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😀 | Shunsuke Kazama "Don't do it" in "Recommended Manga" Kirin and Kawashima also have no mark What is "G Senjo Heaven's Door"?


Shunsuke Kazama "Don't do it" in "Recommended manga" Kirin and Kawashima also have no mark What is "G Senjo Heaven's Door"?

If you write the contents roughly
"Introducing G Senjo Heaven's Door ... Shunsuke Kazama ... Don't do it ...!

Akira Kawashima of the comedy duo "Kirin" on "Sakurai / Ariyoshi THE Night Party" (TBS series) broadcast on October 10 (28) ... → Continue reading

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G Battlefield Heaven's Door

"G Battlefield Heaven's Door』(Gee Senjo Heaven's Door)Yoko NihonbashibyJapan OfComicthe work. 『Monthly IKKI』(Shogakukan) At2000 From October2003 It was serialized until June.All 6 episodes.There are 18 volumes in total (only 3 volume has a large-format comic. The contents are the same).Depicted a high school student in modern JapanYouth cartoon..The world of commercial manga is likened to the battlefield, and the theme is the relationship between the comrades who fight together there.manga artistIt focuses on the conflict and growth of a young man who has a father and a young man who has an editor's father.

NHK-FMRadio program ofYouth adventureIn March 2005Radio DramaWas transformed.

The title "G" is often used as an art material for manga.G penfrom. "Battlefield" is a kakekotoba with "on the line". It means "a place where only a few humans can reach the other side while running the line of the G pen on the battlefield of the world of manga =" Heaven's Door "".


main character

Sakai Tamachizo
One of the main characters of this work.NovelistAspiring high school student.Miko Sakai, a popular manga artist.
When the mother went out, she had a grudge against her father who did not stop her, giving priority to drawing manga.That is the reason why he cannot read his father's work obediently.In addition, he thinks that his father's manga is selling because he draws manga without commercialism, and he despises those who praise Sakai Daizo's manga.
He hated his father so much that he had trouble with Tetsuo who praised Daizo Sakai's work, and he decided to make a collaborative manga with Tetsuo.
The author's next work "Girl fight] Also, Machizo appears indirectly.As shown in the example of Machida Miyako (below), this is a tendency that is often seen in Nihonbashi works.
Height 184 cm Weight 73 kg Blood type O type.
Tetsuo Hasegawa
One of the main characters of this work.Has a genius cartoon talent.The real child of Tetsuto Akuda, a talented editor.
When he was a child, his mother denied a cartoon that he drew to show to his father who had divorced and went out.At that time I lost all my motivation and since then I have stopped writing manga.
When I read a manga by Daizo Sakai recommended by a friend, I saw the application guidelines for the Shojo Fight Newcomer Manga Award when my motivation for creativity returned a little.Seeing the prize money, I decided to draw a manga in earnest to cover my mother's medical expenses, but since the purpose is medical expenses, I am at a loss because it does not lead to a strong motivation to draw a manga. rice field.At that time, a trouble occurred with Machizo due to Sakai Daizo's manga, and he had the opportunity to see his novel.I felt the same scent as I used to in the work of Machizo, and asked him to create a collaborative manga.
I have a contradiction of drawing a manga for money even though I don't have what I want to draw, and I feel that it is empty.
When he once decided to quit manga, he cried and tried to throw the manuscript into the river, where he met Daizo Sakai.However, he is unaware that the person is Daizo Sakai.
The origin of the nameTsukamoto ShinyaThe movie "Tetsuo] From.
Height 154 cm Weight 45 kg Blood type A.
Kumiko Sugawara
Tetsuo's childhood friend.The daughter of the Sugawara family, a celebrity of the land.
I am deeply in love with Tetsuo and will not forgive anyone who hurt Tetsuo.As an example, to the teacher who tossed the manga drawn by Tetsuo when he was in elementary school,Imoken-kunI had been attacked and seriously injured (after that, I ate the potato ken-kun and destroyed the evidence).
There is a part where healed his loneliness by indulging in the existence of Tetsuo by the action of "protecting Tetsuo".I also likedvolleyballI had to give up because of a wrist injury, and even when I cut my wrist in despair, I was mentally saved by Tetsuo who welcomed me without changing my attitude.
However, as the relationship between Tetsuo and Machizo changes, he feels that Tetsuo isn't looking for him, and he can't heal his loneliness.
In addition, it has the property of running strangely when stress reaches its peak.
Later, he started the theater company "Matsuya Bunko" with Etsuo.The stage name is Kumiko.
Height 168 cm Weight 51 kg B86W61H87 Blood type B.
Yumiko Nashii
Sakai Daizo's secretary and formerassistant..I admire Akuda and Sakai very much.Has a physical relationship with Machizo.
Machizo considers Yumiko to be Okura's mistress, but in reality there is no such relationship.Taking advantage of that misunderstanding, he tries Machizo by comparing it with his father and by damaging his pride as a creator.
Height 164 cm Weight 48 kg B84W58H86 Blood type AB.
Daizo Sakai
A popular manga artist, the father of Sakai Tamachizo.Real name, Daizo Sakaida.Has numerous hits.When Tetsuo was a kid, he came across an attempt to put his own manga manuscript into the river, and was shocked by his manga.It was a time when I was worried about breaking the brush, but I chose to continue the manga with the motivation to publish a message to Tetsuo.The hit work "Our Haruka" is one of the works with a message to Tetsuo.
Height 181 cm Weight 75 kg Blood type O type.
Tetsuto Akuta
A talented editor of Kogakukan. He is the editor-in-chief of "Shonen Fight".Hasegawa Tetsuo's father.He used to be a manga artist, but because of his talent, he broke his body and spirit and had to cut his dominant wrist and retire.It is in the town storehouse when I was a child,Haze grassI encourage Machizo to become a manga artist.After losing the political struggle in the editorial department, he left the editorial department of "Shojo Fight" for a while.Upon returning, we decided to discontinue Sakai Daizo's popular work "Our Haruka" and started a new serialization again in collaboration with Sakai Daizo.
Height 170 cm Weight 58 kg Blood type A.

