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📢 | The 9th anniversary screening and special event of "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman" will be held in Nakano Ward on September 18th and Toshima Ward on the 22nd ...


"Science Ninja Team Gatchaman" 9th anniversary screening & special event in Nakano Ward on September 18th and Toshima Ward on September 22nd.

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In order to confront the secret society Galactor, which plans to conquer the earth, this work depicts the activities of the science ninja team, which is formed by Dr. Nambu and uses science and ninja techniques to fight. A masterpiece of Tatsunoko Production, which has influenced the whole world, supported by heavy drama and high-level fighting scenes.

Joint company couverture (located in Seta, Tokyo) that screens and holds events centered on animation. → Continue reading


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    science ninja corps

    Tatsunoko Pro

    Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd.(British: Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd.) IsJapan OfAnime production company.Nippon Television Holdings株式会社の連結子会社、株式会社タ カ ラ ト ミ ー OfEquity method affiliate.Japan Video AssociationRegular member.


    漫画等の原作をもとにしないオリジナルアニメを得意とし、作品にかかわる権利の9割以上を自社単独で保有している。1962年10月、「Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd.」(たつのこプロダクション)として設立。2013年3月、これまで通称として使用してきた「Tatsunoko Pro” was renamed.Our corporate character isSeahorse.


    20st century

    • 1962(37)
      • August 10- manga artist OfTatsuo Yoshidabut his brother, who was his manager,Kenji YoshidaEstablished "Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd." (hereinafter "Tatsunoko Pro") in Musashino City, Tokyo.The youngest brother of Tatsuo and a manga artist.Ippei Kuri(Real name: Toyoharu Yoshida) also participated on the recommendation of Tatsuo and Kenji. The three brothers became directors with representative rights, with Tatsuo as president, Kenji as senior managing director, and Kuri as managing director.Initially, Tatsuo Yoshida's manga copyrightassistantIt was a production company specializing in manga to manage .At the time of its founding,Naoki Tsuji,Mikiya Mochizuki,Ken NakajoParticipated.
    • 1964(39)
      • To Tatsunoko ProToei videoからTelevision AnimationThe production plan was brought in and "Space Acewas planned, but the plan was canceled just before the start of production due to conflicts over the distribution of copyright.It was planned that Tatsunoko Production would be responsible for the original story and directing, while Toei Douga would be responsible for drawing and subsequent work.After the cancellation of the project, Toei Animation independentlySpace Patrol HopperWas produced[3][4].At this time, from Tatsunoko's side, assistant Seitaro Hara and a cartoonist who is a friend of the Yoshida brothersHiroshi Sasakawafor 3 months at Toei Dougaanimatorunderwent training.
    • 1965(40)
      • May - "Tatsunoko Production" by independent productionSpace Ace] as the first TV animationFuji Television Network, IncStarted broadcasting in series.Monochrome work.Yoshida Brothers, Hiroshi Sasakawa, Seitaro HaraSeiji Okuda, Rikizo Tsubota, Takashi Nishioka,Toshiharu Kinoshita, from Toei AnimationNakamura Mitsuki,Mushi Productionfrom screenwriterJinzo Toriumiwill join.In addition, about 60 staff members gather through recruitment advertisements in newspapers. After the broadcast of "Uchu Ace", many of Tatsunoko's works were aired on Fuji TV until the middle of 1980.
    • 1966(41)
      • 2 month - ChokaiJoined the company and belonged to the directing department because there was no literary department at that time.
    • 1967(42)
    • 1973(48)
    • 1975(50)
    • 1977(52)
      • January 3-SubsidiaryAnime FriendEstablished.
      • 9月5日 - 吉田竜夫社長がLiver cancerDied at the age of 45.
        • Around the time when Tatsuo Yoshida fell ill, there was an outflow of human resources outside the company, mainly members of the early days of Tatsunoko Production.[5].
      • 9/21 - Director Kenji Yoshida is appointed as the second president.
    • 1978(53)
      • Established the animator training institute Tatsunoko Anime Technology Institute.
    • 1983(58)
    • 1985(60)
    • 1986(61)
    • 1987(62)
      • President Kenji Yoshida resigned and left Tatsunoko Production.Ippei Kuri becomes the third president.Former president Kenji established his own production company "Yu Entertainment" after retiring.TV animation "Mitsuteru Yokoyama Three Kingdoms] Involved in the production of.
      • In December, the Tatsunoko production branch became independent and established Ig Tatsunoko Co., Ltd. (now:Production ig) is established.Upon its establishment, Tatsunoko ProCapitalinvested 20 million yen, equivalent to 100% of[6].This capital relationship1993(5), it was once resolved, but[7],2010(22), on the contrary, Production I.G acquired 11.2% of the shares of Tatsunoko Pro, and the capital relationship was restored.
      • "Red light bullet zillion"ButJapan Anime Award's "Fan Grand Prize" (three prizes of work award, male character award, female character award).
    • 1990(2)
      • Tatsunoko Animation Technology Institute, led by Koji Sugii, participated in the formation of Animation 21 and became independent.
      • September - Disbanded Anime Friend.
      • "Robin Hood's Great Adventure』BroadcastNHK satellite 2nd TV, the Tatsunoko anime will be aired on NHK for the first time.

