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🥾 | A male climber ignores a call from a rescue team because he thinks it is a fraudulent call


A male climber ignores a call from a rescue team, thinking it's a fraudulent call

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The rescue team's Facebook page says:

A male climber got lost on a mountain road, but he ignored the call from the rescue team because he thought it was a fraudulent call.This month 1 ... → Continue reading

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Facebook(Facebook)The United States of AmericaOnlineSocial mediaandSocial networking servicesAndCaliforniaMenlo ParkBased inMeta Platforms(Former: Facebook, Inc.) flagship service.

The name Facebook is part of the United StatesUniversityIt is a popular name of a book that is offered in the year when students are enrolled to promote interaction among studentsFacebook"(Face book)[2].


In 2004Mark ZuckerbergOf ZuckerbergHarvard University OfRoommateWas a classmateEduardo SuberinWas founded.afterwardsAndrew McCorrum,Dustin Moskowitz,Chris HughesAnd so on[3].. Initially, membership was limited to students with email addresses in Harvard's domain,Duffel BagLocal universities,Ivy leagueUniversity ofStanford UniversityThe target was gradually expanded. Gradually, students from various universities were added to the target, and eventually it was opened to high school students, and finally to all people over the age of 13. On Facebook today, anyone can become a member by declaring that they are 13 years old or older at the time of user registration[4].

If you register as a user before using the site, you can create a personal profile, add other users as friends, exchange messages, and receive automatic notifications when your profile is updated. In addition, users will be able to join groups of users with a common interest. User groups are categorized by company, school/university, and other attributes. Also, friends can be classified by putting them in a list such as "work colleagues" and "close friends".

In June 2005,Accel PartnersInvested $1270 million in Facebook,Jim BreyerAdded $100 million from personal funding to Accel Partners investment funding[5].. August 2009Compete.comSurvey ranked Facebook as the most popular social networking service in the monthly active user rankings worldwide[6].Entertainment WeeklyChose Facebook as its "best" list for the past decade, and said, "The world before Facebook was sneaking up on ex-girlfriends, not forgetting the birthdays of colleagues in the company, and distracting friends. OrScrabulousI was playing an enthusiastic game like "It has said[7].

Initially it was limited to students,2006 May 9After that, it was open to the public.The Japanese version was released in 2008.real nameIt is a registration system,personal informationRegistration is also required[8].. After publication, the number of users increased rapidly, and the number of site visits increased in 2010.GoogleIt becomes a topic without. September 2011, the world's largest with 9 million users worldwideSocial MediaBecame[9].. Over 2012 billion people in October 10[10].

In September 2012, Facebook exceeded 9 billion active users[11]..However, 8.7% of them are fake[12].. August 2011Consumer reportsAccording to a survey, 13 million children under 750 and 10 million children under 501 violate the Terms of Service[13].. 2012 in 180PetabyteHas data of, and 24 petabytes of data is increasing every 0.5 hours[14].

Facebook made its first public offering on February 2012, 2,CaliforniaMenlo ParkHeadquarters moved to[15].. Facebook is from May 2012, 5NASDAQStarted selling shares in the market[16].. Facebook was issued in May 2012 with $51 billion in sales in 2013Fortune 500Ranked 462 in the world and was selected for the Fortune 500 for the first time[17].. 2012,Webby awardAward[18].. 2016 secondquarterThe operating profit was 2830 billion yen, an increase of 116% from the same period of the previous year.Monthly usage is 17 million (the company's subsidiary Instagram has 1200 million monthly).

In terms of customizability, basicallyPlain textBut only forAjaxCorrespond to your own orア プ リ ケ ー シ ョ ンIt supports the latest technology such as being able to select (app) and add. Many of these applications are developed by ordinary users rather than those developed by Facebook. By allowing general users to develop various applications and publish them as Facebook tools, Facebook goes beyond its own capabilities.ServicesCan be provided.

In addition,mobileIt also supports terminals,BlackBerry,AndroidFor exclusive useWidgetIs prepared,iPhone,iPod touchMounted onSafariWhen you access with, the service is provided on a dedicated screen. iOS-equipped devices such as iPhone and iPad, and Android apps are also available separately.

