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🌏 | The Nikkei Stock Average has a repulsive start, and buying for autonomous repulsion is ahead.


The Nikkei Stock Average has a repulsive start, and buying for autonomous repulsion is ahead.

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Fast Retailing and SoftBank Group, which have a large index contribution, are also solid.

[Tokyo XNUMXth Reuters] – In the Tokyo stock market, the Nikkei average is XNUMX yen higher than the previous business day by XNUMX yen. → Continue reading


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Softbank Group

SoftBank Group Corp.(British: SoftBank Group Corp.) IsMobile phoneEtc.Telecommunications carrier,インターネットPut affiliated companies under the umbrellaJapan OfHolding company.Nikkei Stock AverageandTOPIX Core30,JPX Nikkei Index 400One of the constituent stocks of[5][6][7].

Fixed-line phone,インターネットInvolved inInfrastructureThere are businesses and internet culture businesses.With the launch of funds that invest in cutting-edge IT companies, the aspect of investment companies is becoming stronger.Explanation about each businessGroup Companieschecking ...


1970 era

  • 1978 years(Showa53) summer,Masayoshi SonVisited about 10 Japanese electric companies to sell the electronic translator developed by.
  • In February 1979, my grandsonsharpThe software development company "Unison World" was established in the United States with the funds of 1 million yen obtained by selling the automatic translator to.The origin of the company name is "UNIXIs a combination of "SON" by Masayoshi Son.[8].. I imported an invader game machine from Japan.

1980 era

  • 1980 (Showa 55) --My grandson graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and managed Unison World by Hong Liang Lu (later).UT StarcomTransferred to the founder) and returned to Japan. My grandson established a planning company, Unison World, in Fukuoka.
  • 1981
    • September 9-Jointly funded by Masayoshi Son's Unison World and Yoshiteru AgaJapan SoftBank Corp.[Annotation 2]Founded[9]Started the distribution business of package software for personal computers. About 3 months after the establishment, Masayoshi Son was a game software company with a deposit of 3000 million yen.HudsonThe capital relationship with the Management Research Institute was dissolved due to the promotion of an exclusive sales contract with.
  • 1982
    • May-Specialized magazines by computer modelOh! PC""Oh! MZ], and entered the publishing business.
  • 1983 (Showa 58) --Masayoshi Son is heavyChronic hepatitisIt is discovered that he is suffering from illness, and his grandson retires to the chairman for medical treatment. To the president, Japan Security Guarantee (current:SECOM) Was invited.
  • 1986 (Showa 61) --Masayoshi Son returns to president, and Yasuhiko Omori becomes chairman.
  • 1987 (62) --Nippon Data Net Co., Ltd.[Annotation 3],ForvalIn collaboration with NCC-BOX (world's firstLCR) Developed[10]..Forval distributes it to small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide free of chargeShindenMake huge profits from royalty. Based on this funding, SoftBank will grow rapidly.

1990 era

  • 1990 years(Heisei2 years)
    • January-Merged with Japan Datanet Co., Ltd.
    • 7 month - Softbank CorporationChanged the company name to (first corporation, now: SoftBank Group Corp.).
  • 1994
    • March --Established US SoftBank Holdings Inc.
    • July 7-SharesJapan Securities Dealers AssociationPublished in store[11]And based on that fundingM&A,ITWe will actively invest in related companies.
    • December-Acquired the exhibition division of Ziff Communications Company in the United States.
  • 1995
    • April --SOFTBANK COMDEX Inc. announces "The Interface Group, USA"COMDEXWas acquired.
    • 8 month - Windows 95For launching the marketMicrosoftEstablished Game Bank Co., Ltd., but withdrew due to poor performance in 98.
  • 1996
    • January-USA Yahoo! Inc..By joint investment withYahoo Japan Corporation(CurrentZ Holdings) Established.
    • February-Computer-related publisher, USA through SoftBank Holdings Inc., USAZiff-Davis Publishing CompanyAcquired.
    • April-Acquired additional shares of US Yahoo! Inc., becoming the company's largest shareholder.
    • May-Moved the head office to 5-24-1 Nihonbashi Hakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    • 6 month - Rupert Murdoch OfNews CorporationAnd digital satellite broadcasting businessJ Sky B(Later SKY PerfecTV!)[Annotation 4].. On this occasion,ObunshaMore National Asahi Broadcasting (current:TV Asahi Holdings) Acquired Obunsha Media Co., Ltd. (later SoftBank News Corp Media Co., Ltd.)[13],Asahi ShimbunIn 1997, the SoftBank News Corp Media was sold to the Asahi Shimbun because the group rebounded due to a sense of crisis.
    • September-Established US SOFTBANK Kingston Inc. as a memory makerKingston Technology CompanyAcquired an 80% stake. However, the acquisition ended in failure and1999/Sold to the founder of Kingston Technology. I made a huge deficit.
  • 1997
  • 1998
    • August 1- Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed in Part 1[14].
    • April-US ZD Inc. (laterZiff Davis Inc.) Listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
    • January-USA E * TRADE Group, Inc.Established E-Trade Co., Ltd. through joint investment with (now: E*TRADE FINANCIAL Corporation).
    • December-In order to make management more transparent, the merger of MAC Co., Ltd., which holds the shares of SoftBank, is absorbed.
  • 1999
    • March-SoftBank Publishing Co., Ltd. (current:SB Creative) And introduced a business holding company system.
    • March-SoftBank Finance Co., Ltd. (the second Softbank Telecom after the financial sector) was spun off as a company.
    • April-Merged with OMRON Microcomputer Systems Co., Ltd. (subsidiary)[15].
    • April-At Work Co., Ltd. (currently: SB At Work), the personnel department of general affairs is spun off.
    • 7 month - Softbank technologyCo., Ltd. registered its shares in Japan Securities Dealers Association.
    • 7 month - News CorporationEstablished a joint venture with "eVentures".
    • 7 month - Vivendi, SAEstablished a joint venture "@viso" with.
    • June-"National Securities Dealers Association (NASD) and"NASDAQ JapanAgreement on the creation of
    • 9 month - TEPCO,MicrosoftJoint venture with high-speed wireless Internet connection service in collaboration withSpeed ​​netEstablished. However2003/Transferred to TEPCOLiquidationprocedure.
    • September --The distribution business was spun off as SoftBank Commerce & Co., Ltd.
    • 10 month - Pure holding companyMove to.

