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📊 | Welcia participates in "bottle to bottle" recycling In-store collection in Kinki and Tokai

Photo "Bottle-to-bottle" recycling process

Welcia Participates in "Bottle to Bottle" Recycling Collection at Stores in Kinki and Tokai

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The number of collection boxes will be gradually increased in the Kinki and Tokai regions, and the number of over-the-counter collection points will be expanded to 23 by the end of fiscal 665.

Welcia Pharmacy, a subsidiary of Welcia Holdings, will start collecting PET bottles at some stores in the Kinki and Tokai regions. … → Continue reading

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    Over-the-counter collection point

    Tokai region

    Tokai region(Tokai IchihoIt is,HonshuLocated in the centerThe Pacific OceanFaceRegionIs. In generalAichi,Gifu,Mie,ShizuokaAlthough it refers to the four prefectures of Japan, it is a "name of the Pacific coastal region in southern central Japan" and usually refers to parts of Shizuoka, Aichi, Mie and Gifu.[2]And the literature that says "Shizuoka, Aichi, Mie Tokai three prefectures" in the Pacific region of central Honshu[3]The range of the Tokai region is not fixed.

    Due to the broadcasting area, commercial stations in Nagoya refer to the three prefectures excluding Shizuoka as "Tokai region" and "Tokai 3 prefectures" ("Tokai prefecturesection).Shizuoka Prefecture may be included in the Kanto region for branch offices of ministries and agencies.


    Origin of the name

    The name isGoki Shichido OfTokaidoIs thus called[4].


    Tokai range

    Tokai region is an ancientTokaidoIs different from. The Tokaido is vast,Kai country(CurrentYamanashi) Is included,KantoIt extends to the east coast. On the other hand, Gifu prefecture (Mino country-Hida country) IsHigashisendo,Mie PrefectureEastern Kishu(Kii countryPart of)NankaidoAnd not Tokaido.

    Aichi prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Shizuoka prefectureChubu regionBelongs toKinkiBelong to.

    Gifu PrefectureHida TheCentral Highlands, In MieIga TheKansai regionEach is treated as, and may be excluded from the Tokai region.


    Main terrain of Tokai region (excluding Mie prefecture)
    Main terrain of Tokai region (excluding Mie prefecture)
    Main topography of Mie prefecture
    Main topography of Mie prefecture

    Geologically,Itoigawa Shizuoka Structural Line(Itozu line)Central structure lineIs running vertically. From the east to the northMount Fuji,Akaishi Mountains,Kiso Mountains,Hida Mountainsな どVolcanoActivities andMountain buildingFormed byCentral highlandsThe south faces the Pacific Ocean.GifuNorthern (mainlyHida region) Is part of the central highlands formed by orogenic activity, and is one of Japan's leading mountain regions such as the Hida Mountains.

    Since the coast is a plate boundary,Tokai earthquake,Tonankai earthquakeIt is a warning area. SoutheastIzu PeninsulaFormed by volcanic activity and sea level riseRias coastThe terrain is close to the mountains. Spread to the west of the Izu PeninsulaSuruga BayThe shore is a mountainous area formed by volcanic activity and mountain buildingKano River,Fuji River,Abe River,OigawaA small plain formed by the erosion of large rivers is divided. On the west side of Suruga BayEnshu NadaCoastal areas andMikawa BayThe coastal area was formed by the descent of the sea surface because the volcanic activity and the orogenic activity stopped relatively sooner than the Suruga Bay coast.plateauIs spreading.Ise bayCoastKiso MikawaDue to the sedimentation of rivers such asNobi Plain,Ise plainLarge-scale plains such as are spreading.Shima PeninsulaからKumano SeaThe coast is a rias coast.


