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👩‍🎤 | Morning Musume. '21, Masaki Sato's last participating single details announced!Sato "I challenged with the feeling of returning to the beginning"

Photo Morning Musume. '21, Masaki Sato's last participating single details announced!Sato "I challenged with the feeling of returning to the beginning"

Morning Musume. '21, Masaki Sato's last participating single details announced!Sato "I challenged with the feeling of returning to the beginning"

If you write the contents roughly
In the NEW single, we will show the culmination of 14 people and at the same time a new Morning Musume.

Morning Musume. '21 is the 70th new single "Teenage Solution / Yoshiyoshi ..." → Continue reading


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Morning Musume.

BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

Morning Musume.(Morning daughter, English:Morning Musume., Chinese:Morning Musume group.) IsJapanWomanvocal&ダンスIs a group[3][4]. My office isUpfront promotion(Former Upfront Agency).Hello! Project(The following is Hello! Project).


1997 In 9 monthTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd."ASAYANThe audition project of ""Sharam Q Rock Vocalist AuditionFormed by five people selected from the losers of "", the indie CD single "Seeds of loveMade a major debut by achieving the condition of selling out 5 copies in 5 days.[5][6].

The abbreviation is "Mo Musume."(Momusu). "Daughter.It may be abbreviated as "(daughter)".In addition, members and OG etc.MorningOften called.

Regarding the official name, after January 2014, 1, "Morning Musume." Is followed by the last two digits of the Christian era to make "Morning Musume.'○○" (Example: "Morning Musume. '1". 』).For reading, read "Morning Musume" in English, followed by the 2th and 22st places in the Christian era (example: "Morning Musume. '10", "Morning Musume to Too".[7]).

The creator of the group wrote and composed almost all songsSound producer[Annotation 2] OfTsunku♂(Sharan Q) Works.1998 1 of the monthmajor debutReleased fromSingleAll works ofOriconIn the top 10 of the weekly CD sales ranking, other than 3 works are in the top 5[Annotation 3],in the past"NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen"Has been active for more than 10 years from the establishment of the group to the present, such as participating in the group for 20 consecutive years.[4][9]..In addition, there are fans outside of Japan, and they also hold overseas live performances and events.[10][11].

Morning Musume.of"History""Work / appearance""Video work""Member auditionFor "", refer to the link of the separate "Child Article"



NameNicknameDate of Birth[5]
(Current age)
Blood Type[5]Birth Place[5]Join date
(Subscription period)
Image colorColor typeNotices[5]
Mizuki Fukumura /Mizuki Fukumura
(Mizuki Fukumura)
Mizu ☆ Pon
Chan only
(25 years old)
OTokyo Metropolitan area/Tokyo2011 0October02 days
(9st term)
Hot pink[12]
yuanHalo pro egg
Ikuta Erina /Irina Ikuta
(Erina Ikuta)
1997 0October07 days
(24 years old)
A typeFukuoka province/FukuokaYellowish green[13][Annotation 4]
sub leader[2]
Ayumi Ishida /Ayumi Ishida
(Ayumi Ishida)
1997 0October07 days
(25 years old)
OMiyagi Ken /Miyagi2011 0May 9
(10st term)
Royal Blue[14]
sub leader
Odasakura /Sakura Oda
さ く ら
Sakura scallions
1999 0May 3
(22 years old)
A typeKanagawa Prefecture/Kanagawa2012 0May 9
(11st term)
yuanHello Project Trainee
Miki NakaMiki Nonaka
(Miki Naka)
1999/1007 days
(22 years old)
A typeShizuoka Ken /Shizuoka2014 0May 9
(12st term)
Maria Makino /Mari Makino
(Makino Maria)
Maria2001 0October02 days
(20 years old)
A typeAichi Prefecture/Aichipink[17][Annotation 5]
Former Hello Pro Kenshuusei
Akane Haga /Akane Haga
(Akane Haga)
Akane Haga
2002 0October07 days
(19 years old)
ONagano/NaganoOrange[18][Annotation 6]
Former Hello Pro Kenshuusei
Kaede /Kaede Kaga
(22 years old)
A typeTokyo Metropolitan area/Tokyo2016/12/12
(13st term)
Italian red[19]
Former Hello Pro Kenshuusei
Reina Yokoyama /Reina Yokoyama
(Yokoyama Reina)
Yokoyama2001 0May 2
(20 years old)
OSaitama prefecture/SaitamaGold yellow[19]
Former Hello Pro Kenshuusei
Morito Chisaki /Chisaki Morito
(Morito Chisaki)
2000 0May 2
(21 years old)
A typeTochigi Ken /Tochigi2017 0May 6
(14st term)
yuanCountry girls
(Concurrent post until December 2019, 12)
Kitagawa Rio /Rio Kitagawa
(Kitagawa Rio)
Onchan2004 0May 3
(17 years old)
OTokyo Metropolitan area/Tokyo2019 0May 6
(15st term)
Sea blue[22]
Homare Okamura /Homare Okamura
(Homare Okamura)
2005 0October09 days
(16 years old)
A typeTokyo Metropolitan area/TokyoDaisy[22]
Mei Yamazaki /Aio Yamazaki
(Mei Yamazaki)
2005 0May 6
(16 years old)
Type BHokkaido /HokkaidoBright green[22]
Former Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido

Past members

Morning Musume.So, officially leaving the group is called "graduation" or "withdrawal."This announcement is made through mass media such as announcements on the official website and press conferences, and the final performance schedule at the concert has been communicated to fans for some time.It has been officially announced that Fukuda to Ichii will withdraw,The term graduation is used from the time of Nakazawa's withdrawal as a positive meaning that does not remind us of a negative image.[Source required]It became so.

Morning Musume.After "graduation" or "withdrawal" of, the entertainment activity is suspended or stopped, or the member who is enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo or other group and continues the entertainment activity, the same office and affiliated office while away from Hello! There are also members who belong to and continue performing arts activities.

Before Goto, the announcement of graduation (withdrawal) was about one to two months before graduation, but after Yasuda, who announced graduation at the same time as Goto, it was six months to one year ago.After the announcement of Konno and Ogawa's graduation, the tendency became shorter than before, and it was held about two and a half to four months ago, but after the announcement of Takahashi's graduation, it was about half a year (four and a half to nine months). ) It was longer than before, and after the announcement of Sayashi's graduation (excluding Kudo, who was seven and a half months old), it was slightly shorter, about two to four months ago.However, the exceptions are Yaguchi and Fujimoto, who have withdrawn, and Mitsui, who has decided to graduate in a hurry.

Past members are called "Morning Musume. OG"[23][24].

