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🚁 | Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announces guidelines for drone delivery, etc. Ver.2.0


Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism announces guidelines Ver.2.0 regarding drone delivery, etc.

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The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has set up a "Drone Logistics Business Model Study Group in Depopulated Areas, etc."

On June 6, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) announced that "Guidelines for delivery of luggage using drones Ver.25 ... → Continue reading


We operate "LIGARE", which specializes in mobility services, with the motto of "transmitting information necessary for making decisions" related to mobility services.
It is a medium that conveys the "future" of the automobile industry, which has entered a revolutionary period once every 100 years, including MaaS (Mobiliry as a Searvice) and autonomous driving.

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Drone Logistics Business Model Study Group

Depopulated area

Depopulated areaWhat is (Kassochiiki)?populationAreas where the vitality of the local community has declined due to the significant decrease in production, and the production function and living environment have been lowered compared to other areas.[1].Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Special Measures Law for Supporting Sustainable Development of Depopulated Areas[2]By principle市町村Although specified in units,Great Heisei mergerIt may be designated only in the area of ​​the previous old municipality.

There are depopulated areas other than Japan.for example,AmericaIn rural areas, mountainous areas, and other areas far from cities, the population is declining and depopulation is progressing.again, South KoreaHowever, the same depopulation problem as in Japan has arisen.


2010/(HeiseiThe area of ​​depopulated areas in 22) is 57.3 of Japan's land area. %216,000 square kilometers, or 8.8% of the depopulated area, 1120 million people[3]..regionalMunicipalities TheLocal taxTax revenue is low,financeIt is characterized by weak power.

Municipalities designated as depopulated areas exist in all prefectures (ShigaBy 2022NagahamaOldTorahime Town・OldKinomoto Town・OldYogo Town・OldNishiasai TownTakashimaOldKuchiki VillageThere was no municipality that designated the entire municipality).Tokyo TheOkutama areaIzu IslandsHas a depopulated area (Ebara-mura,Okutama Town,Oshima Town,Niijima Village,Miyake-mura,Hachijo,Aogashima Village).KanagawaOsakaFor a long time, there was no municipality designated as a depopulated area, but in Osaka Prefecture2014/3/31WithMinamikawachi-gunChihaya Akasaka Village [4][5], Even in Kanagawa prefecture2017/3/31WithAshigarashimoManazuru townWas designated as a depopulated area[6]. Also,Shimane In addition to the fact that all municipalities have areas designated as depopulated areas,Hokkaido OfHiyama Promotion Bureau,Hidaka Promotion Bureau,Rumoi Promotion Bureau,Soya General Promotion BureauThe entire area of ​​the municipalities within the jurisdiction is designated as a depopulated area.In addition, there are some municipalities in Kanagawa prefecture other than Manazuru that are facing similar problems locally.[7].

DepopulationThe background of this is the outflow of young people to urban areas and the lack of employment opportunities, and as a result.AgingIs progressing.As a countermeasure, in addition to the Act on Special Measures for Promotion of Independence in Depopulated Areas, "Law Concerning Promotion of Infrastructure Development for Revitalization of Agriculture and Forestry in Specified Agricultural and Mountain Village Areas'[8]Or "Yamamura Promotion LawEtc. have been established[3].

2021/(3nd year of Reiwa)4/1,Depopulated Area Independence Promotion Special Measures LawDue to the expiration ofSpecial Measures Law for Supporting Sustainable Development of Depopulated AreasEnforced[9].

Legal definition

The definition of depopulated areas in Japan isFinancial capability indexDefined by financial requirements based on and population requirements that take into account the population decline rate, the elderly rate, and the youth rate[10].

The "depopulated area" of the Act on Special Measures for Promotion of Independence of Depopulated Areas is a national politics definition concept whose definition index changes due to the revision of the law, and is not a common concept that transcends time and borders.According to the law, a mere decrease in population does not make a depopulated area, and a deterioration in public finance does not make a depopulated area.Various requirements such as a declining population, an increasing number of old people, a declining young population, and a declining local financial strength.Japanese GovernmentBecomes a "depopulated area" only if approved by[10].

