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🌏 | Assassination of former Prime Minister Abe How it happened


How did the assassination of former Prime Minister Abe happen?

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According to media reports, the Nara Prefectural Police announced the results of the judicial autopsy of Mr. Abe on the morning of the 9th.

Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (67) was shot in front of a station in Nara City around 8:11 am on the XNUMXth.The hospital in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture, is ... → Continue reading


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Judicial autopsy results

    Nara Prefectural Police

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    Nara Prefectural Police(Nara Kenkei Satsu) isPolice lawAccording to Article 36NaraPlaced inPolicemenIt is an organization.Nara prefecture is the jurisdictionNara Prefectural PoliceAbbreviated as.According to Article 38 of the Police ActNara Prefectural Public Safety CommissionUnder the control of.SalaryThe payerGovernor of Nara.Kinki District Police DepartmentIn the jurisdiction.The location of the headquarters isNara80 Noboriojicho.


    Headquarters organization


    Police station

    • Police stationThe number is 12.
    • * Of police vehiclesnumberKashihara City, Shiki District (Miyake Town, Tawaramoto Town), Takaichi DistrictAsuka,Other than thatNara.
    • To the chiefPolice commanderThe only police station to devote to is the Nara police station.
    ■RegionPolice signatureAddressJurisdiction
    NaraHokuwaNara police stationOmoricho, Nara CityExcluding the area of ​​Tsuge Village, Yamabe DistrictNaraEastern and central
    Nara Nishi Police StationNara City Gakuen Minami XNUMX-chomeWestern Nara City
    Ikoma Police StationHigashi Matsugaoka, Ikoma CityIkoma City
    Koriyama Police StationSugimachi, Yamatokoriyama CityYamatokoriyama City
    Tenri Police StationTabecho, Tenri CityTenri City, Old in NaraYamabe DistrictTsumuraArea, Yamabe-gunYamazoe Village,Isojo-gunKawanishi Town
    Asukaneutralize-UdaIsojo-gunMiyake Town,Tahara Honmachi
    Kashihara Police StationShijo-cho, Kashihara-shiKashihara,Takaichi-gunTakatori Town,Asuka Village
    NaraSakurai Police StationSakurai City MiwaSakurai,Uda City,Uda-gunSoni Village,Mitsue Village,Yoshino-gunHigashiyoshino Village
    Takada Police StationYamatotakada City Jinraku XNUMX-chomeYamatotakada,Katsuragi,Gosho City
    Kashiba Police StationKashiba City Hata XNUMX-chomeKashiba,Kitakatsuragi-gunGoryo Town
    SeiwaSaiwa Police StationXNUMX-chome, Katsushimo, Oji-cho, Kitakatsuragi-gunIkoma-gunTairamachi,Misato Town,Ikaruga Town,Relief town, Kitakatsuragi-gunOji Town,Kamimaki Town,Kawai Town
    Gojo-YoshinoGojo Police StationXNUMX-chome, Imai, Gojo-shiGojo City, Yoshino-gunNosakogawa Village,Totsukawa
    Yoshino Police StationShimobuchi, Oyodo-cho, Yoshino-gunYoshino-gunOyodo Town,Yoshino Town,Shimoichi Town,Kurotaki Village,Tenkawa Village,Shimokitayama Village,Kamikitayama Village,Kawakami-mura

    Major incidents / scandals

    Before 2009

    The high court ruling found that the arrest on suspicion of wandering did not meet the requirements of the Minor Crimes Act, which states that "they have the ability to work but have no intention of getting a job" and that they were unjustly arrested by the Nara Prefectural Police.Also, regarding the use of stimulants, "IllegalOther arrestCollected insideevidenceIt was judged to be invalid.In the ruling, there is a job information magazine in the man's carHello WorkHe mentioned that there was a copy of the job vacancies issued in, and pointed out that "there is a strong possibility that police officers have silently killed their intention to get a job."PeopleCarefulness is required not to unfairly infringe on rights, and the level of illegality (of the Nara Prefectural Police) is extremely high."[4].
    • 200711, Men in their twentiesPolice officerBut,Motorcycle gangInformation on the issuance of arrest warrants and hit-and-run casesinvestigationThe situation etc.mixiIt turned out that it was announced above.The Prefectural Police Inspector General has instructed us to stop writing, even though the written content is not investigation information.Disciplinary actionAlso considering [5].


    • 2009(21) February, Investigation Division 2Inspector(51 years old at that time) and the Third Division of Organized CrimeAssistant Inspector(53 years old at that time), but the previous year2008Occurred in FebruaryTenkawa Village OfPublic worksGo aroundCorruption case(Mayor of Tenkawa at that timeWeighted briberyWas arrested and prosecuted in), and the investigation information was given to the village mayors.leakageArrested for being[6]..In addition, in the subsequent investigation, the inspector concerned is practically managed.ConsultantCompany,GangsterAn assistant police officer was re-arrested for bribery and a former officer of an industrial waste disposal company was also arrested for bribery, alleging that he received about 290 million yen from an industrial waste disposal company in the name of countermeasures.[7]..In response to these series of incidents, the police chief was announced in the same year.4ToNational Police AgencyNotes disposalIs receiving[8].
    • 2009(21)10Early,Kashihara Police StationFrom inside the police car, a small amountStimulantWas discovered.In the subsequent investigation, the next20104become,2007The same officetheftArrested on suspicionKashiharaA man inside admitted that he hid a stimulant in the car.Until it was discovered, no police officer on board the police car was aware of the presence of stimulants, and the police said they would thoroughly inspect their belongings.[9][10].


