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🌏 | Next week's China-Russia summit meeting, exchange of opinions on European security = Presidential Palace of Russia


Next week's China-Russia summit meeting, exchange of views on European security = Presidential Palace of Russia

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President Putin will attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 2.

[Moscow XNUMXth Reuters] – Russian Presidential Administration plans to visit China next week by President Putin on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading


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2022 Beijing Olympics

2022 Beijing Olympics(2022 Beijing Olympics,Simplified Chinese: Twenty-fourth notification Winter Olympics Okubayashi Olympic Games) Is2022/May 2からMay 2Up to 17 days,People's Republic of China Of北京市andHebei ProvinceZhangjiakou CityWas held as a venueOlympic Winter Games.. In general,Beijing Olympics in the summer of 2008Distinct fromBeijing Winter OlympicsIs calledBeijing Winter OlympicsIs abbreviated.

2015/ToMalaysia OfKuala LumpurOpened in128th IOC General AssemblySo, the host city was decided to be Beijing[1][2].. This allows2018 Pyeongchang Olympics(Korea),2020 Tokyo OlympicsFollowing (Japan), 3 consecutive tournamentsEast AsiaIt will be held at.Beijing is also the host city for the first ever summer-winter Olympics.[Note 1]It became.AsiaThen.1972 Sapporo Tournament,1998 Nagano Winter Games,2018 Pyeongchang GamesThis is the fourth time following the Olympic Games in China and the first Winter Olympic Games in China.

Among the cities hosting the Winter Olympics in the past, it has the largest population, far exceeding Sapporo City (about 100 million people at the time of the event).Held in the capital1984 Sarajevo GamesIt has been 38 years since then.

Process until the venue is decided

  • 2012/
    • May 10: The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has sent the itinerary for the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics to the national Olympic Committees (NOCs).
  • 2013/
    • May 6: As soon as the IOC starts accepting applications for candidacy, the IOC will send a letter of inquiry to the candidate city.[3].
    • May 11: The deadline for applying for candidacy is closed, and the IOC will announce it on the 15th of the following day.Almaty,Beijing,Krakow,Lviv,Oslo,StockholmAnnounced that it has accepted candidacy applications from 6 cities.
    • May 12 - May 12: There is an IOC headquartersSwitzerland OfLausanneThen, a seminar for the application city will be held.
  • 2014/
    • May 3: Deadline for submission of application file by application city.The application file is a document that outlines the holding plan in the form of answering a questionnaire from the IOC.[4].
    • May 7: The cities that passed the first selection by the IOC were announced, and all three cities, Oslo, Almaty, and Beijing, which had not announced their withdrawal after the candidacy, passed, and no cities were rejected.[5].
  • 2015/
    • 1: Deadline for submitting candidacy files by candidacy cities that have passed the first screening.The candidacy file is a document that describes the detailed holding plan.
    • 2 - 3: The IOC Evaluation Committee will visit each candidate city.
    • 5 - 6: The evaluation committee publishes the evaluation report of each candidate city.
    • May 7: The venue was decided to be Beijing at the 128th IOC Session held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.First, presentations will be given by each candidate city, and then the city that received the majority of votes by the IOC committee will be decided as the venue.National committee members and IOC presidents with candidacy cities cannot participate in the vote.

Voting result

2022 Winter Olympics voting results
北京市Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku44
AlmatyKazakhstan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu40

There is one abstention vote.The total number of votes is 1.

Impact of new coronavirus infection

Global pandemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)Was scheduled for the summer of 2020Tokyo Games2021 due to the postponement of the event in the summer of 1992Albertville TournamentSince then, for the first time in 30 years, the Olympic Summer Games and Winter Games will be held in quick succession within 6 months.It is also the first time in history that two Olympics were held in the same year.[6].

International Olympic CommitteeThe General Manager of the (IOC)No audienceSuggested the possibility of holding[7].. On September 2021, 9, the IOC announced that it would abandon foreign spectators and accept only domestic spectators.Tickets for watching games were not sold, but the Games Organizing Committee emphasized that the construction of the venue was proceeding smoothly.[8][9][10][11]..Eventually, the Organizing Committee stopped selling general tickets and allocated tickets to designated state-owned enterprises.

Participating countries/regions

RussiaSo what happened in 2019dopingReceived exclusion due to the problem of falsification of inspection dataRussian Olympic CommitteeParticipated as an individual qualification as (ROC)[12].

