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💴 | [Rewarding exploitation!?] I tried to calculate the guidance fee of a public school teacher and club activity advisor as a professional coach reward!


[Rewarding exploitation!?] I tried to calculate the guidance fee of a club activity advisor as a professional coach reward at a public school teacher!

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Even so, it can be said that it is said that it is "rewarding exploitation" because coaching club activities makes work busy and makes it impossible to take a break.

The amount of club activity allowance indicated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology is 4 yen for 3600 hours Teachers at public junior high schools and public high schools pay overtime allowances on weekdays ... → Continue reading

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    busy rest

    Rewarding exploitation

    Rewarding exploitationWhat is (rewarding)Managementshould paywageor allowance,WorkerBy making people strongly aware of "challenging"Service overtime(Long hours of work) and the wages they should be paid (andPremium wage) refers to the act of avoiding payment of[1][2][3].Tokyo UniversityProfessor and educational sociologistYuki Hondanamed by[1][3].

    The coined word ``rewarding exploitation'' became widely recognized when Honda began using it in his books around 2007.[1][3].Black companiesand rewarding exploitation are closely related[3], There is no trade-off relationship between “challenging” and “reward”[4].

    Examples criticized as rewarding exploitation

    2014 OfBlack company awardInAnime production companyA-1 Pictureswas nominated as a symbolic example[5], an industry award-winning[6].At the company, in October 2010, a 10-year-old male employee at the timesuicideand dated April 2014, 4overworkbydepression Overworked suicideas a cause ofIndustrial accidentCertified.Men worked more than 1 hours per month[Annotation 1]but no overtime pay was paid[7].Not only A-1 Pictures mentioned above, but also the Japanese animation industry (especiallyNon-regular employment Ofanimator,Production progress), it has long been pointed out that the working environment is poor and wages are low.[7].

    Late June 2018,Tokyo Metropolitan Governmentから2020 Tokyo Olympics-Paralympic OfvolunteerRecruitment requirements were announced, among which"Transportation expenses and accommodation are self-paid and self-arranged"Due to such descriptions, it was criticized as "worse than black companies" and "rewarding exploitation".[8][9][10].

    Examples other than Japan

    South KoreaThere is a similar phenomenon inpassion pay(Korean: original work) Called[11].


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    注 釈

    1. ^ Even if the hourly wage is simply 1,000 yen, the calculation will exceed 60 yen.


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