List of graduation / withdrawal members

  • By default, they are arranged in order of graduation / withdrawal date. Click the sort button in the "Graduation / Withdrawal Date" column to return to the original order.
  • The "Name" column is sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Members are called "○ period" depending on the time of entry[25].
  • The first member's "date of joining" is an official document and is Morning Musume.It was set to September 1, 1997, which is the date of formation of (Applicable section belowSee also). The "date of joining" of the members after the second term is described later.Transition chronologyAccording to the date of.
  • The "Age at enrollment" column displays "Age at enrollment-Age at graduation (at the time of withdrawal)".Also, all ages in the tableFull age.
  • If the "image color" has not been officially announced, the members who have been enrolled since the concert tour in the spring of 2005 will use the color of the official concert goods, and the members who have graduated by then will see the moviePinch runnerI wore it inJerseyColor[26]It is described with reference to.
NameDate of Birth
(Current age)
Blood TypeBirth PlaceJoin date[12]
(Subscription period)
Graduation / withdrawal date[12]
(Announcement date)
Venue of graduation performance
At the time of enrollment
Number of days enrolledImage colorColor typeEnrollment status at Hello! Project
Asuka Fukuda /Asuka Fukuda
(Asuka Fukuda)
(37 years old)
Type BTokyo Metropolitan area/Tokyo1997 0May 9
(1st term)
1999 0May 4
(1999 1 年 月 日 17)
Tokyo Welfare Pension Hall
1208 months 28 days-1404 months 01 days0581 days
(1 years 7 months and 4 days)
N/AN/AAt the same time, Hello! Project graduated
(At the same time, entertainment activities are also suspended[Annotation 7])
Aya Ishiguro /Aya Ishiguro
(Aya Ishiguro)
1978 0May 5
(43 years old)
A typeHokkaido /Hokkaido2000 0October07 days
(1999 12 年 月 日 5)
Osaka Welfare Pension Hall
1904 months 02 days-2107 months 26 days0845 days
(2 years 3 months and 24 days)
N/AN/AAt the same time, Hello! Project graduated
(At the same time, entertainment activities are also suspended[Annotation 8])
Ichii Sayaka /Sayaka Ichii
(Sayaka Ichii)
(38 years old)
A typeChiba Prefecture/Chiba1998 0October03 days
(2st term)
2000 0May 5
(2000 5 年 月 日 7)
Nippon Budokan
1404 months 02 days-1604 months 20 days0749 days
(2 years and 18 days)
sky blue
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated
(At the same time, entertainment activities are also suspended[Annotation 9])
Yuko Nakazawa /Yuko Nakazawa
(Yuko Nakazawa)
1973 0May 6
(48 years old)
OToday /Kyoto1997 0May 9
(1st term)
2001 0May 4
(2001 3 年 月 日 7)
Osaka Castle Hall
2402 months 26 days-2709 months 27 days1309 days
(3 years 7 months and 1 days)
Deep green[Note 1]
Enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo
March 2009, 3 Graduated from Hello! Project[Note 2]
Goto Maki /Goto Maki
(Maki Goto)
1985 0May 9
(36 years old)
OTokyo Metropolitan area/Tokyo1999 0May 8
(3st term)
2002 0May 9
(2002 7 年 月 日 31)
Yokohama Arena
1310 months 30 days-1700 months 00 days1128 days
(3 years 1 months and 1 days)
Enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo
March 2007, 10 Graduated from Hello! Project
Kei Yasuda /Kei Yasuda
(Kei Yasuda)
1980/1206 days
(41 years old)
A typeChiba Prefecture/Chiba1998 0October03 days
(2st term)
2003 0October05 days
(2002 7 年 月 日 31)
Saitama Super Arena
1704 months 27 days-2204 months 29 days1828 days
(5 years and 2 days)
Light pink
Enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo
March 2009, 3 Graduated from Hello! Project[Note 2]
Natsumi Abe /Natsumi Abe
(Abe Natsumi)
1981 0May 8
(40 years old)
A typeHokkaido /Hokkaido1997 0May 9
(1st term)
2004 0May 1
(2003 7 年 月 日 27)
Yokohama Arena
1601 months 04 days-2205 months 15 days2324 days
(6 years 4 months and 11 days)
Enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo
March 2009, 3 Graduated from Hello! Project[Note 2]
Nozomi Tsuji /Nozomi Tsuji
(Nozomi Tsuji)
1987 0May 6
(34 years old)
OTokyo Metropolitan area/Tokyo2000 0May 4
(4st term)
2004 0October01 days
(2004 1 年 月 日 3)
Yoyogi First Gymnasium
1209 months 30 days-1701 months 15 days1568 days
(4 years 3 months and 16 days)
N/A[Note 3]N/AWEnrolled in Hello! Project as a member
Moved to solo in March 2007 due to cancellation of blessing contract
March 2009, 3 Graduated from Hello! Project[Note 2]
Kago Ai /Kago Ai
(Ai Kago)
1988 0October07 days
(33 years old)
AB typeNara /Nara1202 months 09 days-1605 months 25 daysN/A[Note 4]N/AWEnrolled in Hello! Project as a member
Withdrawal due to contract cancellation in March 2007
Kaori Iida /Kaori Iida
(Kaori Iida)
1981 0October08 days
(40 years old)
A typeHokkaido /Hokkaido1997 0May 9
(1st term)
2005 0May 1
(2004 5 年 月 日 23)
Yokohama Arena
1601 months 06 days-2305 months 22 days2695 days
(7 years 4 months and 16 days)
Navy blue
Enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo
March 2009, 3 Graduated from Hello! Project[Note 2]
Mari Yaguchi /Mari Yaguchi
(Mari Yaguchi)
1983 0May 1
(38 years old)
A typeKanagawa Prefecture/Kanagawa1998 0October03 days
(2st term)
2005 0May 4
(2005 4 年 月 日 14)
No graduation performance[Note 5]
1503 months 13 days-2202 months 25 days2538 days
(6 years 11 months and 11 days)
(Pinch runner)
→ Light purple
(Spring 2005)
Enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo
March 2009, 3 Graduated from Hello! Project[Note 2]
Ishikawa /Ishikawa Rika
1985 0May 1
(36 years old)
A typeKanagawa Prefecture/Kanagawa2000 0May 4
(4st term)
2005 0October07 days
(2004 5 年 月 日 23)
Nippon Budokan
1502 months 28 days-2003 months 18 days1847 days
(5 years and 21 days)
Deep pink
BiyudenEnrolled in Hello! Project as a member
Moved to solo with the dissolution of Biyuden in July 2008
March 2009, 3 Graduated from Hello! Project[Note 2]
Kon Asami /Konno Asami
(Kon no Asami)
1987 0October07 days
(34 years old)
Type BHokkaido /Hokkaido2001 0May 8
(5st term)
2006 0May 7
(2006 4 年 月 日 28)
Yoyogi First Gymnasium
1403 months 19 days-1902 months 16 days1792 days
(4 years 10 months and 27 days)
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated
Returned to Hello! Project as a solo on July 2007, 7
Graduated from Hello! Project again on March 2009, 3[Note 2]
Makoto Ogawa /Makoto Ogawa
(Makoto Ogawa)
(34 years old)
ONiigata Prefecture/Niigata2006 0May 8
(2006 4 年 月 日 28)
Shinjuku Koma Theater[Note 6]
1309 months 28 days-1809 months 29 days1827 days
(5 years and 1 days)
Enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo
March 2009, 3 Graduated from Hello! Project
Suspended entertainment activities in April 2015
Returned in April 2016[Note 2]
Hitomi Yoshizawa /Hitomi Yoshizawa
(Hitomi Yoshizawa)
1985 0May 4