In addition, north koreaHeld in 2021Tokyo OlympicsDue to suspension of qualification due to non-participation, it is virtually impossible to participate as a country.[13]Officially announced on January 2022, 1 that they will not participate in this tournament, including personal qualifications.[14].

Countries / regions participating in the 2022 Beijing Olympics (IOC codeorder)
Countries / regions that participated in the previous competition but did not participate in this competitionCountries / regions that did not participate in the previous competition but will participate in this competition

Competition and schedule

7 events of 109 competitions were carried out. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of medal events that are contested in each competition.

OpenOpening ceremonyEvent qualifying1Event finalEGExhibitionClosedClosing session
March 20222
Olympic Rings Icon.svg ceremonyOpenClosedN/A
Alpine skiing pictogram.svg Alpine skiing211111111111
Biathlon pictogram.svg Biathlon11111211211
Bobsleigh pictogram.svg Bobsled11114
Cross country skiing pictogram.svg Cross country skiing112111121112
Curling pictogram.svg curling1113
Figure skating pictogram.svg Figure skating11111EG5
Freestyle skiing pictogram.svg Freestyle skiing1111111212113
Ice hockey pictogram.svg Ice hockey112
Luge pictogram.svg Luge11114
Nordic combined pictogram.svg Nordic compound1113
Short track speed skating pictogram.svg Short track speed skating1211229
Skeleton pictogram.svg skeleton112
Ski jumping pictogram.svg Ski jump111115
Snowboarding pictogram.svg ノ ノ ー ボ ー1121211211
Speed ​​skating pictogram.svg speed skate11111111211214
Total number of confirmed medals by day00066910687674986575109
Cumulative medal confirmation total000612213137455258656978869297104109
March 20222
Grand total

Competition venue

Beijing zone

Chaoyang District, Beijing

Haiding district, Beijing

Shijingshan District, Beijing

Enkyo Zone

Yanqing District, Beijing

Zhangjiakou Zone

Northwest suburbs of BeijingHebei ProvinceZhangjiakou CityChongli DistrictTaishi Castle VillageAnd nearby, mainly from BeijingHigh speed train-Beijing-Zhangjia Intercity Railway (Chongli Branch Line)I will move there, but I will also put the Olympic Village there.

Zhangjiakou City

Tournament mascot, etc.

Tournament mascot

The tournament mascot is a giant pandaBindundun(British: Bing Dwen Dwen,Simple: Bingdun Dun[15].

Olympic emblem

The tournament emblem is the Chinese character "winter" (Winter:), And is named "Winter Dream".Winter dreams express the appearance of skiers and skaters with stretchy lines such as red, blue, and light blue.In addition, it also incorporates a dynamic calligraphy technique, which means a fusion of deep oriental culture and modern times.


The slogan in the city selection is "Encounter of Joy on Snow and Ice" (Chinese: A sensible snow, a passionate pledge). On September 2021, 9, the slogan of the Olympic Games was "Together with the future!" (Chinese: One-way future! Yī qǐ xiàng wèi lái!) Was announced[16]..The theme song of the tournament of the same name, "Together to the Future" (one-way future)ChisekiWith version byWilliam Chan(English editionProduced in version by[17].

Theme song

ハ イ ラ イ ト

Opening ceremony

Number of medals won by country / region

Closing session

The closing ceremony is the same as the opening ceremonyZhang technicianIt was held at the National Stadium on February 2th under the general supervision.The Olympic flagChen JiningIt was handed over from the Mayor of Beijing to the President of the IOC Bach and to the Mayor of Milan on behalf of the next host city.

TV broadcast


Worldwide Olympic Partner

2020 Tokyo OlympicsOlympic Worldwide Partners continued to sponsor the Games.In addition, we have an insurance business in Germany.AllianzHas entered.

Other sponsor companies

2022 Beijing Olympic Games Sponsor[23]
Official partner
Official sponsor
Official Executive Supplier
Official supplier

Concerns and controversies

Less snowfall

At the outdoor venue presented at the bid stage, some critics questioned Beijing's candidacy for the venue because winter snowfall could not be expected to be sufficient for snow sports.There is concern that depending on the circumstances of the environment, it may be necessary to transport the snow to the venue at a large cost.[32][33].

