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🌏 | NATO does not look hostile to China and is concerned about closer relations with Russia = Secretary-General


NATO is not hostile to China and is concerned about closer relations with Russia = Secretary-General

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However, "China has not condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine, China has disseminated a lot of false information about NATO and Western countries, and China and Russia are closer than ever. I'm worried. "

[Madrid XNUMXth Reuters] – North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Secretary General Stoltenberg said on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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Western countries

Western countries(Nishigawa Shokoku,West,資本主義camp,LiberalismcampAlso called,English: Western Bloc), from 1947 to 1991 during the Cold WarThe United States of AmericaFormally formed an alliance withSoviet UnionCentered onEastern countriesIs a coalition of countries in conflict with[1]..Because it is an ally in a narrow senseNATOMember countries andJapan, South Korea such asFirst worldPoint to.But in a broad senseAnti-communismTo include all countries that advocate anti-socialism and also oppose the eastern nations.Saudi Arabia,BrazilEtc. may be included.Also, in the case of the anti-Soviet Union, after 1961ChugokuWas also included.

Say hereWestIt is,EuropeThe boundary between the capitalist and communist camps inIron curtainIt is derived from the fact that it is bordered by East and West Germany, but in reality there were western countries in eastern Europe (Turkey,Greece) In other areas other than Europe, the camp to which it belongs and the geographical east and west were sometimes reversed.

Western nations have been incorporated into single and multilateral political and military security treaties with the United States. The famous mechanism isNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO),Americas Organization(OAS) and so on.

Western camp in Eastern Europe

Baltic Sea OfSzczecinからAdriatic sea OfTriesteCross the continent of EuropeIron curtainWas taken down. The historic capitals of Central and Eastern Europe are all beyond. — Winston Churchill March 1946 at the University of Westminster in Fulton, Missouri

In response,America OfTrumanThe presidentTruman DoctrineAnnounced. Assisting Greece on behalf of the United Kingdom, in additionTurkeyDeclared to stay in the capitalist camp. It provided a large amount of financial support to both countries and prevented them from becoming an eastern camp.

These countries1952Joined NATO. Especially in Turkey, US military bases in Turkey still play a major role when the United States intervenes in the Middle East.European UnionIt is a strong "Western nation", aiming to join the (EU).

Western Europe / Central Europe

NATO1949It is a military alliance formed by the participation of 13 countries in Western Europe and North America, and each country is obliged to participate jointly in the event of an attack.

1966FranceGaulleWithdraw from NATO's military organization underSupreme Headquarters of the European Union ArmyHowever, there were cases where he was forced to relocate from Paris, but considering the EU and other countries, it is basically a honeymoon.

Countries in Western and Central Europe that do not participate in the East-West military organizationIreland-Switzerland-Austria-SwedenCountries that have adopted non-aligned policies, such as by declaring neutrality. Especially in combination with the policies of the Nordic countriesNordic balanceSay. However, it is clear that Sweden had a cooperative relationship with NATO after the end of the Cold War (Armed neutral). In reality, it can be said that Sweden was closer to the west even if there was no alliance.


Many countries in the Americas are alreadySecond World WarAt the endAlliesIs participating in the war asU.S. ForcesIt provided a base to (US military).

These are the "backyards" of postwar AmericaPro-riceIs required to belong to the west side,1948Formed and signed inAmericas Organization(December) andInter-American Mutual Aid TreatyFollowed the United States by (April).When the pro-US government is destroyed by a revolution,Domino theoryAmerican armed intervention, chantingCentral Intelligence AgencyInvited the interference of domestic affairs (The Pigs Bay Incident-Contra War-Chile coup-Grenada invasion-Panama invasionSuch).

Actions from a sense of crisis towards the eastern camp of the United States to the Americas1962 OfCuban crisisActually shown in, at this time the Soviet Union breaksWorld War IIIWas avoided.CubaIs the only country that has rejected American interference.

East Asia

JapanとRepublic of China(Taiwan),South Korea(Korea) is the western country. Republic of China72 OfNixon visits ChinaThe United States takes the opportunity of the People's Republic of ChinaApprovalIt is considered to be included in the Western countries because it received military aid as an "anti-communist fort" even after the diplomatic relations between the United States and Taiwan. Also,フィリピン TheAssociation of Southeast Asian NationsAn original member of (ASEAN), but of the United StatesColonyFor that reason, he had adopted a foreign policy that was pro-American.Also in South VietnamVietnam Republic, In CambodiaKhmer RepublicThe pro-US administration was born, but all of them became communist due to the opposition of the local residents.VietnamSouth VietnamThroughthe Socialist Republic of VietnamAs North-South unification, CambodiaKhmer RougeDue to the rebellionDemocratic CampchiaWas founded.

The potential enemy in East AsiaUSSR,Chugoku,north korea,(North) VietnamHowever, due to the completely different roles and potential enemies,Rimi-US and Korea-Yoneka-Rice ratioIt is characterized by the fact that it was based on an alliance based on a bilateral treaty. This is in East AsiaCollective securityIt can also be seen as an American intervention that wants to maintain military influence without building a regime.

