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🥾 | "If you don't have enough, you should jump yourself!" At an altitude of 599 meters, Mt. Takaosan challenged 600 meters ...

At the top of the photo ...? (The image is from the Mt. Takaosan cable car official account)

"If you don't have enough, you should jump yourself!" At an altitude of 599 meters, Mt. Takaosan challenged 600 meters ...

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The fiery maple is synonymous with Mt. Takaosan and is very beautiful.

"Mt. Takaosan" in Hachioji, Tokyo.Blessed with abundant nature that you can't imagine being in Tokyo, many people visit every year ... → Continue reading

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Beautiful things

Mt. Takaosan

Mt. Takaosan(Mt. Takao[2]) IsTokyoHachioji CityIt is inelevation599Meters(M)(I.e..Meiji no Mori Takao National Parkas well as the Tokyo Metropolitan Takao Jinba Nature ParkLocated in[3]..TokyoCity centerClose to, many throughout the yearTourismCustomers andClimbingVisit.From ancient timesStudy road OfSpirit mountainWas taken.


Kanto Mountains(Chichibu Mountains) Is one of the mountains located on the eastern edge.Meiji no Mori Takao National ParkHas been designatedCamp,barbecue,plantCollection,birdsIt is forbidden to capture. 2020 For the first time in Tokyo, as "Reiki Manzan Mt. Takaosan ~ The story of the mulberry city spun by people's prayers ~"Agency for Cultural AffairsCertified by "Japanese heritageCertified as[4]

On the mountainsideCultural propertyHaveMt. Takaosan YakuinBesides, Mt. TakaosanCable carTo runTakao Tozan Electric RailwayBy the operation ofMonkeyGarden / Wildflower Garden[5], "Mt. Takaosan Beer Mount" at an altitude of 500 m (beer gardenIs summer only),Mt. Takaosan BBQ mountThere are tourist facilities such as (Hands-free BBQ service is limited to spring and autumn)[6].

There is an observatory and Takao Visitor Center on the summit, and the total length is 1,697.Kilometers(Km)Tokai nature trailIt is also the starting point of.Also, Mt. Takaosan has been around for a long time.A tenguThere is also a legend that there exists.

From the summit to the eastHachioji City,Sagamihara CityCentered onKanto PlainCityscape andMt. Tsukubasan,Boso Peninsula,EnoshimaYou can see up to.Also on the west sideTanzawa area,Mount FujiYou can overlook.winter solsticeThe sun sets just above Mt. Fuji in the days before and afterDiamond FujiCan be seen. "Hachioji XNUMX viewsIs also selected.

In addition to the convenient transportation from central Tokyo, the Michelin tourist guide "Michelin Green Guide JapanThere is also the influence of the 3-star rating in[7]As the popularity of Mt. Takaosan has increased in recent years, it is located at the eastern foot of the mountain and is the main entrance to Mt. Takaosan.Keio Electric RailwayTakao Line-Mt. Takaosanguchi StationTourist facilities are being concentrated around the area.

2015, Tourist Information and Mt. TakaosanNATUREFor the purpose of enlightenment aboutMuseum"TAKAO 599 MUSEUM(The facility name is named from the altitude of 599 m at the top of the mountain.Keio Agency[8]..In October 2015, Keio Electric Railway was adjacent to Mt. Takaosan Exit Station.One day hot spring facility"Keio Mt. Takaosan hot spring GokurakuyuOpened[9].

またMeijiSince then, it originated from acting as a worshiper of Mt. Takaosan Yakuouin.TororoJapanese buckwheat noodlesIs a specialty of Mt. Takaosan.Keio Electric Railway holds the "Mt. Takaosan Winter Soba Campaign" every year as a winter event where the number of vacationers decreases.[10].

1971 As an event for the spring / autumn holiday season every yearKeio Electric RailwayBy "Mt. Takaosan ・Jinmayama"Stamp hike" is being held[11].orienteering OfPermanent courseIs also in placeTrail runPeople who enjoy the competition are often seen due to the boom.