Environment issues

The environmental impact of hosting competitions around Beijing has also been questioned.Some of the presented venues and some are adjacent to part of the mountain range, due to the construction of the venue, such as covering a part of the snowy mountain with artificial objects.Nature reserveEnvironmental impact on is uncertain[34][35]..In response to these concerns, the Chinese government has adjusted the designated area of ​​the reserve so that the competition venue is located outside the reserve.[36][37]. AlsoGlobal energy crisisThere is also increasing pressure on China, which is about to host the Winter Olympics.[38][39]..Al Jazeera reported that "China's energy crisis has, in part, sought to host the Beijing Winter Olympics under the'blue sky'in February.Xi JinpingMr. Xi is the president of the Chinese economy, even though he is self-employed.DecarbonizationIt is in the form of "showing to the international community that we are seriously working on[40].

Alleged plagiarism

Shortly after the announcement of the host city of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the official song used by some music critics during the bid for the Beijing Games is also Disney's animated musical film.FrozenThe theme song ofLet it goClaimed to sound very similar to[41][42].


It was the first Olympic Games held in China2008 Beijing OlympicsBut as was the case, even at this tournament, where China will be the host countryboycottThere is a movement to call. 2019(English editionLeak, from 2019 to 2020Hong Kong democratization demonstration,ChineseWar wolf diplomacy,Uighur mass slaughterCalls for a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics[43][44][45][46][47].. In a letter dated July 2020, 7World Uyghur CongressUrged the IOC to reconsider hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing because of the Uighur massacre[48][49].. October 2020, in the United States(English editionSenator is from the IOC(English editionMeeting with the Vice President (at that time) to hold the 2022 Winter OlympicsXi JinpingGeneral Secretary of the Communist Party of ChinaHe urged him to reconsider the IOC's decision to hold under his administration.In response, Senator Scott also expressed disappointment when the IOC refused to change the venue outside of China.[50].. October 2020, United KingdomDominic RaabForeign Minister also suggested that Britain could boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics[51].

AustraliaChina's trade sanctions and economics againstIntimidatingExercise[52][53]Has resulted in an increase in boycott calls for the 2022 Beijing Olympics in Australia.[54].. November 2020, Australia(English editionWith the Senator(English editionThe Senator formally submitted a boycott resolution, which was subsequently rejected.[54]..Some human rights groups are diplomatic boycotts, that is, governments are their own.Head of stateAnd government officials are not dispatched to the Beijing Olympics, while demanding that athletes be dispatched.[55].Canadian ParliamentThirteen members of the Diet signed a letter calling for the host country of the Games to be changed to something other than China.The leaders of three parties in the country have even said they support the change of venue, and one leader even said he would support the change of venue to Canada.[56][57].. In February 2021, six more Republican U.S. senators called for a change in venue.[58]. NetherlandsOf parliament(English edition"The Olympics must also be stripped from China because of the Uighur mass slaughter," a lawmaker said.[59].. March 2021, American alpine skierMikaela ShiffrinAlso said, "You don't have to choose between" between your morals and your work because of the human rights issues raised over the Beijing Olympics.[60].. October 2021, in the United States(English editionRecommended that U.S. officials boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics if the Chinese government's crackdown on religious freedom continues.[61].. In response to thisMitt RomneySenator (Mr. Romney2002 Salt Lake City OlympicsHe was the CEO of the Games Organizing Committee. )WhenTim KaineSenators have added a revision to the larger Chinese bill calling for a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will allow American athletes to participate, while U.S. government officials will not attend.[62].. October 2021, in the United StatesNancy PelosiSpeaker of the House also called for a diplomatic boycott[63].. America'sDonald TrumpThe former president said a full boycott would be "unfair to the players"[64].

February 2021, Chinese state mediaRing and ball newsChina warned that it could "impose strong sanctions on boycotted nations," according to the report.[65][66].. March 2021, China(Chinese versionA spokesman said any attempt to boycott the Beijing Olympics was destined to fail.[67]..Also in ChinaWang YiForeign Minister is also EUJosep BorrellEU officials should attend the Beijing Olympics to "expand winter sports exchanges" and "cultivate new attractions" in mutual cooperation with China, to the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy.[59].

