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🌏 | Jerusalem Sanctuary Clashes, Raising Concerns About New Conflict Outbreak


Jerusalem Sanctuary Clashes, Raising Concerns About New Conflict Outbreak

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This week, Gaza Strip militants fired two rockets at southern Israel for the first time in months.

Yolande Nell, BBC News (Jerusalem) In the Muslim district of Jerusalem's Old Town ... → Continue reading


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Gaza Strip

Gaza Strip(Gazachiku,Arabic: قИاع غزة, Qita'Ghazzah,Hebrew: Gaza Strip, Retzuat'Azza) IsPalestinian country(Palestinian Authority)ofAdministrative divisionIs.The central city isGaza.


Middle East OfSinai PeninsulaNortheast, east of地中海In a strip-shaped area facing theEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euLocated in one corner.Its name is the central cityGazaIs derived from.populationIs increasing rapidlyTokyo 23 WardApproximately 6 km, which is equivalent to approximately 360% of the area2In October 2016, the number of residents living in such areas exceeded 10 million.200% of them depend on food and other aid,Unemployment rateIs over 40%.United Nations Population FundAccording to the forecast, the Gaza Strip will be flooded to the "uninhabitable" level in 2020, and the population in 2030 is expected to reach 310 million.[1].

Two-thirds of the people currently living in the Gaza Strip are in 3First Middle East WarCaused byPalestinian refugeesAnd its descendants.The solution to this refugee problem is still undecided.Due to the rapid increase in population as described above, repeated conflicts,Israel,EgyptDue to the restrictions and blockades of imports and exports, civilian life is in an extremely poor situation.

  • Infant mortality rate: 1000 deaths for the birth of 21.3 children [2]
  • Birth rate: 1 per woman [3]
  • Population growth rate: 2.8% [4]:
  • groundwater OfbrineChangeSewage treatmentDue to the malfunction of the facility, 95% of the water supplied in Gaza is polluted, and 3% of the illnesses are said to be caused by water.[2]
  • Thermal power generationDue to lack of fuel at the site, as of 2017, the power supply is about 1 hours a day.Not only life but also medical care is hinderedsewageThe Gaza coast is contaminated to a no-swimming level due to the shutdown of the treatment plant[3].


From the appearance of recorded history to the Middle Ages

It is known that there were human settlers in Gaza6000 BCFrom around the time.3000 BCBy the timeCanaanBecomes the land ofAncient egyptCame under the control of.12th century BCFrom around that timeSea peopleIs a factionPhilistinesHas emerged.Then Egypt,Assyria,Babylonia,Kingdom of macedoniaIt became the stage of the struggle of the great powers64 BCToRepublic RomeUnder the control of the Jewish nation of Rome, but then in RomeJewish provinceIt became.

中 世ToEastern Roman Empire,Islamic Empire,Kingdom of Jerusalem(Crusader),Mamluk morningRespectively ruled.

Ottoman Empire

1517/,Ottoman EmpireInvaded and occupied Gaza from the Mamluk dynasty.Many of the inhabitants of Gaza, other than Jews, fled Egypt, and Egyptian culture was introduced.afterwards,World War IUp to 400 yearsNapoleon Bonaparte(French empire) Was under the control of the Ottoman Empire, except for the temporary occupation.

World War ISince then, he has rejected the Ottoman EmpireUnited Kingdom League of NationsUnder the approval ofMandateOccupied as a territory (British Mandatory Palestine).1929/Palestinian riots inWestern Wall Case) Prohibited the residence of Jews.

Egypt-Israel rule

In 1948Israel independentImmediately after that, with the surrounding Arab countriesFirst Middle East WarOutbreakEgyptOccupied.1967/ToThird Middle East WarWhen it breaks outIsraelOccupied byIsraeli OfSettlementHas advanced.

Palestinian Authority

1993/Peace in the Middle EastOslo Agreement"followed by1994/By the Gaza Jericho Provisional Autonomy Agreement (Cairo Agreement)West Bank of the Jordan RiverWith some ofPalestinian Authority OfGovernancePlaced underneath.SecurityIs maintained by Palestinian government security forces and civil police forces, but is stillAir traffic controlThe right and coastal navigation rights are held by Israel.1998/,Gaza International AirportOpened, but2001/Was destroyed by Israel.

