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🌏 | US-China senior officials online talk, Yellen raises concerns about China's economic practices


US-China senior officials online talks, Yellen raises concerns about China's economic practices

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According to the statement, the talks were a "frank and fruitful" dialogue as part of the "Biden administration's attempt to maintain an open line of contact."

[Washington, XNUMXth Reuters] -US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen holds an online meeting with China's Deputy Prime Minister Liu He, China ... → Continue reading


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Biden administration

Joe Biden administration (British: Presidency of Joe Biden, Joe Biden administration)2020 US presidential electionThrough20211/20ToJoe Biden PresidentInaugurated by taking officeAmerica OfadministrationPoint to[1][2]..In the Biden administrationKamala Harris Vice PresidentAct as[3][4].

2020 United States Presidential Election

Biden20194TovideoAnnounced to run for the presidential election.Biden in the past1988Election campaign was held in Japan, but it was lost[5].

Inauguration and transition from Trump administration to Biden administration

If all goes well, the transition to power will take place on January 2021, 1 at 20:0 (Local time), But over alleged postal voting fraud in some statesPlaying cardsIf the court struggle in the United States results in recounting votes in multiple states, important steps for a transition to power could be delayed by weeks.[6]..Inauguration(English editionAnd popular artists, then Biden and Harris respectivelyChief Justice of the United States Supreme CourtUnderOath of inaugurationPlayed.The subject of the inauguration is "Our firm determination for democracy: towards perfect unity" (Our Determined Democracy: Forging a More Perfect Union).

Cabinet of Joe Biden

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外部 リンク

Contact line

Contact line(Renrakusen) is the power system andRailway lineIt is provided to connect to other wires in.

Power grid

In power supply, the line installed to connect each transmission system as a connection system of the transmission system is called a tie line.[1]..The power transmitted on the connecting line is called the tie line load.[1].

The automatic control method of the connection line differs depending on the automatic control method of the power system.

Flat frequency control
A method in which a power plant for frequency adjustment is installed in the grid and only the frequency is automatically controlled regardless of the connection line load.[1]..If it is necessary to control the connection line load of the interconnection system, it must be controlled separately manually or by an automatic device.[1].
Flat tie-line load control
A method that automatically controls only the connection line load used in systems with relatively small capacities.[1].
Frequency bias line load bias control
A method of automatically controlling by adding frequency deviation (frequency change amount) to the constant connection line load control.[1].
Local load control
A method of controlling the power generation of a local power source according to a change in the load when a special load and a power source coexist locally in the system.[1].

Railroad tracks

TrainIs the name for a line for connecting other lines.What is used to connect lines without detouringShort circuit wireAlso called (short circuit).

Inside the stationCrossing lineFrom small things likeDelta lineThere are various forms and scales, from those that are one side to those that are independent routes.However, the connecting line itself is rarely positioned as a major line.

In addition, although it was constructed as a connecting line, there are cases where it is no longer called a connecting line due to subsequent changes in the operation system.Nankai Electric Railway OfKishizatamade StationInNankai Main LineTakano LineThe line between the two (originally known as the "East Connection Line") is a typical example.

In addition, the route of the connection destination isGauge,Electrical system,Security methodIt may be called a connecting line even if it cannot be directly connected due to differences in the conditions.Kamiida connecting line,Sanki RailwayKintetsu connecting line,Hankyu CorporationIs planningHankyu Shin-Osaka connecting line,Nishi Umeda / Juso connecting line,Naniwa muscle connection line[2]And so on.

Japanese connection line

* On the track connecting JR linesDelta lineSee the section "Delta Lines" for what forms.

Existing contact line

Connection line between company lines
Sapporo City Transportation Bureau
East Japan Railway(JR East)
Tokyo subway(Tokyo Metro)
Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation
Nagoya Railway
Nagoya City Transportation Bureau
West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
Kinki Nippon Railway
Osaka City High Speed ​​Electric Orbit(Osaka Metro)
Hankyu Corporation
Hanshin Electric Railway
Kyushu passenger railway(JR Kyushu)
Connection line with other companies' lines
With JR EastTobu Railway
With JR EastSeibu Railway
With Seibu RailwayChichibu Railway
Sagami RailwayAnd JR East
Keikyu CorporationAnd JR East
  • Keikyu Zushi LineMutsuura Station - Yokosuka LineZushi Stationwhile
    • Japan Transport Engineering Company Yokohama Office (formerly Tokyu Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is located adjacent to Kanazawa Hakkei Station of Keihin Electric Express Railway (Keikyu). Used for delivery of new vehicles to, etc., and for entry and exit of modified vehicles.It also has a carry-in / out (forwarding) line from the Yokohama office to JR Zushi station, with 1,435 mm (standard gauge) and 1,067 mm (narrow gauge).Dual gaugeIt is a section.
Odakyu Electric RailwayTokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)
Nankai Electric RailwayAnd JR West

Connection line under construction

With Sagami RailwayTokyu Corporation

Envisioned and planned connections

JR East

Abolished contact line

* List only those that exist at the connection point for both lines.The business name is the name at the time of removal.

