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💴 | How to increase the return rate of credit card and code payments, PayPay and Rakuten cards are also 2% or more


How to increase the return rate of credit card and code payment, PayPay and Rakuten card to 2% or more

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With Rakuten Pay, you can get a 1% return when you pay using an electronic money balance called Rakuten Cash.

In recent years, due to the spread of credit cards and code payments, cashless payments are becoming more popular.Daily payments… → Continue reading


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    Electronic money balance

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      Rakuten Pay

      Rakuten Pay(Rakuten Pay,English: Rakuten Pay) Is the parent company of and the companyRakuten Inc.UnfoldsElectronic paymentService.


      In a physical storeQR code settlementElectronic payment service such as "Rakuten Pay (real store payment)'[1] And Rakuten members are other than RakutenEC siteA service that allows you to make online payments using your Rakuten ID and password.Rakuten Pay (online payment)'[2] There are two types, the former is handled by Rakuten Payment Co., Ltd., and the latter is handled by Rakuten Co., Ltd.

      Rakuten Pay (real store payment)

      There are "application payment", "credit card payment", and "electronic money payment" as payment methods.Of these, the service named "Rakuten Pay" that is generally widely recognized is the "Rakuten Pay" service that uses a dedicated app.App paymentIt is.

      App payment

      201610/27The smartphone application "Rakuten Pay" was released to the public and the service was started.By logging in with your Rakuten member ID, you can make smartphone payments at physical stores.The payment method is "code payment" where the QR code is presented by the app and read by the store, and "QR payment" where the QR code in the store is read by the smartphone / tablet terminal. You can select from "self-payment" to settle.

      Credit card transaction

      Payment service for sole proprietors and SMEsRakuten Smart PayAs201212/6Service started. In October 2016, with the release of the Rakuten Pay app, "Rakuten Pay (real store payment)The service name was changed to.

      At the beginning of the service, the store downloaded a dedicated application to a smartphone terminal and held it over a dedicated card reader attached to the terminal to read the credit card.Currently, the format is to insert a credit card into a card reader and read it.The brand isVisa,MasterCard,American Express,JCB,Diners Club,DISCOVERCorresponding to.

      Electronic money payment

      Hold the electronic money over the same card reader used for credit card payment and make the payment.Rakuten Group developsRakuten EdyIn addition,Suica,PASMOTransportation IC cards such as, andWAON,nanaco,Apple PayIt is compatible with many electronic money brands.

      Rakuten Pay (online payment)

      "Rakuten Anshin Payment ServiceAs 2008Service started in October[3].RakutenOf these, it is a service that can be used by separating only the payment / user authentication function, and it is assumed that companies that already sell digital content etc. on their own sites will use payment by Rakuten ID / password.Initially, only the number of cases was charged, but2009Support for flat-rate billing settlement from September[4]..If you make a payment using this service, the purchaser will be notified in the same way as when purchasing a product at Rakuten Ichiba.Rakuten pointsIs given.Initially it was a service only for PCs,2010Since AprilMobile phoneWe also supported payment by[5].

      2014In August, from "Rakuten Anshin Payment Service"Rakuten ID settlement"What,2017In February, from "Rakuten ID payment" to "Rakuten Pay (online payment)The name was changed to[6][7].


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