Facebook, as Instagram symbolizes, prioritizes investment over short-term profits and does not record profits for now.However, there is no doubt that it is "the world's largest advertising company" along with Google.In terms of traffic, Facebook, which has about 250 billion monthly visits (May 2019), is the two largest traffic giants, with 5 billion Google and global traffic.Naturally, this huge amount of traffic is directly linked to advertising revenue.

Second-hand goodsSale or住宅-Job offerVarious recruitmentAdsThere is also a "Facebook Marketplace" that allows you to send a message, and the ability to send messages directly to other users. Also,写真,MovieIt also supports uploading (Facebook Video). capacityRestrictionThere is no. 604pixelFor photos larger than, the long side is reduced to 604 pixels. What did my friend buy in conjunction with purchasing activities on a dedicated page on Facebook or an external site?movies,MusicThere is also "Social Ads," in which advertisements are displayed in the form of whether or not they were highly evaluated.


Harvard UniversityWas a student ofMark ZuckerbergDevised a game called "Face Mash" where the ID photo of the female student obtained by hacking was published on the Internet and the face of the exposed female student was compared to win the vote.[19].. This became a problem at the university, leading Zuckerberg to half-year probation at Harvard University.

In 2004, Zuckerberg launched a service called “The facebook” for Harvard students to interact with each other (registration required). A few days later,Stanford University,Columbia University,Yale UniversityIn response to requests from students such as "I want a similar site,"Ivy LeagueOpen to students. After that, it gradually became open to students throughout the United States and became an indispensable tool for student life. Participation was limited to university students who own a university email address (.edu domain), but in early 2006A high school studentIt was opened to the public by September 2006 and made available to anyone in the world with a valid email address.

April 2004, officially in FloridaLLC[20]Registered as. The three partners are Zuckerberg, Moskowitz and Saverin.

As the first recruited engineer by the advisorSteve ChenWorks. But in a few weeksPayPalI try to quit with my old friends by saying "make a video site". Don't ask Matt Caller, "I'll regret it all my life. Facebook will soon become a big company. I think there's a video site that can be swept away and thrown away."YouTubeLeave to make).

Kevin Efflsi recommends to Zuckerberg that an extremely knowledgeable person in operation is needed. HeVeritasTheSymantecHe sold himself to the company and was willing to accept consulting for a few weeks, but he became a captive of Zuckerberg and Facebook and became a full-time employee, which increased the company's credibility. Jeff Rothschild said, "I thought they were creating a dating site, but understanding their vision, it was completely different from the site they've been on. We are trying to create the most effective channel to exchange."

On September 2006, 9, "News Feed" and "Mini Feed" functions started.

August 2007, 10,MicrosoftIs an exclusive contract for advertising,Windows LiveandXbox LiveIncluding the system integration with, Facebook invested $2 million (about 4000 billion yen) and acquired 264% of the company's stock. Microsoft has valued Facebook with a market capitalization of $1.6 billion (about 150 trillion yen). By the way, GoogleYahoo!With riceMySpaceと広告を契約中(3年契約、9億ドル約990億円)。MicrosoftがYahoo!買収にあたって提示した金額は446億ドル(約4兆9060億円)であり、FacebookはYahoo!の3分の1の市場価値があると見られている(2008年4月)。

October 2007, 10, GoogleOpenSocialPublished API.Orkut,Salesforce,LinkedIn,Ning,,,Friendster,OracleAnd others will participate.

Facebook, January 2008, 1API"JavaScript The release of "Client Library" has spurred the opening of SNS not only in the SNS industry but also in the IT industry as a whole. The total number of applications is about 17,000. About 140 applications are added every day.

May 2008, 5, MySpaceDataPortabilityAs a partner, Yahoo!,ebay,Twitter,PhotobucketAffiliated with.

August 2008, 5,Facebook ConnectAnnounced. May 2008, 5, Google announced.

On May 2008, 5, Facebook refused to connect to Google's Friend Connect as not meeting Facebook's privacy standards.

Mark Zuckerberg visited Japan on May 2008, 5 to give a talk. The Japanese version was released to the public on the spot.

2009 was aheadMySpaceBecame the world's largest SNS site.

August 2009, 9,Windows LiveandXbox LiveAnnounced that it has adopted for the system integration with.

Released "Microsoft SDK for Facebook Platform" on November 2009, 11.

July 2010, 7 Active Users Announce Over 22 Million Users Worldwide[21].

