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🌏 | 4th vaccination, insufficient prevention of Omicron strain = Israeli study


4th vaccination, inadequate prevention of Omicron strain = Israeli study

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According to the center, these results are the first in the world, but they are preliminary and have not been officially announced yet.

[Jerusalem XNUMXth Reuters] – The fourth inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine is compared to the third inoculation ... → Continue reading


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World's first list

World's first listYou can check it in the current situation世界Introduce the first thing in.


Use of fire



First, the creation of the oldest toolAfrican Great Rift Valley OfOlduvai GorgeFrom about 260 million years ago to about 180 million years agoStone makerHas been discovered[1].. this is"Ordowan StonewareIt was called,Homo habilis,Homo erectusEtc.)[1].
Second, the oldest use of fire isSouth AfricaDiscovered in the north, about a million years old[2].. The initial use of fire was "Wildfire(VolcanoActivities/Lightning-Forest fireDue toSpontaneous combustion)” was used, but after that, I discovered ignition technology and started to ignite by myself.[3].
Third, there are various theories regarding the use of the oldest word (spoken language)[3].. This is because the words themselves do not remain as relics.[3].. However, it was about one million years ago that the three conditions of the origin of the hunter-gatherer civilization were met: the making of tools, the use of fire, and the use of words (spoken language).[3].
Based on the above,Homo genus OfmetabolismForm orLifestyleWas called the "hunting and gathering civilization" and created the oldest civilization(I.e.最初 のrevolutionIs called the "human revolution"[3].


One of the oldest knownVillageTell Abu Freira (cf.), it started after the village formation period (around 11,500 years ago). Present(I.e.,Alepposuburbs.
YinTeenagerOracleLeft inKoiThe record of aquaculture is said to be the oldest.
Gulf of NaplesでOysterIt is said that aquaculture by sown in the ground has begun.
"Wujiang chronology]SacrednessIt is recorded that seaweed cultivation began in Omori (currently Omori, Ota-ku, Tokyo) around that time.
  • Sea surface aquaculture of fish-Japan (1928/,Showa3 years)
KagawaHigashikagawaHikitaAt Atoike (formerly Hiketa, Hiketa-cho, Okawa-gun)Kasaburo Noami HamachiWas successfully cultivated for the first time.


  • saltUse-Unknown. Prehistoric. In the first place, many of the animals find a place where salt crystals are formed and regularly eat it. 4700 BC-4200 BC (now in the land of Bulgaria)Solnitsata The town of salt production flourished.
Birthplace of food, inventor, company




Educational facilities and institutions
  • University (Research/Educational Institution)-
  • Universities commonly described as "oldest university" in Western literature- University of Bologna,1088/Founded around
Cultural facility
Commercial facility


*Airports, railways, roads, ports and structures attached to them (that is, structures related to transportation)#trafficSee section.

*For facilities and structures related to sports, see#SportSee section.

*For facilities and structures related to plants such as power plants#IndustrialSee section.

*For facilities and structures related to amusement, see "#EntertainmentSee section.








■Planetary explorationForRover TheSpace Development Sectionreference.

オ ー ト バ イ



  • Submarine railwaytunnel(Professional one)- Severn tunnel(Started construction in 1873, opened in 1886, United Kingdom)
Estuary(Brackish waterThe bottom of the tunnel is 3620m and the scale of the bottom of the Kanmon tunnel is 1140m. With a total length of 7008m, it was the longest tunnel in England for over 100 years. Completed in the United Kingdom in 1843Mark Isambad BrunelbyThames tunnelIs the firstUnderwater tunnelIs recognized.

Our Sky


*About spaceSpace Development Sectionreference.

* World's firstNuclear planeIs "#MilitarySection.



Print media


  • Medicinal plantUse-Unknown. Since humans eat herbs when they get sick even if they are not taught, perhaps human beings had selectively put herbs in their mouth before they became human. The record is (prospering around Iraq today)Mesopotamian civilizationThe name of more than 200 botanicals is recorded in a clay plate found in Assyria in the north of the land.
  • 麻 酔と手術 -Unidentifiable (records that cannot be verifiedB.C.In all over the world)
Medicinal herb,alcoholVarious records of general anesthesia using BC have been recorded since BC.surgery,Caesarean sectionI know it was used for. In the famous one,200/Around (Back HanEnd)Chugoku OfFlowerSaid he had a surgery using a general anesthetic called "Maefusan".Three Kingdoms』(280/Around). However, these records are too old to be verified.
The last affected person due to natural infection1977/One person, and then2003/May 5becomewho (WHO) made a declaration of eradication (declaration of achievement of elimination from the natural environment). As of 2012, smallpox is the only human race that has succeeded in controlling epidemics.EpidemicBut also.
It is unknown what the world's first skin graft was,500 BCAroundSaintSushrutaRhinoplasty (developed according to patients undergoing nasal scraping)OrthopedicsSurgical method)(English edition)Is detailed. In addition, the world's first skin graft is based on a flap (a surgical method that transplants skin/subcutaneous tissue or deep tissue with blood flow).earlobeThere is also a theory that it was a reconstruction technique.
- (English edition)bycorneaTransplant (1905/)
It is more generally accepted that this is regarded as "the world's first successful human organ transplantation", but this is merely based on the modern scientist's view of modern medical science as the beginning of medical treatment. ,Ancient indiaIt is not possible to make the skin grafts performed in the US "not organ transplants".
Success with other internal organs,pancreas(1966/),liver(1967/),心 臓(1967/),lung(1986/),trachea(2008/),face(2010/[12]),uterus(2011/),penis(2015/).