(36 years old)
OSaitama prefecture/Saitama2000 0May 4
(4st term)
2007 0October06 days
(2007 1 年 月 日 2)
Saitama Super Arena
1500 months 04 days-2200 months 24 days2576 days
(7 years and 20 days)
Enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo
March 2009, 3 Graduated from Hello! Project[Note 2]
Retired from the entertainment world in September 2018
Miki Fujimoto /Miki Fujimoto
(Miki Fujimoto)
1985 0May 2
(36 years old)
A typeHokkaido /Hokkaido2003 0October07 days
(6st term)
2007 0October01 days
(2007 6 年 月 日 1)
No graduation performance[Note 7]
1710 months 12 days-2203 months 06 days1606 days
(4 years 4 months and 25 days)
Enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo
March 2009, 3 Graduated from Hello! Project[Note 2]
Dull Koharu /Koharu Kusumi
(Dullness Koharu)
1992 0May 7
(29 years old)
A typeNiigata Prefecture/Niigata2005 0October01 days
(7st term)
2009/1206 days
(2009 9 年 月 日 19)
Tokyo Welfare Pension Hall
1209 months 16 days-1704 months 21 days1680 days
(4 years 7 months and 5 days)
グ レ ー      
(Spring 2005)
→ Red
(Since September 2007)
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated[Note 8]
Kamei Eri /Kamei Eri
(Kamei Eri)
(33 years old)
AB typeTokyo Metropolitan area/Tokyo2003 0May 1
(6st term)
(2010 8 年 月 日 8)
Yokohama Arena
1400 months 27 days-2111 months 22 days2887 days
(7 years 10 months and 26 days)
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated
(At the same time, performing arts activities are suspended indefinitely)
Junjun /Jun Jun
1988 0May 1
(33 years old)
OChugoku Konansho /Chugoku Hunan Province2007 0May 3
(8th term international student)
1902 months 04 days-2211 months 04 days1371 days
(3 years and 9 months)
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated
Rinrin /Ringling
1991 0May 3
(30 years old)
Type BChina /Chugoku Zhejiang Province1600 months 04 days-1909 months 04 daysEmerald green
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated
Ai Takahashi /Ai Takahashi
(Ai Takahashi)
1986 0May 9
(35 years old)
A typeFukui /Fukui2001 0May 8
(5st term)
2011 0May 9
(2011 1 年 月 日 9)
Nippon Budokan
1411 months 12 days-2500 months 16 days3687 days
(10 years 1 months and 4 days)
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated[Note 8]
Niigakirisa /Risa Aragaki
(Risa Niiga)
(33 years old)
Type BKanagawa Prefecture/Kanagawa2012 0May 5
(2012 1 年 月 日 2)
Nippon Budokan
1210 months 06 days-2306 months 28 days3918 days
(10 years 8 months and 22 days)
Yellowish green
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated[Note 8]
Aika Mitsuki /Aika Mitsui
(Aika Mitsuki)
1993 0May 1
(28 years old)
OShiga /Shiga2006/12/10
(8st term)
2012 0May 5
(2012 5 年 月 日 4)
Nippon Budokan
1310 months 28 days-1904 months 06 days1986 days
(5 years 5 months and 8 days)
Enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo
Graduated from Hello! Project on November 2018, 11
(At the same time, the entertainment world also retired)
Reina Tanaka /Tanaka Reina
(Reina Tanaka)
(32 years old)
OFukuoka province/Fukuoka2003 0May 1
(6st term)
2013 0May 5
(2012 11 年 月 日 18)
Nippon Budokan
1302 months 08 days-2306 months 10 days3775 days
(10 years 4 months and 2 days)
light blue[27]
(turquoise blue)
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated[Note 8]
Sayumi Michishige /Sayumi Michishige
(Sayumi Michishige)
1989 0May 7
(32 years old)
A typeYamaguchi Ken /Yamaguchi 2014/11/26
(2014 4 年 月 日 29)
Yokohama Arena
1306 months 06 days-2504 months 13 days4329 days
(11 years 10 months and 7 days)
Lemon color      
(Spring 2005)
→ Pink[12]
(After graduating from Konno)
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated
(At the same time, entertainment activities are also suspended[Annotation 10])
Riho Sayashi /Sayashi Riho
(Sayashi Riho)
1998 0May 5
(23 years old)
AB typeHiroshima Ken /Hiroshima2011 0October02 days
(9st term)
(2015 10 年 月 日 29)
Nakano Sanguraza[Note 9]
1207 months 05 days-1707 months 03 days1824 days
(4 years 11 months and 29 days)
Enrolled in Hello! Project as a solo
(At the same time, entertainment activities are suspended)
Graduated from Hello! Project on November 2018, 11
Kanon Suzuki /Kaoru Suzuki
(Kanon Suzuki)
1998 0October05 days
(23 years old)
Type BAichi Prefecture/Aichi2016 0May 5
(2016 2 年 月 日 7)
Nippon Budokan
1204 months 28 days-1709 months 26 days1976 days
(5 years 4 months and 29 days)
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated
(At the same time, the entertainment world also retired)
Haruka Kudo /Haruka Kudo
(Haruka Kudo)
(22 years old)
A typeSaitama prefecture/Saitama2011 0May 9
(10st term)
(2017 4 年 月 日 29)
Nippon Budokan
1111 months 02 days-1801 months 14 days2265 days
(6 years 2 months and 12 days)
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated[Note 8]
Haruna Ogata /Ogata spring water
(Haruna Ogata)
1999 0May 2
(22 years old)
A typeOsaka Prefecture/Osaka2014 0May 9
(12st term)
2018 0May 6
(2018 3 年 月 日 27)
Nippon Budokan
1507 months 15 days-1904 months 05 days1359 days
(3 years 8 months and 21 days)
Sea blue[28]
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated
(At the same time, the entertainment world also retired)
Haruna Iikubo /Haruna Iikubo
(Haruna Iikubo)
1994/1107 days
(27 years old)
OTokyo Metropolitan area/Tokyo2011 0May 9
(10st term)
(2018 8 年 月 日 17)
Nippon Budokan
1610 months 22 days-2401 months 09 days2635 days
(7 years 2 months and 17 days)
Chocolate color      
(Autumn 2011)
→ Honey[12]Color
(Autumn 2012)
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated[Note 8]
Masaki Sato /Yuki Sato
(Masaki Sato)
1999 0October07 days
(22 years old)
A typeHokkaido /Hokkaido2011 0May 9
(10st term)
(2021 9 年 月 日 24)
Nippon Budokan
1210 months 22 days-2207 months 06 days3728 days
(10 years 2 months and 14 days)
Emerald green
At the same time, Hello! Project graduated
  1. ^ After graduating, purple after starting solo activities      change to.
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k Members who graduated from the Hello! Project on March 2009, 3 OfFan clubThe organization is as follows.
  3. ^ After graduation, after starting unit activities, pink → light blue      Changed to.
  4. ^ After graduation, after starting unit activities, light blue → pink      Changed to.
  5. ^ Morning Musume.The last stage as a member is the Osaka Welfare Pension Hall on April 2005, 4.
  6. ^ Morning Musume.The last stage of the solo performance was Yoyogi Daiichi Gymnasium on July 2006, 7.
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  8. ^ a b c d e f Since then, it is a fan club of members who have graduated from the Hello! Project.M-line clubAnnounced to join.
  9. ^ Morning Musume.The last stage of the solo performance is Nippon Budokan on December 2015, 12.