    the 1990sAfter that, Hiroshi Sasagawa, Kikuko Tada, and other former staff members who had left the company were called back to work on the original work.RemakeHe continued to present his work, mainly in

    • 1995(7)
      • Former president Kenji Yoshida returns to Tatsunoko Production and becomes the first chairman.
    • 2000(12)

    21st century

    • 2001(13)
    • 2004(16)
      • Of the filmmakerKiriya Kiriyadirects "new human Casshern" himself and makes it into a live-action movie ("CASSHERN’).However, Tatsunoko Production was only credited as the original author and was not involved in the production at all.
      • January,Tokyo Institute of Technology"Sky Kids BOOBY" produced by a joint project withTokyo International Anime FairReceived the Excellence Award in the public competition category.
    • 2005(17)
      • 3/31 - Tatsuo Yoshida, the first president, won the "Tokyo International Anime Fair 2005 1st Special Achievement Award" 20 people who made Japanese animation "".Tatsuo's eldest daughter, Suzuka (active as an illustrator and designer at Tatsunoko Production) receives on behalf of her.
      • May - 5th anniversary work "Crow -KARAS-] Production.
      • End of June - major toy manufacturerTakara(Current: タ カ ラ ト ミ ー) acquires 88% of the stock from the Yoshida family and becomes a subsidiary of Takara[Annotation 2].
      • 7月1日 - 吉田健二会長と九里一平社長が退任。吉田洋子、吉田富子ら一族の役員も全員退任し、吉田家がタツノコプロの経営から離れる。Hiroki NarushimaManaging Director becomes the 4th president.
      • July - "Sky Kids BOOBY"KIXIt will be screened as a Kansai Airport original video in the Sky Kids Room in the Sky Museum in the Kansai Airport Observation Hall (Sky View).
      • October 10-Former president Ippei Kuri "2thAnimation kobe” received a special award.
    • 2006(18)
      • 3/25 - "Raven -KARAS-" is "Tokyo International Anime Fair2006 Received the 5th Tokyo International Anime Award Original Video Category Excellence Award.
      • May - "Akubi Girl』BroadcasttvkSuch asUHFStart at station. For the first time in six years since "Kaito Kiramekiman"Terrestrial waveIt will be a Tatsunoko anime that was aired on TV (excluding one-off special programs).
    • 2007(19)
      • Live-action movies of "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman" and "Yatterman" have been announced.
      • October - "Yatterman" for the first time in 10 yearsRemakedecided to be
    • 2008(20)
    • 2009(21)
    • 2010(22)
    • 2011(23)
    • 2012(24)
      • April 4 - President Keita Sato resigns, Shuichiro Tanaka becomes the 1th president[9].
    • 2013(25)
      • August 2- Horiproacquires 13.5% of the shares, becoming the second largest shareholder (at that time) after Takara Tomy.
      • The 50th 7th Anniversary Commemorative ProjectVoice actor awardReceived Synergy Award.
      • July 3-``Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd.” (formally changed to katakana, including the kanji notation “Tatsunoko” that has been used since the company was founded in 1962)[10].
      • May - "Mr. Muromi on the beach] started broadcasting (broadcast until June of the same year).
      • May - "Gatchaman Claus] Is broadcast on NTV (broadcast until September of the same year. In 9, the sequel “Gatchaman Crowds Insight” was broadcast).
      • August - Live-action movie version "Gatchaman"Release.
    • 2014(26)
      • August 1- Nippon Television Networkannounced that it will acquire 54.3% of the outstanding shares held by Takara Tomy and make it a subsidiary.Takara Tomy will continue to hold a 20% stake and continue the partnership[11][12].
      • 1/31 - President Shuichiro Tanaka resigns.Yuzo Kuwabara becomes the seventh president.
    • 2016(28)
      • October 10-The latest work of the Time Bokan series "Time bokan 24”Starts broadcasting on Nippon Television (ytv production frame) (broadcast until April 2017. From October of the same year to March 4, the sequel “Time Bokan Counterattack Three Bad People” will be broadcast).game software makerLevel fiveParticipated in the production as planning cooperation and mecha & character draft.
      • 10月19日 - 創立55年の1年前(54周年)を迎える。2018å¹´10月18日までを“タツノコ55(ゴーゴー)YEAR”とし、以後2年間に様々な記念事業を行うことを発表。
      • 1 month - 『KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm"Release.Later "Kinpuri" series.
    • 2017(29) 
      • May - "Don't let it go!Is broadcast.
      • May - A live-action movie produced to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the founding.Bakken PolymerIs released[13].
      • June-Produced animation videos for the Nissin Cup Noodle CM "Aoharu" series ("Kiki's Delivery Service" version, "Heidi" version, "Sazae-san" version, "Complete" version)
      • May - "KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-"Release
      • 7/1 - Absorbed Tatsunoko Music Publishing Co., Ltd.
      • 9 month - 22/7 Debut single "I didn't exist" music video production
      • October - 10th anniversary TV animation "Infini-T Force] Started broadcasting. 
      • December - "Pretty Rhythm" new project "Pretty All Friends Project" start announcement
    • 2018(30)
      • May - "Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei Liberation] OP video production
      • 2
        • Free release of workflow for creating works with full digital drawing
        • Movie version"Infini-T Force/ Gatchaman Farewell to my friend” released
      • 4 month - 22/7 Production of the music video for the second single "Shampoo no Kaigashita"
      • June-JR West Japan "Summer train, summer to see together, summer to return'CM video production
      • May - "Divergence Million Arthur] New official opening movie production
      • September - "Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner" Cinematic Trailer Production
    • 2019(31, first year of Reiwa)
      • May - 1th anniversary work "Egaono Daika』Started broadcasting[14](Broadcast until March of the same year. The 3th anniversary project is a break with this work).
      • 4
        • Established a new label "BAKKEN RECORD"[15].The first work is "Pandora and Akbi" below.
        • movies"Pandora and Akbi"Release.mixiApp by game studio "XFLAG"Monster strikeA crossover work featuring the character “Pandora” from “Hakushon Daimao” and the character “Akubi-chan” from “Hakushon Daimaou”.
      • June - President Yuzo Kuwahara resigns.Daisuke Kadoya becomes the eighth president.[16][17]
      • 8
        • On the Korokoro channel and Bandai YouTube channel "Ninja box] Started distribution.This is the first collaborative title with the Bandai Namco Group in 14 years since the Takara Group (later Takara Tomy Group) partnership.
    • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa)
      • 6 month - Tatsunoko Pro's first distribution projectAsSpectacle spectrum”, “” and “” started distribution.[18].
    • 2022(4nd year of Reiwa)
      • June - President Daisuke Kadoya resigns.Hibiki Ito becomes the ninth president.[1]


    Character modeling

    Tatsunoko Production's animation planning begins with character creation, and the characters born from Tatsunoko Production boast a deep-rooted popularity.1992(4)BandaiReleased bySpace Knight Tekkaman Blade"ofPlastic model Ministry of International Trade and Industry(now Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)Good Design Awardor2003(15)TakaraModeled the successive heroes of Tatsunoko Pro released byMicroman 2003” is sold out immediately after its release.