2000 era

  • 2000
    • February --SoftBank shares hit a high of 2 yen per share.At that time, the market capitalization wasToyotaIt is the second place to succeed,Internet bubbleIs called.
    • April-Introduced a business management company system in each business field.
    • 6 month - Morning Star Co., Ltd.Listed its stock on the NASDAQ Japan market.
    • 8 month - Vector Inc.Listed its stock on the NASDAQ Japan market.
    • August-US Key8Media Group, Inc. lists its shares on the New York Stock Exchange.
    • September-Japan Bond Credit Bank (now:Aozora Bank), subject to long-term holding of sharesLargest shareholderInvested as.
    • September-E-trade Co., Ltd. shares listed on the NASDAQ Japan market.
    • 9 month - Cyber ​​Communications Inc.Listed its stock on the NASDAQ Japan market.
    • December-Undertake the third-party allotment of new shares of Ariba Japan Co., Ltd.
    • December-SoftBank Investment Corp. (current:SBI Holdings) Listed its shares on the NASDAQ Japan market.
  • 2001
    • January-Decided the composition of "SOFTBANK Life Science Ventures I, LP" for investment in life science related companies.
    • January-USA Cisco Systems, Inc.Concluded a contract for the formation of "SOFTBANK Asia Infrastructure Fund" due to the implementation of a third-party allotment to the company and the strengthening of strategic alliances.
    • July-Obtained a preliminary license for 7GHz band wireless station IP Revolution Co., Ltd.
    • August-Listed on the NASDAQ Japan market by SoftBank Frontier Securities Co., Ltd.
    • September-BB Technology Co., Ltd. (later SoftBank BB Corp.)Yahoo! BBStarted commercial service.
    • September-By DT Marketing Co., Ltd.Tokyo communicationCompleted the tender offer for shares of the corporation.
  • 2002
    • April-BB Technology Co., Ltd. started commercial service of IP phone service "BB Phone".
    • March-Crabit Co., Ltd. (current:Broad mediaCo., Ltd.) listed its stock on the NASDAQ Japan market.
    • July-Broadmedia T.B. project (laterBB cable) Has completed registration as the first cable broadcasting company based on the Telecommunications Service Utilization Broadcasting Act.
  • 2003
    • January-Four subsidiaries of BB Technology Corp., SoftBank Networks Corp., SoftBank EC Holdings Corp., and SoftBank Commerce Corp. merged.Softbank BB Corp.Is born.
    • March-BB Cable Co., Ltd. starts commercial service of "BB Cable TV (later BBTV)" in Tokyo's 3 wards.
    • March-SoftBank BB Corp. merged with DT Marketing Co., Ltd., Tokyo Metropolitan Telecom Co., Ltd., Nagoya Metropolitan Telecom Co., Ltd., and Osaka Metropolitan Telecom Co., Ltd.[16].
    • September-Aozora Bank shares in the USInvestment fund Sold to (Cerberus NCB Acquisition, LP).This gain on sale is from the broadband business (Softbank BB) It seems that it was invested as working capital.
    • September-Finance All Co., Ltd. listed on the Hercules market of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
  • 2004
    • February-World Niiei Securities Co., Ltd. and Softbank Frontier Securities Co., Ltd. merged, World Niei Frontier Securities Co., Ltd. listed on the Hercules market of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
    • February 2-By subsidiary Softbank BBYahoo! BB customer information leakage caseOccurs.Yahoo! BB450 million from registered peoplepersonal information, A former SoftBank subsidiary employee who had requested cash from Yahoo! BB for this information was arrested. As a cause of leaking personal information, it was announced that it could be viewed by any SoftBank employee. At a later date[When?], It was decided to strictly adhere to the management of personal information.
    • June-Absorbed SoftBank Technology Holdings Co., Ltd.
    • July-Fixed-line businessJapan Telecom Co., Ltd.(3rd corporation, later SoftBank Telecom) became a wholly owned subsidiary.
    • November 11-Previously, acquisition negotiations were underwayHeisei DendenAnd said, "The idea was stolen in the process of negotiation."Unfair Competition Prevention LawWill be sued based on. This trial2006/May 3The Tokyo District Court ruled that the request was rejected, and Heisei Denden lost.
    • December 12-Fukuoka Daiei Hawks (FDH) 24 billion yen[Annotation 5]Decided to acquire at.The new team name is "Fukuoka Softbank HawksIt is.
    • December-Commenced commercial service of direct-collection landline phone "Otoku Line".
  • 2005
    • January 1-Daiei transferred shares of FDH and made Fukuoka Daiei Hawks Co., Ltd. (currently Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks Co., Ltd.) a subsidiary.Also for 28 yearsFukuoka DomeA contract for use is also signed (the stadium usage fee for one year is 1 billion yen).
    • February-Acquired shares of Cable and Wireless IDC Co., Ltd. and made it a subsidiary, and changed its trade name to Japan Telecom IDC Co., Ltd.
    • July-HeadquartersTokyoChuoNihombashi Hakozaki TownMoved from No. 24-1 to the present location.
    • 3 month - GungHo Online Entertainment Co., Ltd.Is listed on OSE Hercules.
    • May-Japan Telecom IDC Co., Ltd. SoftBank IDC Co. (data center business) and Japan Telecom IDC Co., Ltd. (second-generation corporation, international communications business) is a company split.
    • August-Japan Telecom Co., Ltd. (third generation corporation, after the first SoftBank Telecom), Japan Telecom IDC Co., Ltd. (second generation corporation) merged.
    • August-China Alibaba.com Corporation(Currently: Alibaba Group Holding Limited) and Yahoo! Inc. in the United States have reached a basic agreement to build a strategic partnership in China.
    • November 11-SeriesBB mobile E-Mobile(E accessSubsidiary) andIP mobileWithMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsThanMobile phoneThe plan for opening a specific base station for new entry into the business was approved, and as a result, the frequency of 1.7 GHz band was allocated to BB Mobile.
    • December-Joint investment with Yahoo Japan CorporationTV bankStarted business operation of a corporation.
  • 2006
    • April 4-Vodafone Co., Ltd. (now:SoftbankIn order to start a large-scale business by utilizing the customer base, equipment, human resources, know-how, etc. of (Co., Ltd.), the policy of new entry was changed.VodafoneAcquired a Japanese corporation for 1 trillion yen.As a result, SoftBank has joined the ranks of mobile phone operators, and on the following day, 7500th, it is the band for new operators allocated to BB Mobile 28.GigahertzAbout the (GHz) bandMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsAnnounced the return to.
    • August 5- Fukuoka CityAll courses that were planned to be established inCyber ​​universityThe installation approval application ofMinistry of educationAnnounced that it was accepted by. Obtained approval at the end of November of the same year. First generationPresidentA former to study Egyptian archeologyWaseda UniversityProfessor'sSakuji YoshimuraWas appointed.
    • August 7- Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications OfRadio Control CouncilBased on the report, it was announced that the approval of the plan to open a specific base station for new entry into the mobile phone business of BB Mobile will be revoked.As a result, frequencies in the 1.7 GHz band will be returned.
    • October 10-Vodafone and Japan Telecom have been renamed to Softbank Mobile and Softbank Telecom, respectively.Softbank BBIncluding, will be Masayoshi Son representative of all major telecommunications subsidiaries.
    • August 10- Tokyo Stock ExchangeAffiliation industry changed from wholesale business to information and communication business.
    • October-Started SoftBank mobile phone portal site "Yahoo! Keitai".
    • November 11-World's LargestSocial networking servicesAnnounced the establishment of a joint venture with "FIM International BV", the operating company of "MySpace" (SNS).Also, on the same day, the beta version service of "MySpace Japan" was started as the Japanese version of MySpace.
  • 2007
    • August 2- SoftBank Telecom salesCo., Ltd. merged with SoftBank Telecom Corp. (formerly Japan Telecom 3rd generation corporation) and changed its trade name to SoftBank Telecom Corp. (2nd generation corporation).
    • April-Japan Cyber ​​Education Institute Co., Ltd. (now Cyber ​​University Co., Ltd.)Cyber ​​universityIs opened.
    • 4 month - IT mediaCo., Ltd. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
    • May-SoftBank Mobile recorded 5 units in the monthly net increase of mobile phones, surpassing NTT Docomo's 16 units and au's 8 units to become No. 14[17].
    • 7 month - Carview Co., Ltd.Is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
    • September 9-MobileWiMAXPlanning company "Co., Ltd." (abbreviation: OpenWin),E access Established with (eAccess)May 9To the companyGoldman Sachs,SingaporeGovernment-affiliated investment company Temasek Holdings,NEC Big Robe,Sonnet Entertainment,Nifty,Free bitIs increased).
    • July-Softbank Telecom Co., Ltd. (7nd corporation), merged with IP Revolution Co., Ltd.
  • 2008
    • April --China Mobile Limited and Vodafone Group PLC have agreed to establish a joint venture "JIL BV (Joint Innovation Lab)".