Family of key figures

Grandpa Hasegawa (Grandpa Hasegawa)
Tetsuo's maternal grandfather.Since Tetsuo's mother, Emiko, is in the hospital, she currently lives with Tetsuo.Hasegawa ShotenMom-and-pop candy storeIs running.
Emiko Hasegawa
Tetsuo's mother.He suffers from a serious illness and is admitted to a hospital run by Sugawara.Tetsuo divorced Akuda when he was in elementary school.
I have been with Akuda and Sugawara since high school.Tetsuo is extremely disgusted with his involvement in manga.
Kumiko's father and director of Sugawara General Hospital.Akuda has been a friend since high school.By the way, the Sugawara family is a celebrity in the town.ViolinGood at playing.
I want to marry Tetsuo to Kumiko and take over Sugawara General Hospital. It also appears in "Shojo Fight".
Sumiko Sakaida
Machizo's mother.A gorgeous personality.Separated from Machizo and Okura.During the film, the divorce from Okura is officially decided.
Himiko Sugawara
Kumiko's mother.I work as a fashion designer overseas and don't come back to Japan very often.
Rumiko Hasegawa
Daughter of Tetsuo and Kumiko.I am in love with Machizo.It will appear as the main character in Yoko Nihonbashi's next work, "Shoujo Fight".

Cartoonists and their associates

Soichiro Inokuma
One of the winners of the 35th Shojo Fight Newcomer Manga Award.Received the second prize.You may like manga, but you realize that you don't have the talent as a storyteller.Partly because of that, he chooses to live as a professional to protect humans with manga talent.Teach Machizo how to draw manga.Later, he married Shirono Kishibe, the winner of the same period, and launched an assistant production called "Inoichi".
Miyako Machida
One of the manga artists who has a serialization in "Shojo Fight".I respect Akuda.Machizo will serve as her assistant with the introduction of Inokuma.
Another work by Yoko Nihonbashi "Plastic dismantling high schoolOne of the characters in.The workplace is designed with the school (mainly classrooms and infirmary) in mind.
Shuko Ishinami
An unknown manga artist who once had a serialization in "Shojo Fight".It was once more popular than Daizo Sakai, and the time when the two were active at the same time was the golden age of "Shojo Fight", but it suddenly disappeared at the height of its popularity.He said that Machida Miyako was his only friend.
The identity will be revealed at the end of the work.
Editor in charge of Daizo Sakai.Later, he will also be in charge of Machizo.I like Yumiko.
Haruki Ikawa
One of the winners of the 35th Shojo Fight Newcomer Manga Award.I am an assistant under the manga artist Takizawa.
Kishibe Shirono
One of the winners of the 35th Shojo Fight Newcomer Manga Award.I have a daughter who gave birth to me when I was in college (I broke up with my partner afterwards).Later, he married Inokuma and became a shojo manga artist.
Yu Kotezaki
One of the winners of the 35th Shojo Fight Newcomer Manga Award.My parents are rich.I like Akiba-kei paintings.Later, at a company different from Fight, he draws manga while colliding with Inaba, who was in charge of it.
Kazuyuki Sadao
One of the winners of the 35th Shojo Fight Newcomer Manga Award.While working at a construction site, he draws manga.A few years later, he wrote a manga in a seinen manga magazine with Tetsuo, who works for Young Fight.
Rina Chiba
One of the winners of the 35th Shojo Fight Newcomer Manga Award.It also has the side of being a hot-selling designer.
Makoto Inaba
One of the winners of the 35th Shojo Fight Newcomer Manga Award.Owns a huge number of comics (all first edition).I respected Daizo Sakai and noticed small changes in the style of painting.Perhaps because of that, there is a section where I was aware of the true identity of Osamu Ishinami.Hateful slaps that stimulate people's pride.
Like Tetsuo, he later became an editor (the company he works for is different from Tetsuo), and he creates manga with a three-legged race.
Editor in charge of Tetsuo.Machida and his friends were high school classmates.One of the characters in Yoko Nihonbashi's other work "Plastic Dismantling High School".
Kishichi Ioka
Shonen Fight serialized manga artist.Get drunk in your own worldNarcissist..The person in charge is Sakaide.
manga artist.I am hiring Ikawa as an assistant.Inokuma was also his first assistant.The tone is rough but humane.

