2012 Seibu Dome Tournament

First dome performance

3WORLD SUMMER DIVE 2013.8.4 Nissan Stadium Tournament

Women's group's first live at Nissan Stadium

4Momokuro Summer Stupidity 2014 Nissan Stadium Tournament ~ Momojin Festival ~

Produce a "Japanese festival" with festival groups gathered from all over the country

5Tojinsai 2015 Ecopa Stadium Tournament

A triumphant return live in Shizuoka, the hometown of Kanako Momota

6Momojin Festival 2016 ~ Onigashima ~

The culmination of the third year of the "Peach God Festival"

7Momokuro Summer Stupid 2017 -FIVE THE COLOR Road to 2020- Ajinomoto Stadium Tournament

The theme is "fusion of music and sports" with the Tokyo Olympics in mind.

8MomocloMania2018 -Road to 2020-

Same as above. Mainly collaboration with X sports (extreme sports)

9MomocloMania2019 -ROAD TO 2020- The biggest pre-opening ceremony in history

Same as above.Support battle with Japanese traditional butoh, cheerleading and marching band

10Peach black Hello from the summer of foolish turmoil 2020 the delivery destination

Live streaming live of no audience who rented out the resort facility

Momoiro Christmas

Live showing the culmination of one year's activities

1Momoiro Christmas in Japan Youth Center ~ Moulting: DAPPI ~(2010)

First hall concert

2Momoiro Christmas 2011 Saitama Super Arena Tournament

First arena concert

3Momoiro Christmas 2012 Saitama Super Arena Tournament

First 2 Days at Christmas Live

4White Hot Blizzard Momoiro Christmas 2013 Beautiful frigid world

Seibu Dome Live with a minimum temperature of 4 ℃.Live at the National Stadium was announced at the end

5Momoiro Christmas 2014 Saitama Super Arena Tournament ~ Shining Snow Story ~

Musical tailoring."Smile" is the theme after receiving a speech by Momota at the National Stadium

6Momoiro Christmas 2015 ~ Beautiful Survivors ~

Ski resort live at minimum temperature minus 1.4 ℃

7Momoiro Christmas 2016 ~ Midwinter Sun Sun Summer Time ~

The theme is "every summer," which is the opposite of the previous year, with the temperature setting inside the venue raised like summer.

8Momoiro Christmas 2017 ~ Perfect Electric Wonderland ~

Global drummerJimbo AkiraAnd session

9Momoiro Christmas 2018 DIAMOND PHILHARMONY -The Real Deal-

The last "Momokuri" in Heisei, which delivered sound with a total of 35 orchestras

10Momoiro Christmas 2019 ~ Winter Sky Mirror Ball ~

Reiwa's first Christmas live.The theme is "Fusion of Showa Retro and Contemporary Entertainment"

Main tour

1Momoiro Clover Z JAPAN TOUR 2013 "5TH DIMENSION"

CustomaryAtsushi SasakiA large-scale live performance directed by a person other than. Reproduce the world view of the 2nd album

2Momoiro Clover Z JAPAN TOUR 2013 "GOUNN"

Reproduce the world view of the single "GOUNN" with the concept of "reincarnation"


The first dome tour.Perform solo performances such as piano and tap dance during the song

4Momoiro Clover Z Japan Tour "Youth"(2017-2018)

A feeling of scale opposite to the dome tour of the previous year, a tour of 47 prefectures that goes around halls nationwide

○○ Festival

Live with a limited audience of men, women, parents and children

1Momokuro Autumn's two major festivals "Men's Festival 2" and "Women's Festival 2011"
2Momokuro Autumn's two major festivals "Men's Festival 2 -Dynamism-" "Women's Festival 2012 -Girl's Imagination-"
3Momokuro no Kodomo Matsuri 2012 ~ Good boys get together! ~
4Momokuro Children's Festival 2013 ~ Protect! Everyone's Tobu Zoo Fight! Momoiro Animal Z! ~
5Women's Festival 2014 ~ Ristorante da MCZ ~
6Men's Festival 2015 in Taishofu

Dazaifu TenmanguuguA special stage in front of the main shrine is also used

7Momokuro Parent and Child Festival 2015

Blu-ray / DVD has not been released

8Children's festival 2017

Blu-ray / DVD has not been releasedHuluExclusive distribution at

9Ayaka Sasaki Summer Partition Women's Festival(2018)

Limited to fan clubs. Blu-ray / DVD has not been released

10Men's Festival 2019 Osaka Autumn Team

Limited to fan clubs. Blu-ray / DVD has not been released

10th anniversary live

* For the time series up to the 10th anniversary of the formation,Momokuro Live History! See

Other live series


Famous music festivals, etc.