In addition, prefectures, municipalities, academic societies, etc. (PLI)[11]And (LRI)[11], Other happiness indicators[12]Based on the above, it is possible for local governments to specify depopulated areas and implement social policies unique to local governments based on their own definitions of depopulated areas.

However, when receiving support from the central government, it is essential to specify depopulated areas as defined by national law.It is basically impossible for the Japanese government to support a depopulated area by designating a depopulated area, and it requires its own financial resources.In that sense, depopulation measures based on the Special Measures Law are one of the issues of decentralization.


The table below2022/4/1It is a list of depopulated areas at the time (all 885 cities, towns and villages).Of these, 2 municipalities (Article 713 of the Special Measures Law Concerning Support for Sustainable Development of Depopulating Areas) are 3 municipalities, and 41 municipalities (Articles 14 and 3 of the same law, so-called "depopulated depopulation") are considered to be depopulating areas. There are 42 municipalities (Articles 158 and XNUMX of the same law, so-called "partially depopulated") that include areas considered to be.In addition, some depopulated municipalities under the old law no longer meet the requirements for depopulated areas, so the designation was lifted, but some incentives remain.[13][14]..The number in parentheses is the number of applicable local governments (excluding specific municipalities) and the number of all municipalities.

PrefecturesAll depopulated municipalitiesDepopulatedPartially depopulated
Otaru-Yubari-Rumoi City-Wakkanai-Bibai City-Ashibetsu-Akabira-Monbetsu-Shibetsu-Nayoro-Mikasa City-Nemuro-Sunagawa-Utashinai City-Fukagawa-Furano-Shinshinotsu Village-Matsumae-Fukushima Town-Shiriuchi-Kikonai Town-Shikabe Town-Mori Town-Yakumo Town-Chomanbe Town-Esashi Town-Kaminokuni Town-Atsawabe Town-Otobe Town-Okushiri town-Kanamachi-Setana Town-Shimamaki Village-Suttsu Town-Kuromatsunai Town-Rankoshi Town-Niseko Town-Makkari Village-Rusutsu Village-Kimobetsu Town-Kyowa Town-Iwanai Town-Kamie Uchimura-Shakotan-Kodaira Town-Niki Town-Yoichi Town-Akaigawa Village-Naie Town-Kamisagawa Town-Yuni Town-Naganuma Town-Kuriyama Town-Tsukigata-Urasuu Town-Shintotsukawa Town-Sister back cow town-Chichibubetsu Town-Uryu Town-Hokuryu Town-Numata Town-Takasu Town-Toma Town-Bifu Town-Aibetsu Town-Kamikawa Town-Biei Town-Kamifurano Town-Nakafurano Town-Minamifurano Town-Shimukappu Village-Wassamu Town-Kenbuchi Town-Shimokawa Town-Bifuka Town-Otoko Fumura-Nakagawa-Horokanai Town-Mashike Town-Kodaira Town-Tomamae Town-Haboro Town-Hatsuyama Betsumura-Tobetsu Town-Teshio Town-Sarufutsu Village-Hamatsubetsu Town-Nakatonbetsu Town-Esashi Town-Tomi Town-Rebun Town-Rishiri Town-Rishirifuji Town-Horonobe Town-Bihoro Town-Tsubetsu Town-Shari Town-Kiyosato Town-Koshimizu Town-Kunfu Town-Okido