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🌏 | Ceasefire in Ukraine, meaningless at the moment ─ Russian official = RIA


Ceasefire in Ukraine, meaningless at the moment-Russian official = RIA

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The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that it will stop fighting to evacuate civilians from the Azovstal ironworks in Mariupol, southeastern Ukraine, surrounded by the armed forces.

[Reuters] – Russia's UN Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations, Polyansky, said on the XNUMXth that a ceasefire in Ukraine is at this point ... → Continue reading


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Russian Defense Ministry

Russian Defense Ministry(Russia Kokubosho,Russian: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Abbreviation:Ministry of Defence,MO,English: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation) IsRussian FederationThe government office that controls national defense and military.Russian Federation ArmyTo be under the umbrella.


  • Defense Minister

Defense Minister's Secretariat

  • Directorate General of International Military Cooperation
  • General Affairs Bureau
  • Information and Social Relations Bureau
  • Board of Audit

First Secretary of DefenseAdministrative department

  • Directorate General of Combat Training and Unit Service of the Russian Armed Forces
  • Military Inspector General
  • Air Corps Flight Safety Bureau
  • Russian Federation Military Band

Russian Federation Staff Staff: Chief of Staff / First Defense Secretary

Secretary / Under Secretary of DefenseAdministrative department

  • Directorate General of Personnel
  • Directorate General of Education
  • National Academy of Civil Service
  • Legislative and Enforcement Power Organization Cooperation Bureau

Russian Armed Forces Weapons Department: Weapons Director / Under Secretary of Defense

Rear of the Russian Armed Forces: Rear Director / Under Secretary of Defense

  • Rear Director
  • Directorate General of Army Surgeons
  • Railroad unit

Central agency

  • Military News Office
  • Automobile and Road Bureau
  • Rocket Fuel and Combustibles Bureau
  • Food Bureau
  • Goods Bureau
  • Department of Ecological Safety
  • Unified back ordering and delivery center

Building / Construction Agency

  • Secretariat of the Building and Construction Agency
  • Official residence and administration general bureau
  • Directorate General of Foundation Construction Organization and Planning
  • Housing Program Realization Bureau

Economic and Finance Agency

  • Directorate General of Accounting and Economy
  • Civilian Labor and Salary Bureau

Each military division

Direct control

  • (Army unit 83420)

Youth organization

In 2015Young ArmyWas announced and launched in 2016. More than 8 boys and girls aged 18 to 20 are participating, and the patriotism of the younger generation is promoted through military events and other events.Recharge(KanyoAnd at the same timePutinIt has been pointed out that the aim is to stabilize the government.[1].

Successive Defense Ministers

The defense ministerial post during the Soviet era was an exclusive sanctuary for military personnel, but with the inauguration of Sergei Ivanov in 2001, civilians (Reserve roleThe Minister of Defense (military personnel) was born.

AlgebraPortraitNameCabinetTerm of officeRemarks
FirstEvstafiev-pavel-grachev-1994w.jpgPavel GrachevBoris Yeltsin
Yegor Gaidar
Victor Chernomilzin
1992/5/18 - 1996/6/18Colonel General.Airborne troopsI'm from
(Acting)Replace this image JA.svgVictor Chernomilzin1996/6/18 - 1996/7/17Colonel General.armywhere one is from.Chief of Staff of the Army.
2IN Rodionov 03.jpgIgor RodionovVictor Chernomilzin1996/7/17 - 1997/5/23Colonel General.armyI'm from
3ID-Sergeyev-01.jpgIgor SergeyevVictor ChernomilzinCabinet
Sergey KirienkoCabinet
Evgeny PrimakovCabinet
Sergei StepashinCabinet
1thVladimir PutinCabinet
Mikhail KasyanovCabinet
1997/5/23 - 2001/3/28Marshal of the Russian Federation.Strategic Missile ForceI'm from
4SergeiIvanov.jpgSergey IvanovMikhail KasyanovCabinet
The 1st Mikhail Fradkov Cabinet
The 2st Mikhail Fradkov Cabinet
2001/3/28 - 2007/2/15Reserve general.KGBI'm from
5Anatoliy Serdyukov.jpgAnatoly SerdyukovThe 2st Mikhail Fradkov Cabinet
Viktor Zubkov Cabinet
Second Vladimir Putin Cabinet
2007/2/15 - 2012/11/6civilian.Born in a tax institution.
6Sergey Shoigu 2013.jpgSergey ShoigDmitry Medvedev Cabinet2012/11/6 -Former emergency phase.Colonel General.

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Paramilitary organization not under the jurisdiction of the Russian Ministry of Defense


  1. ^ [Putin ruled Russian presidential election] Patriotic youth army / 20 members to stabilize the administration "Yomiuri Shimbun』Morning edition March 2018, 3 (international side)

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