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👩‍🎤 | Kazumi Nanba, Dekami Paipai, Go Yoshida, Atsushi Sasaki "BAR 2021 Shimotsuki who can fully talk about idols" is now available!


Kazumi Nanba, Dekami Paipai, Go Yoshida, Atsushi Sasaki "BAR 2021 Shimotsuki who can fully talk about idols" is now available!

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Monday, November 2021, 11 [Cast] Kazumi Nanba, Dekami Paipai, Go Yoshida, Atsushi Sasaki * We welcome your comments.

The popular "BAR where you can fully talk about idols" will be held twice in the past.At the venue Loft Plus One.now… → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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Nankai Ikkai

Nanba Ikkai(Namba Kazumi,1978 May 10 -) is JapaneseMusic writer,ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン.PENGUIN DISCPresident.


□□□ era (1998-2008)

1998 years,Waseda BusinessClassmate fromYasushi Miuraと□□□ (Kuchiroro)Formed. Withdrawal in 2008 due to personal reasons[1].

Music writer

After leaving, started working as a music writer. □□□ era CD releasedAtsushi SasakiBelonging to HEADZ led by, involved in editing "Hearphone", and "Music magazineHe reviewed music, movies, etc. in music magazines such as "CD Journal" and "HiVi".

Momoiro Clover ZSince the advent of, music magazines have taken up idols, especially from CD journals about idols (especially).Hello! Project) Has been focused on work, and it is said that the number of non-idol jobs has decreased in other media as well.[2].

From January 2012,Tower RecordPresident'sMineo WakiAnd the online program "Nanba Ikkai's idol SanboboStart.Introducing the songs of idols that exist all over the country (regular times), and having long talks with guests (special edition).Derived from the same programCompilation albumAsJapan Idol File(2013),Hello! I've collected from all the songs in the project!(2014),Japan Idol File 2』(2015) and other projects were born.

Sometimes I host an idol eventToAt the beginning of the formation, lectures on idols with members as students "OTOTOYIdol Lab ",Kayo NoroAct as MC withLocal idol"Local Idol Backorder Picture Book", "Winning Tournament"Yoshikawa friendDo you want to be interviewed regularly? " As of 2018, while holding a talk event "Hear Hear of Nanba Ikkai" with idols as guests at ROCK CAFE LOFT,Yoshida Go,Yusuke Koide(Base Ball Bear),Kiyomi KobayashiEvents with are also held irregularly.

On May 2016, 5, the first single book "Heroine Tachi no Uta" (music publisher), which summarizes interviews with idol song writers, was released.[3].

August 2016, 7,Tower RecordThe idol label "PENGUIN DISCAnnounced to launch.As the first artistHakoiri ♡ Musume,Peach sugar snow,RYUTistBelonged to[4].. RYUTist "Dreaming Hanakoji" (included in the album "Yanagito Geiko")[5],Yanagi ♡ Box (RYUTist and Hakoiri ♡ Musume)"Friends'[6] OfMusic video, And "Friends" is also in charge of writing the lyrics.


Father is a cartoonistTakamo GenWas announced in 2016[7]..IsakuChief of PoliceIs the original drama "This Motoike Station]Kago AiHe said he thought his father was a great person when he saw him appearing.Before my father died, I also worked as an assistant[8].

Yasushi Miura[1]And Atsushi Sasaki[9]It is called "Nan-chan" from.

Since childhoodGravure idolIs a fan ofAKB48Became interested in idol songs after he appeared in gravure.An idol commentary written with half-hearted knowledge states that fans have been switching on since the barrage of fire, going live every day, and buying CDs until they run out of money.[10].

Indie idol,Local idolMany of the sound sources are CDs that are not distributed nationwide, so they have a good reputation for collecting idol songs that have visited live venues nationwide. When I selected "Japan Idol File 2015" in 2, I have collected nearly 3 indie idol and local idol songs in the last three years, and some of them are from the idol world.Kunio YanagitaIt is called[11].. In 2015, 1 CDs (including CD-R) and 600 songs were collected in one year.[12]..I once explained to Sasaki that "going to an idol scene and buying a CD-R is the same as buying a hip-hop mixtape."[9].

Berryz Kobo"Berryz Kobo Concert Tour 2013 Spring in Bangkok",BELLRING Shoujo Heart"Taiwan Happy Tour",Morning Musume. '14Participated in overseas performances of idols such as New York performances and released local reports[13].

In the interview with the idol himself, he did not actively ask questions about the song because the answers returned did not look very different from those asked by other interviewers, but instead interviewed the writer who made the song. Came to do[14].


Go Yoshida with himselfRoman YukoNames Nanba as a credible idol writer[15].. The reason is that "there is no narrow view of'listening only to idols'" and "buying a CD more than the manuscript fee makes the statement more convincing."