    Main mountains
    Main mountain
    Main plateau


    Main river


    Main lake


    Main bay



    Scenic spots


    From Mie to Aichi and ShizuokaPacific climate, In MieIgaAnd most of Gifu PrefectureInland climateFrom Seino, Gifu PrefectureHida region Sea of ​​Japan side climate.Nobi Plain OfSummer: Is hot and humid and is one of the most intense heat zones in the whole country.Winter:In the Nobi PlainIbuki OroshiThere are days when the sensible temperature drops to the level of northern Japan due to the dry and cold wind.When it comes to a strong winter-type pressure distribution, Gifu PrefectureSekigahara TownSince there is a break between Mt. Ibukiyama and the Suzuka Mountains in the vicinity, it may become a path for snow clouds, such as Seino in Gifu prefecture, western Aichi prefecture, and Mie prefecture.NorthEtc(I.e.May cause As a rare example of record heavy snow in recent years,1995(7)12/25から12/27OverCold waveIn Mie prefectureYokkaichiIn the deepest snow 53cm,1996(8)1/9から1/10Gifu prefecture due to cold weather over(I.e.The deepest snowfall of 48 cm was recorded.Other20052014In Nagoya, the deepest snowfall of 23 cm is recorded.Gifu prefecture and part of Shizuoka prefectureHeavy snowfallIs specified in. The southern part of Mie Prefecture is a region with a lot of rain, and typhoons often pass through it.Typhoon ginza"It is called.Also, in Shizuoka prefectureEast JapanHas the largest number of typhoons landing in Japan.


    Historical geographyThe Tokai region isKiso MikawaFuji RiverBetweenTokaidoAlong the whole area of ​​Aichi Prefecture and west of Fuji River in Shizuoka Prefecture,KinaiBecame the territory of the administrationMieAnd the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture, which became the territory of various governments in the Kanto region. gradually,Suzuka SekiからHakone SekiIt expanded into the space between.

    Ancient times

    平野Because the climate is relatively warm,Toro archeological siteAs seen in, human settlements have been seen since ancient times. EspeciallyNobi PlainInYayoiThe power of is strongly shown.IchinomiyaA large-scale front and rear tomb mound was built inFront and rear burial moundsWas born from the Ise Bay area and is believed to have spread throughout the country.Ritual system OfGoki ShichidoTokaidoWas established, but in the Ritsuryo eraContinentBecause diplomatic relations withSanyo roadWas the age of the aorta. The Tokaido at that time was from the eastern countries such as Kanto to Kinai andKitakyushuHeading to western countries such asGuardThe Tokaido is literally,to East MalaysiaLead toWas the road.

    From the Middle Ages to the Early Modern

    Sengoku periodからEdo PeriodIn particular, between the Kiso Mikawa and Fuji River,KaidoWas called. As a main example, "Kaido down","Kaido's best boss(Jiro Shimizu)"and so on.

    KantoKinaiBetweenCorridor"Kamakura PeriodSince then, it has been emphasized by those in power. OnceMinamoto no dynasty The京都After an internal conflict inIzukuni OfHiruga KojimaToexileWas done. The last placeChita PeninsulaAre greeted by. Later of the childYoritomo Gengen Kamakura ShogunateAfter opening, the area east of Fujikawa became the territory of the Kamakura Shogunate.

    Sengoku periodbecomeSengoku DaimyoWhen Tokaido is flooded,Battle between Sasakama"Or"Battle of Nagashino""Battle of Komaki and Nagakute""Battle of SekigaharaA large-scale battle such as this was unfolded, and it became a place of power struggle. Among them, the currentAichiHitOwariMikawaguniFrom the two areasOda Nobunaga,Hideyoshi Toyotomi,Tokugawa Ieyasusuch as"Three heroesIn addition to that, he produced many daimyo who became the clan. AlsoSuruga country OfSunpu(Shizuoka)Yoshikawa ImagawaBecame the home of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

    Edo PeriodTo become and,Edo(Tokyo)When京都Tie"Fifty-three Stations of the TokaidoWas established, and its traffic became the largest aorta in Japan. Inside this Tokaido Line,Sunpu-Kakegawa-Hamamatsu-(I.e.-(I.e.-KuwanaSuch,Post town,castle townThere are many cities developed from

    Since modern times

    Meiji RestorationCentralizationWhen the system is established,NagoyaBecame the base of local governance, and since then, governmental institutions have become concentrated. or,Abandoned DomainIn the Tokai region during the period,Nagoya-Nukata prefecture-Toyohashi-Hamamatsu-Shizuoka-AshigaraEtc. were separated, but1876(Meiji 9) After AugustAichiAnd reduced to Shizuoka Prefecture. Furthermore, at this time, it was Shizuoka prefecture areaIzu Islands 1878In 2 monthTokyoHas been transferred to the present.
    1889(Meiji 22) In JulyTokaido Main LineOpened,Tenryu RiverKiso MikawaThe area betweenCotton fabricIt became the center of industry.

