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🤝 | I saw a volunteer dentist entertainer ... It was the "black cat mark" that carried the podium for the Tokyo Olympics.


I saw a volunteer dentist entertainer ... It was the "black cat mark" that carried the podium for the Tokyo Olympics.

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Lastly, for everyone who has read this far, please show us the Olympic trivia or bean knowledge that you learned because you were volunteering.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, which are based on the concept of "diversity and harmony," have managed to end in the midst of the corona. → Continue reading

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Trivia,trivia (trivia) Is "stupid, trivial,TriviaThingsknowledge,Travel Tips".

In theory,Latinso"Three-way junctionA word that means 3 (tres) + way (via),Ancient rome OfcitySince there were many three-way junctions in Japan, it came to refer to "everywhere" and "common place", and in turn, it came to mean crap and trivial things.Also, medieval liberal arts subjects (Liberal Arts) Of the three basicgrammar-Rhetoric-dialectic) Was called trivium (trilogy, trivia in the plural), so it was said that there was a meaning of "elementary and boring".

The adjective isTrivial (trivial).MathNow, let ’s point to something very basic and obvious.trivialWe often use the term (translated as "trivial").

In JapaneseFountain of triviaSometimes trivia is used as the meaning of, but it is an error to conclude that the meaning is only the program, or that it is the word that originated from the program.




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