On September 2010, 9, a movie ``The story behind the establishment of Facebook''Social networkWas released.It was released on January 2011, 1 in Japan.

August 2011, 9,Bing TranslatorThe machine translation function using was installed.

December 2011, 12 HeadquartersPalo AltoFrom Stanford Research ParkMenlo Park OfSun MicrosystemsMoved to the site[22].

August 2012, 5,NASDAQAt the marketIPOWas carried out.

August 2020, 5,Facebook Supervisory Board20 initial members (committees) were announced[23][24][25].

Facebook will be maintained as the name of SNS after Facebook, Inc changed its name to Meta Platforms on November 2021, 11.[26].


In addition to the basic functions for social networking, it has the following characteristic functions.

Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect is a function that allows you to authenticate with Facebook and associate it with Facebook's social network by adding the link information with Facebook to the desired page of the external site. What Facebook users do on these external sites is also reflected on Facebook as activity information.[27].

Facebook Page

There is a "Facebook page" on Facebook that can be created by celebrities and companies, where you can advertise and attract fans.Originally named "Fan Page".

Smart list

Automatically classify registered people.

Facebook Watch

A section on Facebook where you can watch videos uploaded by creators and publishers, share them, and add reactions and comments.

According to the announcement in June 2020, it attracts 6 billion visitors every month.[28].

Facebook Gaming

A section and Android app that allows you to play games, watch game videos, and interact with game-related groups on Facebook.

Facebook Onion Service version

PoliciesUsers who valueOnline censorshipFor users who are receiving.TorIt is operated using.Whistle-blowingbyInternational surveillance networkWas discovered2014 It was launched in.Highly confidentialNational level OfEavesdroppingIs impossible,DictatorshipIdeal for connecting from.Use isTor networkCorresponding toWeb browser(Tor Browser,Onion Browser,BravePrivate browsing mode), dedicated address (www.facebookwkhpilnemxj7asaniu7vnjjbiltxjqhye3mhbshg7kx5tfyd.onion) Can be connected.

International development

2017 At the beginning, the number of users worldwide was over 18 billion.[29]


2008 Japanese translation in MayThe interfacepublish. This is not translated by the management side, volunteer usersThird partyIt was the result of free work using the translation application. May 5,CEO OfMark Zuckerberg JapanHeld a press conference at and thanked all the users involved in the translation[30].. On the same night, Facebook developer event "Facebook Developer Garage Tokyo" will be held in Tokyo.ShibuyaIt was held in.

Facebook, Inc.Is "Facebook" (named Facebook) in Japan2007 May 11"Facebook" and "facebook" (designated as Kaohon, Ganphone, Gampon)2010 May 5Applied for a trademark. Japan was a backward region for Facebook, but at the beginning there were very few Japanese services, problems such as the Japanese version not reflecting the English version layout in real time, etc. It was mentioned. From this point, posting negative articles on Facebook is far from the world trend.[31][32]Only Japan stands out.

Japan at the time Facebook enteredmixi,Mobage,GREEExisting SNS such asTwitterIs not pushed by and spread[33][34]It was also called "Facebook underdeveloped country".Kunihiro Maeda(Space of interestfounder,Tamagawa UniversityFaculty of Business Administration, Part-time Lecturer,Tokyo UniversityThe graduate school of interdisciplinary information science visiting researcher) said that these factors were that "the number of human relationships between Japanese and overseas" was small in the first place, that existing SNS was holding down users, and that "the merit of a global network".JapaneseVulnerable to[35]..Maeda also added that Facebook accounts are required to register their real name, face photo, and profile in the real world, but "It is effective for those who can be proud of them, but it is an invisible wall for those who feel the complex. I feel it. "He also pointed out, "If you can't communicate in English, you can't enter the main network at all."[36].

In February 2010, the first overseas corporation outside the United StatesFacebook Japan Co., Ltd.Japan (Tokyo)Minato-ku) Was established.

The number of users in Japan was about 2010 million in December 12.[37]..Over 2011 million people at the end of September 9[38].. It was widely reported in 2012, and it started to be reported in many media that it became more popular than Japanese SNS.2015 October2500 million people at the moment[39].

As of January 2021, the number of facebook users is around 1 million, which is decreasing from the peak of 2500 million.[40].2019 Acquired at the endInstagramHas 3300 million active users[41].