    Since the Meiji era, mainly in Nagoya cityChukyo regionSilk production-spinningWhen the industry becomes popular and the Showa era begins,Steel-machineIndustry and otherChukyo Industrial AreaIs formed. So before and during the warMunitions industryWill be an important base forAutomobileIt has become a machine industry centered on industry, becoming Japan's largest industrial cluster. AlsoSecond World WarAfterHigh economic growthDuring the period, Shizuoka PrefectureTokai Industrial AreaWill be formed.
    In recent years, in Kakamigahara CityAerospace industryIt is a region where industries in new fields such as
    With the merger of Yue prefectureShirotori Ishitoru, Ono-gun, Fukui PrefectureYamaguchi Village, Kiso District, Nagano PrefectureThe area of ​​the area excluding the reclaimed land increased slightly from the prewar period of the Showa era because the village areas of Gifu Prefecture were added to Gujo City and Nakatsugawa City, respectively.

    Economic and transportation issues

    Pacific beltLocated on the top, representing JapanIndustrial areaAre formed. Of these, Aichi and northern MieChukyo Industrial Area, Mainly in the seaside area of ​​Shizuoka prefectureTokai Industrial AreaCall.

    2007The total gross regional product of the Tokai region (19 prefectures) in (4) was 69 billion yen. JapaneseGDPIt accounts for about 13% of the total, and it is within the 20th largest economy compared to the world GDP.Saudi Arabia,ArgentineAnd someG20The economy is larger than the member countries.Chukyo areaIs the center ofNagoya cityAnd manyIndustrial citySince industry and population are concentrated in a row,Capital AreaIs the center ofTokyo WardからKinki areaIs the center ofOsakaOf the cities overTokaido MegalopolisThere is also a thing.

    automotive industryIs the center of the regional economy,Toyota(Toyota City)WhenJapanese sea bass(Hamamatsu cityNaka-ku) Has their headquarters in this area,Denso,Aisin(Kariya city) Such as the headquarters and factories of automobile-related companies,Suzuka Circuit(Suzuka) AndFuji Speedway(Oyama Town) And other automobile-related leisure facilities are concentrated. Because of these featuresmotorizationIs the most developed area in Japan, and the number of privately owned cars is one of the highest in Japan.

    On the other hand, rail transport capacity is inferior to Kanto and Kansai,MeitetsuOf some routesWaste lineThe survival problems of railroads and buses, such as those in the US, are being cried.

    It also boasts Japan's number one car ownershipAichi OfTraffic accidentThe number of fatalities is 2005-2018 (17-30 years) is the worst one for 16 consecutive years.

    Ministries' branch offices

    Shizuoka Prefecture is sometimes included in the Kanto region instead of the Tokai region.

    Use example of local name

    The Tokai region (4 prefectures of Tokai) is used as a regional (regional) classification and name in national elections, local qualifying competitions for sports competitions, etc.


    ISO 3166-2Name of prefecturesRankingpopulationProportion
    • The rank, population, and ratio are based on the data on October 2003, 10.

    Age structure

    The following graph shows the total population of Aichi, Gifu, Mie and Shizuoka prefectures.