    Originally Tatsuo Yoshida's work was "Ninja unit moonlight], and is known as an action movie with a graphic touch, and that style was also demonstrated in the animation.It is said that the colorful, stylish, and sensual characters drawn by Tatsuo Yoshida, Ippei Kuri, and Yoshitaka Amano, which are reminiscent of American comics, are the result of a strong awareness of overseas export of the work.the 1960s"Mach GoGoGo", which is a representative work ofSpeed ​​RacerIt became so popular that some Americans believed that it was an American animation. Together with the action animation, it became the two pillars of Tatsunoko Production.Hiroshi SasakawaGag stuff by director "Haction DaimaouThe "Time Bokan Series" is also very popular and popular for character products, but like the action series, the design is clunky and the art setting is made in a stateless style that does not make you feel Japan.

    the 1990sthe predicament ofthe 1970sReleased works by planning to remake popular works one after another.Tatsunoko's original characters have many fans both inside and outside the animation and other video-related industries and content industries.1973に製作された『新造人間キャシャーン』が、30年を時を経て2004年に『CASSHERN”, and as mentioned above, “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman” and “Yatterman”NikkatsuA live-action film adaptation is planned for[19]、『ヤッターマン』は2009年3月7日に公開された。さらにアメリカでも、2005年に映画会社Warner BrothersBy "Mach GoGoGo" is "Speed ​​racer』の名で実写映画化される動きが伝えられ、2008年7月5日に日本で公開が始まった。


    "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman] is particular about high-quality images,CGin a time when there was noCel picturehad exceeded 1 copies.Sadao Miyamoto, who can draw Yoshida's difficult character,Masami Suda,Tsuneo Ninomiya,Tomonori Kogawa such asanimatorThere was also the power of

    As for the expression of the video, he showed a greed that was not particular about cel animation, shooting live-action video or purchasing film and inserting it into animation.Toyo Gensho (currentlyIMAGICA Lab.) was just introduced inScanimateTatsunoko Production was the first to introduce it to anime.[20].This is said to be early CG, and the effect of deforming the image by analog processing isTime bokan] Series time travel scene,1975(Showa 50) Produced "Space Knight TekkamanIt was used in several Tatsunoko production works, such as the opening production of ".


    From the beginning of TV animationFuji Television Network, Incとは関係が深く、土曜日の18時30分から19時の時間帯と日曜日の18時から18時30分の時間帯は一時期タツノコアニメが独占していた。しかし1983年頃から日曜18時枠の廃枠や『イタダキマン』の不振をきっかけに関係はゆるやかながら縮小していき、1985年の『Flame Alpen Rose Judy & Randy” was the last anime broadcast on Fuji TV for about a quarter of a century.
    2011年4月、フジテレビ系列のアニメ枠「Noitamina”In the frame, the new animation “C] Broadcast.Since then, even after becoming a subsidiary of Nippon Television, "Ping Pong THE ANIMATION"PSYCHO PASS psychopath 2] and other animations produced by Tatsunoko Production are now being broadcast in the Noitamina frame.

    Advertising agencyYomiuri Advertising Company(Yomihiro)'s first TV work was Tatsunoko Pro's "Space Ace", and since then he has often worked with Yomihiro.In the early days, Yomihiro produced sound for Tatsunoko Production, and Yomihiro employees made announcements.NarrationAlso in charge of scripts[21]。多くのタイトルが読広の電波担当役員の松山貫之によって名付けられ、松山は読広退社後の1995年12月から1996年11月までタツノコプロの会長に迎えられる間柄でもあった[22].

    Internal system

    Tatsunoko Production has a consistent production system that completes everything from planning to shooting in-house.[23].In the past, Toei Animation and Mushi Production (former company) also maintained a similar system.[24], Tatsunoko Pro maintained this system for a long time even after they expanded outsourcing or disappeared due to rationalization or bankruptcy.Mamoru Oshii talks about how it was useful in his training as a director[25].

    In outsourced production, drawingTama ProductionContributed[26].Later opened the Korean route and established a subsidiary, Anime Friend.[27].

    Since the 2000s, there were many production methods in which only planning and producing were done in-house for a while, and animation production itself was a gross order, but since 2016,KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythmWe are focusing on prime contractor production such as, CM production by digital team, PV production.

