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🌏 | EU ignores "relationship improvement efforts" and supports refugee measures = Turkish President


EU ignores "relationship improvement efforts" and supports refugee measures = Turkish President

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Turkey currently accepts about 400 million Syrian refugees, the largest number in the world, and says it will not accept any more.

[Ankara XNUMXth Reuters] -Turkey's President Erdogan announced on the XNUMXth that several European Union (EU) member states ... → Continue reading


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Syrian refugees

Syrian refugees(Syrian refugee) Here2011/Continued fromSyrian Civil WarOccurred to escape fromSyrianrefugeesDeal with.


Before the civil war began(I.e.The population of the country was about 2200 million, but many of the people started to move toward a safe area in order to avoid a prolonged civil war.2015/The breakdown of the destinations of refugees in the stage isInternally displaced personsAs at least 760 million people,TurkeyAbout 180 million people,LebanonAbout 117 million people,JordanAbout 63 million people,(I.e.About 25 million people,EgyptAt about 13, more than half of the people became refugees.[1].

Some Syrian refugees seek to move to economically prosperous European countries,European Refugee Crisis 2015It played a part and caused confusion in European countries. Since 2015, EU countries have been containing refugee migration through support for countries around Syria.

In March 2020, the Syrian Civil War celebrated its 3th year.Syrian Observatory for Human RightsOn March 3, the same year, at least 14 people were killed in the civil war, including more than 11 civilians. Announced that more than 6000 million people are refugees and internally displaced persons[2].

Turkish and Syrian refugees

Turkey, which borders on the north side of Syria, has been a major refugee escape destination since the outbreak of the civil war.Many of the refugees who came to TurkeyGreekMany countries were reluctant to accept it, although they aimed to move to other European countries. EU countries have decided to have Turkey take measures to keep refugees in exchange for support for Turkey.Turkey has accepted more than 2019 million Syrian refugees by 360, but has faced difficulties in dealing with an ever-growing number of refugees[3].

Turkey, which has been boiled down by the lack of support from the EU compared to the increase in refugees and the decline in interest, eliminates the military forces on the Syrian border, creates a buffer zone, and repatriates refugees. Make a plan.HEATThe area of ​​effective control of the military disappeared, and it was time for the military balance to collapse.2019/May 10,Turkey invades SyriaWas done. EU countries blamed Turkey all at once,President ErdoganIf you criticize military action, open the doorrefugeesWarned that 360 million people will be sent to you (EU countries)[4].

2020/In February, the Syrian government troops attacked the Turkish troops deployed near the border, and the Turkish side also counterattacked, resulting in a rush.Turkey has put pressure on the EU for military intervention, while facilitating refugees to move to the Greek side (through European countries).The Greek side has shown its willingness to prevent refugees from entering the country by exercising their strength.[5][6].

Jordanian and Syrian refugees

2012/, In the desertZaatari refugee campWhen it was established, a town with more than 1 people was formed in a year.The initial stage istentThe former residence was quickly replaced with a container, and the minimum habitability was secured.United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesManages, but the daily camp operating costs amounted to about $ 1 million.[7].

2016 year 2 month,UKPrior to the "Support Meeting on the Syrian Crisis" held in JordanAbdullah IIIn an interview, the king emphasized that about a quarter of the national budget is being used to support refugees.He warned the international community that "the dam will collapse" sooner or later, saying that the surge in refugees is putting a heavy burden on Jordan's welfare services, infrastructure and economy.At this point, 4 refugees were living in Jordan, with the addition of one million who had lived before the civil war.[8].

Lebanese and Syrian refugees

In 2015, Lebanon responded to refugees migrating from neighboring countriesvisaThere was a move to introduce a system and put restraint on it.However, moving from LebanonBorder checkpointIt is possible without passing through, and the effectiveness is poor. As of 2015, more than 110 million refugees have arrived, but many have flowed into Lebanon without being registered, making it difficult to determine the actual number.In Lebanon, where political and religious conflicts continue, it is difficult to take flexible measures against refugees, but a large number of refugees are squeezing limited domestic resources.SecurityThe dissatisfaction of the Lebanese people has also increased with the worsening of[9].

In a 2017 UNHCR survey, more than two-thirds of Syrian refugees who said they had some form of support in the last three months showed signs of improvement.However, refugees' lives are harsh, with 3% of households living on less than US $ 3 a day, showing an increasing trend.[10]..The corresponding financial crisis of the Lebanese government is so serious that it is difficult to support refugees.2020/May 3, Lebanese government denominated in foreign currencyGovernment bondDecide to postpone paymentDefaultFall into a state[11], Support for refugees is in a difficult situation.

Japanese and Syrian refugees

By June 2018, 6 Syrians have applied for refugee status with the Japanese government.On the other hand, the Japanese sideConvention on Refugee Statusof"Race,Religious,CitizenshipOr because of being a member of a particular social group or because of political opinionpersecutionWe rigorously examined the definition of "may be subject to persecution" and rejected many applications as there was no evidence of persecution.Only 15 people have been certified.However, for many people, due to humanitarian considerationsSpecial permission to stayIs out, and life in Japan is permitted[12].


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