Western countries after the Cold War

Soviet Union collapsesAfter that, Eastern European countries approached NATO for new security.1999ToCzech Republic-Hungary-PolandCountries other than the former Soviet Union member countries of the former eastern countries of2004In the former Eastern European countriesEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-Bulgaria-ルーマニアWhen,エストニア-ラトビア-リトアニア OfBaltic states, Former YugoslaviaスロベニアBut,2009In the former YugoslaviaCroatiaAnd of the former socialist nationアルバニアBut,2017In the former YugoslaviaEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euBut,2020In the former YugoslaviaNorthern MacedoniaHave joined NATO respectively.

Among the above NATO member countries, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Slovenia were introduced in 2004.2007Bulgaria / Romania2013CroatiaEUAlbania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia are candidates for EU membership (although there are differences between EU and NATO member countries outside Eastern Europe).These are in the new frameworkWestern countriesIt can be said.

In Latin America, the Organization of American States is hollowed outベネズエラ OfChavezThe worsening sentiment toward the United States is conspicuous, such as the emergence of left-wing governments in South America, led by the administration, and the movement to break away from unequal capitalism as a result of equal opportunity in the United States. Also,Composition of economic zones unique to South American countries,FurthermoreBuilding an EU-style national coalitionUnique policies such as are set out.

Furthermore,Middle East-ArabicThen, the structure of the monarchy Islamic state during the Cold War, such as "pro-American for anti-Soviet Union," has collapsed, and the cooperative relationship with these countries has weakened, resulting in destabilization. Also, Western countries have always had close ties with Israel,Palestinian AuthorityMost countries are far from each other.Eastern countriesOld that has already been approved by the timesEastern European countriesExcept for, the Western countries that have Palestinian national recognitionMalta(1988),アイス ランド(2011),Sweden(2014),Vatican City(2015) Only.Czech RepublicIs oldCzechoslovakiaApproved Palestine in the era, but in 2012United Nations General AssemblyThe relationship has deteriorated, such as opposition to the resolution to upgrade to an "observer state" in Israel, and rather has a close relationship with Israel.

Riceブ ッ シ ュAt the end of the administrationCzech RepublicToAmerica ICBMEarly vigilance againstRadar site,PolandPlans to build an interceptor missile base in Russia, effectively de facto RussiaVirtual enemyBecause it isRussiaHas received a strong backlash from the United States (America(I.e.It is explained that it is intended to counter the threat of Russia and is not targeted at Russia). Russia as an alternativeアゼルバイジャンOffered shared use of radar site, but the United States refused[2].. In addition to negotiations with Poland, which has been difficult since the change of government, the United States has continued to do so.リトアニアI also try to contact[3].. But continueObamaThe administration is20099/17Announced to return the Eastern Europe MD deployment plan to a blank slate[4].. Expirs in December 09START-IRussia is expected to keep pace with the progress of negotiations on the US-Russia New Nuclear Disarmament Treaty and sanctions against Iran.9/23At the summit meeting, he made a statement that could be taken as an appeal for cooperation with the United States.[5].

Also, RussiaChugokuWe are deepening our relationship with the oldCISIn addition to2002NewlyShanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO) is founded. Later, he strengthened his relationship with Iran.

After the Cold War, the Western nations, freed from the ideological conflict of anti-communism, said, "If a dictatorship becomes communist due to a revolution, it is better to have a friendly relationship with the West even if it remains dictatorship." He abandoned the theory and led the United States to increase pressure on a dictatorial nation.

These actions are at leastKosovo conflictAgainstYugo airstrike,American terrorist attacksAgainstInvasion of AfghanistanAs long as the "enemy" was clear, it could be done without much opposition to the Western countries (and the United Nations).

But after thatAxis remarks of evil-War on terrorismstart fromIraq warIn such cases, the urgency of the United States has disrupted the pace, and a nation that is particularly close to the United States is supporting the United States, but the situation is in flux, with the government withdrawing without the support of the people.

The conspicuous turmoil in the liberal camp in recent years is not only because the United States has neglected to keep pace with the Western nations, but also21st centuryIt is also significant that each country has been eager to secure resources due to concerns about economic development and resource depletion. As the Iraq War is often said to have been caused by the United States wanting to secure oil rights to sleep in Iraq, countries are also making every effort to secure fossil fuels in various ways, instead of supporting the dictatorship. The method of securing the resources of the country is one of the simplest. When a country that adopts such a policy appears, sanctions and the like will not be aligned, and it will be extremely difficult to overthrow the dictatorship and promote democratization.

It's not a mess in Western countries,MyanmarOne of the reasons why the UN's condemnation resolution against the undemocratic military government has become significantly weaker is that because Myanmar is an oil-producing country, China conducts resource diplomacy for the oil and dictatorship. It can be said that it supports the administration both economically and internationally.

List of Western countries during the Cold War

Western Europe
Southern Europe
Northern Europe
North America
Central america
South America

Under US supportMilitary regimeWas often called the "backyard of the United States."

East Asia
Southeast Asia
South Asia
West Asia


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