Proper use of "graduation" and "withdrawal"

In the early days, the expression "graduation" or "withdrawal" was used in most cases.[Annotation 11]Since 2001, the expression "graduation" has been officially used (goods, etc.), and the expression "graduation" is often used retroactively (names of graduated members, etc.).

The expression "graduation" itself has been used since that time by Fukuda, who first left the group, in a message calling for fans, and the year recorded in the autobiography "Another Asuka" published in 1999. The table says, "Morning Musume graduated and retired from the entertainment world."

As an example of proper use

  • The official book "Morning Musume" published in September 2007.In the chronology published in the "9th Anniversary Book", only Yaguchi and Fujimoto "withdraw" and the other members "graduate".

Enrollment status of each term member

As of July 2020

  • All enrolled: 11th and 13th-15th
  • There are graduated members: 9th, 10th, 12th
  • All graduate or withdrawal: 1st term-8th term


代NameperiodNumber of daysage
1Yuko Nakazawa[29]March 1998, 1-March 28, 20011173 days (3 years, 2 months and 18 days)24 years old-27 years old
2Kaori Iida[29]March 2001, 4-March 16, 20051385 days (3 years, 9 months and 14 days)19 years old-23 years old
3Mari Yaguchi[29]May 2005-June 1, 3173 days (2 months and 14 days)22
4Hitomi Yoshizawa[30]March 2005, 4-March 15, 2007751 days (2 years and 21 days)20 years old-22 years old
5Miki Fujimoto[29]May 2007-June 5, 725 days22
6Ai Takahashi[31]March 2007, 6-March 2, 20111581 days (4 years, 3 months and 28 days)20 years old-25 years old
7Risa Aragaki[32]March 2011, 10-March 1, 2012230 days (7 months and 17 days)22 years old-23 years old
8Sayumi Michishige[33]March 2012, 5-March 19, 2014921 days (2 years, 6 months and 7 days)22 years old-25 years old
9Mizuki Fukumura[34]October 2014, 11-PresentOngoing18 years old-now

sub leader

代NameperiodNumber of daysage
1Kei Yasuda[35]March 2001, 4-March 16, 2003749 days (2 years and 19 days)20 years old-22 years old
2Mari YaguchiMarch 2003, 5-March 6, 2005[Annotation 12]635 days (1 years, 8 months and 24 days)20 years old-22 years old
3Hitomi Yoshizawa[36]May 2005-June 1, 3173 days (2 months and 14 days)19 years old-20 years old
4Miki Fujimoto[37]March 2005, 4-March 15, 2007751 days (2 years and 21 days)20 years old-22 years old
5Ai Takahashi[31]May 2007-June 5, 725 days20
6Risa Aragaki[31]March 2007, 6-March 2, 20111581 days (4 years, 3 months and 28 days)18 years old-22 years old
7Mizuki Fukumura[38]March 2013, 5-March 21, 2014554 days (1 years, 6 months and 5 days)16 years old-18 years old
Haruna Iikubo[39]March 2013, 5-March 21, 20182035 days (5 years, 6 months and 25 days)18 years old-24 years old
8Irina Ikuta[40]October 2014, 11-PresentOngoing17 years old-now
9Ayumi Ishida[41]October 2018, 12-PresentOngoing21 years old-now

Remarks (leader, sub-leader related)

  • The first leader sold 5 CDs by hand and was decided after the major debut was decided.At that time, Iida said, "I want to be a leader," but as a result, Nakazawa decided.The reason I was chosen was "because I am the oldest"[42].
  • The sub-leader was founded in conjunction with Iida's inauguration as the second leader (April 2, 2001), and Yasuda was appointed as the first sub-leader.
  • Prior to taking office as Yasuda (when he was a leader in Nakazawa), the position of sub-leader was not announced.When she was enrolled in Ishiguro, she was the eldest after Nakazawa and was sometimes regarded as number two in terms of position, but she was not declared a sub-leader.Nakazawa is Morning Musume.In graduating from Iida and appointing Iida as the second leader, it is thought that he created a "sub-leader" post to treat Yasuda, who is the oldest member of the second term, and to entrust Iida's assistant.Yasuda graduated from the unit before Iida, but from Yaguchi to Arakaki, the sub-leader was also appointed as the leader, so it was considered to be "sub-leader = next leader (candidate)".
  • There was no sub-leader under the leader of Aragaki (from the interview with the February 2012 issue of the CD journal, Michishige's remarks.[43]).
  • "Morning Musume" held on May 2013, 5.Concert Tour 21 Spring Michishige ☆ Eleven SOUL ~ Reina Tanaka Graduation Anniversary ~ in Nippon Budokan ”, Tanaka proposed the revival of the sub-leader system for the first time in 2013 year, 1 months and 7 days, and Mizuki Fukumura in the 21th term I nominated Haruna Iikubo for the 9th term.The two sub-leaders are Morning Musume.It will be the first time.Iikubo's sub-leader is Morning Musume.It was one year, seven months and 10 days after joining the company.

Group organization

Member composition transition

Morning Musume.The biggest feature of is that the members repeatedly join, graduate or withdraw, which was unique to other female music groups at the time of formation.[Annotation 13][44][45].

In addition, the member composition of the group has the following two characteristics.

The number of members is in flux.
The minimum is 5 (the first is when it is formed, the second is from Kamei, Junjun, and Linlin graduation to the 1th term), and the maximum is 2 (from the 9th term to Yasuda graduation).
There is a big difference in the ages of the members.
At the time of formation, the difference was about 12 years old, the maximum was 15 years old (from joining the 4th term to graduating from Nakazawa), and the minimum was about 5 years old (from leaving Yaguchi to before joining the 7th term).

The average age as of June 2021, 12 is 14 years.

