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🌏 | Boxing = Former Champion Tyson hits passengers due to trouble in the plane


Boxing = Former Champion Tyson beats passengers due to trouble in the plane

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The San Francisco Police Department announced that it had released two people after hearing the matter.

[Reuters] – Former boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson flies at San Francisco Airport ... → Continue reading


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San Francisco City Police

San Francisco City Police(San Francisco Shikeisatsu,English: San Francisco Police Department, SFPD) IsThe United States of AmericaCaliforniaSan Francisco cityHeadquartered inUnited States policeIs.The same placeCity countySince the system is adopted, the city police will be the city / county police, which have the same jurisdiction as the city and the county.


The San Francisco Police Department is headquartered in San Francisco, California.An independent law enforcement agency(English editionIs in charge of the execution of warrants, while the city police are in charge of general police operations.The San Francisco Police Department estimates the San Francisco Sheriff's Office and the San Francisco Fire Department together at 120 million, the second most densely populated population in North America, including daytime commuter population, travelers and tourists.It is the 2th largest police organization in the country.The motto is Gold in peace, iron in war.


The San Francisco Police Department was born in 1849 in San Francisco, California as a police organization.


Police department

A department that provides various support to the San Francisco Police Department. It is divided into 7 departments.

  • Behavioral Science Institute
  • Accounts Division
  • Planning Division
  • Risk Management Division
  • Human Resources Department
  • Support section
  • Training and Education Division

Airport Department

Established on April 1997, 7.San Francisco International Airport Ofsecurity(There is no "San Francisco International Airport Police").

Regional Department

Prevent crime around the city.

  • Guards
  • Fugitive Pursuit Corps
  • Homeland Security Corps
  • Youth Service Corps
  • Transportation section

Criminal department

  • Forensic Division
  • Economic Investigation Division
  • Case Investigation Division
  • Boys section
  • The drug section

Executive unit

SWAT, Honda motorcycle unit, anti-gang unit, VIPGuardIt is a unit that includes units and is also a special unit of SFPD.


Chief of Police
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Assistant chief
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Deputy chief
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Captain insignia gold.svg

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