Town-Saroma Town-Engaru Town-Yubetsu Town-Takigami Town-Okobe Town-Saikoubu Village-Yumu Town-Ozora Town-Toyoura Town-Sobetsu Town-Shiraoi Town-Atsuma Town-Toyako Town-Abira Town-Mukawa Town-Hidaka Town-Biratori Town-Niikappu Town-Urakawa Town-Samani Town-Erimo Town-Shinhidaka Town-Kamishihoro Town-Shikaoi Town-Shintoku-Shimizu Town-Sarabetsu Village-Taiki Town-Hiroo-Ikeda-Toyokoro Town-Honbetsu Town-Ashoro Town-Rikubetsu-Urahoro Town-Akkeshi Town-Hamanaka-Shibecha Town-Teshikaga Town-Tsurui Village-Shiranuka Town-Betsukai Town-Shibetsu-Rausu TownKushiroHakodate(OldToi Town・OldEsancho・OldTodohokke Village・OldMinamikayabe Town
Kitami(OldTokoro Town・OldTanno Town・OldRubeshibe Town
Iwamizawa(Old(I.e.・OldKurisawa Town
Date City(OldOtaki Village
Ishikari city(OldAtsuta Village・OldHamamasu Village
Makubetsu Town(OldTadashi Village
Goshogawara-Tsugaru City-Hirauchi Town-Imabetsu Town-Homoda Village-Sotogahama Town-Ajigasawa Town-Fukaura Town-Nishimeya Village-Owani Town-Inakadate Village-Itayanagi Town-Tsuruta Town-Nakadomari Town-Noheji Town-Shichinohe-Yokohama Town-Tohoku Town-Oma Town-Kazamaura Village-Sai village-Sannohe-Gonohe Town-Tago Town-Nanbu Town-Shingo VillageHirosaki(OldSoma Village
Towada(OldLake Towada
Mutsu City(OldKawauchi Town・OldOhata Town・OldWakinosawa Village
Hirakawa(OldIgaroseki Village
Miyako City-Ofunato City-Tono City-Rikuzentakata City-Kamaishi-Ninohe City-Hachimantai City-Kuzumaki-Iwate-Nishiwaga Town-Sumita Town-Otsuchi Town-Yamada Town-Iwaizumi Town-Tanohata-Fudai Village-Karumai Town-Noda-Kuchinohe-Hirono Town-IchinoheIchinosekiHanamaki(OldOsako Town・OldTowa Town
Kuji City(OldYamagata
Oshu City(OldKoromogawa・OldEsashi City
Kesennuma City-Kurihara-Shichikashuku Town-Kawasaki Town-Marumori Town-Yamamoto Town-Matsushima Town-Osato Town-Kami Town-Wakuya Town-Minamisanriku TownIshinomaki(OldKawakita・OldOgachi Town・OldKitakami Town・OldOshika Town・OldMomou Town
Tome City(OldTome Town・OldTowa Town・OldMt. Yoneyama Town・OldIshigoshi・OldTsuyama Town
Higashi Matsushima City(OldNaruse Town
Osaki(OldIwadeyama Town・OldNaruko Town・OldTajiri Town
Misato Town(OldNango Town
Noshiro City-Yokote City-Odate City-Oga City-Yuzawa-Kazuno-Daisen City-Kitaakita-Nikaho City-Semboku City-Kosaka Town-Kamikoani Village-Fujisato-Santan Town-Happo Town-Gojome Town-Hachirogata Town-Igawa Town-Misato Town-Ugo Town-Higashi Naruse VillageYurihonjo CityKatagami City(OldShowa Town・OldIitagawa Town
Kamiyama City-Murayama City-Obanazawa-Nishikawa Town-Asahi Town-Oe Town-Oishida Town-Kaneyama-Mogami Town-Funagata-Mamurogawa Town-Okura Village-Salmon river-Tozawa-Kawanishi Town-Oguni machi-Shirataka Town-Iide-machi-Shonai Town-Yusa TownTsuruokaSakata City(OldYawata Town・OldMatsuyama Town・OldHiratachō
Kitakata-Tamura-Kunimi Town-Kawamata Town-Tenei Village-Shimogo Town-Hinoemata Village-Tadami-Minamiaizu-Kitashiobara Village-Nishiaizu Town-Bandai Town-Inawashiro-Aizu Sakashita Town-Yanaizu Town-Mishima Town-Kaneyama-Showa village-Aizu Misato Town-Yatsuri Town-Hanawa-Samegawa Village-Ishikawa Town-Hirata Village-Old town-Ono Town-Kawauchi Village-Namie Town-Katsurao-Iitate VillageShirakawa(OldOmotegou Village・OldTaishin Village