    character room
    A highly independent department under the direct control of President Tatsuo Yoshida.Yoshitaka Amano, Akemi Takada, Akiko Shimomoto are enrolled.
    Planning Literature Department
    NikkatsuFounded when former screenwriter Jinzo Toriumi moved to Mushi Pro.Jinzo Toriumi was the director, and Takao Koyama and Shigeru Yanagawa belonged.
    Art department
    Koki Nakamura is the director.He did not only art design and world setting, but also mechanical design.Kunio Okawara and Kikuko Tada belong to this group.
    Performance Department
    Director Hiroshi Sasakawa.Seitaro Hara, Nagayuki Toriumi, Yuji Nunokawa, Mamoru Oshii, Koichi Mashimo, Hidehito Ueda, Toshihiko Nishikubo and others are active.At Tatsunoko Pro, the director also checked the video[28].
    Publishing Department / Copyright Department
    CopyrightIn addition to management, Tatsunoko AnimeComicalization,Picture book, in charge of copyright illustrations.Masato Tenmaand Mamoru Uchiyama are enrolled.
    CM department
    Produced commercials and PR films.laterReed productionToshihiko Sato and Hiroshi Kato, who established the company, were enrolled.

    Main works

    Television Animation

    Start yearBroadcast periodtitleNameRemarks
    1965April-February 5Space AceTatsuo Yoshida
    Tatsunoko Pro
    Tatsuo Yoshida
    Ryuko Production
    Tatsuo Yoshida
    Tatsunoko Production
    1967April-February 4Mach GoGoGo
    April-February 10Oh my god
    1968April-February 10Dokachin
    1969October-FebruaryBen Sanshiro
    April-February 10Haction Daimaou
    1970April-February 4Insect Story Minashigo Hatch
    April-February 10Inakappe General
    1971April-February 1Kabatot
    October-FebruaryAnime tally decisionProduced up to episode 25
    1972October-FebruaryOak tree mock
    April-February 10Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
    April-February 10Kaiketsu Egg
    1973October-FebruaryDemetan Croaker
    April-February 10New Human Casshern
    1974October-FebruaryInsect Story New Minashigo HatchTatsunoko Pro
    Ryuko Production
    Tatsunoko Production
    April-February 9Urikupen Rescue TeamCo-production: Unimax & MK
    April-February 10Bakken Polymer
    April-February 10The Song of Tentomushi
    1975October-FebruarySpace Knight Tekkaman
    April-February 10Time bokan
    1976October-FebruaryGowappa 5 GordamProduction cooperation:Sunrise
    April-February 10Paul's Miraculous Operation
    1977April-February 1Yatterman[29]
    April-February 9One Shot Kanta
    April-February 10Balloon Girl Temple-chan
    Jump out! Machine HiryuCo-production:Tokyo 12 Channel,Toei
    1978April-February 9Once Upon a Time...ManCo-production:Procidis
    April-February 10Science Ninja Corps Gatchaman II
    1979April-February 2Zendaman
    April-February 10Warrior GordianProduction cooperation:Green box
    April-February 10Scientific Ninja Corps Gatchaman F
    1980October-FebruaryThe cheerful dwarfs of the forest Belfy and Lilbit
    April-February 2Time Patrol Corps Otasukeman
    April-February 9Outrageous Warrior Muteking
    1981April-February 2Yat Detaman
    April-February 3Gold lightan
    April-February 10Dash kappei
    April-February 10Anime parent and child theater
    1982April-February 2Reverse Ippatsuman
    April-February 4The Flying House Adventure
    April-February 10Super Dimension Fortress MacrossPlanning cooperation:Studio coloring
    1983October-FebruaryFuture Police Urashiman
