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🌏 | US to provide additional financial support to Ukraine $ 45 billion = International Development Agency


U.S. to provide $45 billion in additional financial aid to Ukraine: International Development Agency

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The money will be coordinated by the US Treasury Department and will be provided through the World Bank, with the first $8 billion going to Ukraine in August.

[Reuters] - The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) said on the XNUMXth that the United States government will pay an additional $ XNUMX billion to Ukraine ... → Continue reading


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$ 30 million

    United States Treasury

    United States Treasury(Let’s go to America,British: United States Department of the Treasury,Abbreviation: USDT[5]It is,America OfAdministrative departmentOne of.Established for the purpose of government revenue management[6].

    17899/2ToUS CongressEstablished by the law. Government buildingWhite HouseAdjacent to the east side of.


    TreasuryTreasury SecretaryandTreasurerManaged by the United States(English editionResponsible for.Treasury has announced that all banknotes and coins in circulation in the United StatesPlatemaking and Printing BureauandMintPrinting and casting through. AlsoInternal Revenue ServiceCollect through.

    またU.S. TreasuriesManagement,Savings loan associationBank licensing and supervisionIn addition toFiscal policy Legislature SubcommitteeAdministrative agencyTo give advice.US CabinetAs a member, he is placed under the supervision of the Secretary of the Treasury.The finance minister has few legal obligations and is in a position to advise the minister on various issues such as coining and coin casting.[7]..Both names are printed on banknotes issued by the United States Government.[8].


    TreasurerIs the only job with an older history than the Treasury itself. this is1775 OfContinental CongressIs a position founded by17899/2Approved by the United States Parliament (Act of Congress) Established the Ministry of Finance.

    First TreasurerAlexander Hamilton The17899/11Made an oath of inauguration[9]..President George Washington initially proposed Robert Morris (Robert Morris) Asked him to take office as Secretary, but he was abandoned and recommended Hamilton instead.[10]..Hamilton, who built the financial system of the early days of US independence, was treated as a major figure in the Washington administration for several years.[11]..The US $ 10 bill has a portrait of Hamilton on the front and the Treasury building on the back (Treasury Department building) Is printed[12].

    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayUS SenateWas appointed toJanet YellenSecretary took office[13]..My previous job was provisional and I was in charge of the Ministry of Finance.Jovita CarranzaHe served from his inauguration on April 2017, 4 to his resignation on January 27, 2020.[14].


    The organization of the Ministry of Finance is divided into two main divisions: internal departments and executive departments.Internal departments are responsible for policy development and administration for the entire ministry, while executive departments handle specific tasks assigned to them.


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