Transition chronology

Date and TimeMembersIncrease or decreaseof peopleAverage students ageRelease single
1997 0May 9【1 period】Yuko Nakazawa,Aya Ishiguro,Kaori Iida,Natsumi Abe,Asuka Fukuda0517.400-1
1998 0October03 days【2 period】Kei Yasuda,Mari Yaguchi,Sayaka Ichii 加入+30816.752-3-4
1999 0May 4Asuka Fukuda graduated-10718.295-6
1999 0May 8【3 period】Goto Maki 加入+10818.137
2000 0October07 daysAya Ishiguro graduated-10718.148
2000 0May 4【4 period】Ishikawa Rika,Hitomi Yoshizawa,Nozomi Tsuji,Kago Ai 加入+41116.559
2000 0May 5Sayaka Ichii graduated-11016.6010-11
2001 0May 4Yuko Nakazawa graduated-10916.5612
2001 0May 8【5 period】Ai Takahashi,Konno Asami,Makoto Ogawa,Risa Aragaki 加入+41315.7713-14-15
2002 0May 9Maki Goto graduated-11216.9216
2003 0October07 days【6 period】Miki Fujimoto 加入+11317.15
2003 0May 1【6 period】Kamei Eri,Sayumi Michishige,Tanaka Reina 加入+31616.5017[*1]-18[*1]
2003 0October05 daysKei Yasuda graduated-11516.4019-20-21
2004 0May 1Natsumi Abe graduated-11416.8622-23
2004 0October01 daysNozomi Tsuji, Ai Kago graduated-21217.4224-25
2005 0May 1Graduated from Kaori Iida-11117.64
2005 0May 4Mari Yaguchi withdrawal-11017.4026[*2]
2005 0October01 days【7 period】Koharu Kusumi 加入+11116.91
2005 0October07 daysRika Ishikawa graduated-11016.7027-28-29-30
2006 0May 7Asami Konno graduated-10917.78
2006 0May 8Makoto Ogawa graduated-10817.7531
2006/12/10【8 period】Aika Mitsui 加入+10917.5632
2007 0May 3[8th term (international student)]Jun Jun,Ringling 加入+21117.8233[*3]
2007 0October06 daysHitomi Yoshizawa graduated-11017.50
2007 0October01 daysMiki Fujimoto withdrawal-10917.0034-35-36-37-38-39-40-41
2009/1206 daysKoharu Kusumi graduated-10819.8842-43-44
2010/12/15Eri Kamei, Junjun, Rinrin graduate-30521.00
2011 0October02 days【9 period】Mizuki Fukumura,Irina Ikuta,Sayashi Riho,Kaoru Suzuki 加入+40917.3345-46-47
2011 0May 9【10 period】Haruna Iikubo,Ayumi Ishida,Yuki Sato,Haruka Kudo 加入+41316.54
2011 0May 9Ai Takahashi graduated-11215.8348-49
2012 0May 5Risa Niigaki, Aika Mitsui graduated-21015.6050
2012 0May 9【11 period】Sakura Oda 加入+11115.7351[*4]-52-53
2013 0May 5Reina Tanaka graduation-11015.7054-55-56
2014 0May 9【12 period】Ogata spring water,Miki Nonaka,Mari Makino,Akane Haga 加入+41416.0757[*5]
2014/11/26Sayumi Michishige graduated-11315.6958-59-60
2015/12/31Graduated from Riho Sayashi-11216.6761
2016 0May 5Kanon Suzuki graduated-11117.1862
2016/12/12【13 period】Kaede Kaga,Reina Yokoyama 加入+21317.3863
2017 0May 6【14 period】Chisaki Morito 加入+11417.8564-D1
2017/12/11Haruka Kudo graduated-11318.31D2-65
2018/6/20Haruna Ogata graduated-11218.9266
2018/12/16Haruna Iikubo graduated-11118.9067[*6]
2019 0May 6【15 period】Rio Kitagawa,Homare Okamura,Aio Yamazaki 加入+31418.3668-69-70
2021/12/13Masaki Sato graduated-11320.62
  1. ^ a b No participation in the 6th term.
  2. ^ Mari Yaguchi also participated.
  3. ^ 8th term (international students) does not participate.
  4. ^ No participation in the 11th term.
  5. ^ No participation in the 12th term.
  6. ^ Haruna Iikubo, who graduated on December 2018, 12, also participated in the music video for "Jinsei Blues".

Morning Musume.About the formation date of

Morning Musume is the official material as of September 2017.The formation date of1997/9/14Is trying[46]..Past official materials andMediaDifferent dates were sometimes written in the media.This is because there are multiple days that can be interpreted as "Morning Musume's formation date." As a day that can be interpreted as "Morning Musume's formation day"

  1. August 1997, 8… The day when the intentions of the members were actually confirmed regarding the formation of the group.
    "Morning Musume. 5 + 3-1 ”(Treasure Island) Calls this time "Morning Musume. The moment of birth."
  2. September 1997, 9 ... The day when the formation of the group was announced (the broadcast date of "ASAYAN" recorded on August 7, 8)
    Past official websites and official materials[Source required]Then this day is Morning Musume.It was once the formation date of.
  3. September 1997, 9 ... The day when producer Tsunku ♂ invented "Morning Musume" (there is no "." Yet)[12]
  4. September 1997, 9 ... Morning Musume.The day when it was announced that the group name was decided ("ASAYAN" broadcast date)[47]
    On the official website and official materials of 20, which celebrated its 2017th anniversary, this day is Morning Musume.It is the date of formation.
  5. November 1997, 11 ... First day of selling 3 copies (day of indie debut)[47]
  6. November 1997, 11 ... The day when 30 copies were sold and the major debut was decided.
    "Morning Musume. × Tsunku ♂ ”(Sony Magazines) Sets the period of enrollment of the members at the time of formation from this date.
  7. January 1998, 1 ... Major debut day

and so on.Tsunku ♂Morning Musume. 10th anniversary commemorative partyIn a comment sent to "Morning Musume. On September 1997, 9,Odaiba TheFuji Television Network, IncIn a certain dressing room, there is a description that "the soul entered when I named it" and "the 2007th birthday of November 11, 3"[48]..In addition to this, on CD sales related sites, materials and the media, Morning Musume has the day of indie debut and the day of major debut.There is something that is said to be the day when.

About the subscription date of additional members

Regarding the joining date of additional members, different dates may be written in official materials and media reports.This is because there are multiple days that can be interpreted as "joining dates" as well as the formation date.

As a date that can be interpreted as a "subscription date"

  1. The day when the subscription was actually decided
  2. The day when the subscription was communicated to the person
  3. The day when the subscription was announced (the broadcast date of the program whose success was announced)
  4. Days such as the first concert
  5. Release date of the first CD

and so on.Of these, 1 and 2 may not be announced, so usually any day after 3 is the subscription date.In official materials, the date when the subscription is announced may be the date of subscription.In addition, between the announcement of the results and the full-scale merging into the concert tour, the concert before the merging (such as the final performance of the previous tour) may be greeted or participated in only one song as an announcement. .. After the 1th term members, handshake events are held for fan club members during that time.

Due to this situation, it is possible that new members have not participated in CDs and photobooks released after the date they joined.Recording of TV programs may be different until the song of the first participating CD is released.

periodPublication dateAnnouncement dateConcert official meeting dayFirst participation CD release date
21998/5/31998/7/121998/7/12[Explanation 1]1998/5/27
3 (Maki Goto)1999/8/221999/8/231999/9/191999/9/9
52001/8/262001/10/212001/10/21[Explanation 2]2001/10/31
6 (Miki Fujimoto)2003/1/72003/5/42003/7/19[Explanation 3]2003/7/30
6 (other than Fujimoto)2003/1/192003/5/42003/7/192003/7/30
7 (Koharu Kusumi)2005/5/12005/5/62005/7/102005/7/27
8 (Aika Mitsui)2006/12/102007/1/272007/3/172007/2/14
8 (international student)2007/3/152007/5/62007/7/152007/7/25
102011/9/292011/9/292012/1/2[Explanation 4]2012/1/25
11 (Sakura Oda)2012/9/142012/9/142013/1/22013/1/23
14 (Chisaki Morito)2017/6/262017/7/152017/7/152017/10/4
  1. ^ Morning Musume.It is the day of the first concert as a member, and it is the first concert for both the 1st and 2nd members.
  2. ^ Asami Konno only Greetings on this day due to an injury (accident in "Utaban") during the recording of the TV program.It was from November 2001, 11 that I joined the song.
  3. ^ Except for regular concerts, the musical "Edokko.In "Tadaomizo", they joined earlier than the other 2003 terms.
  4. ^ However, before this, on November 2011, 11, "Hello! Project Mobekimasu Single "Philosophy that doesn't become uglyParticipating in the song performance of "Release Commemorative Event" (no recording), Morning Musume.Even so, he has performed several songs he had before joining the 10th term, such as "LOVE Machine".