Biotechnology, etc.

Biotechnology(Biotechnology), and the world's first leading technology field with the same purpose.

  • Commercial GMOs-GMO TomatoesFlavr Savr(Released in 1994)
種AsSheepとLaboratory mouseHas been reported.
1996/May 7Was born infemale Ofindividual.. The following was announced1997/May 2.
In addition, the birth of somatic cell clone mammals other than sheep,Laboratory mouse(1997 years),cow(1997 years),pig(2000 years),cat(2001 years),Goat(2001 years),Gaul(2001 years),Rat(2003 years),Rabbit(2003 years),Deer(2003 years),A horse(2003 years),ferret(2004 years),Dog(2005 years),camel(2009) and so on.
  • SpecialStem cellsEstablishment of creation technology

Chemical synthesis, etc.

*About space#Space developmentSee.


Wind power
Hydraulic power
  • Water mill -Around the 2nd century BCAsia MinorThe water turbine was being used as a power source.Ancient romeThe water wheel is also mentioned in the work of the engineer Vitruvian Man.



Computer/computer related

  • Abacus(Abacus, manual calculator)- 2700 BCAround
  • Mechanical calculator- 1642/Completed three years after the start of research by Blaze Pascal (Pascaline Pascaline).

Electric/electronic type

Arithmetic device/control device

Storage device/I/O device


Computer games

game machine
Arcade game machine
Consumer game consoles

Mobile phone/smartphone

Other equipment



Postal service

またPostSince the system was first established in the world and spread throughout the world,Universal postal treatyIt is the world's only privileged exemption from the obligation to write the issuing country on stamps. The only stamps without country names are in England.

Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu


Mind sports

1997/,United Kingdom TheUK OfRoyal Festival HallHeld at.

Music / video

Recording on media
  • Million sellerRecord of- Enrico Caruso"Wear your costume" (Opera "Clown], there are multiple recordings)
    • In record unit,Alma Gluck"Nostalgic Virginia" (Victor's red label 12 inch record No.74420) is the world's first million seller.


tv set

Literary arts

Arcade housing

Exercise, sports

Martial arts[Avoid ambiguity]-martial arts,Physical trainingAnd so onmotionGeneral and physical sports (Mind sportsWorld's first about general physical sports, which is distinguished from [brain sports].

- 21th century BCAroundMiddle Ages of Ancient Egypt OfBeni HassanLocated inTomb OfmuralSeveral sports of that time (illustrated inwrestling,Weightlifting,motion,Bow and arrowbyhunting,ballAccompanied byRitualSuch)[25]
: Bow-and-arrow hunting and rituals involving balls are not sports in the modern concept, but it is not correct to measure the perceptions of the time with modern common sense. There is a possibility that we cannot call these sports, but if so,TossCompetition also cannot be called an ancient sport.
  • Full-scale sports events that can be confirmed with historical materials- 776 BCOlympia Grand Festival (1stAncient olympic)
: The Ancient Greek OfOlympiaAt9th century BCIt is believed that it was held from the beginning, but the early Olympia Grand Festival (Ancient Olympic Games) is not recorded, and it is customary to count the one from 776 BC as the first. As mentioned above, the sports event itselfAncient egyptAnd even in ancient Greece.
"en:America's Cup#1851 America wins the CupSee also.
-According to the Broughton's Rule rulebook1743/ToEnglandMade inboxingCompetition
: 中 世EuropeThere were various violent and chaotic sports in the cities and rural areas of the country, but strict rules were put in place only in this era. However, the definition of "modern sports" that requires the maintenance of strict rules is based on the concept of modern Europe, and sports with strict rules did not exist before that. It doesn't mean. I can't say that there wasn't a sport in ancient Egypt,Ancient olympicIt definitely happened. Also, in areas other than Europe, such as JapanSumo(Of which,17st century(Edo Sumo and Osaka Sumo started in XNUMX), even if there were those that prepared the conditions of "modern sports" in the earlier times,Rationalism[Avoid ambiguity]It should be noted that it is excluded because it was not born from.

