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🌏 | Monkeypox spread in Europe, more than 100 infected or emergency meeting on WHO 20th


Monkeypox spread in Europe, more than 100 infected or emergency meeting on WHO 20th

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Monkeypox has been reported for several weeks in the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, as well as in the United States, Canada and Australia.

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Monkeypox(Monkey,British: monkeypox) IsPoxvirus family(Orthopox virus) Monkeypox virus (Monkeypox virus) Caused by infectionZoonosis.. in JapanInfectious disease lawIt is designated as a type XNUMX infectious disease in Japan.


In 1958Polio vaccinePrimates from all over the world were collected for productionCopenhagenAt the research facilitySingaporeImported fromCynomolgus monkeyMore isolated[1].

It is named "monkeypox" from the above background, but as a result of genetic analysis, it is a natural host (pathogen foci,Reservoir) It is considered to be a rodent, and human-to-human transmission is rare in daily life.[2]Therefore, in the sense that the infection rarely spreads from there, humansDefinitive hostIt is considered to be in a position close to.

Infection to humans in 1970Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euFirst confirmed in, and eventually outbreaks from 11 countries[3]..Due to the enveloped virus, its resistance to disinfectants is relatively low.Central Africa and West Africa熱 帯 雨林Infectious rings are formed among rodents and monkeys.Contact infections and human-to-human transmissions have also been established, and in humansFeverAnd smallpox as the main symptomsmallpoxHowever, the symptoms are relatively mild and the infectivity is considered to be inferior to that of smallpox.Mortality rate in humans is about 1% to 10%[4]..In non-endemic areas of monkeysquarantineis important.vaccinationMay be effective in preventing monkeypox[5].

The monkeypox virus can be broadly divided into the Congo Basin.CladeThere are two types of genetic strains, (clade) and West African strains, and the Congo Basin strains have a higher mortality rate than the West African strains and are said to be more human-to-human infectious.[6].

Source of infection

The natural host is a reservoir.

Transmission route

Infections have been reported from virus-infected monkeys and rodent bites, as well as ingestion of their undercooked meat.[3]..In addition, droplet transmission and contact transmission from human to human are also one of the transmission routes.[3].


It is necessary to distinguish from diseases that cause a rash (smallpox, chickenpox, measles, allergies, etc.), and lymph node swelling peculiar to this disease (smallpox and chickenpox do not cause swelling).PCRCheck for the presence of the virus by inspection.


Incubation period is 7 to 21 days[3]..Symptoms include rash (which often occurs on the face and ends of the limbs and over time from blisters to pustules and crusts), fever, malaise, headache, myalgia, and lymphadenopathy.[3], Symptoms improve 2 to 4 weeks after onset.

As mentioned above, the mortality rate is said to be 1% to 10%.[3]In Nigeria, 2017 cases occurred and 2022 died between 558 and 8.[7].. No deaths in the 2003 United States epidemic[3].


Symptomatic treatment as there is no established treatment[3]..However, vaccination is said to be effective.[3].


In 2003The United States of AmericaImported from GhanaGiant pouched ratAn epidemic that seems to be caused by the disease occurred in 71 cases (2003 Midwest monkeypox outbreak)[3].. On November 2015, 6Fuji Television Network, Incof"A miracle experience!Was introduced in detail in[8].

2022 outbreak

Infection cases have been confirmed in Western countries in 2022[9]..British health officials confirmed nine monkeypox cases by May 5[9].

More than 2022 cases of infection and suspected infection confirmed across Europe on May 5, 20[10]..World Health Organization (WHO) holds an emergency meeting on the status of monkeypox infection[10].

June 2022, 6 The number of infected people in the world has exceeded 9.



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