    • 2010(22)3/8, The prefectural police who was in charge of measures against organized crime groupsInvestigatorSuspicions have surfaced that the two were allegedly receiving money from gangsters in return for disseminating investigation information.Two police officers are from the prefectural policeInterviewHe said that he allowed the transfer of money, but never leaked the investigation information.In addition, the prefectural police have made it clear that they are planning to forgo the case, saying that the evidence is scarce.In addition, the debt from the group leaderjoint guarantorThe prefectural police announced in 2010 because the facts such as having them become5/20In addition, the two investigators who had been transferred to the Kashihara police station were dismissed from disciplinary action.In addition, the boss at that time was also punished with caution from the general manager.[11].
      • Also, in connection with this case,OsakaA woman who runs the company in the company was introduced to the group leader by these investigators and lent the money, but since she was not repaid after that, she said that she was "deceived" and dealt with the Nara Prefectural Police and the group leader.Restitution for DamagesAsk forLawsuit,Osaka District CourtCaused to[12].


    • 2011In March (23), a 3-year-old male sergeant at the Nara Nishi Police Station happened in the jurisdiction.ObsceneA document containing information about the suspect in the case was suspected of being leaked to a man who was acquainted with the suspect.An acquaintance of the suspect who received the document lost the wallet containing the document in Nara city, and then the wallet was delivered to the Nara police station, and it was discovered that the document was found inside.[13].
    • 20114/4Occurred in Nara city at midnightinjuryIn the incident, the Nara police station announced on the 18th.victimA 19-year-old boy was arrested based on his eyewitness testimony, but the boy denied the charges and his younger brother appeared at the same station in the afternoon of the same day.False arrestIt became clear that it was.The office released the boy on the 18th and his younger brother on the 27th.Document inspection official[14].


    • Assuming that you were molested on the train in March 2012OsakaA 52-year-old man arrested by the prefectural police on suspicion of violating the nuisance prevention ordinance told the victim woman that he wanted to meet him.postcardIt became clear that I was sending.This man was a woman who was written in an investigation document during a police interrogation.Personal InformationIt seems that it was sent based on the snooping, and the way of personal information management of the prefectural police is regarded as a problem.[15].
    • In early August 2012, a 24-year-old male assistant inspector of the Nara Prefectural Police Academy was drinking with students at the school, but at this time he was furious with the words and actions of the students and the number Assaulted a person.One of the victims was hit on the face and facefractureWas seriously injured.The prefectural police injured this assistant inspector暴行Interrogation is underway on suspicion, and disciplinary action is under consideration.[16].
    • From November 2012th to 24st, 11, in Nara CityBicycleEtc. burnSuspicious fireOccurs continuously.As a result of the investigation, there was a growing suspicion that a police officer in his thirties at the Nara Nishi Police Station, which has jurisdiction over the scene, set fire, and the prefectural police called this police officer.Arsons other than buildingsI decided to file a case on suspicion[17]..The police officer was on leave and committed suicide at his home on January 2013, 1 (discovered by his family).


    • An unemployed woman in the prefecture who was arrested by the Koriyama police station on January 1 on suspicion of theft and was subsequently detained at the Kashiba police station was put on socks and underwear.marijuanaIt was revealed that both stations had overlooked it, even though they had hidden it.It has been revealed that both stations have not sufficiently inspected their belongings, and the prefectural police are considering disposing of the staff in charge.[18].
    • In May of the same year, a male police officer at the Koriyama police station took his lower body.Mobile phoneAfter shooting withインターネットAs mentioned above, the prefectural police posted this police officer the same year.10/17WithObscene electromagnetic recording recording medium displayOn suspicionDocument inspectionIn addition, the disposition was 10/1 of the salary reduction.[19].


    • Multiple police officers from the Yamato Takada Police Stationト ラ ク タ ーThis man made a reservation to confirm the behavior of a man who was marked as a suspect in the investigation of the theft case.Car rental OfTrackWithout prior approval stipulated by the internal regulations of the prefectural policeGPSThe fact that I was conducting an investigation with a terminal attached201612Revealed to[20]..This case is for the general public whose location information was comprehensively monitored by GPS.Serious human rights violationsAs such, it was found to be unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, and it also triggered a subsequent police investigation to curb the unauthorized use of GPS.