Mt. Takaosan is famous as a resort near Tokyo, but originallyStudy road OfSacred placeAndShingon Sochiyama SchoolOmotoyamaMt. Takaosan YakuinIt is the temple area of ​​Yakuou-in. From the name of Mt. TakaosanMantraEsoteric Buddhism OfSacred placeone of·京都Kaohsiung MountainJingojiIt was also likened to[12], Natural forests have been protected.

中 世IsHachioji Castle(Jigoji Castle) LordHojo-Hojo HoshoParents and children protect this mountain, and Ujiteru's ticket "Prohibit the felling of bamboo trees on the main mountain" is left at Yakuouin.Edo PeriodToShogunate territoryAs HachiojiDeputy official-Nagaan OkuboHas taken a forest protection policy, and the letter is also left at Yakuouin.Since thenImperial familyImperial forestThroughNational forestThe forest has always been protected.

Since the Meiji era,Makino TomitaroMany researchers have announced new plants with Mt. Takaosan as the first discovery site.Warm temperate systemLaurel forestband(OakEvergreen broad-leaved trees such as) and cold temperate deciduous broad-leaved forests (Beech・ Fagus japonica ・Oak-HonokiEtc.) ・ Mid-temperate forest (Fir-TsugaSuch asConiferous forest) Is located on the border, so the vegetation is abundant, and the nature is well maintained despite being close to the urban area.

In the basement on the east side of the summitMt. Takaosan Cable CarIn the form of passing underMetropolitan area central connecting expressway(Ken-O Expressway) "Mt. Takaosan Tunnel" (Down line (south to north) 1348 m, Up line (north to south) 1329 m)[13]Passes north and south, and on the south sideMt. Takaosan interchangeThere is.

When constructing a road tunnel on the Ken-O Expressway, there was a strong opposition from nature conservation groups and some citizens, and the "Mt. Takaosan Tengu Trial" was held to seek an injunction.Even after the opening, there are voices pointing out concerns about landscape protection and conservation of groundwater veins, but welcomed by Hachioji citizens and residents of the surrounding area, saying that the opening of the Ken-O Expressway has improved the convenience of road transportation. There are also voices, and it can be said that there are pros and cons.For more information"#Mt. Takaosan Tengu TrialSee section.

History of Mt. Takaosan


Triangular point

Second-order triangular point
  • Point name "Mt. Takaosan"
latitude 35 ° 37′30.5993
longitude 139 ° 14′37.0013
elevation 599.30 m
Location Mt. Takaosan National Forest, Takao-machi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo[1]

Surrounding mountains

Triangular point
With Mt. Takaosan
Kumotori-nanatsuishi.JPGMt. Kumotoriyama2,017.09First class37.316 cardinal points NW.pngNorthwestNihon Hyaku Meizan(Japan's hundred famous mountains)
Tokyo's highest peak
Mt.Jinba Kanagawa-no-keisho-50sen.jpgJinmayama855(Loss)7.616 cardinal points WNW.pngWest-northwest
Mount Takao 20051023.jpgMt. Takaosan599.30[1]Second class0Michelin Guide (XNUMX stars)
Tanzawa Mountains from Mt.Bukka 01.jpgTanzawa1,567.06First class18.316 cardinal points SSW.pngSouth-southwestNihon Hyaku Meizan(Japan's hundred famous mountains)
01 Fujisan from Yamanakako 2004-2-7.jpgMount Fuji3,776.24[17]Second class55.216 cardinal points SW.pngSouthwestNihon Hyaku Meizan(Japan's hundred famous mountains)
Japan's highest peak
world Cultural Heritage

Source river

Become the sourceRiver TheTamagawaWater systemso,Tokyo BayFlows to.

