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🌏 | Bank of Thailand raises policy interest rate by 0.25% to 0.75% for the first time in about 4 years


Bank of Thailand raises policy rate by 0.25% to 0.75% for the first time in about four years

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The tourism industry has started to recover this year as various restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus have been eased.

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand's central bank on Thursday lowered its policy rate from a record low of XNUMX% to XNUMX%... → Continue reading


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    tourism(Kankougyo) orTourism industry(Kankou Sangyo,British: tourism) IsTourismRelated industries and industriesGeneric term.

    In particular,Travel club, For tourismJapanese inn-Hoteletc,Restaurant business, Transportation for tourism (Airlines,Bus company-TaxiCompany, etc.),SouvenirIt refers to an extremely wide range of industries and industries, such as the manufacturing industry of specialty products and the entertainment and leisure industries of tourist destinations.

    It is actually difficult to clearly define the tourism industry and the tourism industry.[1]..Because, unlike other industries, there is no tangible product.[1]..In the first place, tourism must be defined by the elimination method in the form of "non-travel" such as "travel that is not for business or health purposes" or "stay for less than a year". Because it ’s something that does n’t exist.[1].

    Since the tourism industry exists across various industries,Japanese standard industry classificationBut oneIndustryNot classified as.Tourism is defined as "a trip that is not for business or health purposes", and it is not clear from a third party that it is a trip. In other words, "purpose" is material and external. Since it is not something that is not something that is in the heart of the person, it cannot be clarified unless it is done by questionnaire or by doing it, but in the world, there are almost no questionnaires that take time and effort for each traveler, and various statistics are called. Is created by simply accumulating and aggregating the figures of the company's accounts, and as a result, in statistics, it is often the case that the travel industry and the tourism industry are grouped together as "travel and tourism" for convenience. ..


    It is an industry or industry that provides various services and goods related to tourism.people'sLeisure timeActivities andReligiousDepends on activity消费It has the aspect of being supported by.

    Many countries position tourism as the country's main industry.If we succeed in accepting foreign tourists and foreign tourists take domestic consumption behavior, the country willForeign currencyCan be acquired.for exampleFrance7,600 million people a year (2003) Tourists visit and drop a huge amount of money to the local tourism industry.From the perspective of the French government, a large amount of currencies other than the French franc will be brought in, and the foreign currency will be used with governments of various countries and traders in other countries.settlementCan be done.The amount of foreign currency earned has a great impact on the operation of the country.Therefore, the tourism industry has become one of the most important industries in terms of national finance, and the tourism industry is growing in many countries and regions. About sightseeing spots and tours in your country through the branch officepublic relationsWe are proceeding with activities.


    The whole worldGDPThe ratio of the travel and tourism industry to the total was almost constant from 2000 to 2019, and was around 10% (about 9% to 11%). (However, in 2020CoronaDropped to 5% of GDP as a result of[2]. )

    According to statistics from the perspective of "leisure travel", the size of the world as a whole was 2000 trillion US dollars as of 1, and it is increasing every year, 9000. Approximately as of the yearUS $ 4 trillionHad grown to scale[3].From a global perspective, leisure travel (≒ sightseeing travel) is a growing industry.That is. (However, in 2020, it was halved due to the impact of the corona disaster, and fell to US $ 2 trillion.[3]).


    In the latter half of the 1990s, there was a big stigma in the Japanese manufacturing industry, and it became clear that around 2000, the center of the world's manufacturing industry was shifting to China and South Korea.The Japanese government has an urgent need to select and nurture another pillar that supports the national economy, an industry that will be a source of foreign currency.2002 OfSoccer World CupTaking the opportunity of the event, the "Global Tourism Strategy" was formulated with the aim of increasing the number of foreign tourists.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Visit Japan CampaignAnd made a plan (2010 million people) to double the number of visitors to Japan by 1,000. In March 2017, the Cabinet decided to revise the "Tourism Nation Promotion Basic Plan", and by 3, when the Tokyo Olympics will be held, the target is 2020 million visitors to Japan, inbound consumption of 4000 trillion yen, and inbound accommodation in rural areas of 8 million people. Was raised[4].

