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🌏 | Russian Army, Donetsk Oblast Svitrodarsk, etc. 3 places control = Governor


Suppression of 3 locations including Russian army and Donetsk Oblast Svitrodarsk = Governor

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Prior to this, the pro-Russian "Donetsk People's Republic" posted in a telegram that Svitrodarsk was subdued and the Ukrainian flag was replaced by the Russian flag.

[Kiev XNUMXth Reuters] – In Donetsk Oblast, eastern Ukraine, three towns, including Svitrodarsk, are Russia ... → Continue reading


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Donetsk People's Republic

Donetsk People's Republic
Donetsk People's Republic
Donetsk flagOfficial Donetsk People's Republic coat of arms.svg
Country motto: unknown
National anthem :

Old national anthem: (2014-2015)

Donetsk position
Official terminologyRussian
Largest cityDonetsk
ChiefDenis Pushilin
Ministerial Council Chair(English edition
Grand total8,902km2(???
Water area rateUnknown
Grand total(2020/2,253,560Man(???
The population density253 people/km2
GDP(Display home currency)
total(xxxx yearxxx, xxxRussian ruble
total(xxxx yearxxx,xxx dollars (???
Per person$ xxx
total(xxxx yearxxx,xxx dollars (???
Per person$ xxx
Declaration of founding2014/4/7
Declaration of independence2014/5/12
RussiaMore national recognition2022/2/21
currencyRussian ruble(RUB[1]
Time zoneUTC+3 (STD: None)Moscow time
ISO 3166-1None
International phone number380 + 62[1]
Prefix D1

Donetsk People's Republic(Donetsk Jinminkyowakoku, abbreviationDPR or DNR,DonetskBothRussian: Donetsk People's Republic) Isウクライナ OfDonetsk OblastIn (Russian name Donetsk)RussiaIt is a pro-Russian rebel organization seeking transfer to.2014/Armed uprising in Donetsk Oblast, unilaterally declared "independent", the largest city in the regionDonetskSelf-proclaimed as the "capital"[2][3][4][5].


DPR is2014 Ukrainian RevolutionIn the aftermath ofPeople's Republic of Lugansk(LPR), "Republic of CrimeaDeclared "independence" unilaterally from Ukraine[Annotation 1].. After the declaration of "independence", with UkraineArmed conflictLPR and DPR are supported by Russia.NATORussia is also providing military assistance to rebels, Russia once made this claim, according to Ukraine.denialWas[9][10][11][12].

The Ukrainian government said with DPRPeople's Republic of Lugansk(LPR) both are considered terrorist organizations[13]..Ukraine in those areasRussian military interventionAs a result ofCrimea Autonomous RepublicSevastopolWith four regions of Ukraine temporarily occupied by Russia ((Russian version,Ukrainian version) Of the two areas[14][15].. DPR and the Ukrainian governmentDonetsk OblastIt is estimated that about 200 million people, more than half of the total population, live in DPR-owned areas.The area of ​​the rebel-controlled area does not reach most of Donetsk Oblast, and is 7,853 km.2Only (3,032 square miles),Donetsk(capital),Makifuka,HorlivkaTake control of major cities such as[16].

On February 2022, 2, Russia officially approved DPR and LPR as "independent states" for the first time as a member of the United Nations.[17][18][19]..Russia will be issued by DPR from February 2017 than beforeIdentification,Graduation certificate,Born-Marriage certificate,Vehicle license plateHave already approved[20][21]..Russia, on the other hand, has received strong criticism from the international community.Both "republics"Russia-Ukraine crisis in 2021-2022It is the center of.


The official country name in Russian is Donetsk People's Republic(Latin notation:Donetskaya Narodnaya Respublika), And the abbreviation isДНР(DNR[22]).

The official country name in Ukrainian is Донецька Народна Республіка(Donetsʹka Narodna Respublika), And the abbreviation is the same as Russian.

English notation is Donetsk People's Republic And the abbreviation isDPR.

Followed Russian pronunciation in JapaneseDonetskAnd followed the Ukrainian pronunciationDonetsk[23]There are two notations, but the discourse of the Minister of Foreign Affairs[24]And major domestic media[25][26]In, the Donetsk notation derived from Russian is used.In addition, parentheses (“Donetsk People's Republic”) can be seen from the standpoint of not allowing independence.TwitterSuch asSocial mediaThen as an abbreviation or a common namePeopleThe name of is seen.