2010 era

  • 2010
    • August 3- WILLCOMConcludes a basic agreement on rehabilitation support with[18].
    • April-SoftBank BB Corp., merged with BB Modem Rental Co., Ltd.
    • April-Softbank Mobile Co., Ltd. merged with Japan System Solution Co., Ltd., Japan Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., and Softbank Mobile Support Co., Ltd.
    • December-USUstream, Inc.Established a joint venture with Ustream Asia Co., Ltd.
    • December-WILLCOM becomes a wholly owned subsidiary by reducing capital based on the rehabilitation plan[19].
  • 2012
    • August 10- E-MobileRunE accessAnnounced that it will become a wholly owned subsidiary by February 2013 through a share exchange. In addition,Softbank mobileAnd eAccess announce business alliance[20].. As a result, the number of contracts combining SoftBank Mobile and eAccess is approximately 3400 million, which is the second largest in the industry.au (KDDI) Is thin to about 3600 million cases[21].PHS OfWILLCOMIncluding, the number of contracts is about 3900 million, which is a telecommunications carrier group exceeding au[22][23].
    • August 10- USNo. 3 mobile phone company,Sprint NextelAnnounced that it will acquire 7% of its shares and make it a subsidiary. The acquisition cost is approximately 1 billion yen. Transactions are expected to close mid 5709[24].. If implemented as scheduled, the birth of the third largest mobile phone group in the world[25].
    • November 11-Announced advancement of plans to make eAccess a wholly owned subsidiary on December 2, 2012[26].
  • 2013
    • January 1-eAccess becomes a wholly owned subsidiary through a stock exchange[27].
    • January 1-17% of voting shares of eAccess were transferred to 66.71 companies in Japan and overseas, and from a wholly owned subsidiary of the CompanyEquity methodBecome an affiliated company[28].
    • August 7- Tokyo District CourtDecided on the same day that the company reorganization procedure for WILLCOM will be terminated. Accordingly, the company became a consolidated subsidiary.
    • July 7-Completed the acquisition of Sprint Nextel. Became the third largest mobile phone group in the world.
    • October 10-Announced that it will join Finland Supercell, a game developer for smartphones, in collaboration with GungHo Online Entertainment[29][30].
    • November 11-Established in JulyAslatecEntered the robot business through[31].
  • 2014
    • January-USA Brightstar Corp. Acquired shares of the company and made it a subsidiary.
    • April 4-SoftBank BB's Commerce & Service DivisionSoftbank Commerce & ServiceAs a corporationNew division, Same day, all shares of SoftBank Commerce & Service (later SB C & S Co., Ltd.)Brightstar Corp.Transferred to SB C & S Holdings (currently SB C & S Co., Ltd.), a wholly owned subsidiary of[32][33].
    • June 6-eAccess absorbs Willcommerger.. Next monthMay 7The company name was changed to Y-mobile.
    • June 6-Interactive personal robot "Pepper], and announced that it will be sold to the public from February 2015 (Heisei 27). ManufacturingFox con[34][35][36].
    • August 7- Google OfNikesh AroraInvited as vice chairman[37].
    • September-affiliateAlibaba Group Holding LimitedIs listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
    • US SoftBank Internet and Media, Inc. (currently SB Group US, Inc.) announced the acquisition of US Drama Fever Corp.
  • 2015
    • April 4-SoftBank Mobile Corp.Softbank BBCo., Ltd.SOFTBANK TELECOMCo., Ltd. (2nd generation corporation),Y MobileMerged with a corporation[38][39].
    • April 4-Absorption-type merger with Shiodome DNET Management Co., Ltd. (subsidiary)[40].
    • June --SoftBank Corp. establishes SBG Cleantech Limited (currently SB Energy), a joint venture with Bharti Enterprises Limited of India and Foxconn Technology Group of Taiwan to promote the supply of renewable energy in India.
    • July 7-After being approved at the general meeting of shareholders held in June, the trade name is changed from SoftBank Corp. (the first corporation)SoftBank Group Corp.Changed the trade name to. At the same time, the trade name of SoftBank Mobile was changed to SoftBank Corp. (the second generation corporation). Regarding the company name change, (currently) SoftBank "in order to clarify its position as a pure holding company in promoting further global expansion," SoftBank Mobile said.Mobile phoneFixed communication as well as mobile communication such asインターネットExpansion of business areas such as connection services"[41].
    • July-SoftBank Corp. (second-generation corporation), merged with Telecom Express Co., Ltd.
    • August 9- NetflixStarted a video distribution service of the company in partnership with.UulaIs continuously provided[42].
    • August 12- Intermediate holding company OfMobile tech(Subsidiary) andBB mobileMerged with (subsidiary company)[43].. Due to this, it was a capital great-grandson company (2nd generation)SoftbankBecame a direct subsidiary.
  • 2016
    • March 3-Reorganized and utilized a dormant company during March to two companies, a domestic business management company (Chief Executive Officer: Ken Miyauchi) and an overseas business management company (Chief Executive Officer: Nikesh Arora).Intermediate holding company(To be precise, two existing corporations that are in a dormant state have been converted to intermediate holding companies), and announced that they will transfer their respective subsidiaries by the end of the year.[44].
    • March 3-BasketballJapan Professional Basketball LeagueAppointed to become the main sponsor of (B League)[45].. In addition, Softbank will prepare a dedicated site for smartphones and tablets and will provide live distribution service of all games from the opening game[46].