Sukagawa(OldNaganuma Town・OldIwase Village
Nihonmatsu(OldIwashiro Town・OldTowa Town
Date City(OldYanagawa Town・OldSacred mountain town・OldTsukidatemachi
Inashiki-Sakuragawa-Whereabouts-Daigo Town-Kawachi Town-Tone TownHitachiota City(OldSuifu Village・OldSatomi Village
Itako City(OldUshibori Town
Hitachi Omiya(OldMt. Gozenyama Village・OldYamakatacho・OldMiwa・OldOgawa Village
Kasumigaura City(OldKasumigaura Town
Castle town(OldNanakai Village・OldKatsura Village
Nasu Karasuyama-Motegi-Shioya Town-Nakagawa TownNikko(Former Nikko City / OldAshio・OldKuriyama Village・OldFujiwara Town
Otawara City(OldYutsukami Village・OldKurobane
Kanna school-Shimonita Town-Minamimaki-Nakanojo Town-Naganohara Town-Takayama-Higashi Agatsuma-Katashina Village-Minakami TownKiryu(Former Kiryu City / OldKurohone Village
Numata City(OldTone Village
Shibukawa(OldAkagi Village・OldOnoue Village・OldIkaho Town
Green city(OldHigashimura・OldOmama Town
Tokigawa Town-Minano Town-Nagatoro-Ogano Town-HigashichichibuChichibu City(OldYoshida Town・OldOtaki Village・OldArakawa
Kamikawa Town(OldKamiizumi Village
Katsuura-Minamiboso-Tojo Town-Kujukuri Town-Chonan Town-Otaki Town-Konan TownAsahi(OldTidal flat
Kamogawa(OldTianjin Kominato Town
Sosa(OldNoei Town
Katori(OldSawara・OldYamada Town・OldKurigen Town
Sanmu City(OldMatsuo Town
Isumi City(OldIsumi Town
Ebara-mura-Okutama Town-Oshima Town-Niijima Village-Miyake-mura-Hachijo-Aogashima Village
Manazuru town
Kamo City-Tokamachi-Murakami City-Itoigawa-Myoko City-Sado City-Uonuma City-Aga Town-Izumozaki Town-Tsunan Town-Sekikawa-Awashimaura VillageNagaoka(OldTochio City・OldWajima Village・OldTeradomari Town・OldYamakoshi Village・OldKawaguchi Town・OldOguni machi
Sanjo City(OldShimoda
Shibata City(OldKajikawa Village
Gosen City(OldMuramatsu Town
Joetsu City(OldYasuzuka Town・OldUragawara Village・OldOshima village・OldMakimura・OldKakizaki Town・OldYoshikawa・OldNakago Village・OldItakura Town・OldKiyosato Village・OldSanwa Village・OldNadachi Town
Agano City(OldSasagami Village
Wombai city(OldKurokawa Village
Himi-Nanto City-Asahi TownTonami(OldShogawa Town
Nanao City-Wajima City-Suzu City-Hakui-Hodatsu Shimizu Town-Nakanoto Town-Anamizu Town-Noto TownKaga City(OldYamanaka Town
Shiga Town(Old Shiga Town / OldTomi Town
Ono City-Katsuyama City-Ikeda-Minami EchizenAwara City(OldAshihara Town
Eiheiji Town(OldKamishibi Village
Echizen Town(Former Echizen Town)
Wakasa Town(OldMikata Town
Uenohara-Koshu-Ichikawa Misato Town-Hayakawa Town-Minobu Town-Nanbu Town-Doshi Village-Kosuge Village-Tamba mountain villageYamanashi(OldMakioka Town・OldMitomi Village
Minami Alps(OldAshian Village
Hokuto(OldSutama Town・OldHakushu Town・OldMukawa Village
Fuefuki city(OldAshigawa Village
Fujikawa Town(OldOjizawa Town
