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😀 | [Hagi Okan traced by illustration] No.27 "Uiro's Fukudaya"

Photographs and illustrations by Shinnosuke Furuya

[Hagi Okan traced by illustration] No.27 "Uiro's Fukudaya"

Speaking of Yamaguchi's specialty, Uiro and its originator were "Fukudaya".The unique flavor and texture created using bracken starch ... → Continue reading

 Sunday Yamaguchi

First published in 1978. We issue 3 copies of free local information paper three times a week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the distribution area of ​​Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. In addition to daily life information, we also deal with "hard articles" such as Yamaguchi Prefectural Government, Yamaguchi City Government, and local economy.

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