Annual climate, temperature

  • January: -1 ℃
  • February: 2 ℃
  • February: 3 ℃
  • February: 4 ℃
  • February: 5 ℃
  • February: 6 ℃
  • February: 7 ℃
  • February: 8 ℃
  • February: 9 ℃
  • February: 10 ℃
  • February: 11 ℃
  • February: 12 ℃


Number of climbers

Mt. Takaosan is in TokyoCity centerIt takes about 1 hour by train from the city, and you can easily use the well-maintained mountain trails and cable cars.ClimbingThere are many climbers regardless of age or gender because of what they can do.The annual number of climbers exceeds 260 million, boasting the largest number of climbers in the world.[18].

Mountaineering route

To the summitTrail(Natural research roads, etc.) are maintained, and you can enjoy low mountain climbing by combining various routes.Although the altitude of Mt. Takaosan is low, the altitude difference is not small because the altitude of the trailhead is also low.In general, the time required to reach the summit is about one and a half to two hours on foot.

Time required for each route[19][3]
  • Route 1 (Omotesando Course) -1 hour 40 minutes uphill 1 hour 30 minutes downhill (3.8 km)
  • Route 2 (Kasumidai Loop Course) -1 minutes per lap (30 km)
  • Route 3 (wig forest course) -1 hour uphill 50 minutes downhill (2.4 km)
  • Route 4 (suspension bridge course) -50 minutes uphill 40 minutes downhill (1.5 km)
  • Route 5 (mountain top loop course) -1 minutes per lap (30 km)
  • Route 6 (Biwataki Course) -1 hour 30 minutes uphill 1 hour 10 minutes downhill (3.3 km)
  • Inariyama Course (Ridge Course) -1 hour 30 minutes uphill 1 hour 10 minutes downhill (3.1 km)
Route 1 (Omotesando course)
It is a standard mountain climbing route that also serves as the Tokai Nature Trail.Follow the north side of the lift platform to the summit station, Yakuouin, and Mt. Takaosan summit.There is an observatory, Kinpiradai, on the way.In the evening, when the lift and cable car business hours are closed, we will use this route to descend the mountain.The route is mostly cobbled and is not a route for hiking while touching the soil, but a route used for transporting materials by car.The slope to the cable car summit station is steep, but after that you can walk to see Yakuouin.
Route 2 (Kasumidai Loop Course)
It is a route that returns from the summit station of the cable car to the summit station via the southern foot of Mt. Sal, Shinhendo, and Joshinmon.
Route 3 (wig forest course)
It is a route from the south side of Shinhendo to the summit by following the south slope of Yakuouin.It does not go through Yakuouin itself.At the end, there is a tough spot to climb the ridge directly.Since it is on the south slope, the surrounding area is mainly a warm temperate laurel forest, but near the summit it is an intermediate temperate forest with dense fir trees.
Route 4 (suspension bridge course)
Route 4 branches to the left (north side) from Joshinmon.The view is not so good, but there are fewer people walking than Route 1, so you can enjoy a quiet mountain walk.2011 (23)OctoberCurrently, some are one-way streets only for climbing.
Route 5 (Summit Loop Course)
A route that goes around just below the summit of Mt. Takaosan.
Route 6 (Biwataki Course)
It is called the Biwa Falls route because it goes through Biwa Falls on the way.The best route for summer and hot weather as you walk along the river.Continue on the road on the south side of the cable car Sanroku Station and turn left in front of the recreation center.It's easy at the beginning, but after filling the swamp, the stairs will be steep just below the summit.There is a place to climb the stepping stones in the swamp on the way, but the stepping stones are difficult to understand, and if you walk along the road, you will join the Inariyama course.However, there is also a course (see the section on the Inariyama course) where you can climb the Inariyama course and avoid the stairs just below the summit.In addition, there is a route that goes up the ridge to the right from Biwa Falls on the way and joins Route 1 at Kasumidai near the cable car mountaintop station (especially only this part is sometimes called the Biwa Falls route), but on the way It is a steep slope.At Biwa Falls, you can experience waterfall training for a fee.
Inariyama Course (Ridge Course)
It is a route that can be attached from a bridge that crosses a stream that runs on the south side of the cable car foot station. As we walk along the ridge of Mt. Inari, which extends to the south of Mt. Takaosan, there is a slightly tighter climb only at the ridge attachment, but after passing "Azumaya" at an altitude of around 400 m, the climb becomes gentle.The place where Azumaya is located is when the winter weather is good.Mt. TsukubasanIt is a good observatory that you can see from afar.There aren't many tight spots beyond Azumaya, but there are more than 230 stairs just below the summit.The road leading to the right under the stairs (a part of Route 5) leads to the road that combines Routes 6 and 3 and leads to the summit, so if you do not want to climb the stairs, this is a little easier.The road to the left under the stairs is Route 5 of the Mt. Takaosan circuit course.Small Buddha ShiroyamaIt is a detour in the direction (there is a way to reach the top of Mt. Takaosan from the back side, but the stairs are still tight).Many people climb by cable car and use this route for descent, and the guidebook says "a road suitable for descent", but there are some places where the soil is exposed and slippery. Also, at the end, a steep downhill continues.
Other routes
Transit BusAs a route to use
  • Takao StationFrom the north exit, go to the <High 01> system "Small Buddha" (Keio BusTerada branchRuns)
    • "Jataki Route": From "Jatakiguchi" (about 30 minutes on foot), go through Jataki to the vicinity of the cable car summit station.
    • "Iroha no Mori (Hikagezawa) Route": A mountain trail that passes through the Hikagezawa Forest Road from "Hikage", branches off to a mountain trail, and passes through "Iroha no Mori (there are trees with 48 characters as the acronym)". Connect to Route 4 and Route 1.
    • From "Small Buddha"Small Buddha,Small Buddha ShiroyamaRoute to the summit of Mt. Takaosan