    Population by age group
    Estimated population as of October 2003, 10
    Total [Thousands]

    0-4 yearsG50.pngG10.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png 729
    5 - 9G50.pngG10.pngG10.png 742
    10 - 14G50.pngG10.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png 729
    15 - 19G50.pngG10.pngG10.pngG05.pngG01.pngG01.png 814
    20 - 24G50.pngG30.pngG05.png 897
    25 - 29G100.pngG01.png 1070
    30 - 34G100.pngG10.pngG01.png 1177
    35 - 39G50.pngG30.pngG10.pngG05.pngG01.png 1015
    40 - 44G50.pngG30.pngG05.pngG01.pngG01.png 924
    45 - 49G50.pngG30.pngG05.png 905
    50 - 54G100.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png 1150
    55 - 59G100.pngG03.png 1091
    60 - 64G50.pngG30.pngG10.pngG03.png 987
    65 - 69G50.pngG30.png 848
    70 - 74G50.pngG10.pngG05.pngG01.png 705
    75 - 79G50.pngG01.png 538
    Over 80 years oldG50.pngG05.pngG01.pngG01.png 601

    Population by age group
    Estimated population as of October 2003, 10
    Gender [Thousands]

    375 G30.pngG05.png0-4 yearsR30.pngR03.png 354
    380 G30.pngG05.pngG01.png5 - 9R30.pngR03.pngR01.png 362
    374 G30.pngG05.png10 - 14R30.pngR03.png 355
    418 G30.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png15 - 19R30.pngR05.pngR01.pngR01.png 396
    463 G30.pngG10.pngG03.png20 - 24R30.pngR10.pngR01.png 434
    546 G50.pngG01.png25 - 29R30.pngR10.pngR05.pngR03.pngR01.png 524
    601 G50.pngG05.pngG01.pngG01.png30 - 34R50.pngR03.pngR01.png 576
    520 G30.pngG10.pngG05.pngG03.pngG01.png35 - 39R30.pngR10.pngR05.pngR01.pngR01.png 495
    469 G30.pngG10.pngG03.pngG01.png40 - 44R30.pngR10.pngR03.png 455
    457 G30.pngG10.pngG03.png45 - 49R30.pngR10.pngR01.pngR01.png 448
    576 G50.pngG03.pngG01.png50 - 54R50.pngR03.pngR01.png 574
    545 G50.pngG01.png55 - 59R50.pngR01.png 546
    489 G30.pngG10.pngG05.pngG01.png60 - 64R30.pngR10.pngR05.pngR01.pngR01.png 498
    410 G30.pngG05.pngG03.png65 - 69R30.pngR10.pngR01.png 438
    328 G30.pngG01.png70 - 74R30.pngR05.png 377
    232 G10.pngG10.pngG01.pngG01.png75 - 79R10.pngR10.pngR05.pngR03.pngR01.png 306
    189 G10.pngG05.pngG01.pngG01.pngOver 80 years oldR30.pngR05.pngR03.pngR01.png 412

    Major cities

    Tokai four prefectures (Shizuoka,Aichi,Mie,Gifu) Major cities are listed.

    Government-designated city
    Core city
    Special city at the time of enforcement,Prefecture capital


    National university

    University nameimageAddressRemarks
    Aichi University of EducationAichi University of Education main gate ac.JPGAichiKariya cityKariya Campus
    Toyohashi University of TechnologyToyohashi University of Technology 120825.jpgAichiToyohashiToyohashi Campus
    Nagoya UniversityNagoya University-panoramio (26).jpgAichiNagoya cityChikusa WardHigashiyama Campus
    Nagoya Institute of TechnologyNagoya Institute of Technology-panoramio (3).jpgAichiNagoya cityShowa WardGoki Campus
    University nameimageAddressRemarks
    Shizuoka UniversityShizuokauniv4.jpgShizuokaShizuoka CitySuruga WardShizuoka Campus
    Hamamatsu Medical UniversityHamamatsu-idai.jpgShizuokaHamamatsu cityHigashi WardHamamatsu Campus
    University nameimageAddressRemarks
    Gifu UniversityGifu-u snow.jpgGifu(I.e.Yanagito Campus
    University nameimageHead office locationRemarks
    Mie UniversityMieDai Garden.jpgMieTsu CityKamehama Campus