    • April 4-Jurisdiction over domestic business upon transition of business to intermediate holding company announced on March 1SoftBank Group JapanJoint company (1991/May 6Established)SB Media Holdings,Softbank technologyTransferred 13 companies.
    • 9 month - United KingdomIs a semiconductor design companyARM Holdings plcBecame a subsidiary[47].
  • 2017
    • April 4-SoftBank Group International LLC (now: SoftBank Group Japan Inc.) merged with the SoftBank Group Japan LLC as a surviving company.
    • May 5-In the consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ended March 10, 2017, it was announced that the final profit reached a record high of 3 billion yen, about three times the previous year.[48].. It is the third SoftBank Group company to have a net profit of over 1 trillion yen among Japanese companies[49][50][51].
    • August 5- Saudi ArabiaA 10 trillion yen investment fund that was planned as a government-affiliated public investment fundSoftBank Vision Fund"(SVF) was launched.For this fundAbu Dhabigovernment,Apple,Qualcomm,Hong Hai Precision Industry,sharpAre also participating[52].
    • June 6-Through subsidiaryGoogleDeveloping robots under its umbrellaBoston DynamicsAnnounced to acquire[53].
    • October 10-In the future investment plan, Son said, ``Establish an investment fund every few years, at least 20 companies over the next 2 years.Artificial intelligence,Mech robotInvest in related companies.The total investment is planned to be 100 trillion yen. "WhenNihon Keizai ShimbunI told him. In 2017, SoftBank announced Boston Dynamics in addition toNVIDIA,UberInvested in It is reported that the ownership ratio of Uber is about 20%[54].
    • December 12-Through SB Foundation Holdings LPFortress Investment GroupTo make it a subsidiary[55]Warned of its relationship with ChinaForeign Investment Committee Received business restrictions by (CFIUS)[56].
    • December 12-Investor Union led by SoftBank deploys US-based rideshare service for about $28 billionUber Technologies, Inc.Acquired 17.5% of voting rights[57].
  • 2018
    • June 6-Sold a 26% stake in Arm Technology (China) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China in the UK subsidiary Arm Limited, to several institutional investors and Arm's customers and their agents, forming a joint venture. Company (equity method affiliate)[58].
    • August 12- SoftbankCo., Ltd. (second generation corporation) is re-listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • 2019 (Heisei 31)ReiwaFirst year)
    • August 1- SBBMMerged with a stock company (subsidiary)[59].
    • August 8-United States' second largest newspaper chain Gate House Media under New Media Investment Group is the largest newspaper chain in the United StatesGannet companyAcquired $13 million for business integration[60].
    • October --SoftBank Vision Fund 10 begins activities.

2020 era

  • 2020 years (Ryowa 2 years)
    • April-Sprint is excluded from the subsidiary due to the completion of the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile, a US mobile operator.
    • September-American semiconductor manufacturer with all shares of ArmNVIDIA Agreed to sell one-third to Corporation in exchange for cash and two-thirds for NVIDIA shares[61].
  • 2021 years (Ryowa 3 years)
    • January-Main store opened at 1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, TokyoTokyo Port City TakeshibaMoved to the office tower.
    • May-Announced financial results for the fiscal year ending March 5, net income reaches record high for a Japanese company4 billion yen(International Accounting Standard), And the number one in the worldAppleClose to[62].
    • July --Merged with Net Culture GK (subsidiary)[63].
  • 2022 years (Ryowa 4 years)

Successive presidents

Group Companies

As of the end of March 2021, there are 3 subsidiaries, 1,367 affiliated companies, and 528 jointly controlled companies.

Holding company investment business

  • SoftBank Group Capital Limited (100%) - Holding company
  • SoftBank Group Japan Co., Ltd.-Holding company (SoftBank Alibaba shares)
  • SB Northstar LP --Investment in listed stocks (Alibaba stock related)
  • SB Group US, Inc. (100% indirect ownership) -Management of overseas investment destinations
  • SB Pan Pacific Corporation (100%) - Holding company
  • STARFISH I PTE. LTD. (100%) - Holding company
  • Hayate Corporation-Holding company
  • West Raptor Holdings, LLC-A wholly owned subsidiary that raises funds (multiple stock forward sales contracts utilizing Alibaba shares)
  • West Raptor Holdings 2, LLC-A wholly owned subsidiary that raises funds (multiple stock forward sales contracts utilizing Alibaba shares)
  • Skybridge LLC-A wholly owned subsidiary that raises funds (multiple stock forward sales contracts utilizing Alibaba shares)
  • Scout 2020 Holdings Limited-A wholly owned subsidiary that raises funds (multiple stock forward sales contracts utilizing Alibaba stock)
  • Tigress 2020 Holdings Limited-A wholly owned subsidiary that raises funds (multiple stock forward sales contracts utilizing Alibaba shares)
  • Panther I 2021 Holdings Limited-A wholly owned subsidiary that raises funds (multiple stock forward sales contracts utilizing Alibaba stock)
  • Panther II 2021 Holdings Limited-A wholly owned subsidiary that raises funds (multiple stock forward sales contracts utilizing Alibaba shares)
  • Skywalk Finance LLC (100% indirect ownership) --A wholly owned subsidiary that raises funds (borrowing using Alibaba shares)
  • Moonlight Finance GK (formerly Sunrise No. 1 GK) -a wholly owned subsidiary that raises funds (borrowing using shares of SoftBank Corp.)[66]
  • Delaware Project 6 LLC-A wholly owned subsidiary that raises funds (borrowing using T-Mobile shares) (Alibaba shares related)
Related Companies

