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🌏 | Angle: Korean women postpone childbirth due to egg freezing and excessive child-rearing costs


Angle: Korean women postpone childbirth due to egg freezing and excessive parenting costs

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Jun Jae-hoon, a professor of social security research at Seoul Women's University, calls for a change in this situation.

[Soul XNUMXth Reuters] – In South Korea, the number of women giving birth is decreasing, and even if they are willing to give birth, they will give birth ... → Continue reading


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    Professor of Social Security Research

    Seoul Women's University

    Seoul Women's University(Soul is good,English name: Seoul Women's University) IsSeoul Special City Nowon-gu Headquartered at Hwarang Road 621South Korea OfPrivate universities.1960/Was installed in.Abbreviation of universityIs Seoul Women's University (Soul Yode), SWU. ProtestantSystemWomen's University.


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