Group formation that repeats joining and withdrawing (graduation)

Morning Musume.Is officially stated as "a group that evolves by repeatedly joining and leaving (graduation)."The way to keep the group alive by repeating this member change is by music critics.Ichiro FukudaAs Tsunku ♂, "As a group that does not dissolve even if members withdraw,"プ エ ル ト リ コIdol group "Menudo (Menude) ”,” Was the beginning of Morning Musume.Tsunku ♂ at the "Memorial Meeting for Ichiro Fukuda" held on October 2003, 10, which led to the idea of ​​"Hello!"CondolenceRevealed from[49][50][51][52].

However, due to the situation in the TV program that appeared from 1997 to 1999, the remarks of Tsunku ♂ and members in the program, and the inconsistency with the MC of the concert, he joined and withdrew from the time of formation in 1997. There are many unclear points, such as whether a system that repeats (graduation) was actually considered, or whether the system had been established since its formation.

  • Later, Tsunku said, "Morning Musume was scheduled to disband in the red and white of that year (1998)" (interview with "Morning Musume x Tsunku", etc.).
  • When 5 CDs, which was a condition for major debut, failed to be sold by hand, there was a possibility of immediate dissolution without adding or withdrawing members (detailsMorning Musume. the history ofreference).
  • Names associated with the attributes of the first member were listed as group name candidates (details will be described later).Morning Musume. #Origin of group namereference).
  • Morning Musume from 1997 to 2000.The TV program "A documentary-style follow-up of auditions and activitiesASAYANThe scene where Ichiro Fukuda gave the above advice to Tsunku ♂ was not broadcast (detailsMorning Musume. the history ofreference).
  • When the new members were announced for the first time, it was said that the members at that time were completely unexpected.[53]The fact that the impact at that time was great was told by the members themselves even a few years later.[54].
  • There is also an article that "The joining of new members was a mechanism that Tsunku devised to keep the members appearing even after the debut in" ASAYAN ", a program that shows from the audition to the debut of the Grand Prix artist." To do[55].

It is still active as of 24, which is the 2021rd year of its debut, and because it was highly specific as a female idol group,Takarazuka RevueIt may be mentioned as a comparison target with other idol groups, singer units, etc., and many documents and books that consider such consideration have been published.

Origin of the group name

"Morning Musume."Morning setIntended as "A lot of things that come with you, a great deal!"unitNamed by Tsunku ♂ for the reason[56].

As candidates for the unit name (group name), the following names were listed with reasons at the naming stage of Tsunku♂.[56].

  • 87 --The number obtained by adding the ages of all five people.
  • Prefectures-Prefectures of Tokyo (Fukuda), Hokkaido (Ishiguro, Iida, Abe), Kyoto (Nakazawa), where you are from.
  • TakoyakiSisters-The reason why it's better to be more friendly.
  • all-you-can-eat --A lighter image.
  • Viking ――All-you-can-eat is changed to horizontal letters.
  • Morning ――It feels like the Viking is even lighter.
  • Morning service ――From the idea that Tsunku ♂ popped.

"." In "Morning Musume."

  • The original name of Tsunku ♂ did not have a ".".However, when the group name was announced on "ASAYAN" broadcast on September 1997, 9, "Morning Musume." Was displayed on the screen on the stage.This is because it was customary to add "." To the end of the telop displayed on the screen in the same program.I was the moderator for thisNine Tine OfTakashi OkamuraAsked, "After Morning Musume, there's a'.'. Do you need that?"Hiroyuki YabeAfter confirming with the staff, "Is it okay with my opinion?", I decided at my own discretion, "I need that". "!", And the "." Is officially written.[57].
  • The symbol mark is also a double M (double lowercase "m", with one more mountain) with a ".", And the official English names registered as trademarks are "Morning Musume." And "." Is attached.
  • Morning Musume.And Hello! Many group names, unit names, program names, etc. related to the project also have "." ("."Country girl.""Coconut daughter.""Mini moni.""Ecomoni."Hello! Morning.''Moe. It was hard"Airmoni." "Morning detective. "" Edo girl.Tadaomizo ”etc.).
  • It is not the first use case as a word that contains a punctuation mark in a word (it is not a word, but as a hit work with a punctuation mark that should not normally be included,It's contagious.』), Morning Musume.Has been widely reported in the media, and has been taken up as an example of Japanese disorder or as an opportunity to spread it.[Annotation 14].. actually,Shinpei KusanoIs "Kappa and Frog" (Educational publicationThere are cases where "." Is added at the end of the sentence in the poems that are also featured in the textbooks of.Hiroshi Fujioka,,Hoshun.,Kintaro.There is an example of.

Abbreviation "Morning Musume."

  • Members themselves (especially early members) may refer to their group as "morning" or "daughter".
  • The notation "Morning Musume" itself was originally used by fans and the media, but it has been registered as a trademark by the agency, and in the catch phrase of the movie "Pinch Runner", "Morning Musume. It is used as "!".
  • Morning Musume. , Morning Musume.And Morning Musume.Are all corporationsUp front groupIs a registered trademark in Japan (Trademark Registration No. 4555529, No. 4566621, No. 4555530), and the registered names are "Morning Musume" and "Morning Musume".In addition, Morning Musume.Has not been updated since the expiration date, but Morning Musume.There is a renewal of survival in, and the expiration date is 2022 (renewable).



Morning Musume.There is a custom that seniors instruct juniors under the name of "educator".

  • 2th term member
    • There was no education system.
  • 3rd term member (Maki Goto)[58]
    • Sayaka Ichii
  • 4th term member
    • Kei Yasuda → Rika Ishikawa
    • Mari Yaguchi → Hitomi Yoshizawa[59]
    • Kaori Iida → Nozomi Tsuji
    • Maki Goto → Ai Kago[60]
  • 5th term member
    • There is no education system.
  • 6th term member
    • As with the 5th term, there is no education system.
    • In the Yahoo! Live Talk held in November 2007, Kei Yasuda is said to have been an educator for the 11th term members.[61].
  • 7th member (Koharu Kusumi)[62][63]
    • Sayumi Michishige
  • 8th term member
    • Junjun is often late, so Tanaka said his manager is considering making Kamei or Tanaka an educator.
  • 9th term member[64]
    • Aika Mitsui
  • 10th term member
    • Aika Mitsui
  • 11th term member
    • There is no education system.
  • 12th term member[65][66]
    • Haruna Iikubo
    • (Ikuta Erina as a Metsuke)
  • 13th term member[67][68]
    • Haruka Kudo
  • 14th member (Chisaki Morito)
    • Country girlsThere is no system for education because he was a member who also serves as a member.
  • 15th term member
    • Kaede Kaga[69]・ Reina Yokoyama

Main part center position

Early songs were main (main melody) and harmony (main melody)ハ ー モ ニ ー), So it was taken up as a main part battle in "ASAYAN". "LOVE machineEven in the relay-type singing after that, it can be distinguished from the main, which has many singing parts centered on the chorus singing, and others.

As the number of people increased, in addition to the "main" that is the center of singing, the "center" that is in the center of the jacket photo and dance formation position (center position) has also attracted attention.The center and main do not always match.Morning Musume without ever experiencing the main or center.Some members have graduated from.

It may not be clear who is the main or center, as the main or center may not be officially announced.

Part split

Ace case member

The ace case means the central case (symbol) of the unit.It does not mean that members who do not fall under the ace are less talented or talented, and less popular.Ace may be mentioned by Tsunku et al. And the media.