    Public university

    University nameimageHead office locationRemarks
    Aichi Prefectural UniversityAichi-pu.jpgAichiNagakuteNagakute Campus
    Moriyama Campus
    Wink Aichi Satellite Campus
    Aichi Prefectural College of NursingGthumb.svgAichiNagoya cityMoriyama WardMoriyama Campus
    Meieki Satellite
    Aichi Prefectural University of ArtsAichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music 150713.JPGAichiNagakuteNagakute Campus
    Toyota City Fujisawa Art House
    Sakae Satellite Gallery
    Nagoya City UniversityNagoya City University Takiko Campus.jpgAichiNagoya cityMizuho WardSakurayama (Kawasumi) Campus
    Tanabe Dori Campus
    Takiko (mountain field) campus
    Kita Chikusa Campus
    University nameimageHead office locationRemarks
    Shizuoka Prefectural UniversityYada Campus University of Shizuoka cropped 1 Yada Campus University of Shizuoka rotated Yada Campus University of Shizuoka 20080220.jpgShizuokaShizuoka CitySuruga WardYata Campus
    Oga Campus
    Shizuoka University of Arts and CultureShizuoka University of Art and Culture 1.jpgShizuokaHamamatsu cityNaka-kuHamamatsu Campus
    University nameimageHead office locationRemarks
    Gifu Prefectural College of NursingGifu College of Nursing1.jpgGifuHashimaHashima Campus
    Gifu Pharmaceutical UniversityGifu Pharmaceutical University1.jpgGifu(I.e.Gifu Campus
    Mitadong Campus
    Graduate School of Information Science and ArtsSoftpia Japan Workshop 24.jpgGifuOgakiOgaki Campus
    University nameimageHead office locationRemarks
    Mie Prefectural College of NursingGthumb.svgMieTsu CityYumegaoka Campus