Omachi-Iiyama-Koumi-Kitaikigi-Sakuho-Tateshina-NAGAWA-Nakagawa-Anan-Hiratani-Neba-Makimura-Tenryu Village-Taifu Village-Oka village-Agematsu-Nagiso Town-Kiso Village-Otaki Village-Okuwa-Kiso-Hemp village-Ikusaka-Chikukita Village-Odani village-Yamanouchi-Kijimadaira-Nozawa Onsen Village-Shinano-Ogawa-Iizuna-SakaemuraUeda(OldTakeshi Village
Iida(OldUemura・OldMinami Shinano Village
Nakano(OldToyota Village
Shiojiri(OldNarakawa Village
Saku(OldMochizuki Town
Azumino(OldAkashina Town
Achi(OldSeinaiji Village・OldNami Village
Hida City-Gujo-Gero City-Sekigahara Town-Ibikawa Town-Nanada Town-Yaotsu Town-Shirakawa-Higashishirakawa Village-ShirakawaTakayama(OldKiyomi Village・OldShokawa Village・OldKugunocho・OldAsahi・OldTakane Village・OldKamitakara Village
Seki City(OldHorado Village・OldItatori Village・OldMugi Town・OldKaminoho Village
Nakatsugawa(OldYamaguchi Village・OldSakashita Town・OldKawakami-mura・OldKashimomura
Ena City(OldYamaoka Town・OldAkechicho・OldKushihara Village・OldKamiyahagicho
Yamagata City(OldMiyama Town
Motosu City(OldNeo Village
Shimoda-Izu City-Kawazu Town-Minamiizu Town-Matsuzaki Town-Nishiizu Town-Kawanehonmachi
Shitara-Toei Town-Toyone VillageShinshiro(OldHorai Town・OldTsukude Village
Owase City-Toba-Kumano City-Shima city-Odaimachi-Taiki Town-Minamiise Town-KihokuMatsusaka City(OldIinan Town・OldIitaka Town
Iga City(OldShimagahara Village・OldAyama Town・OldMt. Ooyama Tamura・OldAoyama Town
Kora TownNagahama(OldTorahime Town・OldKinomoto Town・OldYogo Town・OldNishiasai Town
Takashima(OldKuchiki Village
Higashiomi City(OldEigenji Town・OldAito Town
Ayabe City-Miyazu City-Kyotango City-Kasagi-Wazuka Town-Minamiyamashiro Village-Kyotanba Town-Ine Town-Yosano TownNantan cityFukuchiyama City(OldSanwa Town・OldYakuno Town・OldOe Town
Kizugawa(OldKamo Town
Toyono Town-Nose Town-Misaki Town-Chihaya Akasaka Village
Sumoto-Yabu City-Awaji City-Shishiwa City-Takamachi-Ichikawa-Kamikawa Town-Sayo Town-Kami Town-Shin Onsen TownToyooka(OldKinosaki Town・OldTakeno Town・OldTanto Town
Tamba Mt. Sasayama(OldMt. Sasayama Town
Tamba city(OldAogaki Town・OldSannan Town
Minamiawaji City(OldSeitan Town・OldNantan Town
Asago City(OldIkuno Town・OldShandong Town・OldAsago Town
Tatsuno City(OldShingu Town
Gojo City-Gosho City-Uda City-Yamazoe Village-Miyake Town-Soni Village-Mitsue Village-Takatori Town-Asuka Village-Yoshino Town-Shimoichi Town-Kurotaki Village-Tenkawa Village-Nosakogawa Village-Totsukawa-Shimokitayama Village-Kamikitayama Village-Kawakami-mura-Higashiyoshino Village
Shingu City-Kimino Town-Katsuragi Town-Kudoyama Town-Koya Town-Yuasa Town-Hirokawa Town-Mihama Town-Yura Town-Inan town-Hidakagawa Town-Susami Town-Nachi Katsuura Town-Taiji Town-Furuzagawa Town-Kitayama Village-KushimotoTanabe City
Aritagawa Town
Kinokawa City(OldKoga Town・OldNaga Town・OldMomoyama Town
Minabe Town(OldMinabegawa Village
Shirahama(OldHikigawa Town
Iwami Town-Wakasa Town-Chizu Town-Yazu Town-Misasa Town-Kotoura Town-Mt. Ooyama Town-Nichinan Town-Hino Town-KofuTottori City(OldKawaramachi・OldYoze Town・OldSaji Village・OldAoya Town・OldFukube Village