SoftBank Vision Fund Business

  • SB Investment Advisers (UK) Limited (100%) --Operation of SVF1
  • SoftBank Vision Fund LP (Investment ratio 33.6%) --Investment funds in the technology field
  • SB Global Advisers Limited --Operation of SVF2
  • SoftBank Vision Fund II-2 LP-Investment fund in the technology field
  • SVF GP (Jersey) Limited-General Partner of SVF1
  • SVF II GP (Jersey) Limited --General Partner of SVF2
  • SVF II Investment Holdings LLC- Masayoshi SonInvested by MASA USA LLC owned by
  • SVF Investments (UK) Limited
  • SB Investment Advisers (US) Inc.
    • SVF Investment Corp. [NASDAQ: SVFA]
    • SVF Investment Corp. 2 [NASDAQ: SVFB]
    • SVF Investment Corp. 3 [NASDAQ: SVFC]
Investee company

Softbank business

  • Softbank Corporation (Indirect ownership 40.9%)[TYO:9434]
    • A Holdings Co., Ltd. (50.0%)(Old: LINE) [TYO: 3938 *Delisted already]
      • Z Holdings Co., Ltd. (65.3%)[TYO:4689] (former: Yahoo)
        • Z Holdings Intermediate Co., Ltd.
          • Yahoo Japan Corporation
          • LINE Corporation
            • LINE Plus Corporation
              • LINE PLAY
              • LINE UP
              • LINE studio
              • GrayHash
              • Collab + LINE
              • LINE Company (Thailand)
              • LINE Digital Technology (Shanghai)
              • LINE Euro-Americas
              • LINE Taiwan
              • PT.LINE PLUS INDONESIA
            • LINE Financial Co., Ltd.
            • LINE FukuokaLtd.
            • LINE PayLtd.
              • LINE Pay Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
              • LINE Pay Taiwan
              • LINE Biz Plus Corporation
            • LINE Marketing Partners Co., Ltd. (formerly BALIE Co., Ltd.)
            • LVC Corporation
              • LINE TECH PLUS PTE. LTD.
              • LVC USA Inc.
              • Uninstall Ventures
              • Uninstall Corporation
              • Unchain Corporation
            • LINE Healthcare Co., Ltd.
            • LINE MUSICLtd.
            • LINE FRIENDS
              • LINE Friends Inc
              • LINE Friends Japan Co., Ltd.
              • LINE Friends Taiwan
              • LINE Friends (Shanghai) Commercial Trade
            • Gatebox Inc.
            • HOP Co., Ltd.
            • LINE Business Support Co., Ltd.
            • LINE CONOMI Co., Ltd.
            • LINE Growth Technology Co., Ltd.
              • LINE VIETNAM JSC
            • LINE TICKET Co., Ltd.
          • Value commerceLtd. (52.0%)[JQS:2491]
            • Dynatec Co., Ltd.
            • Digimiho Co., Ltd.
          • ZOZO Co., Ltd.[TYO:3092]
            • ZOZO Technologies, Inc.
            • Yutori Co., Ltd.
            • ZOZO Apparel USA, Inc.
            • Shanghai Running Information Technology Co., Ltd.
          • Ltd.One restTYO: 2450*Delisted already]
        • Z Financial Co., Ltd.
          • PayPay Bank, Ltd.
          • Magne-Max Capital Management Co., Ltd.
          • Brain Cell Co., Ltd.
          • PayPay Asset ManagementCo., Ltd. (formerly Astmax Investment Management Co., Ltd.) (50.1%)
          • PayPay Insurance Service Co., Ltd. (formerly Wise Insurance Co., Ltd.) (60%)
        • AskulLtd. (45.0%)[TYO:2678]
          • ASKUL LOGIST Co., Ltd.
          • Alpha Purchase Co., Ltd.
          • Charm Co., Ltd.
          • Business Mart Co., Ltd.
          • Tsumagoi Meisui Co., Ltd.
          • Soloel Co., Ltd.
        • Z Entertainment Co., Ltd.
        • Z Corporation Co., Ltd. (100%)
        • dely corporation
        • My Best Co., Ltd.
        • Standby Co., Ltd. (60%)
        • Ltd.Tabi Gaita
    • SB C & SCo., Ltd. (former: SB C & S Holdings Co., Ltd.) (100%) --Manufacturing, distribution and sales of IT-related products, provision of IT-related services
      • BB Soft Service Co., Ltd.
      • Dee CorpLtd. (100%)
      • SB Frameworks Co., Ltd. (formerly SoftBank Logistics)
      • IT Cloud Co., Ltd. (SBG 100% company-wide)
      • Plus Style Co., Ltd.
    • Wireless City PlanningLtd. (32.2%)
    • SB technologyLtd. (53.1%)[TYO:4726]
      • M-SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd.
      • Fontworks Co., Ltd.
      • Kan Co., Ltd.
      • Cyber ​​Trust Co., Ltd.(Old:Miracle Linux(59.65%)[TYO:4498]
        • Lineo Holdings Co., Ltd.
          • Lineo Solutions Co., Ltd.
          • Cyber ​​Secure Asia Pte. Ltd.
          • Cybersecure Tech Inc.
      • Asoratech Co., Ltd. (51.0%)
      • Reden Co., Ltd. (82.6%)
      • Ltd.Denen
        • IO System Integration Co., Ltd.
    • RBJ Co., Ltd. (formerly Roppongi Division Preparation Co., Ltd.)
    • Ltd.vector (42.4%)[TYO: 2656]
    • Ltd.EMnet Japan (41.40%)[TYO:7036]
    • SB Mobile Service Co., Ltd.
    • SB Engineering Co., Ltd.
    • Ltd.IDC Frontier
    • HAPS mobileLtd. (92.9%)
    • PayPay SecuritiesLtd. (62.5%)
      • Marco Paulose Co., Ltd.
    • SB Payment Service Co., Ltd.
    • Ltd.Agoop (100%)
    • ALES Co., Ltd.
    • Incudata Inc.
    • SB InnoventureLtd. (100%)
      • umamill corporation
      • conect.plus corporation
    • SB At Work Co., Ltd.
    • SB Gift Co., Ltd.
    • SB PartnersLtd. (100%)
    • SB powerLtd. (100%)
    • SB PlayersLtd. (100%)
    • Every sync Co., Ltd.-With SoftBank Corp.Video researchJoint venture
    • Encored Japan Co., Ltd. (50.1%)
    • Offers Co., Ltd.-Introduction of membership services provided by WeWork Japan GK
    • Generate Co., Ltd. (60%)
    • Cinarra Systems Japan Co., Ltd.
    • Nippon Computer Vision Co., Ltd.
    • PS SolutionsLtd. (100%)
    • BBIXLtd.
    • BB SatelliteLtd. (100%)
    • BB Backbone Co., Ltd.
    • Ltd.Buen (63%)
    • Findability Sciences Inc. (51%) --Joint Venture with Findability Sciences Inc.
    • Healthcare Technologies Co., Ltd. (former: Hibiya No. XNUMX Co., Ltd.)
    • BOLDLYLtd. (SBG 99.7% company-wide)
    • MICE Platform Co., Ltd.
    • MagicalMoveLtd. (100%)
    • SB Telecom America Corp.
    • SB Telecom India Pvt. Ltd.
    • PT. SB Telecom Indonesia Corp
    • SB Telecom Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    • SB Telecom (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    • SBTelecom China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    • SB Telecom Vietnam Co., Ltd.
    • SB Telecom Europe Ltd.
    • Air Trust Co., Ltd. (formerly Shiodome No. 1 Co., Ltd.)
    • World Taxi Co., Ltd. (former: Shiodome Agency Co., Ltd.,SB addCorporation)
    • Ltd.hugmo
    • Aeris Japan Co., Ltd. --Joint venture with Aeris Communications, Inc.
    • Mee Truck Co., Ltd. (51%) - Nippon ExpressJoint investment with
Related Companies