    October-FebruaryPC Travel Detectives
    April-February 10Armor Genesis MospidaCo-production:Artmic
    1984October-FebruaryOKAWARI-BOY Starzan S
    October-FebruarySuper Dimension Knight Southern Cross
    April-February 9Regards Mecha Dock
    1985October-FebruaryFlame Alpen Rose Judy & Randy
    April-February 10Showa Aho souvenir Akanuke No. XNUMX!
    1986October-FebruaryLegend of light
    April-February 10Doteraman
    1987October-FebruaryRed light bullet zillion
    April-February 10Oh my god(2nd film)
    1989April-February 4Sky Battle Record Shurat
    April-February 7Insect Story Minashigo Hatch(2nd film)
    1990April-February 2Don't tell the Ka-to Shinobi
    April-February 7Robin Hood's Great Adventure
    1992April-February 2Space Knight Tekkaman Blade
    1993October-FebruaryIrresponsible Captain Tyler
    1994April-February 4The Legend of Snow White
    1995April-February 10Neon Genesis EVANGELIONCo-production:GAINAX
    Dokkan! Robo Tendon
    1996October-FebruaryCinderella story
    1997October-FebruaryMach GoGoGo(2nd film)
    1998October-FebruaryGenerator Gaul
    2000October-FebruaryTime Bokan 2000 Kaito Glitter Man
    2001October-FebruaryThe Soul Taker[30]First digital production
    April-February 12Call me and jump! Akubi-chan
    2006October-FebruaryAkubi GirlAnimation production:Studio Long
    2008April-February 1Yatterman(2nd film)
    9Mach GirlAnimation Production: Studio Ron
    April-February 10Casshern SinsAnimation production:Mad house
    2009April-February 4Metalfight BeybladeProduction cooperation:Shogakkan Shueisha Productions,SynergySP
    2010April-February 10Tatsumaru Theater
    2011April-February 4SKET DANCE
    April-February 4Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream
    2012April-February 4Pretty Rhythm Dear My FutureCo-production:DONGWOO ANIMATION
    2013April-February 4Pretty Rhythm Rainbow LiveTatsunoko Pro
    October-FebruaryMr. Muromi on the beach
    October-FebruaryGatchaman Claus
    October-FebruaryCherry Blossom Quartet ~ Hananouta ~
    2014October-FebruaryWake Up, Girls!Co-production:The word
    October-FebruaryPretty Rhythm All-Star Selection
    April-February 7PriparaCo-production:DONGWOO A&E
    October-FebruaryPSYCHO-PASS 2
    2015October-FebruaryNight no Yatterman
    October-FebruaryGatchaman Crouse Insight
    October-FebruaryPeeping Life TV Season 1 ??Co-production: FOREST Hunting One,CoMix Wave Films
    2016October-FebruaryNurse Witch Wheat Chan R
    April-February 10Time bokan 24Planning cooperation, character & mecha draft:Level five
    2017April-February 4Idle time preparaCo-production: DONGWOO A&E
    October-FebruaryDon't let it go!
    October-FebruaryInfini-T Force3DCG production:Digital Frontier
    April-February 10Time Bokan The three bad guys who counterattackPlanning cooperation, character & mechanical draft: Level Five
    2018April-February 4Kira to Puri☆ChanCo-production: DONGWOO A&E
    2019October-FebruaryEgaono Daika
    October-FebruaryKING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars-
    2020October-FebruaryHaction Daimaou 2020Co-production:Japanese animation
    October-FebruaryPretty All Blends SelectionTatsunoko ProCo-production: DONGWOO A&E
    October-FebruaryMUTEKING THE DANCING HEROCo-production:Tezuka Productions
    10 month -Waccha Primagi!Co-production: DONGWOO A&E
    20231 month -Already!BAKKEN RECORD
    Early -The Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki Northern WarTatsunoko Pro