    • A male sergeant who belonged to the Prefectural Police Highway Traffic Police Corps (later transferred to the Nara Police Station Traffic Division 1) was on the highway in Yamatokoriyama City in January.Unlicensed drivingDepends onTraffic accidentWhen the problem occurred, it was revealed that the driver was not arrested and that the driver's acquaintance was supposed to be driving the document.The prefectural police next to this sergeant2015On September 6,Escape from the criminalas well as the False public document creationArrested on suspicion of[21]..Also, this sergeantOrbisOn June 6, the same year, he said that he had wiped out the traffic violation of a woman who was found to be speeding and received cash in return.Weighted briberyWas re-arrested on suspicion of creating and exercising false stamped official documents[22].
    • Sakurai Police Station on November 11th, a 13-year-old man living in Sakurai CityStimulants Control LawHe was arrested and detained on suspicion of violation, but the man was his brother on the 21st of the same month.FuneralThe suspension of detention was granted from midnight to 0:11 am on the same day to attend.However, after his funeral was over, he escaped from his car on his way back to the station.The office is investigating the whereabouts of this man[23].


    • He was in custody on November 11, 15 in February 2010.Yamamoto Hospital IncidentThe suspect's bereaved family filed a criminal accusation against the Nara Prefectural Police for assaulting and killing the doctor in charge of the hospital.[24].


    • On May 5, a male office worker in his 18s in Nara Prefecture was protected overnight by the Nara Police Station while he was drunk, but when he returned from the station the next day, he was protected.WalletAbout 9 yen of the cash in the box was gone.The prefectural police are investigating on suspicion of theft, and also think that there is a possibility of internal crime because only the officers usually go in and out of the place where the man was protected.[25].


    • February 2, riot police men in their 7sChief of Police 1/27In the women's toilet in the government buildingStealIt turned out that the prefectural police were investigating this police chief on suspicion of violating the Nara Prefectural Anti-nuisance Ordinance.The prefectural police call this police chiefDocument inspectionIt is a policy to do, but "escapeevidenceNot arrested for reasons such as "There is no fear of destruction"[26].


    • On January 1, the prefectural police saidNara Nishi Police Stationannounced that five of the live ammunition stored in the pistol storage were "lost"[27].The prefectural police investigated a male police officer in his 20s on suspicion of stealing live ammunition from the station's pistol storage.
    • In early July, it was discovered that 7 bullets were distributed less than planned during the live ammunition exchange work in November 2020, before the discovery of the unknown location.It was identified that no live ammunition was lost.However, the officer who was categorized as the criminal and was forced to request a confessiondepressionhad already taken a leave of absence from work.[28].
    • House of Councillors electionOn July 7, during the election period, the LDPPrime Minister-Shinzo AbeSuddenly changed the destination of the speech on the 8th from Nagano to Nara[29].Around noon on the same day, he reported this to the Nara Prefectural Police.[30].Nara Prefecture Election DistrictParty candidateKei SatoOriginally Kintetsu about the speech venue on the 8thGakuenmae StationI was planning to go to the surrounding area, but after receiving the news of Abe's support, I hurriedly went to Kintetsu.Yamato-Saidaiji StationChanged to the north exit of[31]. On the evening of July 7, the prefectural police received a call that the specific location had been decided on at the north exit of Yamato-Saidaiji Station.[30]On this day, at the Nara West Police Station, in order to announce a scandal related to live ammunition on the 8th, the officers of the station were busy coordinating with the prefectural police headquarters.[28].In parallel with the work related to the scandal, the police station worked with the prefectural police headquarters to create a plan for protection and security, and conducted field surveys with Sato's camp staff.[28]. On the morning of July 7, the prefectural police security sectionCounselorSubmitted a "Security Guard Implementation Plan" toAfter settlement by the chief of security[32], prefectural policeTomoaki OnizukaGeneral manager approves the plan[28][31]..At around 11:31 on the same day, AbeShot dead during speechdid.Due to the incident, the announcement of the scandal was postponed. On July 7, Onizuka held a press conference and acknowledged the prefectural police's responsibility, stating, "I cannot deny that there was a security problem."[33].. Aug. 8,National Police Agencysummarized the results of the investigation that there were multiple factors in this incident, such as inadequate response of the security plan and incomplete communication between the guards on site.[34].. In response to thisNational Police Agency OfNakamura Satoshiannounced his resignation[35].In addition, the Nara Prefectural Police announced that they would impose disciplinary actions, including a three-month pay cut for the Chief of the Headquarters, Onizuka, a one-month pay cut for the Chief of Security, and a one-month pay cut for the Counselor of the Security Department and the Chief of the Headquarters Security Section, who was the on-site commander.[36], Onizuka, the security director, and the security department counselor have indicated their intention to resign.[36].
    • On July 7, announcing a scandal related to live ammunition.It was also revealed that the officer was categorized as the criminal and suffered from depression and took a leave of absence.On the same day, the prefectural police dismissed three people, including the deputy chief at that time, as admonitions for the chief of the department.[37]. On August 8, the police officer filed a lawsuit with the Nara District Court, demanding that the prefecture pay about 5 million yen in compensation and wages for the six months he took off work.[38].


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