ARM business

  • Arm Limited (100% indirect ownership)
  • Arm PIPD Holdings One, LLC
  • Arm PIPD Holdings Two, LLC

Latin America Fund Business

  • SBLA Advisers Corp. (100% indirect ownership) --Operation of SoftBank Latin America Fund 1 and SoftBank Latin America Fund 2
  • SBLA Latin America Fund (Cayman) LP --SoftBank Latin America Fund 1
  • SBLA Holdings (Cayman) LP --SoftBank Latin America Fund 1
  • SBLA Holdings II DE LLC --SoftBank Latin America Fund 2
  • SLA Holdco I LLC --SoftBank Latin America Fund 2,Masayoshi SonInvested by MASA USA LLC owned by


  • PayPayLtd. (SBG 100% company-wide) --Smartphone payment business
  • Fortress Investment Group LLC (100%)[NYSE: FIG * Delisted] --Alternative investment asset management business
  • Fukuoka Softbank HawksLtd. (100%)
  • SoftBank Ventures Asia Corp. (100% indirect ownership) -Fund management in Asia
  • SB EnergyLtd. (100%)
  • SoftBank Robotics Group Corp. (former:SoftBank Robotics Holdings(74.5%)
  • SoftBank Korea Corp. (100%) - Holding company
  • Skybridge Co., Ltd.-Business related to financing using Alibaba shares
  • NSL LP-Alibaba stock related
  • Delaware Project 1 LLC-Alibaba Stock Related
  • Delaware Project 2 LLC-Alibaba Stock Related
  • Delaware Project 3 LLC-Alibaba Stock Related
  • Alibaba, Inc.-Alibaba Group and SoftBank Group joint venture
  • SB WW Holdings (Cayman) Limited
  • InMobi Pte. Ltd. (45.0%)
  • Foxconn Ventures Pte. Ltd. (36.4%)(Changed from SOFTBANK GROUP CAPITAL APAC PTE. LTD.)- FoxconnJoint venture with
  • Renren Inc. (38.9%)[70][NYSE: RENN]- Human networkA company that invests in a company that manages.
  • SB Delta Fund (Jersey) LP
  • SVF HOLDCO (UK) LIMITED (Old:ARM Holdings) [LSE: ARM * Delisted]
  • LA BI Holdco LLC
  • SBG Managers LLC (formerly Shiodome Business No. 12 LLC)
  • SB Triangle Holdco (Jersey) Limited
  • Moonlight Finance Co., Ltd. (former: Shiodome Business No. 15 Co., Ltd.)
  • SOFTBANK Holdings Inc. (100%)
  • SoftBank America Inc. (100%)
  • SB Cayman 2 Ltd (100%)
  • Softbank Group Capital Europe Limited
  • ClassesLtd. (50%) - Benesse HoldingsAnd SoftBank Corp. joint venture
  • SB Logistics Co., Ltd. (formerly Shiodome Business No. 7 Co., Ltd.)(100%)
  • Cyber ​​University Co., Ltd. (100%)
  • Ltd.J.Score (50%)
  • Ltd.Deep core(Former: Shiodome Business No. 4 Co., Ltd.) (100%)
  • SB Power Management Co., Ltd.
  • S and ILtd. (43.5%)
  • BM Research Institute (changed from Broadmedia Research Institute)- Yoshimoto Kogyo HoldingsStock holding
  • Softbank Group International Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Skywalk Finance Co., Ltd.
  • Amuse 2.0 Co., Ltd.
  • Artemis Corporation
  • Shiodome Estate Co., Ltd.
  • Shiodome Finance Co., Ltd.
  • Shiodome Leasing Co., Ltd.
  • Shiodome Renewable Investment LLC (formerly Miyazaki Kunitomi Solar Park LLC)
  • Shiodome IA Japan Co., Ltd. (formerly Shiodome Business No. 6/SB Investment Advisors Japan)
  • Triangle G Co., Ltd. (formerly Shiodome Business No. 8 Co., Ltd.)
  • Shiodome Business No. 9 GK
  • TSX Investment LLC (formerly Shiodome Business No. 10 LLC)
  • Shiodome Business No. 11 GK
  • Triangle M Co., Ltd. (formerly Shiodome Business No. 13 Co., Ltd.)
  • Skywalk Co., Ltd. (former: Shiodome Business No. 14 Co., Ltd.)
  • Shiodome Business No. 16 GK
  • Shiodome Business No. 17 GK
  • Shiodome Business No. 18 GK
  • North Star GK (former: Shiodome Business No. 19 GK)
  • SB New Corona Virus Testing CenterCo., Ltd. (former: Shiodome Business No. 20 Co., Ltd.)
  • Hinode No. 2 Co., Ltd.
  • Hinode No. 3 Co., Ltd.
  • Sunrise Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Boston Dynamics, Inc. (20% indirect ownership)
  • Brightstar Capital Partners (25%)
  • Miyazaki Kunitomi Solar Park GK
  • Koumi Kogen Solar Energy GK (40%)
  • Queen's Solar Energy GK (40%)
  • Akita Kotooka Wind Farm GK
  • VTEX 20.2%[71])[NYSE: VTEX]