Hideomi TanakaIt is,Yuichiro KuriharaIn a conversation with "Go Yoshida-Kazumi Nanba-" T-Palette(A record label specializing in idols established by Ikuo Minewaki) ”It is decided by the triangle.”[16]He said that the story came out, and pointed out that Nanba has an authoritative position in the idol criticism.



Provide music

  • Yanagi ♡ Box (RYUTist and Hakoiri ♡ Musume) "Friends』――Lyrics
  • RYUTist"Never let me back"-Lyrics[19]


Single Author

  • "Heroines' Song" Music Publisher <CD Journal Mook> (Original May 2016, 5).ISBN 978-4861711527 .
    • A book version of the CD journal WEB serialization "Heroines' Song."

Co-authored and participated as a writer

  • Go Yoshida,Kazunori Harada, Kazumi Nanba "Idol Song Chronicle 2002-2012"Music magazine<Music Magazine Special Edition> (Original work August 2012, 8).ASIN B008MADULG.
  • "HELLO! PROJECT COMPLETE SINGLE BOOK" Music publisher <CD Journal Mook> (Original work November 2013, 11).ISBN 978-4861711091 .
  • "HELLO! PROJECT COMPLETE ALBUM BOOK" Music publisher <CD Journal Mook> (Original work March 2015, 3).ISBN 978-4861711343 .
  • "Post-Lock Disc Guide" Shinko Music (Original May 2015, 5).ISBN 978-4401641437 .
  • Sayashi Riho"Decision of 17 years old" Wanibooks (Original work March 2016, 3).ISBN 978-4847048265 . --In charge of the interviewer
  • "Hello! Project Hello! Project x I have collected all the interviews of the CD journal!" Music publisher <CD Journal Mook> (Original May 2017, 5).ISBN 978-4861711640 . --Interview with Hello! Project members conducted by Nanba in "CD Journal" magazine from 2011 to 2016Naka GAll manga by[20].

Current regular / serialization

Internet broadcasting

WEB serialization

  • The songs of the heroines.Hit the key person of the idol song directly! (CD journal)[21]


#Performance dateGuestRemarks
12018/6/19Beni Usakura (Avandoned,APOKALIPPPS)
22018/7/3Niko Sao (Kumari Department Store)
32018/9/15Maina Minamibata
42018/10/13Susuki here (SAKA-SAMA)
52018/11/29Mihara Sea (tipToe.)
62019/1/14Nako Yuu (Qumali Depart)
72019/2/18EMOEThere is a mini live
82019/4/9Amemiya Mirai (NaNoMoRaL)
Business trip version2019/5/7Mizuho Asakura(ATOMIC MINISTRY)Held at LOFT9, with mini live
in loft heaven2019/9/11Himeno tamaHeld at LOFT HEAVEN, with mini live
2020/4/6Kyoko Yunagi (Only for a moment)No spectators held at LOFT9, paid delivery available
2020/5/17Rinako AsiuHeld remotely.Mini-live (from Ashiuki's home) Paid delivery available
2020/6/21Rinako AsiuNo spectators held at LOFT9, paid delivery available
2020/9/18KaiHeld at LOFT9, no delivery
2020/10/5Mani Mamiya(Ya mute gently mute)Held at LOFT9, with paid distribution
2020/11/16Aiuemasiko (APOKALIPPPS)
2020/12/15Pink(Yanakoto softly mute)Held at Flowers Loft, with paid distribution
2021/1/5Pooh Louis(PIGGS)Held at LOFT9, with paid distribution
2021/2/1Mariri Okutsu(Philosophy Dance)No spectators held at LOFT9, paid delivery available
2021/2/18Mikiti Genuine(Nichome No Sakaki coming out)
Extra edition roundtable discussion "Hiahia"2021/3/8Beautiful,Yukkyun,Mizuno ShizuLOFT HEAVEN holds no audience, with paid distribution
2021/4/11BeautifulHeld at LOFT9, with paid distribution
2021/5/5Maria Sato(Philosophy no Dance)
2021/5/22Kana NakanishiROCK CAFE LOFT with non-audience delivery and paid delivery
2021/6/12YukkyunHeld at LOFT9, with paid distribution
2021/7/10Ayumi HiroseHeld at LOFT9, with paid distribution
  • Kagaku Hanno (2019-) *EMOEIn charge of talk MC at the sponsored live & talk event (excluding some times)
  • BAR (LOFT9 Shibuya, 2020-) appearance, Kazumi Nanba, who can fully talk about idolsBeautiful, Go Yoshida, Atsushi Sasaki
  • Nanba Ikkai hear / here (LOFT HEAVEN, 2021-) * No audience, free delivery.In contrast to "Hiahia of Nanba Ikkai", which welcomes idols as guests, we welcome non-idols as guests.
#Performance datesubtitleGuest
12021/6/4Editing by Natalie Satoshi Mochizuki and "Shibuya-kei frenzy"Satoshi Mochizuki (Music natalie)
22021/6/11Band itinerary and "Free design: Introduction" from Sally Kubota
32021/6/18RYUTist Music production and Furumachi to hear from Hiroaki AbeHiroaki Abe (RYUTistOperation)
42021/6/25Rap and idol to ask valkneevalknee
52021/7/13Track make and sound source dig to hear from Amane Uyama
62021/9/3Rap and new wave gal to ask Haruko Tajima
72021/9/10Music activity and name change to hear from Mr. FeniHmm Feni
82021/9/17Trash-Up !! Listen to Records Magazine and label managementTRASH-UP !! RECORDS(Scrap mountain scrap man, Mayumi Shimada)
92021/9/30Photographs and writings from Ichiko UemotoIchiko Uemoto