Alumni and their affiliates / other people

Etsuo Ichihara
Machizo and Tetsuo's classmates.Osaka dialect with Kumiko as the main character at the school festival when he was in high schoolRomeo and JulietWrite the script.With that as a trigger, he later became a screenwriter and started the theater company "Matsuya Bunko" with Kumiko.
Height 162 cm Weight 89 Blood type O type.
Yasuko Daichi
Machizo and Tetsuo's classmates.In the bonus manga of the book, he shows that he is interested in Machizo.Later married Kinji.
Height 158 cm Weight 43 kg B80W56H83 Blood type B.
Kin Sugai
Machizo and Tetsuo's classmates.Later married Yasuko.
Height 176 cm Weight 53 kg Blood type A.
Mitsunari Kurata
Homeroom teacher of Machizo and Tetsuo's class.The students call him "Micchan-sensei," but he doesn't seem to like the name.
The main character of Yoko Nihonbashi's other work "Plastic Dismantling High School".
Direct view of Furuya (Naomi Furuya)
A high school teacher who attends Machizo and Tetsuo.Machida and Kurata have been my best friends since high school.One of the characters in Yoko Nihonbashi's other work "Plastic Dismantling High School".
Mitarai Mika
Chiba's boss.Maiden name, Gotanda.One of the characters in Yoko Nihonbashi's other work "".
A lost child that Machizo and Kumiko met at the zoo.Good at singing.
Kenji Osuga
Koji's father.The main character of Yoko Nihonbashi's other work "".
Koji's mother.Maiden name Oda.One of the characters in Yoko Nihonbashi's other work "Strike Cinderella Out".
Naoki Shiga
Mercedes-Benz driver of the president of Haninba Shoji.One of the characters in Yoko Nihonbashi's other work "".

Radio Drama

ス タ ッ フ

  • Screenplay: Naoko Yoshimura
  • Director: Hidenori Shiroho


Shunsuke Kazama

Shunsuke Kazama(Shunsuke Kazama,1983 Showa58 years>May 6[2] -) isJapan OfAn actor,talent,Voice actor,chairperson.

TokyoSumidaBackground[5].Johnny's OfficeBelongs.


I like TV dramas and want to appear on TV programs myself, so I recommend my family to resume[Annotation 1]To send an audition[7],1997 Entered Johnny's Office in the second year of junior high school[4].. Debuted on the stage of a boy group of the same year, and laterJohnny's Jr.Act as[4].TOKYO[4],V6Serve as back etc.[8].1998 Formed in SeptemberBIGSelected as a member of[9],Ikuta TomaI was dancing with the center position together, but when I stopped performing for six months to take the high school exam, I could not return to my original position and I would dance behind Ikuta.[10].

1999 ,TBSsystemTV drama"3rd Year Class B Kinpachi sensei 5th series"Kenjiro Kanesue[11], 3thNikkan SportsDrama Grand Prix New Face Award[12].. Since then, the number of appearances in TV dramas has increased, and in 2002[9]Ikuta,Tomohisa Yamashita,Hasegawa JunAnd unitFour TopsAlso formed[13]And regain the previous position. However, from the beginning, this unit "will not make a debut with this ment," said the president.Janie KitagawaHave been told by[14], Actually YamashitaNEWSThe unit is gone by making a CD debut as[13].

In 2011, he made a regular appearance in a primetime contemporary drama for the first time in 10 years.Still, Life Goes On』, Japan Broadcasting Film Arts Awards Supporting Actor Award[5],The television70 timesDrama Academy AwardWhen he received the Best Supporting Actor Award, he gained the spotlight again, and the following yearContinuous tv novel"Pure and love], the name rises[5].

In July 2013, he announced through Johnny's office that he had married an ordinary woman in early May 5.[15][16].