Other investment companies

Companies that meet the influence criteria (including companies without official announcement)
3% or more investee companies

Formerly a subsidiary/affiliated company

  • SOFTBANK CONTENT SERVICES, INC. (changed from Phoenix Publishing Systems, Inc.)
  • Ziff Davis Inc. (Up to 100%)(Changed from ZD Inc.) [NYSE: ZD & ZDZ * Listed and delisted from company stocks and business division stocks] --- Merged with CNET Networks, Inc. in October 2000
    • ZD Inc. (changed from Ziff Davis Inc.)- ZDNetOwn department[76].
    • Sold to ZD Market Intelligence Limited-Harte Hanks, Inc.
    • ZDTV LLC- Paul AllenSold to Vulcan Ventures Inc.
    • Ziff-Davis Education Canada Inc.
    • Formation Ziff-Davis Canada Inc.
  • Key3Media Group, Inc. [NYSE: KMED * Delisted] --Spin-off from Ziff Davis' exhibition business (COMDEX, NetWorld + Interop)
    • Key3Media Events, Inc.
    • Key3Media Events Pty Ltd.
    • ZD Events SA
    • Key3Media SA
  • SoftBank Forum Co., Ltd.-Sold to Key3Media Group
  • Game Bank Co., Ltd. (60%)
  • Kingston technology (Up to 80%)
  • Media Bank Co., Ltd. (60%%)
  • Ltd.Pasona Softbank (Up to 17.5%)[JQ: 4721]
  • J Sky B Co., Ltd. (Up to 50%)
  • Sky entertainmentCo., Ltd. (currently J Sports Co., Ltd.) (Up to 80.1%)[77]
  • BB FactoryLtd. (Up to 100%)
  • Broad mediaLtd. (Up to 40.94%)[JQ: 4347]
    • G Cluster Global Co., Ltd.
    • Broadmedia Studio Co., Ltd.-Former subsidiary of SoftBank Broadmedia
    • Ltd.Fishing vision (Up to 57.9%) -Former subsidiary of SoftBank Broadmedia
    • CDN Solutions Co., Ltd. (currently Broadmedia Technologies)-Former subsidiary of Broadmedia Research Institute
  • Ltd.TV Asahi (Up to 21.4%) -Held through Obunsha Media from June 1996, 6 to March 20, 1997
  • UT Starcom (Up to 49.9%)[NASDAQ: UTSI]
  • E-Shopping Car Goods Co., Ltd.
  • Ease Music Co., Ltd.
  • E-Shopping Information Co., Ltd.
  • E-Shopping Toys Co., Ltd.-Sold to Happinet Co., Ltd.
  • E-Shopping Books Co., Ltd. (Up to 61.5%)
  • Yahoo! (Currently: Altaba Inc.) (Up to 37.02%)[NASDAQ: YHOO]
    • Geo Cities (Up to 22.58%)[NASDAQ: GCTY * Delisted]
  • Ltd.Cyber ​​communications (Up to 42.7%)[Mothers: 4788 * Delisted]
  • Trend microLtd. (Up to 35%)[TYO: 4704]
  • Ebest Co., Ltd. (33.3% at establishment) - Best electric appliancesJoint venture with.
  • GungHo Online EntertainmentCo., Ltd. (former: On Sale Co., Ltd.[78](60% at the time of establishment, up to 58.50% after reacquisition)[TYO: 3765]
  • E * TRADE (Up to 28%)[NASDAQ:ETFC]
  • NASDAQ JapanLtd. (Up to 50%)
  • Euphorinc Inc. (Up to 51%) - Mitsubishi CorporationJoint venture with
  • SBBMCo., Ltd. (former: SoftBank Broadmedia) (100%)
  • MOVIDA HOLDINGSCo., Ltd. (former: BB Serve Co., Ltd., later MH Co., Ltd.) (55% at establishment)
    • Aetas Inc.-Game portal site4Gamer.netManagement of
    • Digital Catapult Co., Ltd.-Operation of e-book store "Soku Yomi"
    • Flex comicsLtd.
  • Web MD Co., Ltd.-Operation of medical information website "WebMD Japan"Sonnet MXNUMXTransfer to
  • Click to Learn Co., Ltd. (later learning point)-Merged with SBMM Creative.
  • SBMM Creative-"Ohashi picture book club" operating company.
  • EBook Systems, Inc.-E-book service "Flib" provided.
  • Barks, Inc.-Music information site "BARKSThe former operating company of.
  • EC Research Co., Ltd.-Sold to Cross Marketing, Inc.
  • Jaja Entertainment Co., Ltd.-Providing paid horse racing information.
  • zoome Inc.-Video posting community site "zoomsThe operating company.
  • Akamai Technologies Japan Ltd.
  • HR Solutions Co., Ltd. (Up to 69%)
  • TV bankLtd.
  • Tao Bao Holding Limited[79]
  • China Stickball Planning Co., Ltd.
  • Net Culture LLC
  • USTREAM Asia Co., Ltd. (Up to 60%)
  • Ltd.Aozora Bank (Up to 48.88%)[TYO: 8304]
  • Global Center Japan Co., Ltd. (currently Co., Ltd.)Broadband tower(38%)
  • Japanese movie satellite broadcastingLtd. (Up to 15%)
  • Ariva Japan Co., Ltd. (40% at establishment)
  • Nippon Safenet Co., Ltd. (35%)(Former: Rainbow Technologies Inc.)
  • Best Broadband Co., Ltd. (40%)
  • Yamada Broadband Co., Ltd. (35%)
  • Max Broadband Co., Ltd. (35%) - K's DenkiJoint venture with.
  • Broadband Japan Co., Ltd. (35%) - NojimaJoint venture with.
  • BB Marketing Inc. (35%) - PC depotJoint venture with.
  • Laox Bbee Co., Ltd. (40%)
  • Interactive Media Mix Co., Ltd. (25.1%)
  • My Space Co., Ltd. (50%)