Past appearances / magazine publication

Magazine publication

  • HiVi (published by stereo sound)
  • CD journal (music publisher)
    • "Idol Attrition Warfare" (July 2011 issue-May / June 7 merged issue)[24]
  • SWITCH (issued by Switch Publishing)
  • bounce (Tower Records free magazine)
  • MARQUEE (published by Marquee Incorporated)
  • Idol Frontline 2015 (Yosensha MOOK, 2015.2)
  • Monthly ENTAME (Tokuma bookstore) "Ikuo Minewaki and Ikuo Minewaki's Idol 2015 Bunch EN" (January 1 issue-February 2019 issue)
  • BUBKA(Byakuyashobo) "Live Idol a go go !!" (June 2013 issue-May 6 issue)

TV, radio

  • "Local Idol Backorder Picture Book" (BS SKY PerfecTV!, 2013)
  • "Local Idol Order Picture Book Chapter 2014" (BS SKY PerfecTV !, XNUMX)
  • "Rank kingdom』(TBS TV)
    • June 2013, 6, December 1, 2014 "Top 12 local idols to watch"
    • January 2016, 1 "9 Featured Live Idol Ranking"
  • "Channel live rotation TV All Zap!(BS SKY PerfecTV !, April 2015, 4-)SKY PerfecTV!Appeared irregularly (mainly on Thursdays) as a watcher.
  • "Go raji!』(NHK No. 1, Last Thursday of every month 16:06-) From April 2015 to February 4, in charge of the "Idol Information Bureau" corner (previous program "Afternoon Mariyaju』Continued from)
  • "Hyadain's "Galpop!"』(NHK-FM, Every other Saturday 21:00 --22:00)
    During winter / summer special broadcastsYusuke Koide(Base Ball Bear) And appear as a special guest every time.
    From April 2018, 4, in charge of the corner "Wanpaku CD-R" that introduces rare sound sources according to the change of broadcast time and time expansion (14 minutes → 45 minutes) of regular broadcast times[25].

Internet broadcasting

  • "Ayami Mutou's first appearance on Nico Nico Live !! 2014 Review Special" (Nico Nico Live Broadcasting, December 2014, 12)
  • "George's Rock and Roll Press Conference << Idol Roundtable >>" (showroom April 2015, 4)
  • "Midnight Nyago" (Hodokyoku 24(Until January 2016NOTTVBut broadcast), April 2015, 4-March 7, 2017)
    At the beginning of the program, the second half of the idol introduction corner ("N Palette Records""[Note 1]Only in the corner), he often appeared on the phone, but he will appear from the opening as a listener of the main MC, Yusuke Koide.Koide sometimes acted as the main MC when he was absent for work production and live tours.

WEB posting

  • HELLO! PROJECT official column "HELLO! Navi Haronavi"[26]
  • Nanba Ikkai's Looking for the Perfect Song (LoGiRL)[27]


Music video

  • RYUTist
    • "Dreaming Hanakoji" (July 2017, 7) (‭2017-07-26))[28] - directed by[5]
    • "Aozora Signal" (April 2018, 4) (‭2018-04-27))[29] - directed by[30]
    • `` Twilight Diary'' (November 2018, 11) (‭2018-11-12))[31] - directed by[32]
    • "Worry" (November 2018, 11) (‭2018-11-19))[33] - directed by[34]
    • "In love with Majime" (July 2019, 7) (‭2019-07-10))[35] - directed by[36]
    • "Surely the beginning season" (October 2019, 10) (‭2019-10-25))[37] - directed by[38]
  • Yanagi ♡ Box (RYUTist and Hakoiri ♡ Musume)


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注 釈

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