On October 2015, 10, a single page was established on the official website of Johnny's office, effectively graduating from Johnny's Jr.[17][18].

On February 2019, 2, it was reported that the eldest son was born with his wife and he is already 11 years old.[19], The office also acknowledged this[20].

August 2020, 12,New coronavirusThe infection to[21].. Reported recovery on January 2021, 1 and resumed activity on 4th[22].


  • Mizuto Elementary SchoolBackground[10].Tokyo Metropolitan Koiwa High Schoolgraduate,Asia UniversityWithdrawal from Faculty of Economics[23].
  • Mainly active as an actor and well-established as Johnny's acting school[11][24].. By the number of drama appearances, I no longer dance when I was 21[14], Talent belonging to Johnny's office meet togetherJohnny's Countdown LiveIt’s no longer called in a place like[25][Annotation 2].. In an interview when he appeared in the movie "Maebashi Visuals" released in 2010, he said, "I haven't sang a song for the first time in 6 or 7 years.[27].. In 2021, he will appear regularly in "VS soulWith the members of "2021 FNS Song FestivalWhen he appeared in the song, he said that he was appearing in a song program for the first time in 18 years.[28].
  • My hobby is reading[29]You can go to a manga cafe by immersing yourself in things such as[30], I often stay home and play games on my days off[31]..He professes to love manga, and in July 2020, he said that he was crazy about it.339 year in prison(Written by Tomoka Ise)[32].
  • In the same Johnny's officestorm OfAiba MasakiBest friends with[33][34],CM[35][36]Also co-starred in programs[1][37].
  • At the age of 11Tokyo DisneylandAfter being fascinated by[38], I buy an annual passport every year[29]Replied, "I will work at Disneyland" for my future dream when I was in the 6th grade of elementary school.[7].. Since he is familiar with Disneyland, he sometimes plays the role of a navigator, and sometimes guides the actors and their families who co-starred.[39].. In 2018TBSSystem variety "The world that Matsuko does not knowHe also brought in his own project, wrote a script and interviewed him before giving a presentation.[38].. Also in the same yearMatsuya GinzaParticipated in the opening event of "Walt Disney Archives Exhibition-The Story of the Future Continued from Mickey Mouse-" held at Kazama when Kazama was a junior high school student.Bell of Notre DameI donated the underlay that I bought when I saw[40].
  • Rio de Janeiro ParalympicsWhen I went to Brazil to cover the situation, my status (airline senior membership) went upMileageIt is also one of my hobbies to collect points that are different from the above)Okinawa[41],Amami archipelago[42]Until"Mile trainingSometimes I go out.



The appearance as a unitBIG,Four TopsSee.

TV drama




Sports program

  • Rio de Janeiro Paralympics -Local reporter
    • Opening Ceremony (September 2016, 9, NHK)
    • Paralympic time (September 2016, 9-September 8, 9, NHK) [108]
    • Closing ceremony (September 2016, 9, NHK)
  • Pyeongchang Paralympics -Local caster
    • Opening Ceremony (March 2018, 3, NHK)[109]
    • Paralympic time (September 2018, 3-September 9, 3, NHK) [110]
    • Closing Ceremony (March 2018, 3, NHK)[109]

News program



All voice appearances.

Television Animation
Theater animation


All voice appearances


Radio Drama

  • ABC's 60th Anniversary Radio Era drama Genroku Dojima Rice Market Kama-The ghost of Chikamatsu is revived in HeiseiABC Radio
  • I am in love now (March 2018, 3, NHK-FM)[141]


  • Johnny's Jr. 1st Concert (February 1998, 2, 1, 11)[92]
  • Johnny's Summer Concert (July 1998-August 7, 29)[92]
  • Johonny's Winter Concert (December 1998, 12-January 27, 1999)[92]
  • Fresh Spring Concert'99 (May 1999, 5-June 2, 6)[142]
  • Johnny's Jr. Limited Express 〈10/9〉 Throw 〈10〉 Concert Large gathering at Tokyo Dome on October 9th! (October 10, 9, Tokyo Dome)[142]
  • Johnny's Jr. Spring Concert 2000 (April 2000, 4-May 3, 5)[143]
  • Johnny's Jr. <Higashi, Osaka, Mei> 3 large dome concerts (September 2000, 9-October 3, 10)[143]
  • Johnny's Jr. Concert Tackey & Tsubasa 21st Century Showdown (May 2001, 5-June 3, 6)[144]
  • Johnny's Jr. Concert Tackey & Tsubasa Johnny's Jr. total appearance! (March 2002-May 3, 29)[93]
  • It's the 10th year! SONG SONG Johnny's Countdown Singing Battle(December 2007, 12-January 31, 2008, Tokyo Dome)[145]



Magazine serialization


注 釈

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