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🌏 | Ukraine's fate decided by battle in the east "Situation difficult" = Defense Ministry spokesman


Ukraine's fate decided by battle in the east "Situation difficult" = Defense Ministry spokesman

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Ukraine's fate is about to be determined on the Eastern Front. "

[Kiev (Kyiv) XNUMXth Reuters] – Ukrainian Ministry of Defense spokesman Motuyanik will take place in the east on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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Eastern Front

Eastern Front(Eastern Front) generally means the eastern battlefield when viewed from an area, but in many casesWorld War IandSecond World WarLed the war in both warsGermanyLocated in the east when viewed fromEastern EuropeRefers to the battlefield in the area.

Speaking of the current country namePoland,Hungary,Czech Republic,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,ウクライナ,Russia,Baltic statesEtc. correspond to this (World War IaboutEastern Front (World War I)checking).

On the contrary, it is located on the west sideFrance,Belgium, NetherlandsArea isWestern FrontCalled.

In World War I Germany won on the Eastern Front.

Germany defeated Poland in World War IISoviet UnionIn the early days, it was a battle with the Soviet Union.invasionAlthough I did1944/After that, he occupied the eastern part of his country.For more information on this battleGerman-Soviet battlechecking ...

In Russia, this battlefield in World War II is located on the west side of its own country, so it is called the "Western Front" (Западный Фронт), Sometimes calledEurope"Eastern Front" from the standpoint of an overview of the wholeВосточный Фронт) May be called.The terms are not fixed and are used according to the context.What is the Eastern Front for Russia if the former is adopted?War against JapanMeans

A battlefield called the Eastern Front in history

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