The IOC remains neutral on political issues around the world, stating that the IOC's ruling on hosting the Olympics does not endorse the political structure, social conditions and human rights standards within the host country. There is. "We have repeatedly said that the IOC is not responsible to the government. The IOC only gives the rights and opportunities to host the Olympic Games," the IOC told AFP. We do not agree with all of the country's political, social and human rights issues, nor do we admit any infringement of the human rights of individuals or people. "There have been criticisms of the IOC's position, and it has been criticized.(English editionHe also promotes equality and anti-discrimination by the IOC itselfOlympic charterConveniently disregards the IOC and accuses the IOC of hypocrisy as showing "inappropriate tendencies by turning away from human rights atrocities to ensure that the Olympics continue."[59].

According to a survey conducted in August 2021, 8% of Americans believe that "China's human rights record does not allow the 49 Winter Olympics to be held in the country," and 2022% said "( I don't know if it can be held) "[68].

September 2021, 9, the IOC2020 Tokyo OlympicsDid not participate inNorth Korea Olympic CommitteeThe IOC will send a message to countries considering the Beijing Olympics boycott that if they choose a boycott similar to North Korea, they will be banned from participating in future Olympic Games. I called for speculation that I might have intended to send it.[69][70].

October 2021, 10, IOCJohn CoatesThe Vice-President said the IOC was not willing to challenge the Chinese government, saying it was "out of the IOC's authority" on the Uighur issue.[71].

August 2021, 11,リトアニアCorresponds to the DietSeimus17 lawmakers have issued an official letter recommending Lithuania to withdraw from participation in the 2022 Beijing Olympics because of human rights abuses in China.[72].(English edition Of(English editionThe president issued a statement that the Olympic Games must be politically neutral, confirming that the Commission has no plans to boycott the Beijing Olympics.[73][74].

On November 2021, 11, Chinese media reported that China had no plans to invite Western politicians to the tournament, threatening to diplomatically boycott the Beijing Winter Olympics.[75].

On December 2021, 12, Lithuania announced that it would boycott the Beijing Olympics diplomatically.[76]..Lithuania is the first to officially announce the diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

December 2021, 12, White House, USAJen PsakiThe spokesmanBidenThe administration has announced that it will begin a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.This diplomatic boycott prohibits all US government officials from attending the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics in an official position.The White House cites abuse of Chinese Uighurs as a reason for boycotts[77]..Diplomatic boycotts do not affect the participation of American players."It's unfair to punish athletes who have been training for years," the White House said, saying it was stopped short of a full boycott.[78]..In response to this US decision, the IOC said, "Attendance of government and diplomatic officials is purely a political decision of each government, and the politically neutral IOC fully respects that decision. , This announcement also makes it clear that the Olympic Games and the participation of athletes will take place beyond the political sphere, and we welcome this. "[79]..New Zealand also announced that it will not send diplomatic officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics.He explained that the reason for the decision was due to "various factors" including measures against the new coronavirus.[80].

On December 2021, 12, four more countries officially announced a boycott.Australia also announces a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics to send a message to BeijingUnited Nations Of(English editionAlso announced that it refuses to sign[81]..Australian media reported that the 2022 Beijing Olympics are more of a celebration of crimes against humanity than a "celebration of mankind."[82]..Britain also announced diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics[83]..For the UKElizabeth IIEldest daughter ofIOC committeeandBritish Olympic CommitteeServe as presidentPrincess AnneIt has not been revealed whether or not to ban attendance at the tournament.[84]..On the same day, Canada also announced that it would boycott the Beijing Olympics diplomatically.[85]..Kosovo also followed the movement of diplomatic boycotts in these countries.[86].

On December 2021, 12, the IOC was chaired by Bach and key players.International FederationThe Olympic Summit, which gathered the leaders of the sports world, was held online, and a joint declaration was put together that "we firmly oppose the politicization of the Olympics and sports."The Declaration emphasized the need for political neutrality in the IOC, the Olympics, and the entire Olympic movement.The meeting was also attended by the presidents of the Olympic Committees of China, Russia and the United States.[87].

On December 2021, 12, it was decided not to dispatch government officials such as ministers and senior government officials because of "comprehensive consideration".[88].. In addition,JOC OfYasuhiro YamashitaSeiko Hashimoto, the chairman and member of the House of Councilors and the chairman of the Tokyo Organizing Committee, will be dispatched.Although it is a de facto "diplomatic boycott", it does not fall under the "diplomatic boycott" because it also indicated its intention not to use the name.[89]..The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China also expressed "welcome".

August 2022, 2,2020 Sino-Indian Border Disputeparticipated inChinese armySoldierTorch relayBecause it was discovered that he was a runner ofIndiaAlso announced a diplomatic boycott with China[90].