Martial arts, martial arts


Winter sports

  • Ski Club-Trinsyl Rifle Ski Club ( Norway): For the purpose of improving the national defense capability at the private level1861/Was founded in.
  • Biathlon -As a military competition (military sports competition),18st centuryIn the second halfSwedenとNorway OfsoldierIs said to have started.
: Skiing around the field銃Shoot prey in winterhuntingIs the prototype, and later thisSnow battleBiathlon was born as it was used as a technique for ya. As a pure sport, the Trinsyl Rifle Ski Club was established1861/Was established. As a sports competition,1924/Chamonix Winter OlympicsIs the oldest one.
: A style that can be called the prototype of modern skiing.
: 1800 eraIs said to have already slipped on a snowy mountain with one plate,1963/To(English edition)(United States flag The United States of America) Skateboard made by processing a skateboard(English edition)Or1965/To(English edition)(United States flag The United States of America) On the snowsurfingToys for(English edition)Is said to be the origin.
: As for play,15st centuryIt is said to have originated in Scotland, and at that time it was said that a flat-bottomed river stone was slid over ice. Curling of the current rule is19st centuryEarlyCanadaEstablished in.
: However,Sled competitionAs for the ski before the spreadEurope,North AmericaIt was a popular competition held in the mountains.
: As for play,Switzerland OfJapan AlpsBorn and developed in rural areas.


Around the world


Polar regions

Extreme reach
Crossing (passing the pole)


deep sea

Our Sky

*About spaceSpace Development Sectionreference.

Round the world flight with other methods and aircraftFlight around the world"reference.

Space development


Space station
Animal mission
  • Went to spaceAnimal - V2 rocketGot onFruit fly(Launched on February 1947, 2)
    • Also the first animal to survive on Earth
    • After that, monkeys, dogs, rabbits, frogs, guinea pigs, cats, tortoises, oleanders, spiders, newts, parasitoids, stag beetles, beetles, amoeba, plants, fungi, fertilized eggs of chickens, silkworms, Madagascar cockroaches, Mexico. Flying beans, butterflies, artemia, mackerel beetles, crickets, snails, carp, medaka, sea urchins, jellyfish, and chimpanzees are in space.
  • Went to spacemammalian -Riding a V2 rocketRhesus monkey(Launched on February 1949, 6)
    • continue,Mouse,DogTook a rocket and went to space.
  • Earth orbitOrbiting animals- Sputnik 2Got onLeica dog(1957/May 11launch,USSR)
  • Deep spaceAnimals that went to- Yellow tortoise,Cheese fly,Meal wormetcLunar orbitOrbit (launched September 1968, 9)
  • 宇宙空間Surviving animals directly exposed to Photon M3Got onPlatypus(November 2007)
  • An egg-bearing animal in space-riding a Photon M3cockroach(November 2007)
    • Return to the earth and lay eggs safely.
  • Animals born (hatched) in space-unknown
Manned mission

Artificial satellite

Space probe

Orbiting (other than Earth orbit)
Sample return

Launch Site/Space Port




World's first armorFloating turret(The world's first Devastation-class armored floating battery), the 4th ship "Tonnante", the 1st ship "Dévastation", and the 3rd ship "(English edition) (Lave)", 2nd ship "Foudroyante"[Note 4] Crimean WarBuilt inside (※line of order), during the war(English edition)Is well known for its success in[28].
Union Army OfmonitorとConfederate OfVirginiaby. Both sides could not sink the other party and ended in a draw.

Our Sky

- Japanese armySeaplane carrier of "Wakamiya Maru(LaterMarine defense ship"Wakamiya")Maurice FalmanformulaCompound leafSeaplaneBut,Battle of QingdaoでGermanyAttack the military base (1914/May 9, First sortie)
- World War IIn1914/May 9,RussiaBoarded a military planePeter NesterovThe captainAustriaMilitaryReconnaissance aircraftAttacks made against[29]
Both aircraft were destroyed and crashed due to this action, and a total of three passengers on both aircraft died. The definition of "special attack" here does not matter whether or not one is prepared for self-death. Nesterov made a crushing attack using the main landing gear of a military aircraft, which was still unarmed at the time, but it is unclear whether the result of the crash of his aircraft was his intention (don't consider survival).Kamikaze CommandoIs different). See also [[Kamikaze #For overseas |]].
AttackerRussiaMilitary aircraftMorane Solnier G(Unarmed type), attacked sideAustriaMilitary affiliationReconnaissance aircraft(English edition).. The attacker has also crashed, so he did not win the air battle.
- GermanyMilitaryFokker EindeckerM.5K/MG prototype,FranceMilitaryMorane SolnierL double seat(English edition)Shot down (1915May 7)
German armyShooting down King(English edition)One of the five Fokker Eindecker M.5K/MG prototypes commanded by the Lieutenant was shot down.


The first satellite, the Corona.en: Corona (satellite) #Corona launchesSee.
(English edition)The second unit (also known as the MiDAS satellite).
History of DSP satellite # performance improvement,en: Missile Defense Alarm System #MiDAS launchesSee also



Canned goods
Tinplate itself since ancient timesIndustrialWas manufactured in a traditional way. Before the factory-made industrial production beganBohemiaThe region is longEuropeWas an exclusive production site in. From the same 1620s, BohemiaKingdom of SaxonyThe production area has expanded,Domestic handicraftIt was production.
expeditionWere plagued with food supply problems inNapoleon BonaparteGroundbreakingPreserved FoodsCall for technologySweepstakesWas developed in response to.
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