    TV special

    Broadcast yeartitleNameRemarks
    1979Mystery of Phantom Thief Lupine 813Tatsunoko Pro
    Ryuko Production
    Tatsunoko Production
    Co-production:Herald Enterprise
    1981Undersea War 20000 Miles of Love
    1999End of the century legend Wonderful Tatsunoko Land

    Theater animation

    Release yeartitleNameRemarks
    1978Science Ninja Team Gatchaman the MovieTatsunoko Pro
    Ryuko Production
    Tatsunoko Production
    1984The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Do you remember love
    Earth Story Telebus 2500
    1985Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward(Jump special animation version)
    1997Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie version Sito Shinsei"DEATH" animation production, joint production: GAINAX
    2009Theatrical version Yatterman New Yattermeka large set! Colon!
    2010Insect Story Mitsubachi Hatch-Courage Melody-Co-production:Group tack
    2014Wake Up, Girls! Seven IdolsTatsunoko ProCo-production: Ordet
    The Movie: Pretty Rhythm All-Star Selection Prism Show☆Best TenCo-production: 10GAUGE
    Peeping Life -WE ARE THE HERO-Co-producers: FOREST Hunting One, CoMix Wave Films
    2015Theatrical version Pripara Mina Atsumare! Prism ☆ ToursCo-production:Avex pictures
    2016KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm
    Movie PriPara Mi~nna no Akogare♪Let's Go☆PriPariProduction cooperation:Paschone
    2017Theatrical version PriPara mi~ndekagayake! Kirarin☆Star Live!
    2018Movie version Infini-T Force/Gatchaman Farewell friend3DCG Production: Digital Frontier
    2019Pandora and AkbiBAKKEN RECORD
    2022to all you i loved