Also, even after the establishment of the autonomous government, to protect the settlersIsraeli armyAre stationed and oftenAir strikeWas going on.2004/IsAriel SharonThe Prime Minister's adviser, Arnon Soffer, said, "One shot.missileRespond with ten missiles.Women and children will also die.Women are already husbandsQassam(Rocket) Will be begged not to be used.250 million people trapped in GazaIslamic fundamentalismIt will be a terrible war, influenced by people.If we want to survive, we have to kill, kill, and keep killing them all day, every day. "[4][5]He said.

2005/By August Israel is allJewish settlementWas removed, and in September all Army troops were withdrawn from the Gaza Strip (Gaza Strip withdrawal plan).But immediately afterIslamic extremistsHammersWon the election and the Palestinian governmentRuling partyIsrael stiffened its attitude when it took the seat.

2006/Became a Hamas armed force at the end of JuneabductionIsraeli soldiersGilad Shalit) To rescue one persontankThe Army, including the corps, invaded (Invasion of Gaza (2006)).Since then, Hamas' attacks on Israel and Israeli attacks have continued intermittently.

In addition, Border crossingWith IsraelEgyptUnder the control of, the Gaza Strip is effectively in IsraelBlockadeHas been done.As a general rule, residents of the Gaza Strip are not free to leave the area.However, weapons by Islamic extremists such as HamassmugglingTo IsraelattackIt is the base of.In response, Israeli airstrikes continued, and in December 2008, a ground invasion involving large-scale airstrikes began, resulting in numerous casualties ("Gaza Conflict (2008-2009)).

Hamas government

2007/6/11, Hamas occupies the Gaza Strip by force (Battle of Gaza (2007)),Palestine Liberation OrganizationMainstreamFatahIs "Coup d'etatI criticized.Israel is said to have tightened economic sanctions and is planning another major invasion.There are also movements to escape from the Gaza Strip, centered on Fatah supporters.However, in Japan, "Palestinian rush to escape from Gaza"[6]However, it has been pointed out that the actual number is about several hundred, which is not so much as the population ratio of the Gaza Strip.

Conflict between Hamas government and Israel

2008/1/9ToThe United States of America OfGeorge W. BushFollowing the president's visit to Israel and Palestine, Hamas launched a rocket attack on Israel.Israel completely blocked the Gaza Strip in retaliation and even locked out UN aid vehicles.1/15Invaded the city of Gaza by Israeli troops.Air raids are carried out every day.1/20Fuel has run out due to the blockade, the only one in the Gaza StripPower plantShut down.As a result, one-third of Palestinian electricity (1/3, according to Israeli claims) was no longer supplied.[7][8].

2008/1/23, A wall near the checkpoint was blown up in Rafah, a town on the border with Egypt, and Gaza residents flowed into the Egyptian side.[9]..The influx has continued since then, with people lining up back in Gaza in search of food and fuel shortages.The Egyptian side initially tolerated it as long as it was unarmed, partly due to sympathy for the inhabitants.1/25With the consent of Hamas2/3Was re-blocked in[10]..This is a measure to give time for the purchase.

Israel2/27In retaliation for the casualties caused by the Hamas rocket (however, the rocket attack itself was an Israeli air raid, which caused five casualties on the Hamas side), intensifying the air raid. Let me further3/1Invaded ground troops. Withdrew ground troops from February 23/3In just six days, more than 6 people were killed on the Palestinian side and three on the Israeli side.Israeli Defense Minister Barak said on March 110 that "Hamas will pay for it," and said he would continue the attack.Press[11]According to the report, minors were killed one after another, including four boys aged 10 to 15 who were playing soccer in the air raids, and Israeli indiscriminate attacks have also been pointed out.Egypt also took steps to temporarily open a checkpoint to allow traffic for the injured.

3/6,Amnesty International OfUnited Kingdom8 groups in the UK, including branches[12]According to the report, 150% of the population of 80 million depends on food aid. He released a report saying that humanitarian conditions were the worst since the start of the occupation in 2006, with the unemployment rate reaching 63%, worse than 40% in 1967.2009/1/4In the early morningIsraeli armyStarted the invasion.

