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📢 | Shoronpou drawstring that "wraps the liquid inside and does not leak"!Cloud foundation of convenient 3 size set…


"Wraps the liquid inside and does not leak" Shoronpo drawstring purse!Cloud foundation of convenient 3 size set…

If you write the contents roughly
Based on the concept of "", could we make a drawstring bag that can be stored by dividing it according to size that can be used repeatedly?

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Circular Moored Net:

Circular Moored Net:(Kinchaku) is a bag whose opening is squeezed with a bag.[1]..As a materialleather,cloth,knittingAnd so on[1], Make it into a bag and close its mouth (opening) ("O", that is,stringKind)[1]..A type of bag for storing small items.Drawstring bagAlso known as (Kinchakubukuro).The purse is an ancient Japanese bag, but the format is called a drawstring bag.[2].


In the "mouth" part where things are put in and outstringA bag that can be closed by squeezing the "mouth" with the string is called a "pouch".As a material, mainlyleather-cloth-knittingSuch. Since the latter half of the 20th century, the number of artificial materials has increased.There is a wide variety of materials for adults, some of which are solid leather, some of which are knitted, and some of which are made of thin cloth.Most children's items are generally made of (cheap) fluffy cloth.

As an application, it is generally used to put small items (small items).For adults, leather or thick cloth is used as a bag, or knitted fabrics are used to make soft and small items, and to put personal accessories or wallets in them.Children who go to kindergartens, nursery schools, elementary schools, etc. are given thin cloth and used to put tableware (cups, etc.) and stationery.

There is also a product arranged in a handbag type handbag[2].

Both with and without gusset are drawstring purses.


Mitsumasa Ikeda(Edo PeriodThe first person. Drawstring purses also appear in the anecdote of 1609-1682).Mitsumasa Ikeda was a frugal daimyo, but one day his vassalscoral Of(English edition)I saw him wearing a gorgeous purse with (uncle) on a string.At that time, he didn't say anything, and later he sewed it with a poor cloth and made a hole with a fire chopstick, saying to the vassal, "This is a purse I made by myself. It's very good, so I'll give it to you." OnlySwordfishHe gave him a purse with the fruit of the fruit, and implicitly showed his frugality.This story is from the Meiji era修身It is published in the textbooks of ("Mitsumasa's purse"[3]Posted in titles such as).

Late Edo periodTokosha XNUMXbycomic book"Tokaido Naka Knee Chestnut Hair』(Part XNUMX) also appeared in a purse, which was worn by Yajirobei and Kitahachi, who were in trouble because their money was stolen by" Sesame Yes "on the way.Inden leatherDrawstring purse, passing bysamuraiThere is a description that he tries to sell it for 300 sentences, but he wants to buy it cheaply because he can see his feet.

Meiji EraIn the "Knitting Textbook" published inknittingHow to make a purse (Kimono(As a decoration of) is posted.

According to the information published in the books published in the Meiji era, there was a thing called "Mamori Kinchaku" in Japan in the old days, and this is inside.AmuletIt is a drawstring bag that was carried by an infant.[4].Hemp leaf pattern,crane-turtle-chrysanthemumIn some cases, the pattern and embroidery of the cloth used for the drawstring purse, the method of tying the string, etc. were given with the meaning of amulet, health and longevity.

MeijiからShowaIn the Japanese militaryEnrollment"Hokobukuro", "Oshobukuro", which is a bag that holds the essentials used at the time, or "Hifukuteregu", which is provided to the soldiers. Put it inhempMade bag[5]Was in the shape of a drawstring bag.


  • In Japan, I used to carry a purse around my waist, soMetaphorSo, the person who sticks to a person in power is called "Koshiginchaku".[6]) ”.Also, in the same sense, accompanying a trip is called a "pouch trip".
  • In Japan, I put gold in my purse, soPickpocket"Kinchakuri"[7]) ”.
  • OdenUsed for simmered dishes such asFriedThere is a food called "pouch" in the processed products.MochiEtc. are in the fried tofu,Dried gourdTie it like a purse mouth.
  • "Sea anemone(sea anemone)".I decided to call it because the shapes are similar.
  • "Slipper flowers(Drawstring grass) "I decided to call it that because the shape is similar.


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