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🤝 | Former Sagan Tosu Taku Akahoshi and others cooperated to prepare meals for disaster victims and volunteers in Omachi Town [Saga Prefecture]


Former Sagan Tosu Taku Akahoshi and others cooperated to prepare meals for disaster victims and volunteers in Omachi Town [Saga Prefecture]

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According to Omachi Town, 13 people from 25 households are still evacuating to shelters in the town.

Hot dogs were offered in Omachi Town to cheer up the people affected by the heavy rain in August and volunteers. ... → Continue reading

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Omachi Town

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Of SaifukujiImage providedplease.(2021/10)

Omachi Town(Omachicho[1]) IsSagaLocated almost in the center oftown.Kishima-gunIt belongs to Saga Prefecture and is the smallest town in Saga Prefecture.



Saga CityAbout 20 on the west side of kmLocated in the inland area of.The total area is the smallest in Saga prefecture,TokyoChiyoda WardIs almost the same as.

  • Mountain: Mt. Hijiri (416 m)
  • River:Rokkaku River
  • Lakes: Sugiya Pond, Whetstone River Pond, Arahashi Pond, Fudoji Pond


The climate is warm due to the influence of the northern hills,Precipitation amountIs also relatively large.

Adjacent municipalities

Place name

Two in townLarge printThere is.

Large printArea / km2Household[*1]population[*1]Old town位置Administrative district
Omachi07.2910633139Omachi Villageto East MalaysiaAsahimachi, Kamiomachi, Kodori, Shimoomachi, Shinmachi, Kamiyama,
Teraguchi, Kanamachi, Hatakeda, Fudoji, Honmachi, Uragawachi
Fukumo04.1816084230Fukumo VillageWestIzumi Town, Isoji Town, Ebisu Town, Otaniguchi, Kotobuki Town, Sakae Town,
Shimogata, Showa-dori, Takasago-cho, Daikoku-cho, Nakajima, Nakadori,
Hanamiya Town, Hondori, Port Town, Miyaura Town
  1. ^ a b 2010/10/1


Population distribution of Omachi, Saga, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Omachi Town and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Omachi Town (2005)
■Purple-Omachi Town
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Omachi Town (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan




Mayor / Parliament

  • Mayor: Kazuya Mizukawa (2015 5st term from May 1st)
  • Town council: 8 people (current term of office is until November 2023, 4)[2]

Adjacent to April 2007, 11Takeo CityRequested merger talks.The Takeo City side also showed a willingness to respond to prior consultations, but in July 2010 the town withdrew the merger consultation offer because the townspeople's intentions changed.

Sister cities/partner cities

National politics

Prefectural government

Omachi Town belongs to the Kishima District constituency (Omachi Town, Kohoku Town, Shiroishi Town) and is elected.Saga prefectural assemblyMemberThe fixed number is 2 seats.



  • Kito District Wide Area Municipal Area Union Fire Department
    • Omachi branch office


The main industry is agriculture (Rice,wheat,cucumber,StrawberryEtc.) and livestock (etc.) and livestock (Poultry).

Once in the town of KishimaCoal mineIt prospered as a coal-producing region, but closed due to changes in the energy situation in the 1960s.

Major companies headquartered in Omachi

Major companies with factories and offices in Omachi Town

Area code

post office

  • Currently, Omachi is in Omachipost office, There is Omachi Higashi Post Office.
  • Until March 2006, the collection and delivery business was carried out at the Omachi Post Office, but due to the merger of neighboring municipalities, the collection and delivery business of the Omachi Bureau has been changed.Takeo Post OfficeWas entrusted to.
  • Zip Code
    • 〒849-2101 (Omachi)
    • 〒849-2102 (Fukumo)

Financial institution

tv set

Cable TV,


All statistics2010 May 10Time point.

  • Average age: 50.47
    • Young-age population ratio: 11.75 %
    • Working-age population ratio: 57.02%
    • Elderly population ratio: 31.23%



high school

Compulsory education school

  • Town


  • Omachi Kindergarten (Private)

Licensed Nursery School

  • Omachi nursery school (town)

Facilities other than school education

Driving school



Railway line

Transit Bus


Cultural facility

  • General Welfare and Health Center (Misato)

Sports Facilities

  • Orion Plaza
  • Omachi Town Sports Center

Specialty goods


NarrowUdon,GingerAdded牛bonesoup stockSoupput in,豚 肉And vegetablesnoodlesCooking.Second World WarLater, a coal mine workerChinese cuisineI used to eat at the store.One of the regular customers opened the "Taromen Shokudo" and offered it, but it closed in 2000.Nostalgic volunteers revived at 2010 stores in 8Local gourmetAsMachiokoshiUtilizing for[3].. As of the beginning of 2022, 4 stores are offering[4].

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights/historic sites/tourist spots

  • Doi family residence
  • Yokobeda Daikansho Ruins
  • rotationKeizo
  • Hijiri Observatory
  • Camphor tree forest
  • Longevity waterfall
  • Omachi Town Fureai Square
  • Urata Natural Park
  • Bota MountainNaughty park
  • Omachi Brick Museum ―― 1927 (XNUMX)Showa2 years) Former Kishima coal mine for constructionsubstation..It is used as an event venue.

Events / festivals

  • JA Saga Omachi Branch Fresh Vegetable GroupMorning market(Every Wednesday 8:30-)
  • Omachi Summer Festival (August 8th)
  • Souke City(Every year from noon on September 9th to noon on September 27th)
  • Okunchi (October 10th) --The annual autumn festivals of Omachi Hachiman Shrine and Fukumo Hachimangu are held on the same day.[5].


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