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🌏 | Broadcom Inc. Acquires VMWare for $ 610 Billion Aiming to Expand Software Business


Broadcom Acquires VMWare for $ 610 Billion Aiming to Expand Software Business

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Broadcom will take over $ 80 billion in VMWare's net debt.

[Reuters] – US semiconductor giant Broadcom announced on the XNUMXth that it is a cloud computing business. → Continue reading


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    Debt $ 80 billion


    Broadcom(English: Broadcom Inc.) Manufactures and sells semiconductor products, software, etc. for wireless (wireless, broadband) and communication infrastructure.FablessCompany.BasedSingapore(Registered) andAmerica OfCaliforniaSan Jose.

    Broadcom before it was acquired (Broadcom Corporation)

    UCLAWas a professor ofHenry SamueliAnd its students(English edition)But in 1991CaliforniaLos AngelesFounded in. 1995, relocated headquarters to Irvine[1].. 1998,NASDAQListed on.It operates in more than 15 countries around the world and employs approximately 1.1 people in 2009.Fortune 500Ranked in.Broadcom hasARM CPUInstruction setKnown for designSophie WilsonThere is.

    Current Broadcom (Broadcom Ltd.)

    2016 year 2 month,Hewlett Packard,Agilent TechnologyOriginates from the semiconductor sector ofAvago TechnologiesThe acquisition by (Avago Technology) has been completed, and with the acquisition, Avago Technology has changed its name to "Broadcom" (Broadcom).Broadcom Ltd.(The former Broadcom ticker symbol "BRCM" has been delisted, and Avago Technology's ticker symbol "AVGO" continues)[2].. November 2016, in the manufacture of communication equipmentBrocade Communications SystemsAnnounced the acquisition of[3].. July 2018, software development companyCA TechnologiesAnnounced acquisition and made it a subsidiary[4].

    Also, in August 2019, a major antivirus software companySymantec107 billion corporate businessesDollarI bought it at[5], Five months later (January 5), the cyber security business of the aboveAccentureSold to[6].


    Broadcom's products areComputer networkand(English edition)Covers the whole.High-speed network for enterprises / cities,business centerProducts for networks,EthernetFor無線 LANSend / receive IC andMicroprocessor,Cable modem,DSL,server, Home network equipment (router,switchSuch),Mobile phone(GSM/GPRS/EDGE/W-CDMA) And so on.Also known as a high-speed crypto coprocessor.This is a chip that reduces the load on the main processor by performing encryption and decryption outside the processor.E-commerce,PGPOrGPGIt is useful for secure communication using.

    Other IC products for telecommunications carriers,Set top boxAnd processors for digital video recorders,BluetoothTransmitter,無線 LANTransmitter,TV compatible with satellite broadcastingHe also works on tuners for the game.As a main customerApple,Hewlett Packard,Motorola,IBM,Dell,Lenovo,Linksys,Logitec,Nintendo,Nokia,Nortel(Avaya),Cisco Systems,TiboCan be mentioned. On September 2011, 9, the digital TV chip division was abolished.[7].

    NIC and network

    BroadcomNICIs used in workstation and server products from major vendors.Even if the Ethernet NIC is built into the motherboard, it is often named Broadcom for marketing purposes.For example, the Dell Blade Switch M610 has two Gigabit NetXtreme 2 NICs built-in.[8].

    Another big market is switch hardware.Switching systems based on Broadcom hardware and firmware are available from several vendors (eg Dell Powerconnect classics) and are developing their own firmware while using Broadcom hardware (Trident chipset). In some cases (for example, Cisco's Nexus NX-OS)[9]And dell Force10 FTOS[10]).

    Consumer component design

    Broadcom also supplies a number of parts for well-known consumer devices.

    • Apple iPhone With 3GS iPod The second generation of touch uses Broadcom's Wifi + Bluetooth combo chip.
    • Second quarter of 2005,NintendoAnnounced a strategic alliance with a corporation.The company said it will provide wireless LAN technology to Nintendo's next-generation game consoles.Specifically, on May 2006, 5, Nintendo's game consoleWiiHas announced that Broadcom's Bluetooth and wireless LAN have been adopted.Nintendo DSWireless LAN is also provided by Broadcom.

    Relationship with AMD

    February 2001, 2, BroadcomAMDDeveloped byHyperTransportJoined the HyperTransport Technology Consortium on July 7, the same year. In June 14, we announced a partnership with AMD in the chipset field, and on April 2004, 6, AMD K2005 (under the ServerWorks brand)Opteron) Chipset "HT-2000" was announced, AMD K2006 chipset HT-8 was announced on August 15, 8, and mass production shipment started in October of the same year.