Meanwhile, a total of 25 countries, including Russia, the UAE and Singapore, have announced their attendance.[91]..France has announced that it will attend the boycott as "less effective" and has sent a sports minister to the Games, but the opening ceremony is expected to be absent.[92]..Germany has also announced that Prime Minister Schortz will not attend the opening ceremony.Other countries, such as New Zealand and Switzerland, have announced they will not participate because of concerns about the new coronavirus infection.[93][94], Only 32 countries attended the opening ceremony[95].

Diplomatic boycott expressing country

A diplomatic boycott means not having each government representative attend the Beijing Winter Olympics for political reasons.[96]..Representatives from those countries may participate in the tournament as long as there is no transition to a full boycott.

The countries that have decided on diplomatic boycotts are: (Not including the de facto boycott)

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremonyChinese minorityThere is a scene where the representatives ofChimachogoriWearingKoreanDue to the appearance of a girl representing the country, Korean politics and the private sector said, "By China.Cultural appropriationI protested.On the other hand, the Chinese sideHanbokIs in ChinaNational costumeHowever, he explained that the protest by the South Korean side was inappropriate.[106][107]..Also, the final runner of the opening ceremonyUighur OfGinigel IramjanSeems to be aimed at refuting Western criticisms of human rights abuses against ethnic minorities in China.[108].


2 month 7 dayShort track speed skatingThe Korean player who overtook the Chinese player in the men's 1000-meter qualifying match was disqualified and could not advance to the final, so public opinion on the Korean side rebelled violently.[109][106]..Also, on November 2rdNordic skiing・ In a mixed team match of jumping, JapanSara TakanashiIt was controversial that 4 players from the 5 teams were disqualified after being disqualified due to unannounced inspections that violated the suit regulations.[110].

Regarding these "judgments of suspicion", the "Chinese Sontaku theory" was raised in part.[111]..The content is to make an arbitrary decision to win China or to despise a country that has not dispatched dignitaries from the government.However, South Korea and ROC (Russia), who were disqualified from short track skating, have stated that they will attend the opening ceremony, while Slovenia, which won the Nordic Ski Jumping mixed team, has been with China over relations with Taiwan. Conflicting countries[112]Etc.There is no logical consistency[Source required].

マ ス コ ッ ト

The mascot Bindundun became very popular in China, but on February 2th.China Central TelevisionDuring a live broadcast between a reporter and a Chinese national team player,costumeSuddenly uttered a word in a low male voice and broadcast a scene in which a male appeared.In response, many criticisms were received on the Chinese Internet, saying that they were "disillusioned."Then the mascotDesigner"Because the official mascot of the Olympics has a provision of'gender neutral', there is no gender in Bindung Doun," and the tournament management side also commented, "It is a fake to speak."[113][114][115].

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外部 リンク

Opening ceremony

Opening ceremonyWhat is (Kaikai Shiki)?Events,Competition OfHoldingIt is a ceremony that is held prior to.

It is mainly held on the first day of the event, but depending on the event, it may be held on the day before the event.

Held at the opening ceremonyceremonyThen, the opening declarationFlag raising・ Guest congratulatory speeches will be held.After that, attractions (performance, chorus, etc.) may be performed.

At the opening ceremony of the competition, players can enterPlayer oathAnd so on. The order of admission isPrefectures/市町村Order/holding areaOfficial terminologyThere is an order, past or previous grade order. As an example,Modern olympicThen at the beginningGreece→ Enter in the order of the official language of the host country → The host country at the end (It is different in the case of Greece held. It was held immediately beforeAthens Olympics (2004)Then, only the Greek flag enters at the beginning → Participating countriesGreekThe method was taken to enter in alphabetical order → the Greek team entered at the end).

In competitions of specific events, from the previous winning club or country / regionChampionship flag・ Trophy[1]Etc. will also be returned.

"NHK Red and White Singing BattleIn the Showa era, which started at 21:XNUMX, there was an opening ceremony, and all the participating singers marched in, from the host of the previous winning team.Championship flagIt was returned and the representative singer was sworn in as a player. Especially1963/To that ofTokyo OlympicsThe year before,Modern olympicConscious ofTorchRunner march[2]However, due to time constraints, the return of the championship flag and the oath of the players are often omitted after the current start at 19:XNUMX.


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