    Private universities

    University nameimageHead office locationRemarks
    Aichi UniversityUniversity Memorial Hall of Aichi University 100822.jpgAichiNagoya cityHigashi WardToyohashi Campus
    Nagoya campus
    Driveway campus
    Aichi Medical UniversityAichi Medical University-Shenzhen.jpgAichiNagakuteNagakute Campus
    Nagoya Medical Clinic
    Aichi Gakuin UniversityAichi Gakuin University 100th Anniversary Auditorium.jpgAichiNisshin CityNisshin Campus
    Kusumoto Campus
    Suemori Campus
    Meijo Park Campus
    Aichi Gakusen UniversityAichi-Gakusen-University-4.jpgAichi岡 崎 市Okazaki Campus
    Toyota Campus
    Aichi Institute of TechnologyAichi University of Technology (from entrance) .jpgAichiGamagoriGamagori Campus
    Aichi Institute of TechnologyAichi Institute of Technology Motoyama Campus 20160525-01.jpgAichiToyota CityYakusa Campus
    Motoyama Campus
    Jiyugaoka campus
    Aichi Sangyo UniversityAichi-Sangyo-University-1.jpgAichi岡 崎 市Harayama Campus
    Aichi Shukutoku UniversityAichi Shukutoku University.jpgAichiNagakuteNagakute Campus
    Hoshigaoka Campus
    Aichi Shinshiro Otani UniversityAichi Shinshiro Otani University (2013.08.15) 2.jpgAichiShinshiro2013Closing
    Aichi Toho UniversityAichi Toho University.JPGAichiNagoya cityMeito WardNagoya campus
    Aichi Bunkyo UniversityAichi Bunkyo University.JPGAichiKomaki CityKomaki Campus
    Aichi Mizuho UniversityAichi Mizuho Junior College in Nogoya, Japan.jpgAichiNagoya cityMizuho WardNagoya campus
    Kenshin Ichinomiya UniversityIchinomiya Kenshin College.jpgAichiIchinomiyaIchinomiya Campus
    Ouka Gakuen UniversityOhkagakuen University.JPGAichiToyoake CityNagoya campus
    Okazaki Women's UniversityOkazaki-Women's-University-1.jpgAichi岡 崎 市Okazaki Campus
    Kinjo Gakuin UniversityKinjyo Gakuin University 20150921.JPGAichiNagoya cityMoriyama WardOmori Campus
    Togakukan UniversityShigakkan University1.JPGAichiObu CityObu Campus
    Shubun UniversityShubun University ac.jpgAichiIchinomiyaIchinomiya Campus
    Sugiyama Jogakuen UniversitySugiyama Jogakuen Daigaku-University Hoshigaoka Campus 20160815-06.jpgAichiNagoya cityChikusa WardHoshigaoka Campus
    Nisshin Campus
    Seijo UniversitySeijoh University.jpgAichiTokai CityTokai Campus
    Nagoya Rehabilitation Institute
    Daido UniversityDaido University Takiharu Campus 20090401.jpgAichiNagoya citySouth wardTakiharu Gakusha
    Shiramizu Gakusha
    Chukyo UniversityChukyo University 3952134708 6b8e6c45bf.jpgAichiNagoya cityShowa WardNagoya campus
    Toyota Campus
    Chubu UniversityChubu1hs.jpgAichiKasugai CityKasugai Campus
    Nagoya campus
    Ena Campus
    Tokai Gakuen UniversityTokaigakuen University Main Gate (2017) .jpgAichiMiyoshi CityMiyoshi Campus
    Nagoya campus
    Doho UniversityDOHO UNIVERSIY.jpgAichiNagoya cityNakamura WardNagoya campus
    Toyota Institute of TechnologyToyota Technological Institute (2016.04.17) .JPGAichiNagoya cityTenpaku WardNagoya campus
    Chicago School
    Toyohashi Sozo UniversityToyohashi Sozo University.jpgAichiToyohashiToyohashi Campus
    Nagoya College of MusicNagoya College of Music Building C 20151024.JPGAichiNagoya cityNakamura WardNagoya campus
    Nagoya University of Foreign StudiesNUFS.jpgAichiNisshin CityNisshin Campus
    Nagoya Gakuin UniversityNagoya-Gakuin-University Nagoya-campas.jpgAichiNagoya cityAtsutaNagoya campus
    Seto Campus
    Nagoya Gakugei UniversityNagoya gakugei daigaku.jpgAichiNisshin CityNisshin Campus
    Nagoya University of EconomicsNagoya Keizai University.jpgAichiInuyamaInuyama Campus
    Meieki Satellite Campus
    Nagoya University of ArtsNagoya university of arts east.jpgAichiKitanagoyaEast (Matsukatsu) Campus
    West (Tokushige) Campus
    Nagoya Sangyo UniversityNSU & NMJC Building No1 & 3.JPGAichiOwariasahiOwariasahi Campus
    Ozone Satellite Campus
    Nagoya University of CommerceNucb 1.jpgAichiNisshin CityNisshin Campus
    Nagoya campus
    Tokyo Marunouchi Campus
    Osaka Umekita Campus
    Nagoya Women's UniversityNagoya Women's University Shioji Campus 20131209.JPGAichiNagoya cityMizuho WardShioji School
    Nagoya Zokei UniversityNagoya Zokei University.JPGAichiKomaki CityKomaki Campus