  • Aprix Dot Net Inc.
  • MP Technologies, Inc. (currently Intea Holdings, Inc.) [TSE Mothers: 3734 * Delisted]
  • Ltd.Fuji Television(Up to 14.67%) -From March 2005, 3 to June 24, 6Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.Shareholding
  • Oh My News InternationalLtd. (Up to 12.95%)
  • SBM Gourmet SolutionsCo., Ltd. (currently EPARK Co., Ltd.) (Up to 20.02%)
  • CJ Internet Japan Co., Ltd. (Up to 44.9%)
  • Betfair Group plc (Up to 23%)[LSE: PPB]
  • Charlton Acquisition LLP
  • Zinga JapanLtd. (Up to 50%) -Photo/video sharing site "Photo warehouseThe former operating company of.
  • JapanPayPalLtd.
  • Ltd.WILLCOM(Up to 100%)
  • E accessLtd. (100%)[TYO: -9427 * Delisted]
  • Ltd.Uula(Up to 50%)
  • Super cell (Up to 73.2%)
  • DramaFever Corp.-Operating company of video distribution service "DramaFever" for Korean drama.
  • PPLive Corporation(Up to 35%) -Video distribution service "PPTVOperation
  • Ltd.Green power investment (Up to 44%)
  • PixiesLtd.(Up to 49%)
  • Flip cart (Estimated 20%) -Sold to WAL-MART INTERNATIONAL HOLDINGS, INC.
  • Ustream (Up to 19.04%)
  • SB Product Group Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Galilei Japan K.K.
  • Shiodome Business No. 3 Co., Ltd.
  • Sports Live Entertainment Inc. (formerly Shiodome Business No. 5 Inc.)
  • Shiodome Power Station No. 9 Co., Ltd. (currently Aichi Gamagori Biomass Power Generation LLC)
  • Shiodome Power Station No. 11 Co., Ltd. (currently Sustainable Power Engineering Co., Ltd.)
  • Drive Shack [NYSE: DS]
  • (English edition[NYSE: NSM * Delisted]
  • (English edition[NYSE: OMF]
  • Cocoro SBLtd.
  • Galaxy Investment Holdings, Inc. (US corporation that is an intermediate holding company that holds a part of Sprint's stock)
  • Starburst I, Inc. (A US corporation that is an intermediate holding company that holds shares in Sprint)
  • SB C & S Corp.(Old: SoftBank Commerce & Service)
  • Eco Circle Logistics Co., Ltd. (formerly SB Logistics)
  • Knowledge on Demand Co., Ltd. (Up to 55.3%)
  • Brightstar Global Group Inc. (89.9%)
    • Brightstar Corp.OTC: BTSR * Delisted]-Overseas mobile terminal distribution business
    • Brightstar Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Shiodome MobileLtd.
  • SijiniaLtd. (Up to 30.78%)[Toma: 6031]
Former SoftBank Finance Group
  • SoftBank Finance Co., Ltd.(AfterSOFTBANK TELECOM
    • Japan Cognotech Co., Ltd. (former: Forex Bank) (56%)
      • F-X Platform Co., Ltd.-Joint venture with Unicom Japan
    • E-Advisor Co., Ltd.-Merged with Justy
    • E-Net Card Co., Ltd. (later Ascot Co., Ltd.) (49% at establishment) - AcomJoint venture with Swan Credit
    • Swan Credit Co., Ltd. (later SBI Business Loan)
    • E Bond Securities Co., Ltd.
    • E-Commodity Co., Ltd. (laterSBI Futures
    • Azami Life Insurance
    • Sophia Bank, Ltd.
    • Ltd.Able (Up to 33.24%)[JQ: 8872 * Delisted]
  • Softbank InvestmentCo., Ltd. (currently SBI Holdings) (100% at establishment)[TYO: 8473]
    • Cultural Broadcasting Brain[Store registration * Delisted]
    • Ace securities
    • Biovision Capital Co., Ltd.
    • Finance All Corp. [Osho Hercules: 8437 * Delisted]
      • INNSWEB Co., Ltd.
      • E-Loan Co., Ltd.
      • Tech Tank Co., Ltd. (later SBI Technology)
      • Good Loan Co., Ltd. (formerly SoftBank Finance Card, later SBI Mortgage, Arhi Co., Ltd.)
      • Web Lease Co., Ltd. (currently FA Leasing Co., Ltd.)
    • SoftBank Ventures Co., Ltd. (current:SBI Investment(100% at establishment)
    • E-Trade Co., Ltd. [Nasdaq Japan:8627 *Delisted]
    • E-trade securitiesCo., Ltd. (currently SBI SECURITIES) (Up to 100%)[JQ: 8701 * Delisted]
      • Fides Securities Co., Ltd. (formerly Nissho Iwai Securities)
      • World Niei Frontier Securities Co., Ltd. (laterSBI Securities) [HC: 8696 * Delisted]
        • SoftBank Frontier Securities Co., Ltd. [HC: 8629 * Delisted]
    • Morning starLtd. (55% at establishment)[TYO: 4765]
      • Gomez Co., Ltd.
      • E-Advisor Co., Ltd. (formerly Justy)
    • Art Folio Co., Ltd. (currently SBI Art Folio Co., Ltd.)
    • SBI Asset Management Co., Ltd. (former: Aozora Asset Management, present: SBI Asset Management)
    • E-Research Inc.
    • Veri TransformerCo., Ltd. (formerly Cyber ​​Cash Co., Ltd.) [HC: 3749 * Delisted]
Yahoo (Z Holdings) Former affiliated company

Tax avoidance problem


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