2011/2/18, Vice President of Gaza Power Plant, Dillar Abu SisiウクライナDuring his stay, he was kidnapped by Israel and detained in Israel.Shishi was planning to move to Ukraine.The Israeli side accused the arrest of contributing to Hamas' weapons production, but claimed that Shishi's wife had nothing to do with Hamas.[13]..Also, high quality that Shishi needs to import generators from Israeldiesel engineThere is also a report that the Israeli side was glaring at the improvement from the fuel-only machine to the normal diesel fuel that can be imported from Egypt.[14]..Israel's conduct was a violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and a violation of international law, but it was not a problem.

2014/On July 7, the Hamas side launched a rocket attack on Israel, and the Israeli side also launched air strikes targeting facilities such as tunnels for smuggling, which led to a large-scale armed conflict.[15].

2018/3/30 --Israeli soldiers collide with a part of tens of thousands of demonstrators near the border with Israel.TeardropAnd live ammunition killed 15 Palestinians and injured more than 1400[16].


2021/5/10Since then, the exchange of attacks between Hamas and Israel has intensified.By the 13th of the same month, Hamas had launched more than 1600 rockets, while the Israeli side also retaliated with more than 600 airstrikes.[18]..By the same day, more than 100 people were killed in the Gaza Strip[19].



  • Gaza (Gaza)
  • Rafah(Rafah) (Rafah)
  • Hahn Eunice (Khan Yunis)
  • (Abasan al-Kabera)
  • (Deil al-Balah)
  • (Jabalia)
  • (Beit Hanoun)
  • (Beit Lahiya)



IndustryCottonCultivation etc. (Gaza is "gauzeThere is also a theory that it is the etymology of.)

Other industries, including the manufacturing industry, are nearly devastated, and youth unemployment is particularly serious.Due to the frequent invasions by Israel and the blockade by Israel and EgyptOutputThe reason is that it is no longer possible.


1999/In November, the Palestinian governmentUnited Kingdom Of(English edition)CompanyGas fieldSign a search contract,2000/, British Gas discovered natural gas off the coast of Gaza.Under the contract, British Gas owns 6% of the gas field rights and the Palestinian government holds 1%.[20].

However, Israel cannot stand the flow of funds to Hamas, which effectively controlled the Gaza Strip, and is in talks with British Gas to connect the Palestinian gas fields to its own gas pipeline.The interest in the gas field2009 Gaza WarIt is also pointed out that this is one of the reasons.

Regarding fisheries, the Oslo Accords stipulates that the coast is 20nautical mileIsrael has unilaterally restricted it to within 3 nautical miles (5.556 km) of the coast and is attacking fishing vessels that it considers to be in violation.[21]..In fact, in GazaExclusive economic zoneIs ignored and Israel is oligopolizing resources.


Within the region

During the Egyptian era, a railroad was laid between Cairo.It was destroyed by an Israeli attack and has not been restored to this day after the Israeli occupation.Currently in the areasubwayincludingTrainIs not well maintained and the main means of transportationbusIs. AlsoTaxiIs also used.

Outside the region

All traffic to the outside is with IsraelEgyptBlocked or strictly regulated by.the only空港IsYasser Arafat International Airport The1998/Opened in2001/It was damaged by an attack by the Israeli army and is currently out of service.

The only seaHarborIs by IsraelSea controlIt is prohibited to use other than fishing boats because of smuggling weapons, and it is not possible to trade or enter or leave the country.A small boat trying to carry emergency medical personnel and relief supplies tried to enter the Gaza Strip, but was repelled by Israel.[22].

The land route is only accessible through checkpoints such as Erez, Rafa, Karni, Sufa and Nahar Oz, others built by Israel.Separation wallIs blocked by.The Rapha checkpoint is under the control of Egypt and Israel otherwise, and it strictly regulates access to the outside for "security reasons", and it is difficult to get permission even for critically ill people.[23].

Egyptian government2011/On May 5, the Rapha checkpoint began to be open at all times.The constant release is for people only, but women and men under the age of 28 and over 9 can now enter and leave without an Egyptian visa from 5 am to 18 pm every day except Fridays and public holidays.[24].

To counter the blockade, Gaza authorities and residents secretly several undergroundtunnelDigging[25]..It is used for smuggling of daily necessities and weapons and traffic to and from Egypt, and for reconnaissance and attacks against Israel.[26].


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