Indie debut song "Seeds of love"And the major debut song"Morning coffeeAccording to Tetsutaro Sakurai, who was involved in "Morning Musume."When I was involved in the audition, an employee of the agency said, "I want to sell it solo because Natsumi Abe is by far the best among the audition losers, but suddenly it is a bit early to sell solo, so I will be in the group for a while. I want to rub it. "[70]..Abe is actually Morning Musume.He was the main vocalist for all of his early songs, especially "Oldness"Is Morning Musume.Abe was the only one who had a solo part despite the song being released under the name (the rest of the members are choruses only).Tsunku used to be Morning Musume about Abe.When he was enrolled in Morning Musume and did not make his solo debut, the reason why Abe did not participate in unit activities and did not make his solo debut at that time was because Abe was "Morning Musume's" face "and" mothership ".I often say, "I am devoting myself to my activities as a", but "face" and "mothership" here are considered to have almost the same meaning as "ace."Abe started his solo career as a singer very late, but Morning Musume.The first commercial is Abe's solo appearance commercial "SALA" (Kanebo → Kracie), And all of the solo drama appearances and the release of solo photo books are Morning Musume.Abe is the first member of the group.

  • Ace rating: Natsumi Abe (from the birth of the group to graduation in 2004), Maki Goto (from joining the group to graduation in 2002), Rika Ishikawa (at the time of graduation)[71]), Miki Fujimoto (from the formation of Sexy Adult Jean to withdrawal in 2007), Ai Takahashi (from 2005 to graduation in 2011), Reina Tanaka (from joining the group to graduation in 2013), Koharu Kusumi (group) From the time of joining to graduation in 2009), Sayumi Michishige (from taking office as leader to graduation in 2014), Riho Sayashi (after 2013)[72]From to graduation in 2015), Masaki Sato (until graduation in 2021)[73])

Group unit rental

Morning Musume.Is a unit within the groupDandelion""Petitmoni""Mini moni.Activities such as "were also active.

The group unit was formed by the idea of ​​"Tanpopo", which is a unit within the group, in order to utilize the singing ability of Kaori Iida and Aya Ishiguro, who had been in charge of chorus for Natsumi Abe, who has been the main singer for a long time. Is the beginning.Mari Yaguchi was selected from the three additional members with an emphasis on voice compatibility. It also attracted attention as a project of "ASAYAN", and it became a successful example of the cycle of "enhancing the individuality of members and giving back to Morning Musume."

Following this success, "Petitmoni" was formed and Morning Musume.It will be a million seller following.The following "Minimoni." Is from the Hello! Project.Coconut daughter."ofMikaRecorded a huge hit with over 70 copies.Taking this direction further, Morning Musume.Members of the existing Hello! Project unit "Country girl.We have started rental to add to.

As a result of the unit reorganization on July 2002, 7 (total replacement of members of Tanpopo, Petitmoni, Minimoni.), Tanpopo has only one single song, and Petitmoni has released songs from the album, but both units are active without a single release. Minimoni in hibernation.However, sales were halved before and after the route change after the reorganization, and the activity was suspended after Mika graduated in May 31.

2003 In September, the group was split into two groups.Morning Musume. Sakura group"When"Morning Musume. Virgin setWas formed.

2004 6 month "Ecomoni.Was formed, and the album songs are recorded while being limited to environmental activities. Since 2006, the group's solo unit "Kirari Tsukishima starring Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume)And the unit within the Hello! Project frameGAM""Kira☆Pika""Athena & Robikerots""MilkyWay""High-KingUnit activities such as "" have resumed.

Released on January 2009, 7Chamble ① ~ Happy Marriage Song Cover Collection ~], A champuru unit was formed, and in addition to High-King, Eri Kamei, Aika Mitsui, and Minimoni on dandelions.ToRingling,ZYXRisa Niigaki and Koharu Kusumi,BiyudenSayumi Michishige and Junjun participated in the event as "Dandelion #", "New Minimoni", "ZYX-α", and "Vu-den".

Circle and enthusiasm

Morning Musume.Before the live performance or TV program, all the members gather in a waiting room or a stage sleeve to form a circle, put their right hands on top of each other, and cheer on them. ..It is a unique custom that is indispensable in the history of.It has been held since its formation for the purpose of strengthening and inspiring the bonds and cohesion between members and confirming the intention to "do the best performance".

Let's do our best !![25]
In a circle, the other members put their hands on top of the hand that the leader put out, and shouted "I'll do my best" (leader-class member) and "Shoi !!" (all members).This enthusiasm is Morning Musume.It is also released on live DVDs, "ASAYAN", "Music Station", etc.Usually done behind the scenes, but in 1999Japan Record AwardAnd 2006 "The 57th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』Was performed on the stage.is this1995 "Bocchan Literature AwardWas awardedRyoko ShikimuraThe original novel "I'll do my best] Is the origin.
Dancing Singing Exciting
It is a shout when all the Hello! Project members are enthusiastic at the time of Hello! Project live.All the members make a circle to hold their hands together, and they all shout at once. "Dancing Singing Exciting" (leader member) "Dancing Singing Exciting, Oh!" (All members).This is also often recorded on Hello! Project's live DVDs.

Morning Musume.Sakuragumi and Morning Musume.The Otomegumi also performed the following enthusiasm.

I will do my best together with my feelings Sakura
Morning Musume.Sakura-gumi's enthusiasm. "I will do my best in harmony" (leader member) + "Sakura" (all members).
Virgin Fight
Morning Musume.Enthusiasm of the virgin group. "Virgin" (leader member) + "Fight" (all members).

In addition to this, each group of Hello! Project has its own unique enthusiasm and shouts.

Glow stick planning at the graduation ceremony

Morning Musume.To each member ofMember colorExists and is of the same color as that colorGlow stickSince it is used live, it is becoming clear who the fans are, but when the corresponding member graduates, a graduation ceremony will be planned to dye the venue with the member color silium.[74][75][76]..Origin is September 2002, 9, Morning Musume.ofYokohama ArenaThis is because when the dandelion appeared at the night performance, the venue was dyed in one color with a yellow glow stick.This is the DVD "Morning Musume. It was also recorded in "LOVE IS ALIVE! 2002 Summer at Yokohama Arena".Not only graduation performances, but also triumphal concerts (concerts held in the member's hometown) and birthday festivals (concerts held on or near the member's birthday), and later in other units of the Hello! It became so.

Rabuma's Law

The eight people in the single jacket of "LOVE Machine" are "Aya Ishiguro → Sayaka Ichii → Yuko Nakazawa → Maki Goto → Kei Yasuda → Natsumi Abe → Kaori Iida → Mari Yaguchi" from the upper right of the standing position (table below). I graduated (withdrawn) in the order of, and there was a topic among fans that there was a law[77].

Kaori IidaKei YasudaYuko NakazawaAya Ishiguro
Mari YaguchiNatsumi AbeGoto MakiSayaka Ichii

Overseas activities

Morning Musume.IsAmerica,Europe,AsiaThere are fans overseas as well, and there are private fan clubs.Especially Asia (mainlyTaiwan,Hong Kong, South KoreaIn)Johnny's,Namie AmuroPopular with Japanese idols such as[Source required](Chinese-speakingThe notation is "Morning Musume". At the time of joining Aika Mitsui on December 2006, 12, "10 is the year of the 2007th anniversary of the formation, and 10 will be positioned as Japan in Asia", and on March 2007, 2007, Jun, a Chinese student. With the addition of Jun and Lin Lin, Hello! Project as a whole is exploring an Asian strategy.Morning Musume.The expansion into Asia began concretely in October of the same year.