People's Republic of China

People's Republic of China(Excluding Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR)Great firewallThe connection restrictions to Facebook are regulated by[42], Of similar servicesHuman networkHas attracted many users. As of February 2011, there are 2 Facebook users.[43].. Although Facebook established a subsidiary in the People's Republic of China in 2018,Communist partyGovernment withdrew approval[44].


2015 As of June, there are about 6 million users, the second largest in the world after the United States.[45]


From 2010 to 2011チュニジアOccurred inJasmine RevolutionFacebook is playing a big role in exchanging information.


2011 Egypt MayhemThen.April 4 ExerciseA large group calleddemo,strikeI called.Hosni MubarakPresidentSome were evaluated as "Facebook Revolution" because they were forced to resign[46].

On the other hand, Facebook is a real name (2012 Is more widely usedstage name,Pen nameIfPopular nameAlthough now possible, this is limited to celebrities whose contacts can be easily identified[47]) Because it is a registration system, to escape from the pursuit of the governmentKanaRequest real names from activists registered in[48]Or, there was also a situation where the activity was flooded, such as the activist who was forced to disclose his real name was arrested by the authorities[49].. Due to these restrictions, in actual exerciseReviews,FlyerIs the mainstay, Facebook andTwitterIt is also pointed out that only "not organized the demo"[50].

Security and privacy issues

Facebook's security vulnerabilities are often pointed out. In 2011HTTPSIntroduced always-on connection[51]But stillMobile phoneIt is considered to be the site that poses the most serious threat to mobile terminals such as[52].

Timeline is a feature announced on September 2011, 9. Initially, it was scheduled to start in October 23. However, on September 2011, a privacy protection agency, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), submitted a request for investigation to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), citing timeline privacy concerns. Facebook also changed its privacy policy in December 10. As a result, EPIC and other privacy advocates and individuals have sued Facebook on the FTC for their personal information being provided to third parties without their consent. As a result, the two parties settled on November 9, 29, "Do not use misleading expressions regarding security and privacy" and "Use the opt-in method that users explicitly consent to change privacy settings". did. To avoid the risk of getting stuck in the timeline, you need to review your privacy settings[53].

others,AppsAbout "Birthday" (formerly "My Calendar"), which is one of the above, once you join the membership (unless you change the settings), you will unknowingly ask your friend "Can you enter your birthday?"ス パ ムPoints to keep sending solicitations[54]AndiPhoneThe Facebook app at will arbitrarily register the contacts registered on the iPhone to Facebook, and Facebook will automatically send an "invitation email" to the registered contacts every two weeks.[55]There are also problems such as.

In June 2013, the subscriber's personal informationUS National Security AgencyMass monitoring program operated byPRISMBy the AmericanInformation agencyWas provided toWashington Post,GuardianTherefore, it is reported.[56][57][58][59]

On June 2013, 6, the official application for Android was sending the phone number of the terminal without permissionSymantecIt becomes clear by the analysis of. In response, Facebook acknowledged the fact that it was the program that collected and sent the phone number.バ グIt was justified. The collected phone numbers are said to have been deleted, but they have not been confirmed by a third party.

As a new function from December 2013,personal informationThe "information transfer" mechanism has been adopted in which when a user presses a "request" button for an address or address on the screen, a small screen is displayed on the user side asking whether or not it is possible. However, in the small screen, a button called "friend" is also displayed next to the name button of "disclosure destination (=requesting person who wants information)". If the user who is requested to press the "friend" by mistake, the personal information will be disclosed to all the "friends" as well as the original user who requested the request.[60]

2015 May 11,F-SecureA man who works for a company is a cartoonistToshiko HasumiAccused a user of being said to have liked the illustrations published by Facebook as a racist. The name, place of residence, school from which I was born, and work place were published as a list from the information on Facebook. Posts of harassment in those addresses were posted on the Internet, which became a problem.[61][62].

2016 Collects and analyzes voice from the user's mobile phoneTargeting adsAnnounces official comments negative to alleged use for[63].

March 2018 outflow

A leak of personal information was reported in March 2018, and it was announced on April 3, 2018 that it was about 4 million people[64][65].. Facebook's user information leak issue to about 8,700 million people was regarded by Congress as ZuckerbergUS SenateJudicial committee[66]And the US House of Representatives Energy and Commercial Task ForcePublic hearingSummoned to[67].