    • When many tourists come to visit due to the development of the tourism industry, economic activities in various fields such as accommodation, transportation, eating and drinking, and travel industry become active, and the economic ripple effect is high.
    • You can use the nature and historic sites that originally existed in the area.Moreover, even if it is small, it can be established as an industry.
    • Unlike many industries, employees are not required to have a high level of skill.
    • If we can attract tourists from abroad, it will be the key to national management.Foreign currencyCan be acquired.
    • If it becomes possible to attract tourists from all over the world, it will be domesticBusinessIt will be an industry that is not easily affected by.
    • If you get a good impression of the tourist spots visited by tourists, the image of the tourist spots will improve, and even after the tourists return to their home countries, the tourist spots will continue to be popular.FoodAnd goods will be purchased by mail order.In particular, food is consumed repeatedly, and people will buy it repeatedly. (By the way, the recognition of Japanese food in the world is increasing year by year, and the export of Japanese food finally exceeded 2021 trillion yen in 1.[5][6]).


    • In the tourism industry, there is usually a big difference in the amount of work during peak hours and off-season, but the manpower is adjusted according to the fluctuating amount of work to establish management, and at the same time, how to respect the position of employees. Will their income and life plan be established?How to increase the number of people who go to tourist spots on weekdays to reduce the extreme difference in crowds between holidays and weekdays.In an aging society where the number of elderly people is overwhelmingly large, how to induce people after retirement to go to tourist spots exclusively on weekdays.How to reach out to the governmentWork way reformIs it possible to change the society so that people, including those who are in the prime of their work, are more dispersed and rest?
    • How to provide meals that meet the needs of tourists with diverse eating habits around the world.In short, it has the largest population in the world.Muslim(IslamFor tourists (religious)HalalHow to study the detailed rules of halal food and how to prepare halal-certified halal food so that you can choose your meal.It is also increasing worldwideVegHow to add edible dishes to the menu.Although the proportion of Jewish tourists is small among all tourists, there are still a decent number of Jewish tourists, but they are in line with their food rules.CashelShould I prepare a good meal?Or is it not necessary to prepare in particular?If so, how can it be prepared (for example, in recent years?Hida TakayamaThe number of Jewish tourists is increasing in cities and other places, and many Jews were saved during World War II.Chiune SugiharaIt is said that it happens that Hida Takayama is on the course to visit the birthplace of Hida in Japan.[7][8].. ).
    • How to moisturize the area with the tourism industryTourism pollutionDo you suppress?How "OvertourismDo you not fall into?
    • How to over-construct tourist hotels, entertainment facilities, etc. while moistening the area with the tourism industrydeforestation, By dumping garbageStench-Marine pollution,noiseDo you suppress the occurrence ofDue to increased trafficTraffic jam・ How to alleviate the congestion of transportation and how to make it compatible with the lives of residents.
    • For touristsPickpocket・ Rip-off ・Illegal drugsHow to strengthen the crackdown and prevent the deterioration of public security so that the sales of the products will not increase.
    • How to touristsEtiquette Do you give guidance and improve manners?Tourists are customers, but establishment of a method to provide etiquette guidance to those customers.For example, tourists can even visit religious buildings, which are places of worship for the locals.graffitiHow to instruct tourists not to do anything.Also, how to curb the dumping of garbage by tourists (for example, when the number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan surged in the 2010s and their bad manners made them unpopular in Japan, the Chinese government gave guidance. A Chinese tour guide told Chinese tourists on the moving bus, "In Japan, you should not throw garbage in places other than the trash can. China and Japan have different customs, so you should never do it. As a result, the manners of Chinese tourists have improved significantly.)
    • Tourists from overseasForForeign languageWas also writtenSignboard,SignIt is better to have many such things, so how to generalize it?Also, how to prepare signs and signs with foreign languages ​​written on private land.How to find a translator with the right skills to avoid mistranslations and post the correct foreign language expressions.Where can I find a foreign language version of a fixed expression for tourists?To deal directly with foreign customersLicensed guideThere is also a way to use, but these daysInterpretation function for smartphones(For exampleandroidSmartphoneSequential interpretation function)Google Translation[4]With the functions of, it has become possible to communicate fairly easily and for free.
    • In the case of tourist destinations in the countryside, the percentage of tourists who access by private car is high, so the government tends to be swayed by the setting of highway tolls that are changed due to political reasons. Will you continue to work on the highway tolls to keep them low?How to make a toll system that allows tourists to use the highway cheaply.
    • How do you get residents who hate and oppose the visit of tourists from the outside to understand and accept the benefits of having a local industry of tourism to the region?How to listen to their dissatisfaction and suggestions and find a way to coexist.


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