2014/4/7, Pro-Russian demonstratorsDonetsk OblastOccupied the parliament and held a meeting called the "People's Soviet Union".After that, he declared the founding of the "People's Republic of Donetsk".Ukrainian governmentCriticized severely[27].

July 5st of the same year,(English editionBecame Prime Minister[28].. September 7thDenis PushilinSupreme Council Executive Chairman has announced his resignation because he "gets another job"[29].

July 5st of the same year,People's Republic of LuganskWith the federal state "Novorossiya People's Republic of RussiaDeclares the formation of[30], The freeze was announced on May 2015, 5[31].

July 2017, 7, Prime Minister of the People's Republic of DonetskAlexander ZaharchenkoIs a new nation covering the whole of Ukraine except CrimeaMalo Russia(Little Russia) "(Little Russia) Was indicated[32]..On the 18th, Russian Presidential spokesman Peskoff denied the involvement of the Russian government, saying that "Mr. Zabalchenko took the lead personally."[33].

Assassination of the chief

Around 2018 pm (local time) on August 8, 31, an explosion occurred at a cafe on Pushkin Street in the center of Donetsk, and Zakharchenko and the escort, who were also the chief and prime minister at that time, were transferred to the hospital. Died and injured several people, including ministers.Zakharchenko and others are Russian singers who died on the 5th of the previous day.(English editionIt is said that they were gathering to mourn[34]..Security officials in the People's Republic have declared the explosion a terrorist attack and have detained several Ukrainian operatives.Russian Foreign Ministry spokesmanMaria ZakharovaArgued that the involvement of the Ukrainian government was strongly inferred.Meanwhile, Ukrainian officials strongly denied involvement and expressed the view that it was an internal conflict in the People's Republic.[35][36]..An emergency meeting was held following the assassination of the chief, and the deputy prime minister was in accordance with the provisions of Article 62 of the Constitution of the People's Republic.(English editionWill serve concurrently as the interim prime minister and the interim prime minister.[37][38].

3 days before the assassination,Ukrainian Independent News AgencyWill report that the Russian government will send a research team to the People's Republic in September 2018 to replace Zakharchenko with a more qualified person, according to military critic Yuriy Karin. rice field[Source required]..Zakharchenko's career seems to have been determined to be at a disadvantage in negotiations with the new Ukrainian president, who will be elected in 2019.[Source required].. September 9th, tentativelyDenis PushilinWas appointed as the successor, and after the election, he was officially appointed as the chief on November 11th.

Russia-Ukraine crisis (2021-)

On February 2022, 2, Donetsk People's Republic executive Denis Pushilin said in a speech, "The number of Ukrainian troops has skyrocketed in the past month. The aim is peaceful residents and children."RussiaSouthernRostov OblastI told him to evacuate to. "Soon (Ukraine) President Zelensky orders the entire army to make a total attack," he said.[39].. On the 19th, the Donetsk People's Republic announced that it would issue a total mobilization order for citizens with records of volunteering for conscription.[40].. 24th, RussiaVladimir PutinBy the order of the presidentRussian armybyFull invasion of UkraineHas started[41][42].


The area of ​​the controlled area as of 2014 is estimated to be 8,539km2so,Donetsk OblastTotal area 26,517km2It is about 3% of[43].

People's Republic of LuganskTogetherShikokuIt's about the size.


Separation of three powers OfRepublicSelf-proclaimed.

Head of state TheChief(Russian: Head) Called[Source required].Legislative office OfPeople's Council of the People's Republic of DonetskIs a unicameral system and has a capacity of 100 people[Source required].


Almost allUnited Nations Member StatesからNational approvalNot done, but in the same positionPeople's Republic of LuganskMutual recognition with, and the idea of ​​a federal state was raised for a while[Source required]. Also,National approval from a small proportion of UN member statesReceivedRepublic of South OssetiaIn 20146/27To[44],Republic of AbkhaziaHas been nationally approved on February 2022, 2.[45].

When Donetsk and Lugansk declared independence,Russian FederationHas received national approval from both People's RepublicsI didn't do it, but on February 2017, 2Vladimir PutinPresident has signed a presidential decree recognizing valid passports issued by Donetsk and Lugansk[46].. In January 2022, the Russian Communist Party submitted a non-binding resolution to the House of Representatives that Donetsk, along with Lugansk, should be nationally recognized, and was passed by a majority in favor on February 1, 2.[47].. On February 2022, 2, President Putin signed a presidential decree recognizing the independence of the Donetsk People's Republic and the Lugansk People's Republic, and soon after, along with the top two Donetsk and Lugansk people, entered into a friendship mutual aid treaty between the two republics and Russia. Signed[48]..On the other hand, the Ukrainian governmentTerrorist organizationIs specified in[13].