Special provision of personal information to advertisers in June 2018

2018 May 6AttachedWall Street JournalElectronic version, Facebook is the advertiserNissan MotorFor several companies such asPhone NumberAnd personal information such as the results of analysis of intimacy of relationships[68].. About this, Nissan is a company that works with Facebook.AppsI explained that when I changed the system, I was able to browse until the change was completed.[69].

March 2018 outflow

Announced that personal information was leaked on September 2018, 9[70][71][72].

Outflow on September 2018, 9
Outflow contentThe target number of people
  • Name
  • Contact information (phone number, email address, or both, which is registered in your profile)
  • Username for unique URL
  • Sex
  • Language setting
  • Dating status
  • Religious
  • Birth Place
  • Self-reported residence
  • birthday
  • The type of device used to access Facebook
  • Educational History
  • Career history
  • Last 10 locations checked in or tagged
  • Website
  • People and pages you follow
  • 15 most recent searches
About 1400 million people
  • Name
  • Contact information (phone number, email address, or both, which is registered in your profile)
About 1500 million people
Access Talk stolen, but no access to personal informationAbout 100 million people

March 2018 outflow

On October 2018, 10, it was reported that personal information of 6 people was leaked[73].

Password plaintext storage problem

On March 2019, 3, we announced a problem that passwords for hundreds of millions of users found in an internal survey in January 21 were stored in-house without encryption processing.Passwords for tens of millions of Facebook users, hundreds of millions of Facebook Lite users, and tens of thousands of Instagram users were stored without proper encryption. According to Facebook, passwords are usually stored in their systems using technology that makes them unreadable, but some users' passwords were stored in a legible format.It is said that these passwords were not in a state of being viewed outside the company, and it has not been confirmed that unauthorized use or unauthorized access was made inside the company.This issue was fixed from discovery to announcement[74][75][76].

Readable passwords for hundreds of millions of people on Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Lite released on March 2019, 4 (Plaintext) Updated the announcement that it was stored in-house and revised the number of Instagram passwords originally set to "tens of thousands" to "several millions". About 2,000 people in the access logs ran about 900 million queries against data containing plaintext passwords[77].

Collecting email passwords

Admitted that from April 2019, May 4, we have collected contact information and email passwords for 2016 million users.[78].

Human rights/censorship issues

Censorship measures

Photographs during the Vietnam War 

August 2016, 9,Vietnam War (Vietnam War)Naked girl running away after suffering from Napalm bullet attackPhoto of(Fin con utoPhotographed "Fear of War" 1973Pulitzer PrizeWithdrew the censorship measures taken on the company's website for the award).Many people have criticized the censorship measures.NorwayOf a human writerTom Egeland) It started with the use of this photo in a post about a war photo. Facebook immediately removed his post. Respondents posted the same photos one after another, but Facebook continued to delete them each time. NorwegianErna Solberg (Erna Solberg) Prime Minister also posted this photo, but was deleted a few hours later. In a subsequent statement, he explained that he was "corresponding to child pornography" and acknowledged the importance of this photo and decided to withdraw censorship, but he did not apologize.[79].

Censorship to the President of the United States 

2021 year 1 month 6 dayCapitol raidIn response to this, he was incumbent for posting allegations of fraudulent elections and inciting violence.President of the United StateswasDonald TrumpAccount was temporarily frozen[80]..It was scheduled until January 1, when the transition to power was completed, but the account freeze has continued since the end of February of the same year.[81].

Bride auction problem

It was reported that a girl living in South Sudan was auctioned as a bride on Facebook and subsequently married on November 11rd, which became a problem. The post where the auction took place was posted on October 3th, and then Facebook deleted the post on November 10th, more than two weeks later, by which time the girl was already married.[82][83][84].

Other issues

Defect in automatic translation function

2020 year 1 month,Myanmar OfAung San Suu KyiOn the official page of the national adviser,BurmeseChinese President (Party General Secretary) during a visit to Myanmar written inXi JinpingThe name is FacebookAutomatic translationDepending on the functionEnglishI translated it into "Shithole". Facebook explained that it translated all the words starting with "shi" into "shithole" because "Xi Jinping" was not listed in the company's Burmese vocabulary, and apologized for this situation.[85].

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