Kurayoshi(OldKankin Town
Yurihama Town(OldTomari village・OldTogo Town
Hokuei Town(OldDaiei Town
Hoki Town(OldMizoguchi
Masuda City-Ota City-Yasugi City-Jiangjin City-Yunnan-Okuizumo-Iinan Town-Kawamoto-Misato Town-Onan Town-Tsuwano Town-Yoshiga Town-Amamachi-Nishinoshima Town-Tomio Village-Oki Island TownHamadaMatsue(OldKashima Town・OldShimane Town・OldMihonoseki
Izumo(OldSada Town・OldTaki Town
Takahashi-Niimi City-Bizen-Maniwa-Mimasaka-Wakimachi-Yakake-Shinjo village-Kagamino Town-Nagi Town-Nishiawakura Village-Kumenami Town-Misaki Town-Kibichuo-choIbaraTsuyama(OldKamo Town・OldAba village・OldKume Town・OldShohoku Town
Setouchi City(OldUshimado Town
Akaban(OldAkasaka Town・OldYoshii Town
Asaguchi City(OldYorishimacho
Fuchu-shi-Miyoshi City-Shobara-Akitakata City-Etajima City-Akiota Town-Kitahiroshima Town-Osaki Kamijima Town-Sera Town-Kamiishi Kogen TownKure(OldOndo Town・OldKurahashicho・OldShimo-kamagari Town・OldKamagari Town・OldKawashiri Town・OldToyohama Town・OldToyomachi・OldYasuura Town
Mihara(OldYamato Town・OldKui Town
Onomichi(OldInnoshima City・OldSetoda Town・OldMizou Town・OldMukaishimacho
Hatsukaichi(OldYoshiwa Village・OldMiyajima Town・OldSaiki Town
Hagi City-Nagato City-Mine City-Suo Oshima Town-Ueseki Town-Abu TownShimonoseki(OldToyota Town・OldToyohoku Town・OldToyoura Town
Yamaguchi City(OldTokuji Town・OldAio Town・OldAto Town
Iwakuni(OldHongo Village・OldNishiki Town・OldMikawa Town・OldMiwa Town・OldShutocho
Yanai City(OldOhatabe Town・ Former Yanai City)
Mima-Miyoshi-Katsuura Town-Kamikatsu Town-Sanagawauchi Village-Kamiyama Town-Naga Town-Mugi Town-Minami-Kaiyo Town-Tsurugi TownYoshinogawa(OldMisato Village・OldYamakawa Town
Awa City(OldMarket town
Higashikagawa-Tonosho Town-Shodoshima Town-Naoshima Town-Kotohira Town-Manno TownKanonji(OldToyohama Town
Sanuki City(OldTsuda Town・OldOkawa Town
Mitoyo(OldTakuma Town・OldNio Town・OldZaita Town
Ayagawa Town(OldAyagami Town
Uwajima City-Yawatahama City-Ozu City-Seiyo City-Ueshima Town-Kumakogen Town-Uchiko Town-Matsuno Town-Onikita Town-Ainan TownIyo CityImabari(OldKikuma Town・OldYoshimi Town・OldMiyakubo Town・OldHakata Town・OldKamiura Town・OldOmishima Town・OldSekizen Village
Tobe Town(OldHirota
Ikata Town(Former Ikata Town / OldSeto Town・OldMisaki Town
Muroto City-Aki City-Susaki-Sukumo-Tosashimizu City-Kami City-Toyo Town-Nahari Town-Tano Town-Yasuda Town-Kitagawa-Baji village-Motoyama Town-Otoyo Town-Tosa Town-Okawa Village-Ino Town-Niyodogawa Town-Nakatosa Town-Ochi Town-Yusuhara Town-Tsuno Town-Shimanto Town-Otsuki Town-Mihara-KuroshioKochi(OldKagamimura・OldTosayama Village
Shimanto City(OldNishitosa Village
Konan City(OldAkaokacho・OldYasu Town・OldYoshikawa
Tagawa-Yame city-Kama-Miyama City-Ashiya Town-Kotake Town-Kurate Town-Toho Village-Kaharu Town-Soeda Town-Itoda Town-Kawasaki Town-Otomachi-Akamura-Fukuchi Town-Miyako Town-Jomo-Chikami TownIizuka(OldChikuho Town・OldKaita Town
Yanagawa(OldYamato Town・ Former Yanagawa City)