    Nagoya Bunri UniversityNagoya Bunri University ac (1) .jpgAichiInazawaInazawa Campus
    Nagoya campus
    Nanzan UniversityNanzan b.jpgAichiNagoya cityShowa WardNagoya campus
    Seto Campus
    Ise beach center
    Japanese Red Cross Toyota Nursing UniversityJapanese Red Cross Toyota College of Nursing.jpgAichiToyota CityToyota Campus
    Nippon Welfare UniversityNihon Fukushi University 01.JPGAichiChita DistrictMihama TownMihama Campus
    Handa Campus
    Nagoya campus
    Tokai Campus
    Human Environment UniversityUniversity of Human Environments 3.jpgAichi岡 崎 市Okazaki Campus
    Obu Campus
    Fujita Medical UniversityFujita health university main gate.jpgAichiToyoake CityToyoake Campus
    Bantane Hospital
    Nanaguri Memorial Hospital
    Meijo UniversityMeijo University-panoramio (2).jpgAichiNagoya cityTenpaku WardTenpaku Campus
    Yagoto Campus
    Nagoya Dome front campus
    University nameimageHead office locationRemarks
    International University of Health and WelfareGthumb.svgTochigiOtawara CityAtami Campus
    Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin UniversityShizuokaEiwaGakuin-Univ.jpgShizuokaShizuoka CitySuruga WardShizuoka Campus
    Shizuoka Sangyo UniversityShizuoka-Sangyo-Univ-Iwata-2014072101.jpgShizuokaIwataIwata Campus
    Fujieda Campus
    Shizuoka University of WelfareCampus or SUW.jpgShizuokaYaizu CityYaizu Campus
    Shizuoka Institute of TechnologySIST.jpgShizuokaFukuroiToyozawa Campus
    Juntendo UniversityGthumb.svgTokyoBunkyoMishima Campus
    Seirei Christopher UniversitySeirei college1.JPGShizuokaHamamatsu cityKitaHamamatsu Campus
    Tokoha UniversityTokoha Gakuen University.jpgShizuokaShizuoka CitySakai DistrictShizuoka Sena School
    Shizuoka Mizuochi School
    Hamamatsu Campus
    Fuji campus
    Tokai UniversityTokai University Marine Science Museum-panoramio.jpgTokyoShibuyaShimizu Campus
    Tokyo Women's Medical UniversityGthumb.svgTokyoShinjukuDaito Campus
    Nihon UniversityNihon University Mishima Eki Kitaguchi Campus.JPGTokyoChiyodaMishima Campus
    Hamamatsu UniversityHamamatsu University.JPGShizuokaHamamatsu cityKitaName changed to Hamamatsu Campus, Tokoha University
    Hamamatsu Gakuin UniversityGthumb.svgShizuokaHamamatsu cityNaka-kuNunobashi Campus
    Sumiyoshi Campus
    Optoelectronic Industry Creation Graduate UniversityGthumb.svgShizuokaHamamatsu cityNishi-wardHamamatsu Campus
    Fuji Tokoha UniversityGthumb.svgShizuokaFuji cityChanged name to Tokoha University Fuji Campus
    Hosei UniversityGthumb.svgTokyoChiyodaShizuoka Satellite Campus
    Open UniversityGthumb.svgChibaChibaMihamaHamamatsu satellite space
    Mishima Shizuoka Learning Center
    University nameimageHead office locationRemarks
    Asahi UniversityAsahi University.jpgGifuMizuho CityHozumi Campus
    Asahi University Hospital
    Gifu University of Medical ScienceGifu University of Medical Science01.jpgGifuSeki CitySeki Campus
    Kani Campus
    Gifu University of EconomicsGifuKeizaiUniversity1.JPGGifuOgakiOgaki Campus
    Gifu Shotoku Gakuen UniversityGifu Shotoku Gakuen University1.jpgGifu(I.e.Gifu Campus
    Hashima Campus
    Gifu Women's UniversityGifu Womans Univ2.jpgGifu(I.e.Gifu Campus
    Chukyo Gakuin UniversityGthumb.svgGifuNakatsugawaNakatsugawa Campus
    Mizunami Campus
    Chubu UniversityChubu University Foreign Student Dormitory.jpgAichiKasugai CityEna Campus
    Chubu Gakuin UniversityChubugakuin University Seki2007-1.jpgGifuSeki CitySeki Campus
    Kakamigahara Campus
    Tokai Gakuin UniversityTokai Gakuin University 2008-1.jpgGifuKakamigahara CityKakamigahara Campus
    University nameimageHead office locationRemarks
    Imperial CollegeKogakkan University Main Building.jpgMieIse CityIse school
    Nabari Gakusha
    Yokkaichi University01.jpgMieYokkaichiYokkaichi Campus
    Yokkaichi College of Nursing and Medical CareYokkaichi Nursing and Medical Care University in Sep. 2013.jpgMieYokkaichiYokkaichi Campus
    Mie Chukyo UniversityMiechukyo gate.JPGMieMatsusaka City2013Closing
    Suzuka UniversitySuzuka Univ., CKK20115-C13-21.jpgMieSuzukaKoriyama Campus
    Suzuka University of Medical ScienceSuzuka University of Medical Science Shiroko Campus 20100312.jpgMieSuzukaChiyosaki Campus
    Shirako Campus