The sidewalks are so good that you can rearrange the difficulty and time settings.

Back from Mt. Takaosan
From Mt. TakaosanJinmayama,Okutama OfMt. MitousanToward, etc.Oku Takao Longitudinal Road - Sasa ridgeAndTokai nature trail,Kanto Fureai no MichiThere is a mountain trail along the ridge.
As for access, the number of buses on the Jinba mountain side is small, soFujino StationTake a bus to the Jinba trailhead, then climb Mt. Jinba,Mt. Takaosanguchi StationIt is better to go to.You can also reach Mt. Jinba from the Jinbakogenshita bus stop, which takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to climb and 1 hour to descend.[20]..To the bus stop under Jinba KogenTakao StationThere is a bus from.Beyond Mt. JinbaMt. ShoutousanSince the number of buses is even smaller, it is better to go by the route of Mt. Shoutousan → Mt. Jinba.
The time required is as follows[20].. Time required when using Route 6 or Inariyama Course from Mt. Takaosan Exit Station[19].
East direction (toward Mt. Takaosan exit station)West direction (toward Mt. Jinba)
Jinma trailhead bus stop-Jinmayama : Climbing 1 hour 40 minutesDownhill 1 hour 20 minutes
Jinba Kogen Shita Bus Stop-Jinmayama : Climbing 1 hour 20 minutes1 hour down
Jinmayama-Doshoyama : XNUM X hours X NUM X minutesXNUM X hours X NUM X minutes
Doshoyama-Keishinzan : 1 hours50 minutes
Keishinzan-Shiroyama : 55 minutes1 hours
Shiroyama-Mt. Takaosan : 50 minutes1 hours
Mt. Takaosan-Mt. Takaosanguchi Station : Downhill 1 hour 10 minutesClimbing 1 hour 30 minutes
There are shops and toilets on the summit other than Doshoyama.Even if you don't walk from Mt. Jinba to Mt. Takaosan, there is a mountain trail that you can reach some bus stop if you walk for about an hour to an hour and a half from the summit of each mountain.