Munakata City(OldOshima village
Ukiha City(OldUkiha Town
Asakura City(OldHaki Town・OldAsakura Town
Taku City-Omachi Town-Kohoku Town-Shiroishi-Tara TownSaga City(OldFuji Town・OldMise Village
Karatsu City(OldNanayama Village・OldKyuragimachi・OldOchicho・OldHizen Town・OldChinsai Town・OldYobuko Town
Takeo City(OldNorthern town
小 城市(OldAshikari Town
Kanzaki(OldSifuri Village
Arita Town(Former Arita Town)
Shimabara-Hirado City-Matsuura-Tsushima city-Iki City-Goto city-Saikai City-Unzen City-Minamishimabara-Higashisonogi Town-Ojika Town-Shinkamigoto TownNagasaki(OldKoyaki Town・OldIojima Town・OldTakashima Town・OldNomozaki Town・OldTokai Town・OldSanwa Town
Sasebo(OldUku Town・OldEgyo Town・OldKamachi Town・OldKosasa Town・OldYoshii Town・OldSachihara Town
Isahaya(OldKonagai Town
Hitoyoshi-Minamata-Kamiamakusa-Aso city-Amakusa-Misato Town-Nankan Town-Wasui Town-Minamioguni cho-Oguni machi-Sanbayama village-Takamori-Minamiaso village-Koza-Yamato-cho-Ashikita Town-Tsunaki Town-Taraki Town-Yuzen Town-Minakami Village-Sagara village-Itsuki Village-Yamae Village-Kuma Village-Asagiri Town-Reikita TownYamaga CityYatsushiro(OldSakamoto・OldToyo Village・OldIzumimura・OldKagami Town
Tamana City(OldTensui Town
Kikuchi(OldKyokushi Village
Uki(OldTriangle town・OldToyono Town
Hikawa Town(OldRyuhoku Town
Hita City-Saiki City-Usuki City-Tsukumi-Takeda-Bungotakada-Bungo Ono City-Kunisaki City-Himejima village-Kuju Town-Kusu TownKitsuki
Usa City
Nakatsu(OldSanko Village・OldMotoyabakei Town・OldYabakei Town・OldYamakuni Town
Yufu(OldShonai Town
Nichinan City-Kushima City-Ebino City-Plateau town-West rice village-Tsunomachi-Morozuka-Shiiba-Misato Town-Takachiho-Hinokage Town-Gokase TownMiyakonojo City(OldTakashiro Town・OldTakasaki・OldYamanoguchi Town・OldYamada Town
Nobeoka(OldNorthern town・OldKitagawa Town・OldKitaura Town
Kobayashi City(OldNojiri Town・OldSukimura
Hyuga City(OldTogo Town
Makurazaki-Akune City-Ibusuki-Nishinoomote-Tarumi-Zuo city-Ichikikushikino City-Minami Satsuma-Shibushi City-Amami-Minamikyushu-Isa City-Mishima village-Toshima Village-Satsuma Town-Nagashima-Yusui Town-Osaki Town-Higashikushira Town-Kinkocho-Minamiosumi Town-Kitsuki town-Nakatane Town-Minamitane Town-Yakushima Town-Yamato Village-Uken Village-Setouchi Town-Tatsugo Town-Kikai Town-Tokunoshima Town-Amagi Town-Isen Town-Wadomari Town-China Town-Yoron TownKanoya(OldKihoku Town・OldAira Town
Izumi City(OldNoda Town
Satsumasendai(OldHiwaki Town・OldIriki Town・OldTogo Town・OldKedōin Town・OldSatomura・OldKamikoshiki Village・OldShimotsune Village・OldKashima Village
Hioki City(OldHigashi-shi Kuramachi・OldHiyoshi Town・OldFukiage Town
Kirishima(OldYokogawa Town・OldMakizono・OldKirishima Town・OldFukuyama Town
Aira(OldGamo Town
Kunigami Village-Ogimi Village-Higashimura-Motobu Town-Ie Village-Tokashiki Village-Zamami village-Aguni Village-Tonaki village-Minamidaito Village-Iheya Village-Izena village-Kumejima Town-Tarama Village-Yonaguni TownMiyakojima CityNanjo City(OldChinen Village