    College of technology





    First-class airport
    Third-class airport
    Other public airfields
    Public helipad

    Both Chubu and Komaki airports (airfields)IATABy official approvalMulti airportIt has been dealt with as.


    Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)
    Shinkansen jrc.svg Tokaido Shinkansen
    CA Tokaido Main Line(Atami Station - Maibara Stationwhile)
    CB Gotemba Line
    CC Minobu Line
    CD Iida Line
    CE Taketoyo Line
    CF Chuo Main Line
    CG Takayama Main Line
    CI Taita Line
    CJ Kansai Main Line(Kameyama StationEast)
    Kisei Main Line
    Sangu Line
    Namatsu Line
    East Japan Railway(JR East)
    JR JT line symbol.svg Tokaido Main Line(Atami StationEast)
    JR JT line symbol.svg Ito Line
    West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
    V Kansai Main Line (west of Kameyama Station)
    C Kusatsu Line(Tsuge Station
    Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)
    Nagoya Port Line(cargo)
    Nishi-Nagoya Port Line(cargo)
    Inazawa Line(cargo)
    Public transport
    Nagoya City Transportation Bureau(Nagoya Municipal Subway
    Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Higashiyama Line) .svg Higashiyama Line
    Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Meijo Line) .svg Meijo Line
    Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Meiko Line) .svg Meiko Line
    Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Tsurumai Line) .svg Tsurumai Line
    Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Sakura-dori Line) .svg Sakuradori Line
    Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Kamiiida Line) .svg Kamiida Line
    Private railway
    Nagoya Railway(Meitetsu)
    NH Nagoya Main Line
    TK Toyokawa Line
    GN Nishio Line
    GN Gamagori Line
    MY MU Mikawa Line
    TT Toyota Line
    TA Tokoname Line
    TA Airport line
    CH Chikko Line
    KC Kawawa Line
    KC Chita New Line
    ST Seto Line
    TB Tsushima Line
    TB BS Bisai Line
    IY Inuyama Line
    KG Kakamigahara Line
    HM Hiromi Line
    KM Komaki Line
    TH Takehanasen
    TH Hashima Line
    Kinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu)
    E Nagoya Line
    K Yunoyama Line
    L Suzuka Line
    D Osaka Line
    M Yamada Line
    M Toba Line
    M Shima Line
    Izukyu Line
    Izu Hakone Railway
    Suzu Line
    Tokuni Steel Cable
    Gakunan train
    Gakunan Line
    Shizuoka Railway
    Shizuoka Shimizu Line
    Oigawa Shindo(Otetsu)
    Oigawa Main Line
    Igawa Line
    Enshu Railway(Entetsu)
    Railway line(Nishikashima Line)
    Toyohashi Railway(Toyotetsu)
    Atsumi Line
    Higashida Main Line
    Tokai Transportation Business
    Johoku Line
    Seino Railway
    Ichihashi Line(cargo)
    Yoro Railway
    Yoro Line
    Sanki Railway
    Sanki Line
    Hokusei Line
    Third sector
    Tenryu Hamanako Railway(THR)
    Tenryu Hamanako Line
    Aichi Loop Railway(Aikan)
    Aichi Loop Line
    Akechi Railway
    Akechi Line
    Nagara Railway
    Ominami Line
    Tarumi Railway
    Tarumi Line
    Ise Railway
    Ise Line
    Iga Railway
    Iga Line
    Yokkaichi Asunarou Railway
    Internal line
    Hachioji Line
    Nagoya seaside high-speed train
    Nishi-Nagoya Port Line (Aonami Line)
    Aichi Expressway
    Eastern Hills Line (Linimo)
    Nagoya guide way bus
    Guideway Bus Shidanmi Line(Clear line
    Nagoya seaside railway
    Totsuki Line(cargo)
    Toko Line(cargo)
    Nanko Line (cargo)
    Shiomi-cho Line(cargo)
    Showamachi Line(cargo)
    Kinuura Seaside Railway
    Solder wire(cargo)
    Hekinan Line(cargo)

    Main road

    National road




    Professional sports


    Based in Tokai regionProfessional baseball team

    サ ッ カ ー

    Based in Tokai regionJ LeagueOUR TEAM
    Based in Tokai regionNadeshiko LeagueOUR TEAM


    Based in Tokai regionB LeagueOUR TEAM
    Based in Tokai regionW LeagueOUR TEAM




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