Police related events

Metropolitan Police DepartmentThen, since 2016, we have a deep connection with the group, such as inviting the orphans of the incident / accident to the large-scale live performances of Momoiro Clover Z in the summer and winter.[184].. Since being appointed as a traffic safety public relations ambassador (commonly known as the Metropolitan Police Department traffic anzetter) in 2019, each member has been responsible for disseminating information on the traffic safety information site "TOKYO SAFETY ACTION".[185].

The following are events where all the members appeared.

  • "Motorcycle Traffic Accident Prevention Campaign" sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department (2013)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department "Autumn National Road Safety Campaign" Poster (2013)
  • "140th Anniversary Event of Police Box Installation" sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department (2014)
  • "Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department 140th Anniversary Special Exhibition" Cheering Party (2014)
  • "Dangerous Drug Eradication Metropolitan Tournament" sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department (2015)
  • "Community Safety TOKYO Campaign-STOP Railroad Crime-" sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department (2015)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department "Dangerous Drug Eradication / Expulsion of Boryokudan Toshima Ward Citizens' Rally" (2016)
  • "Traffic Safety Declaration City Setagaya Citizens' Gathering" sponsored by the police station in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo (2017)
  • "Campaign to eradicate crimes such as molestation and violence in stations and trains" sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department Machida Police Station (2017)
  • Metropolitan Police Department "Year-end Community Safety Activities" Poster (2017)
  • Kyoto Prefectural Police, Osaka Prefectural Police, Hyogo Prefectural Police "Z that does not allow automobile-related crimes!" Poster (2017)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department 3rd Mobile Task Force, Tamagawa Police Station sponsored "Terrorism Countermeasures Joint Training" (2018)
  • "Traffic Safety Nerima Ward Citizens' Gathering" sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department Hikarigaoka Police Department (2018)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department "Autumn National Road Safety Campaign" Poster (2019/2020)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department "Spring National Road Safety Campaign" Poster (2020/2021)
  • Metropolitan Police Department Traffic Police Dispatch Ceremony (2020)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department "Autumn National Road Safety Campaign" Poster (2020)
  • Sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department "Momokuro's driver STOP will stop accidents!" (2020)
  • "Pipo-kun and Momokuro Traffic Safety Class" sponsored by the Metropolitan Police Department (2021)

tv set


Film and stage



Main staff

  • Ryoji Fujishita (President and CEO of Stardust Promotion) --Sister GroupPrivate Ebisu Junior High SchoolAlso known as the "Chairman" of.従兄弟はCousinTHE ALFEE OfKonosuke Sakazaki
  • Akira Kawakami (Executive Officer of Stardust Promotion) ――Since its formation, he has played the role of chief executive officer in terms of management while being a manager. With the transfer in the spring of 2015, he officially became the title of producer, but he also serves as a manager. 「週末ヒロイン」というキャッチコピーの発案者The creator of the catch phrase "Weekend Heroine"[189]
  • Atsushi Sasaki(FILM Design Works) ――Responsible for the overall production of major live performances.Live Blu-ray / DVD and "Momokuro Chan ~ Momoiro Clover Z Channel ~』Direction
  • Junnosuke Miyamoto(King Record) --The label to which the group belongs "EVIL LINE RECORDSIs the chief executive officerA & RConducting music production as chief director[190]..改名後のグループ名、ももいろクローバーGroup name after renaming, Momoiro CloverZInventor of[191]
  • Yumi Ishikawa(Stardust Promotion) --A choreographer who has been in charge of all the songs of the group since its formation (another choreographer has joined since 2018)
  • Mio Okada --One of the voice trainers
  • Morimichi Sato (Stardust Music Publishing) --Controlling the direction of musicA & RIn charge.かつてOnceHMVHe was the deputy manager of the Shibuya store, and was scouted by the office when the store closed, partly because he set up a special corner for Momokuro, which was unknown at the time.
  • Tomomi Furuya (Stardust Promotion) --- Manager and has been managing the site with Akira Kawakami since its formation.