Graduation group

With the enforcement of the new law, there will be no areas that meet the requirements for depopulated areas.[13].

PrefecturesSpecify allPartially specified
HokkaidoKyogoku Town
AomoriHigashidori VillageHachinohe City(OldNango Village
AkitaAkita City(OldKawabe Town
GunmaUeno Village-Tsumagoi VillageTakasaki(OldKurabuchi Village
Fujioka(OldOnishi Town
NiigataKashiwazaki(OldTakayanagicho・OldNishiyama Town
ToyamaToyama(OldYamada Village・OldHosiri Village
IshikawaBaishan City(OldYoshinoya Village・OldTorikoshi Village・OldShiramine Village
FukuiFukui City(OldMiyama Town・OldKoshikou Village
Oi Town(OldNadasho Village
YamanashiKofu City(OldKamikuishiki Village
Fujikawaguchiko Town(Former Kamikuishiki Village)
NaganoMinamiaigiNagano city(OldOoka Village・OldTogakushi Village・OldOnashiri Village・OldShinshu Shinmachi・OldNakajo Village
Matsumoto(OldShiga Village・OldNagawa Village・OldAzumi Village
ShizuokaHamamatsu city(OldHaruno Town・OldYongsan Village・OldSakuma Town・OldMizukubo Town
Numazu City(OldToda
Shimada(OldKawane Town
AichiToyota City(OldObara Village・OldAsukecho・OldAsahi・OldInabu Town
MieTsu City(OldMisugi Village
KyotoKyoto City(OldKyokita Town
OkayamaOkayama City(OldTakebe Town
HiroshimaFukuyama City(OldUtsumi Town
Higashihiroshima City(OldFukutomi Town・OldHoei Town・OldKawachi Town
Yamaguchi Ube City(OldKusunoki
Shunan City(OldKano Town
TokushimaHigashi Miyoshi Town(OldMiyoshi
KagawaTakamatsu(OldShioe Town
EhimeMatsuyama City(OldNakajima Town
Niihama(OldBesshi Yamamura
Shikokuchuo City(OldShingu Village
FukuokaOmuta City
OitaOita City(OldNozuhara Town・OldSaganoseki Town
MiyazakiKishiro Town
KagoshimaKagoshima(OldSakurajima Town
OkinawaKitadaito Village-Taketomi Town


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