The Republic of South Osetia approved the requested People's Republic of Lugansk on June 6, and the Donetsk government made an official request to South Osetia on June 18.[49], Nationally approved by South Osetia on June 6.The Donetsk government also thanked South Osetia and Abkhazia for their support and approved the independence of the two countries on May 27, 2015.[50].

Nationally recognized UN member states

UN member states supporting Russia's national recognition

State-approved, virtually independent area


yuanDirectorate General of Information, Chief of Staff of the Russian Federation ArmyOrRussian Federation Security AgencyI'm fromBosnian conflict,Crimea ConflictHas abundant battle experience inIgor GherkinServed as the "Ministry of Defense" from May to August 2014.Gherkin testified that the Russian government was involved in the operation and military activities of the Donetsk People's Republic after his departure.[54]..Many dead in combat with Ukrainian government forcesChechen RepublicAs a volunteer, including natives and supplied with Russian-made weaponsRostov OblastIs expected to cross the border from[55]

Donetsk People's Soldier


In the controlled areaDonetsk International AirportHowever, it cannot be used due to battle.The railway line isUkrainian RailwaysSeparated fromPeople's Republic of LuganskIt is operated between and.There are also bus routes connecting Ukraine and Russia. As of 2017, foreigners cannot enter the border from under the control of the Ukrainian government, with the exception of the press who carry a special permit.[Source required]..Although it is possible to cross the border with a bus route to and from the Ukrainian government-controlled area, the bus service from Kyiv to the Donetsk People's Republic may be involved in battle near the border and the destination may be due to security issues. Is not displayed[Source required].


The currency isRussian rubleAdoptDonetsk People's Central Republic BankHas jurisdiction over money and finances.Coal exports have become an important industry, and even after the separation, exports to Ukrainian government-controlled areas have been active through rail freight.Mail in the region was founded in 2014Donbas PostIs carried by[Source required].

human rights


The total population as of September 2020, 9 is 1[57]So, it accounted for about half of the whole Donetsk Oblast.[16]..EthnicityRussian peopleUkrainian peopleIs the majority,Belarusian,ArmenianThere is also.ReligionRussian Orthodox ChurchIt has become.

At the time of the founding of the countryOfficial terminology TheRussianUkrainianWas[58], Constitutional amendment on March 2020, 3 unified into Russian[59].


Ukrainian is the only language under the jurisdiction of the Ukrainian governmentTeaching languageWas[Source required], Russian is the language of instruction in the Donetsk People's Republic[Source required].


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注 釈

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OriginallyRussian EmpireWith the national flag of1699/,Peter the GreatWith a European delegation NetherlandsVisitshipbuildingWhen I learned, I realized the need for a flag for the Navy,Netherlands flagThere is a legend that the color order was changed.But,1668/The first Russian flag enacted in Japan is also in three colors, white, blue and red, so even if you refer to the Netherlands, it is a story before the European delegation, and the Dutch flag at that time was orange, white, blue It was a tricolor flag and did not contain red.White, blue and red are of the Grand Duchy of MoscowCoat of armsWas there.blueCapeHoly riding a white horse in silver armorGeorgiusIs a pattern that runs through the red field to exterminate the dragon, and there is a theory that the color of the Russian flag comes from these three colors.Also, these three colors are from RussiaPatron saint,Theotokos MaryWearingRobeThere is also a theory that it is derived from.

1917/ToRussian EmpireWas defeated (Russian Revolution), In 1922Soviet UnionWhen is established, the "white, blue, and red tricolor flags" of the Russian Empire will be abolished, and the "red flag of sickle and mallet" will be replaced.Flag of the Soviet UnionWas established in.

そ し て,1991/12/25ToSoviet Union collapsesThen,1992/New YearToRussian FederationWhen is established, the flag of "red flag of sickle and mallet" is abolished,Empire eraThe flag of the "white, blue, and red tricolor flag" at the end of the period (1883-1917)1993/12/11This flag was enacted as the national flag of the Russian Federation.

White is noble and candidWhite russianMan(Belarusian), Blue is of honor and chastityLittle RussiaMan(Ukrainian), Red is love and courageGreat RussiaPeople (ethnic groupsRussian).Originally inspired by the Dutch flag[1], The three colors of this flagPan-slavic colorIt was officially decided at the Prague Slavic Congress 1848.

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