Mascot character

  • Momotan- peachIt has the shape ofClick, MouthThe filtrateCharacter
  • Momori Kobuta-A stuffed pig. Information is sent on Twitter with the account of the same name.名前の由来は、「中の人」である大The origin of the name is "the person in the middle"WoodsWith Aki (Stardust Promotion)PeachesKuro, IbeRico pigMultiply

Units within a group

His songs include "Single bed is small" and "Ring the Bell".Since they are especially close friends in the group, they have also held a concert titled "Momotamai Marriage (Kon)" in the situation where they get married.
  • Ayataka (Ayaka Sasaki+To Takagi)
  • Ayakako (Ayaka Sasaki + Kanako Momota)
  • Ta line (Reni Takagi + Shiori Tamai)
  • Momotakagi (Kanako Momota + Reni Takagi)
  • Rinrin (Ayaka Sasaki + Shiori Tamai)


  • Business book
    • "Momokuro Insane Business Studies-47 Philosophy Overturning Common Sense in the Idol World"(year 2018)- ISBN-978 4847097478
  • document
  • Stakeholder essay
    • Akira Kawakami(manager)"What I told 5 people in the Momokuro style What I learned from 5 people"(year 2014)- ISBN-978 4822275792
    • Akira Kawakami (Producer and Manager) "Momokuro Road Aiming with 5 people"(year 2016)-ISBN-978 4822238636
    • Akira Kawakami (Producer and Manager) "Momokuro Kai 4 people and a new future"(year 2018)-ISBN-978 4822256838
    • Kazuhiro Kojima"Momokuro Type Record Momoiro Clover Z Official Reporter Chasing Report 2011-2013』- ISBN-978 4022619464(paperback)
    • Kazuhiro Kojima "Momoiro Clover Z Official Reporter Inside Report 2013-2015』- ISBN-978 4022619471(paperback)
    • Kazuhiro Kojima "Momokuro Ginyu Roku Momoiro Clover Z Official Reporter Inside Report 2015-2016』- ISBN-978 4022619518(paperback)
    • Kazuhiro Kojima "Momokuro Original Record Momoiro Clover Z Official Reporter Inside Report 2016-2017』- ISBN-978 4022619525(paperback)
    • Kazuhiro Kojima "Momoiro Clover Z Official Reporter Inside Report 2017-2018』- ISBN-978 4022515612
    • Kazuhiro Kojima "Momokuro Seishunroku Momoiro Clover Z Official Reporter Inside Report 2018-2019』- ISBN-978 4022516282
    • Kazuhiro Kojima "Momokuro's lunch box and peace』- CoronaOfficial reporter inside report at.ISBN-978 4847070167
    • Yumi Ishikawa(Choreographer)"Everyone has the drawback of turning into individuality someday"(year 2015)- ISBN-978 4800240095
  • comment
    • Shinichi Anzai (Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo) "The secret of Momokuro's aesthetics"(year 2013)- ISBN-978 4331516997
    • Ryusuke Seike (Assistant Professor, Waseda University), Eisuke Kirihara (Editor-in-Chief of "IT Criticism") "Momokuro Theory Swimsuit and Thorn Contradiction"(year 2013)- ISBN-978 4408593999
    • Koji Horino (music critic) "Listen to Momokuro!ももいろクローバーZ 10周年 全193曲 コンプリート解説Momoiro Clover Z XNUMXth Anniversary All XNUMX songs complete commentary"(year 2018)- ISBN-978 4990880156
    • Yoichi Yoshiike "Momoiro Clover Z Strongest Legend ☆ Let's Go! Momokuro Full Power Episode BOOK(2012) --Written by fans from the street live era.ISBN-978 4884697457
  • Comic


[How to use footnotes]

注 釈

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  5. ^ So Suzuki, the president of the institute, is in charge of the analysis, and as of 2017,Ari AnkaThe target is the voices of five people at the time of enrollment.
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