Precautions for mountaineering

  • Rare in TokyoFlying squirrelHabitat[21]..Some individuals have burrows near the promenade.
  • It is a national park and bonfires and camping are prohibited.In addition, other than permitted vehicles,オ ー ト バ イIncluding mountain bikes, etc.BicycleIs also prohibited from entering the mountain.
  • InappropriateshoesIn some cases, it is difficult to continue climbing because the mountain is climbed at night and there is no light.

Summit area

The summit area (the area above Route 5)OmiharashienchiIt is called[22]..It has a good view and has been selected as one of the XNUMX best views of Fujimi in Kanto.[3].

First sunriseKnown as a famous place for people, 1,500-2,000 people visit every year, and it is so crowded that mountain entry restrictions are enforced.[23]..However, in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the summit area will be closed from 2020 pm on December 12, 31 to 5 am on January 2021, 1.[23][22].


Kiyotaki Station on the cable car and Sanroku Station on the lift are adjacent to each other, and the official website of Takaotozan Railway states that both are a 5-minute walk from Keio's Mt. Takaosan Exit Station.[24]..The cable car Mt. Takaosan station and the lift Yamagami station are both on the mountainside (altitude 470 m), and the Mt. Takaosan station on the south side is higher.Keio Electric Railway sells the "Mt. Takaosan Ticket", which offers a 2% discount on its own railway line and Takaotozan Railway's cable car and lift, and is promoting the attraction of tourists.[25].
Approximately 2 km from Mt. Takaosan IC to the prayer hall parking lot[24]
Hachioji Municipal Mt. Takaosan foot parking lot along Route 20Mt. Takaosan YakuinHundreds of cars can be parked in the prayer hall parking lot.Especially during busy periods at the next stationTakao StationYou will also be guided to the parking lot.However, it is parallel to Route 20 and this.Chuo ExpresswayIs originally a heavily congested road andShotoCustomers comeNew Year, Fresh greenGolden week,Autumn leavesHachioji City is calling for the use of public transportation because it is even more crowded during the busy season such as autumn and there is a risk of not being able to find a parking lot.[2].

Mt. Takaosan plants

There are so many kinds of plants growing naturally in the surrounding area.Sumie TanakaByHana no Hyakumeizan(One hundred mountains of flowers)Has been selected for.As a representative flowerFukujukusaIs introducing[26].

Fagus crenata in Ogasayama 2010-10-17.jpgNishitanzawa kenminnomori.JPGAdonis ramosa fukujyusou fujiwaradake 2009 3 2.jpgViola violacea Shihaisumire in Hatobukiyama 2008-4-9.JPGMitsubatsutsuji.JPG


Beech (beech is also called black beech because it has a dark trunk, but this is sometimes called white beech) can also be seen in Mt. Takaosan, but there are more beech.[27]..It is called beech because it is inferior to beech in material, but it is actually edible like beech and is a favorite of birds and squirrels.Unlike beech, it is characterized by the large number of "chicken flies" (branches that grow from the root of the trunk) appearing around the thick trunk.In general, beech is distributed in colder regions, beech is distributed in warmer regions, and there are no beech in the surrounding mountains other than Mt. Takaosan.Also extant[When?]All of Mt. Takaosan's beech trees are over 200 years old, and there are no seedlings, saplings, or young trees.


Focusing on the precincts of YakuouinCedarThe giant tree is growing.A row of sugi trees designated as a natural monument designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government[28]And Iimori Sugi[29]There are many giant trees that are said to be 700 years old or 1,000 years old, and have been maintained and managed as a symbol of Mt. Takaosan for a long time.The efforts of these ancestors are that worshipers who have fulfilled their prayers to Yakuou-in pay money as cedar seedlings.DedicationIt can be seen from the custom of doing it and the fact that it remains.

Inside and outside the precincts of YakuouinNational forestThe sugi forest is also spreading here.On the sidewalk to Icchodaira,Edo PeriodToNirayamaDeputy officialMetEgawa EryūPlantedPlantation(Egawa Sugi,2009 (21 years old) still exists at the stage of (147)[When?]are doing.