    On August 2008, 8, AMD acquired the digital television business for $ 25 million (initially announced at $ 1 million).Acquired manufacturing rights for the panel processor Xilleon.

    Cyber ​​security

    January 2019SymantecWas acquired.In Japan, we are developing endpoint security products, email security, and WEB security gateways.Broadcom's software business currently accounts for about 2022% of total sales, but continues to expand investment in the enterprise software business with the goal of 5%. In May XNUMX, we will be the best in the world in the virtualization market.VMwareAnnounced the acquisition of. VMware acquired Carbon Black, which holds a global market share in EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) in 2019, and is expected to make major changes toward the realization of zero trusts and SASE.

    Production system

    BroadcomFablessKnown as a semiconductor company.Semiconductor elementManufacture is all in Asia as belowFoundryI leave it to you.

    • Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (TSMC,Taiwan)
    • GLOBALFOUNDRIES(Former: Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing) (Germany, Singapore)
    • Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC)(China)
    • Silterra Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
    • United Microelectronics Corporation(UMC / Taiwan)

    Equipment assembly is left to the following partners.

    • NEC
    • ASAT Ltd (Hong Kong)
    • ST Assembly Test Services (Singapore)
    • Siliconware Precision
    • United Test and Assembly Center (Singapore)
    • ChipPac and Signetics (Korea)

    Headquartered in California since 2007Irvine OfUniversity of California IrvineLocated in the University Research Park on campus.R & D baseCambridge(England),Bangaloreas well as the Hyderabad(India),Richmond(Near Vancouver, Canada),Markham(Near Toronto, Canada), Sophia Antipolis(France) etc.

    Broadcom and open source

    For Broadcom wireless LAN chipsOpen SourceSome driversLinux kernelIncluded in the source tree of[11].. Since Linux kernel 2.6.26, some Broadcom chips are supported by the kernel, but require external firmware at build time.

    In 2003, Broadcom used the GPL code for its wireless LAN router chipset driver but did not publish the code.GNU General Public License As violatingFree Software FoundationBlame Broadcom.That chipsetLinksysAdopted, Linksys laterCiscoWas acquired by.Cisco then released the source code for the Linksys WRT54G series wireless broadband router firmware.[12][13].

    In 2002, Broadcom was uniqueVoIPCodecDeveloped in 2009LGPLReleased as open source under license[14].

    • BroadVoice 16 --Bit rate 16 kbit / s, sampling frequency 8 kHz
    • BroadVoice 32 --Bit rate 32 kbit / s, sampling frequency 16 kHz (however, the X-Lite SIP phone menu says bit rate 80000 bit / s)

    Stock options issues

    February 2006, 7, Broadcomstock optionAnnounced an additional $ 7 million in costs to correct the processing. On September 5000, 2006, the amount doubled to $ 9 billion.In addition, the company will be subject to additional tax.[15].. On January 2007, 1, the amount to be accounted for between 24 and 1998 increased to $ 2005 billion.[16].

    August 2008, 5,Securities and Exchange CommissionAfter being named in a motion to the (SEC), Samueli resigned from his post as chairman and took a leave of absence as CTO.

    June 2008, 6, co-founder and former CEO(English edition)And former CFO William Ruehle were charged with fraudulent date tampering with stock options.Nicholas has also been charged with violating the Narcotics Control Act[17]..But in December 2009, a federal judge alleged that prosecutors improperly blocked the testimony of three defense witnesses.(English edition)Rejected accusations of date tampering with stock options[18].

    Trial with Qualcomm

    In June 2007, BroadcomSan DiegoSemiconductor company headquartered inQualcommSued for infringing the company's patent,United States International Trade CommissionOrdered a ban on imports of mobile phones equipped with Qualcomm chips.Broadcom had also sued the matter in court, but on April 2009, 4, the four-year court battle ended.[19]..As a condition of the settlement, Qualcomm will pay Broadcom $ 2013 million in cash by April 4.


    In September 2011, Broadcom acquired NetLogic Microsystems for $ 9 billion in cash, exchanging $ 37 million of its own shares of NetLogic employees for Broadcom shares.[20].

    Broadcom has also acquired a number of other companies, thereby quickly entering new markets.[21].

    It was acquired by Avago Technologies in February 2016, but the company name was adopted by the acquired side, "Broadcom", and it has announced the acquisition of Brocade Communications Systems thereafter.