  • October 2007-10, 26, Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki, Koharu Kusumi visited South Korea, and on October 28-3, all nine members visited Taiwan, and the 29th anniversary best album, It was realized as a promotion of the official release in both countries.Both countries had a lot of media coverage and made appearances on TV and radio.There was an official fan club event in Taiwan, where they performed four songs in front of their fans.
  • 2008å¹´5月24日に初の台湾公演を行った。これに先立って同年4月16日からの数日間、高橋愛・田中れいな・ジュンジュンの3人による台湾公演のPR活動を行った。6月1日に初の韓国公演、同月28日には2010年のShanghai ExpoHe made his first appearance as a Japanese artist in the concert "Hakuka Sehiro" which was held prior to.
  • 2008th single "4th single released on April 16, 36"Resonant blueHas achieved simultaneous release in Japan and South Korea.
  • In 2009Los AngelesHeld inAnime Expo』He held a live as a special guest and mobilized 8,000 fans. In 2010ParisHeld inJapan Expo』Held the first paid live as a guest of honor.Mobilized 4,000 fans and evaluated by the local media as "Morning Musume. I think that is the symbol of Japanese idol culture. The way the songs and dances are shown and the quality of the show are really high. Was done[78].
  • November 2018, 11, Morning Musume.Appeared in "Anisong World Matsuri at Anime NYC" held in New York.[79]


Oricon record


Morning Musume.As a Japanese music artist or female groupOriconDominates the top record in 5 major singles[80]As of January 2020, it continues to maintain top records in two of these categories.

In addition, there are the following top records for singles.

  • Three in the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010sDecadeRecorded No. 1 in (1990s-2010s) (first in the history of women's groups)[84]
    • 1998rd single "9rd single released in September 3"Hold me HOLD ON ME!The record started with "", which was released in May 2000.Happy summer wedding, Released in January 2013Help me !!Achieved a record.This record was the first in the history of a women's group.
Former top record

* The following records have been updated, and as of January 2019, it is ranked second or lower.

  • Women's group single CD Oricon 1st place consecutive year: 6 years (1998-2003)
    • 1998rd single "9rd single released in September 3"Hold me HOLD ON ME!The record started with "", and the 2000th single "" released in February 5.Happy summer weddingWas the first place until thenPink ladyandPrincess PrincessIt became the top tie with the record of 3 years that had had, and the 2001th single "The☆Peace!Achieved 1st place alone, and released the 2003th single "April 4"AS FOR ONE DAYContinue until. The record was cut off because there was no work that achieved the 2004st place on the Oricon chart from 2005 to 1.
  • Female group single CD total sales
    • 2007rd single "4rd single released in September 33"Sadness TwilightIn the week of its first appearance, the total sales of single CDs reached 1,108.5, surpassing Pink Lady, who had been number one until then, to reach number one.The song first appeared on the Oricon single chart on May 1th, and recorded the 1nd place.Pink Lady has sold over 5 million CDs in total.SPEEDThis is the third group in the history of women's groups (3th single "2003th single" released in July 7.Soap bubbleOver 1,000 million copies).
  • Female group single CD number 1 in history
    • Recording began with the 1998rd single "Hugging HOLD ON ME!" Released in September 9, and became a Thai record with Pink Lady, who had been No. 3 in the 2003th single "AS FOR ONE DAY" released in April 4. 18st single "" released in Novemberwalking』And became the single first place.


The album also has the top record in the following two categories, and it may be called "2 crowns" together with the record of the single mentioned above.

  • Album consecutive TOP10 acquisition years: 10 years (1998-2007) (women's group highest record)
    • 1998st album released in July 7 "First time, And the 2007th album released in March 3, "SEXY 8 BEAT』Achieved in.
  • Number of top 10 albums won: 19 (highest female group record)[85]
    • Recording began with the 1998st album "First Time" released in July 7, and the 1th album "First Time" released in March 2010.⑩ MY ME』It became the 12th work in total, and became the first record in the history of the female group.

Other records

  • Music DVD Oricon 1st place: 19 works (women's group highest record)
  • Total sales of music DVDs: Approximately 274 million (No. 2009 in history until 1)[86][87][88]

World record

  • World record of "daily sales of the same CD in one store": 1 (November 1, 15,612, "Love Seed" hand-selling event at HMV Shinsaibashi, Osaka)[89]


NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen Appearance

  • 10 times in a row (10-1998)

Newspaper articles / advertisements

  • Since around 2000, in addition to sports newspapers, Morning Musume.Articles and advertisements are also published in general newspapers.Above all, at one timeYomiuri ShimbunHad posted articles and advertisements, but the following projects were also carried out.
    • In the evening edition dated December 2000, 12, most of the advertisements were published as "Morning Musume. The coming century and the coming century" after the end of the 28th century.
    • In the 2002 musical "Morning Town"Kirin BeverageCo-sponsored with.At this time, "Morning Musume. Alarm clock." Was distributed to new subscribers of the Yomiuri Shimbun as a privilege, and in January of the same year, Morning Musume was also distributed to existing subscribers.Poster and calendar were distributed.
    • In the morning edition dated January 2007, 1, Morning Musume has two pages spread.A full-page advertisement was posted to appeal the 16th anniversary of the formation.A photo that imitates the Cabinet photo is a collage of the huge faces of all 2 members (at that time) from the 10st to 1th periods, with "Let's sing together" in the center and "Structure" below. We will reform it, but we will not dissolve it. It is Morning Musume who will celebrate its 8th anniversary in September this year. "In addition, this advertisement is on the same day,Nihon Keizai ShimbunIt was also published in the morning edition of (Eastern Japan area only).
    • In an interview with Yuko Nakazawa published in the evening edition of July 2000, 7, she was the first general newspaper to be Morning Musume.To "National idol(By a survey of Bessatsu Takarajima 608 "Morning Musume. Bible" <Takarajimasha>).
  • As of April 2007, 3Asahi ShimbunIn the evening edition, the 1th album "SEXY 8 BEAT』Promoted.


  • On June 2003, 6, Kanagawa Prefecture横 浜 市And the Japan Theater AssociationSpecial zone for structural reformAs one of them, we proposed a "special child actor zone" that extends until 1 pm.Shoji KonoikeThe Minister of State for the Special Zone (at that time) was aiming to implement it by naming it "Morning Musume. Special Zone".Sakaguchi forceMinister of Health, Labour and Welfare(Same as above) expressed a cautious stance, saying, "There is a limit to receiving compulsory education."Cabinet OfficeAt the meeting held on September 9rd of the same year, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Sakaguchi said, "I will accept it until 3 o'clock," while Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Konoike responded, "That's fine."This resulted in November 9, 2004Labor Policy CouncilFrom January 2005, 1 nationwide in the report totheaterUnder 13 years old toA childThe appearance of will be extended from the conventional 8 pm to 9 pm.
  • Morning Musume in September 2003.And entertainers by selected members of Hello! ProjectFutsalteam"Gatas Brilhantes HPWas formed (suspended in March 2015). In January 3Kick baseballteam"Metro Rabbits HPHas also been formed (active only in 2006, suspended thereafter).


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