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👆 | Triple Crown of Fujii "Fun" to see Iwaki spiny lobster


"Fun" to see the triple crown of Fujii Iwaki spiny lobster

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The third station of the Ryuo War will start at 30 am on the 9th at "Iwaki Yumoto Onsen Shintsuta".

On the XNUMXth, Masayuki Toyoshima, a shogi player, and Souta Fujii, who continues to break the youngest record in history, visited Onahama, Iwaki City.General ... → Continue reading

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Iwaki Yumoto Onsen

Iwaki Yumoto Onsen(Iwaki Yumoto Onsen)FukushimaIwaki(Old countryMutsu,MeijiLaterIwaki country)It is inSpa..It used to be called Joban Yumoto Onsen. Has a history of over 1300 years[1], The place name of Yumoto isHeian periodGo back to.

Spring quality

sourceThe temperature is 58.3Every timeAnd 5,000 per minuteL OfAmount of dischargeThere is.

Now it was once hereJoban CoalfieldAt the bottom of the mineボ ー リ ン グAnd pumping up the hot springs.

Tsukioka Onsen,Bandai Atami OnsenIt is also counted as "Ban-etsu Expressway".

Hot spring town

Yumoto StationFrom the front to the mountain side, along the hot spring streetHot spring townSpreads.

Communal bathThere are 3 houses."Sahakonoyu" in itDay trip bath facilityIt feels like.

A huge hot spring resort facility "Spa Resort Hawaiians"Exists.Also on the west side of the hot spring townJapan Central Horse RacingRacehorse Rehabilitation CenterHas a hot spring bathing facility for horses[1], Often on TV showsRacehorseIs aired as it is immersed in a hot spring.


The history of opening hot springs is old,Nara periodIn ancient times, this place was called "Sabako".LoreAccording to one injured birdRed-crowned craneHowever, when a poor young couple's traveler carefully washed away the wound while he was bathing in a fountain in this area, the vines took off energetically, and a few days later, a ghosted lady appeared.ScrollWas bestowed on two people.It is said that there was a request to open this hot water and complete the natural life, and since then, the hot water of "Sabako" has been opened there.

ExtensionFive years of "Enki ceremony god name book』, Sit in this hot waterIwaki-gunHot spring (Yuno) shrineThe name of "Three Ancient Springs of Japan" came to be mentioned, and the word "Three Ancient Springs of Japan" was used in the advertising phrase (by the way, ""Japanese calligraphyIf the "Three Ancient Springs of Japan" listed in "" is picked upArima Onsen,Dogo OnsenAlong with "Muro-no-Yu", that isShirahama OnsenIs applicable).Also, in the Heian period, the place name "Yumoto" was already used, and it became known as Yumoto Onsen in Iwaki-gun.

In addition,Kamakura PeriodAs "three boxes of hot water"Shinano hot water,Natori hot waterTogetherSannoyu(Instead of Iwaki YumotoInuyo OnyuMay be entered).

With the background of the above promotion, it became famous as a sacred hot spring, and its efficacy became known to travelers.Hot springIt has come to develop as a famous place in Japan.Edo PeriodToRikuzenhama Highway OfPostProspered as well.

Meiji EraEntercoalmining(Joban Coalfield,Iwaki Coal MineWhen) started, many hot springs flooded from the mine.This means that the underground spring vein was destroyed,1919 The hot springs have stopped flowing to the surface.After that, the hot springs could be revived through discussions with the coal mine side.1942 Is[2].

When the coal industry became slanted, he was involved in miningJoban charcoalAttempted to break away from the coal industry to the tourism industry.1966 ToJoban Hawaiian Center (currently Spa Resort Hawaiians)To open.Hot spring pools and leisure facilities that were rare at the time, among themhulaThe aim of the show was successful, and the name of Joban Yumoto Onsen was raised at once.There was also the aspect of providing employment opportunities for unemployed coal mine employees and their families, such as hiring coal mine employees and their families for center employees, dancers, and band members.It also plays a pioneering role in hot spring theme parks currently located in various regions.

Oil shockAt that time, adjust the temperature inside the buildingboiler Crude oil priceDue to the soaring price, it was not possible to maintain a sufficient room temperature, and "Joban"AlaskaIt was sometimes ridiculed as "Center", but since then it has revived and is welcoming today.[3]..The story from this coal mine to tourism is "Hula Girl』It was made into a movie.At this time, the name was changed from "Joban Yumoto Onsen" to "Iwaki Yumoto Onsen".

Accommodation called "Yumoto Yukemuri 5 Famous Hot Springs" along with "Yumoto Onsen" that exists all over JapanStamp RallyIs held regularly.In addition to Iwaki Yumoto Onsen, the participating hot spring areas areNiseko Yumoto Onsen, Iwate Yumoto Onsen (Yuda Onsen GorgeYumoto Onsen),Iwase Yumoto Onsen,Nagato Yumoto Onsen.

2008 In May,Beppu hot springIs being done inOnpakuHas been introduced and an event called "Iwaki Fraon Park" is being held.Onpaku is the fourth event held in Japan.

2011 Occurred inGreat East Japan EarthquakeAnd accompanyingFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentSo, the equipment and rumors were damaged.Although the number of customers has been declining since before the earthquake, efforts for reconstruction and revitalization are continuing, such as some long-established inns that have revived meals from staying without meals.[1]..One of the inns "KotakiyaOn March 2021, 3, the "Shoshokan" was opened to display the Fukushima nuclear accident.[4](Nuclear Disaster Review Center furusato[5]).

Directions and Parking


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