Hokuso Development Railway (currentlyHokuso Railway)WhenShin-Keisei Electric Railway
Odakyu Electric Railway and Keio Teito Electric Railway (currentlyKeio Electric Railway
  • Odakyu Odawara LineSetagaya-Daita Station - Keio Inokashira LineShindaita Stationwhile(Daita connecting line
    • During the war, after the Inokashira Line Eifukucho garage was damaged by an air raid in May 1945, it was constructed on land that was forcibly expropriated in order to carry in borrowed vehicles and new vehicles from other routes, carry out damaged vehicles, and return borrowed vehicles. Was done[10]..At the time of construction, both lines wereTokyu Electric Railway(So-calledDaitokyu.. It was realized because it was established in June 1948 by Odakyu Electric Railway and Keio Teito Electric Railway.After being succeeded by Keio Teito Electric Railway (currently Keio Electric Railway), it was suspended in 6 due to a request for return from the landowner, and was removed the following year.[10]..The site was slightly left at Setagaya-Daita Station, but it completely disappeared due to the progress of the Odakyu Line's double-tracking project.[10].
Japan National RailwayAnd Keihin Electric Express Railway
Japanese National Railways and Odakyu Electric Railway
  • Nambu LineShukugawara Station - Odakyu Odawara LineMukaigaoka Yuen Station(At that time, Inada Noborito Station) (Noborito connecting line, Nanbu connecting line)
    • Before the Nambu Line was nationalized1937Was installed in[10]..At that time, freight transportation (gravel transportation) through connecting lines[10]Or, trains were rented and borrowed.Also, during the warTokaido Main LineWas supposed to be a detour in the event of a war.The ban on gravel collection in rivers, which was the main transportation target1967Abolished in October[10]..The site has also been reorganized and is almost non-existent.However, there is a small amount of land for Odakyu Electric Railway on the west side of the track between Shukugawara Station and Noborito Station on the Nambu Line.
Japanese National Railways and Tokyu Corporation (currently Tokyu Corporation)
With JR West JapanToyama regional railway
Japan National Railway
Nagoya Railway
  • Meitetsu Mikawa LineMikawa Chiryu Station - Meitetsu Nagoya Main LineChiryu Signal Stopwhile(Chiryu signal line
    • Aichi Electric Railway(Predecessor company in the eastern part of Nagoya Main Line)Mikawa RailwayFor mutual direct cargo operation with (the predecessor company of the Mikawa Line)1928Construction, freight business on the eastern part of the Nagoya Main Line and the Mikawa Line was abolished.1984Used as a freight line.this house1950から1959Until then, passenger operations were also carried out, and until the completion of the current Chiryu Station and the current wiring in 1959, direct operation between the Nagoya Main Line and the Mikawa Line was carried out via the Chiryu Connecting Line.After the abolition, the roadbed was gradually rearranged, and now only the railroad crossing rail that was the only one remains.
Nagoya Railroad and Kintetsu Railway
Nagoya Railroad and JR Central
  • Meitetsu Inuyama LineShin-Unuma Station - Takayama Main LineUnuma StationBetween (Unuma connecting line)
    • It was built for the delivery of freight cars between Meitetsu and the Takayama Main Line, and existed before the war.The one that was initially installed was a track that turned right from Shin-Unuma Station, switched back on the east side of Unuma Station on the Japanese National Railways, and entered the Unuma Station premises toward Gifu.1932There is a direct passenger train operating on this line (in the Takayama Main Line, which is towed by a steam locomotive).To head toward Takayama Station, the train turned twice at the end of the Kokusha connecting line and at Unuma Station.After the war, "Japan Northern Alps"(Initially, it was also used for the semi-express" Takayama "). In 1972, a short-circuit line (crossover line) was installed from the Takayama side of the Takayama Main Line to this connecting line, and the change of direction in the "Northern Alps" was resolved.However, the train2001Because it was abolished in, the turnout was removed and the track was cut.The track itself remained as a pull-up line for Meitetsu Shin-Unuma Station because there was a Meitetsu electric railroad line beside JR Unuma Station, but it was no longer used by 2008, and the track was completely removed by early 2011. The site was converted to a road[12].
Keihan Electric RailwayAnd Kintetsu Railway
  • Keihin Main LineTambabashi Station - Kintetsu Kyoto LineMomoyama Goryomae Station(South side of the station),Fushimi Station(North side of the station)
    • oldNaradenOf the era1945From the Kintetsu Kyoto LineHorinai StationAfter abolishing the above, we started mutual direct operation by getting on the 2nd and 4th lines of Tambabashi station.Later, in response to the decision to boost the overhead line voltage of the Kintetsu Kyoto Line, etc.1968The Kintetsu-Kyoto Line established Kintetsu-Tambabashi Station on the site of the former Horinai Station and became independent, and at the same time, mutual direct operation was abolished.However, the connecting line connecting both lines is the next1969Survived.
Hanshin Electric Railway and Keihanshin Express Railway (currently Hankyu Railway)
JR West Japan
  • Hanwa connecting line(Kansai Main LineYao Station - Hanwa LineSugimotocho Stationwhile)
    • It was officially a branch of the Kansai Main Line.For freight train operation to Wakayama1952It opened.1965The limited express "AsukaWill start driving, and passengers will go along with it.Operating kiloWas also set. "Asuka" is due to sluggish customers1967Although it was abolished in Japan, the setting of business kilometers remained after that, after the privatization of JNR.1988Since then, multiple temporary passenger trains have been set up.Upon privatization, JR Freight also held a license for the Type 2 railway business.after that2003The JR Freight license has been abolished.2009The line itself was also abolished.

Connection line outside Japan

New York City Subway

The New York City Subway has a line called "Connection" that connects different lines, which is translated as "connecting line".Detail isNew York City Subway Line ListSee.

Bangkok Skytrain

BangkokIt is a terminal station of Bangkok Skytrain (BTS) that runs mainly in Tokyo.Siam StationIsSukhumwitt lineSilom lineThere is a connecting line that connects the two.Since there is no depot on the Silom line, it is used for loading and unloading vehicles that are normally used on the Silom line (vehicles are operated in common with the Sukhumitt line).In addition, these two lines operate independently, and normally you need to change trains at this Siam station, but if the schedule is disturbed due to a transportation failure, etc., you will suddenly go through this connecting line. May be mutually accessible[13].


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