    Including GIN in 2019SymantecBroadcom acquires the corporate business of.

    2022 year 5 month,VMware Was acquired for about $ 610 billion.

    seasonCompany nameAcquisition amountExpertise
    March 1999Maverick Networks$ 1 million (stocks)Multi-layer switch for corporate networks
    March 1999Epigram$ 3 million (stocks)Using the telephone lineHomePNA
    March 1999Armedia Inc.$ 6720 million (stock)Digital video decoder[22]
    March 1999HotHaus Technologies$ 2 million (stocks)VoIPuseDSPsoftware
    March 1999Altocom$ 1 million (stocks)Soft modem
    March 2000BlueSteel Networks$ 1 million (stocks)Security processor
    March 2000Digital Furnace Corp$ 1 million (stocks)Data compression software
    March 2000Stellar Semiconductor$ 1 million (stocks)3D graphics processor
    March 2000Pivotal Technologies$ 2 million (stocks)Digital video chip
    March 2000Innovent Systems$ 5 million (stock)Bluetooth communication device
    March 2000Puyallup Integrated Circuit CompanyIC design and IC macroblock
    March 2000Altima Communications$ 5 million (stocks)Network chip
    March 2000Newport Communications$ 12 million (stocks)10Gbit Ethernet communicator
    March 2000Silicon Spice$ 10 million (stock)VoIPuseDSPチップ
    March 200014 element$ 5 million (stocks)DSLChipset
    March 2000Allayer Communications$ 2 million (stocks)Enterprise and optical network chips
    March 2000Sibyte$ 20 million (stock)Microprocessor for blow band
    March 2001VisionTech, Ltd.$ 7 million (stocks)MPEG-2 compression / decompression
    March 2001ServerWorks Corp.$ 10 million (stocks)I / O controller for server / workstation
    March 2001PortaTec CorporationPortable device
    March 2001KimalinkWireless / portable chip
    March 2002Mobilink Telecom, Inc.$ 560 million (stock)Baseband processor for mobile phones
    March 2003Gadzoox Networks$ 580 million (cash)SAN
    March 2004RAIDCore, Inc.$ 1650 million (cash)RAIDsoftware
    March 2004M-Stream Inc.$ 870 million (cash) and 27000 sharesImproved technology for wireless reception
    March 2004Sand Video, Inc.$ 7750 million (stocks) and $ 740 million (cash)Video compression technology
    March 2004WIDCOMM, Inc.$ 4900 million (cash)Bluetooth related software
    March 2004Zyray Wireless, Inc.$ 9600 million (stock)Baseband processor for WCDMA
    March 2004Alphamosaic, Ltd.$ 1 million (stocks)Video processor for mobile services
    March 2005Alliant Networks, Inc.Mobile network gateway
    March 2005Zeevo, Inc.$ 2640 million (cash) and $ 260 million (stocks)Bluetoothheadset
    March 2005Siliquent Technologies, Inc.$ 7600 million (cash)10Gbit Ethernet controller
    March 2005Athena Semiconductors, Inc.$ 2160 million (cash)Digital TV tuner and Wifi
    March 2006Sandburst Corporation$ 7500 million (cash) and $ 500 million (stocks)SOC chip for Ethernet packet switching
    March 2006LVL7 Systems, Inc.$ 6200 million (cash)Network software
    March 2007Octalica, Inc.$ 3100 million (cash)MoCA (Home Network with Coaxial Cable)
    March 2007Global Locate, Inc.$ 1 million (cash)GPS chip and software
    March 2008Sunext Design, Inc.$ 4800 million (cash)Optical disk drive
    March 2008AMD DTV processor division$ 1 million (cash, initially offered $ 4150 million)[23](English edition) DTV processor chip and software, and TV tuner using it
    March 2009Dune Networks[24]$ 1 million (cash)High speed network switch
    March 2010Teknovus[25]$ 1 million (cash)Ethernet PON (EPON) Chipsets and Software
    March 2010Innovision Research & Technology plc[26]$ 4750 million (cash)Short-range wireless communicationAnd IP
    March 2010Beceem Communications[27]$ 3 million (cash)4G LTE / WiMax
    March 2010Gigle Networks [28]$ 7500 million (cash)Home multimedia network
    March 2011Provigent Ltd.[29]$ 3 million (cash)Microwave backhaul
    March 2011SC Square Ltd.[30]$ 4190 million (cash)Israeli security software company
    March 2011NetLogic Microsystems$ 37 millionNext-generation Internet network products
    March 2022VMware Inc.$ 610 millionIT infrastructure virtualization


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