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🌏 | Need to urgently lower US inflation, even in recession = Minneapolis Fed President


U.S. inflation needs to come down urgently, even in recession: Minneapolis Fed president

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Kashkari said the rate hikes "need to dampen demand" and said that while the economic fundamentals were strong, it was "unclear" whether the Fed would be able to bring inflation down without triggering a recession. No,' he said.

[XNUMXth Reuters] – Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari announced on the XNUMXth that a recession would come... → Continue reading


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    Inflation rate


    Recession(keikikotai) andrecession(British: recession) IsBusiness cycleOf the aspects ofBusinessIs descending. Depending on the idea of ​​the business cycle, there is an idea to divide one cycle into two phases (expansion period, recession period) and four phases (boom, recession, recession, recovery), but the recession when considering the two phases Recession and recession when considering the four phases[1]Corresponds to this.


    A recession is, as mentioned above,BusinessIs descending. The one in worse conditionrecession(Recession), Which is a more familiar term in general. To be in a more serious situationpanicSay.

    The definition of recession varies depending on the way of thinking, but there is no clear definition in Japan.[2].. In addition, there are the following definitions.

    traditionalMacroeconomics(technical recession)
    The substance of a country during the yearGDPDecreased for two consecutive quarters or more (compared to the previous quarter).EuropeSo we have adopted this as the definition of recession[3][2].. (However, this is not a very common idea in Japan).
    National Institute of Economic Research
    When a decline in significant economic activity has spread throughout the economy and has continued for more than a few months.

    In the United States, the 1947 technical recession was not classified as a recession, but there have been 1949 technical recessions between 2021 and 10.[4], all classified as recessions[5].Conversely, recessions without technical recessions between 1947 and 2021 were 1960 and 2001 (IT bubble) twice (although not consecutively, negative real GDP growth occurred multiple times in both cases).[6]


    economistGiuriano and Spirinbergo empirically show that their youthful recession experience influences their values, based on American data.[7].. Whether or not they experience a recession between the ages of 18 and 25 will have a major impact on their values, which they say will hardly change with age.[7].

    Ishibashi TozanStates that recession is "the greatest guilt of human society" because it means not making effective use of labor, the only source of wealth.[8].


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