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🤝 | Saiwai Ward High School “No Volunteer Experience” XNUMX% Interested in Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City / Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki City


High school in Saiwai Ward "No volunteer experience" XNUMX% Interested in Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki City

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When asked about the image of volunteers, 8% of the positive opinions were "helping people and contributing to society," "regional revitalization," and "behavior that benefits someone." Negative opinions such as "someone will do it" were 2%.

From late June to early July, Saiwai Ward Office has Sachi High School (XNUMX students) and Kawasaki General Science High School (XNUMX full-time students, part-time system ...) → Continue reading

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Social contributions

Social contributions(Shaken)社会 OfProfitIt means performing an action that contributes to.

What is social contribution?CorporationorGroup,IndividualbyPublic interestOr, it means general activities that contribute to the public interest, and direct social contributions that are made from the beginning with the purpose of contributing to society and indirect social contributions that lead to social contributions as a result of doing a specific business or action. is there. In many cases, there are no clear criteria for value judgment or agreement, depending on what concretely contributes to society or concrete cases, and it often includes self-righteous values.

As a representative of individual social contributionvolunteerThere are companies, organizations, etc.Charity,Philanthropy,MecenatOr to correct the resulting social problems through commercial activities, or to assist volunteers, donate human resources to specific charitable activities, or donate. Especially in various fieldsProfessionAre inExpertOr according to it能力Who hasSpecified nonprofit corporationInvolunteerContinuing activities is important for NPOs to continue their activities.

Especially today, although there are many aspects of public relations, corporate brand, and corporate image, donations and technical support for specific non-profit activities conducted by for-profit companies are becoming popular.

JapanInCorporate social responsibilityIt is often talked about in the context of (CSR), but originally, CSR is to voluntarily contribute to society through business,volunteerActivities should be distinct.

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