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🌏 | US-China Foreign Ministers meet on the 9th at GXNUMX in Bali


US-China Foreign Ministers meet on the 9th at GXNUMX in Bali

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In a statement from the U.S. Department of State, Blinken said, "We will strengthen our commitment to working with international partners to address global challenges such as food and energy issues, as well as the threat of Russia's invasion of Ukraine to the international order." And said.

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] – US State Department on XNUMXth, Blinken on XNUMX-XNUMXth in Bali, Indonesia ... → Continue reading


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    International order

    United States Department of State

    United States Department of State(America is busy,British: United States Department of State, Abbreviation: DOS) IsAmerica OfAdministrative agencyone of.Foreign policyAnd of other countriesMinistry of Foreign AffairsEquivalent to.

    Secretary(Secretary) andDeputy SecretaryUnder (Deputy Secretary), by fieldUnder Secretary(Under Secretary) is placed, and under the Under SecretaryAssistant Secretary(Assistant Secretary) is placed.There are about 5,000 employees in Japan alone.

    Inaugurated in 2009Barack ObamaadministrationSince then, there have been two deputy chief cabinet secretaries, one in charge of foreign policy in general and the other in charge of organizational management within the ministry.[3].


    The Department of State has overall responsibility for formulating and implementing foreign policy in the United States.PresidentTo advise.The State DepartmentOverseasEvaluates United States interests in the United States, recommends policies and future activities, and defaultspolicyTake necessary measures to implement.Also, maintain communication and relations between the United States and other countries, and newCountry,政府Advised the President on the approval ofForeign countriesWithTreaty,協定Negotiate andUnited NationsOther majorInternational organizationRepresents the position of the United States.The State Department has diplomacy and diplomacy in more than 250 locations around the world.ConsulI have an institution.1999The Department of State has integrated the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and the United States Department of State into its organization and mission.


    1788,United States ConstitutionBecame President of the United States by enactment of外交Privilege was granted.17897/21, The United States Senate and Senate have passed a bill to establish the Department of Foreign Affairs.George WashingtonThe president7/27Signed and passed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs became the first federal agency under the new constitution.In September of the same year, the name of the ministry was changed to the Department of State by additional legislation, and various internal affairs duties were assigned.United States MintOperation, management of the Great Seal of the United States, statistical surveys, etc.Most of these domestic affairs were subsequently taken over by other ministries established in the 19th century, leaving only diplomatic missions.Currently, it is almost the same as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in other countries, but it may be in charge of not only diplomacy but also trade and national events, and its scope of jurisdiction is wider than that of the ordinary Ministry of Foreign Affairs.He is also the head of the State Department.Secretary of StateIs the Chief Minister of the United States Government,Presidential successionThen,Vice President-House of Representatives-Senate ChairmanHas inheritance rights next to.

    Situation under the Trump administration

    Donald TrumpPersonnel stagnation at the State Department under the administration.2019At this stage, of the 131 posts that require Senate approval, 86 posts, including those in charge of diplomacy in the Middle East and East Asia, have not even been nominated.Among State Department officialsLayoffAs criticisms of the possibility of the situation and the direction of the organization began to appear, on August 2019, 8,John J. SullivanThe Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary had a dialogue with the staff and dispelled concerns that spread among the staff.[4].


    Secretary of State

    Secretary of StateIs of the State DepartmentlongAndPresident of the United StatesDirectly report to and adviseCabinetIs a member.The Secretary organizes and manages the entire department and staff[5].


    Under the Obama administration, of the Department of State's 7 employees, 5547 are Foreign Service employees, 1 are locally hired employees, and 3855 are primarily overseas employees. Being a civil servant working in the country was posted on the State Department website[6].

    Other institutions

    Since the reorganization in 1996, the State Department hasUnited States Agency for International Development(USAID) administrator.The Agency for International Development leads an independent body and reports directly to the Secretary.United Nations AmbassadorIs also the same.


    As of November 2018, the appointed ambassadors of 11 countries have not yet been approved by the Senate, and 41 countries (including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico, Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan, South Africa and Singapore). Ambassador has not yet been appointed[12].. In November 2019, a quarter of the United States embassies around the world, including Japan, Russia and Canada, were absent.[13].


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