First discovered plant in Mt. Takaosan

numberJapanese nameFamily name
9Buttercup family
11Beech family
17Evening Primrose
18Sedge family
20Satsuki HinanousutsuboScrophulariaceae
21Lily family
23Bellflower family
24Dogwood family
26Lily family
28Honeysuckle family
30Sedge family
31Takao SumireViolaceae
32Takao HigotaiAsteraceae
numberJapanese nameFamily name
33Geranium wilfordGeraniaceae
37Lily family
38Birch family
39Lily family
50Lily family
56Buttercup family
63Lemon perillaLabiatae


Nike Takao

NikeThere is a pair of shoes called "Takao".AmericaWhen the Nike developers came to Mt. Takaosan to develop shoes for walking in a "somewhat trimmed field", I saw only people wearing heavy, sturdy shoes.Such shoes were made for walking on steep slopes and rough roads with heavy loads, and were not suitable for walking on loose, somewhat trimmed roads such as Mt. Takaosan.Therefore, "Nike Takao" was created for walking on hiking trails such as Mt. Takaosan, which has a short distance to the summit.[30] "Teng" is also on sale as a development model.

Mt. Takaosan Tengu Trial

In 1984, the improvement of automobile traffic conditions in the Greater Tokyo Area, especially in central TokyoCentral loop lineCentered onShuto ExpresswayFor the purpose of alleviating traffic congestionMetropolitan area central connecting expressway(Ken-O Expressway) The concept is a country (Ministry of Construction), And when it was shown that the route would take Mt. Takaosan, there was strong opposition from nature conservation groups and some Hachioji citizens, and in 1988, "Mt. (Hereinafter, "Citizens' Association") was formed, and a movement against construction centered on nature conservation was organized.[31].

In 2000, 6 conservation groups and 1060 inhabitants[32]Became a plaintiff and with the countryJapan Highway Public Corporation[33]Request a partial suspension of construction workResident lawsuitWas raised[34] , Mt. TakaosanA tenguCalled "Mt. Takaosan Tengu Trial" after the legend[35].

For this opposition movementAsahi Shimbunof"Tensei Human LanguageIn charge of writingJapan Essayist ClubOf the columnist who also served as the chairmanKazuo Tatsuno[36]And so on.

Hachioji voted on January 2008, 1MayorelectionThen, Yoshihito Hashimoto, the secretary general of "Citizens' Association"[37]Won 6 votes (3540% vote rate)[38] However, the incumbent mayor (at that time)Ryuichi KurosuLost to[39].

"Mt. Takaosan Tengu Trial" was held on September 2010, 9 after another trial and a collective trial seeking the cancellation of the business certification of Ken-O Expressway.Tokyo District Court(Judge Kazuhiro Yagi) rejected the plaintiff's request and approved the construction of the Ken-O Expressway, including the Mt. Takaosan tunnel, which had begun construction in 2002.The plaintiffs appealed, but on July 2012, 7 after the opening of the Ken-O ExpresswayTokyo High CourtDismissed this, and the plaintiff's defeat in the Tokyo District Court decision was confirmed.

After that, the "Citizens' Association" continued its activities, such as the depletion of wells due to the decrease in groundwater veins pointed out at the time of the proceedings.[40]Continued investigation and surveillance activities at Mt. Takaosan, and published and published the experience of this proceeding.[41]Since 2000, resident movement organizations in various regions that oppose road construction and automobile pollution have joined.Road Residents' Campaign National Liaison CommitteeI am also in charge of the secretariat work of (All Roads United Nations).

Works related to Mt. Takaosan


TV drama

TV anime


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  41. ^ As an example, in January 2013,Unprotected Mountain of Miracles-Questioning Public Works from Mt. Takaosan(Iwanami Booklet,ISBN 978-4-00-270888-1) Is published.

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