    Year of releasetitleNameRemarks
    1985Genesis Climber Mospeada LOVE, LIVE, ALIVETatsunoko Pro
    Ryuko Production
    Tatsunoko Production
    Co-production: Artmic
    1987The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Flash Back 2012
    1988Red light bullet Zillion diva night song
    1989Tenkuu Senki Schurat Tenkukai Memorials-1990
    1991Heavenly Battle Record Schlat The Dark Fight to Genesis-1992
    Time Bokan Royal Road Revival
    Space Knight Tekkaman Blade II
    1996New Hurricane Polymar-1997
    2002Nurse witch wheat-chan magical-2004, co-production:Kyoto animation(Up to episode 2)
    2004Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magical Z-2005
    Sky Kids BOOBY-2009, co-production:Tokyo Institute of Technology
    2005Crow -KARAS--2007
    2010Cherry Blossom Quartet ~Hoshinoumi~-2011, Co-production: Purple Cow Studio Japan
    Monster princess-2011
    2012Your town
    One shot is definitely!! Debander
    2013Peeping Life -Tezuka Pro・Tatsunoko Pro Wonderland-Tatsunoko ProCo-producers: FOREST Hunting One, CoMix Wave Films
    Participation combination Transformer Go!-2014
    Yozakura Quartet ~ Tsukininaku ~

    Web anime

    Delivery yeartitleNameRemarks
    2016Transformers: Combiner WarsTatsunoko ProCo-production:all spark
    2017Transformers: Titans Return-2018, Co-production: All Spark
    2018Transformers: Power of the PrimesCo-production: All Spark
    2019Ninja boxProduction cooperation:C2C
    2021Idol Land PriPara
    UndecidedexceptionBAKKEN RECORD


    Year of releasetitleNameResponsible
    1995Tokimeki Memorial ~forever with you~Tatsunoko Pro
    Ryuko Production
    Tatsunoko Production
    OP animation production
    1996Neon Genesis EVANGELIONAnimation part production
    One shot with Bokan! Delonbo
    1997Bokan to Ippatsu! Dronbo Perfect Edition
    1998It's Bokan
    1999Guru Guru GalactorsCharacter Design
    2000Tatsunoko FightOP animation production
    2001Bokan GoGoGoAnimation part production
    2003Hanjuku Hero vs. 3D
    2005Soft-boiled Heroes 4 ~Seven Soft-boiled Heroes~
    2008Tatsunoko VS. CAPCOM CROSS GENERATION OF HEROESOP animation production
    2018D×2 Shin Megami Tensei LiberationTatsunoko Pro
    2020disney star smashPromotional video production

    Production cooperation

    YearstitleNameProduction contractorRemarks
    1986Princess AnmitsuTatsunoko Pro
    Ryuko Production
    Tatsunoko Production
    Studio Piero-Planning cooperation in 1987
    1989Crimson Fang Blue SonnetMushi Production-1990, production cooperation, co-production: Random (up to episode 2)
    Taimu Trouble Tondeke Man!Reed production-1990, production cooperation
    1990kim's crossModern productAnimation production cooperation


    • Sky Fighter Z
    • Goketsu Akanbe
    • Princess Kaguya

    *In the 1990s, the LD "Tatsunoko Treasures Pilot Film Collection", which was distributed as a special gift for purchasing Tatsunoko's LD-BOX, contains footage of the above three works.

    2001tatsunoko babyCo-production:Excitement
    2005Science Ninja Corps GatchapinGachapinCollaboration character with
    2006Desperate Corps Totterman DS who wants to shoot-Planning cooperation in 2007
    2012Bunji Hotaru HotchKokubunjiImage character
    Motosu MoremiMorera GifuImage character
    Decobocorn!-2013, co-production:Kansai TV
    2013beppyon[Annotation 3]BeppuPromotion Manager
    2015Infini-T Force Future drawing lineDecember issue-December 12, 2020, Original/Planning,Monthly Heroes→comic play
    2017Nissin Cup NoodleCM "HUNGRY DAYS Kiki's Delivery ServiceArticles
    Nissin Cup Noodle CM "HUNGRY DAYS" HeidiHen "
    Nissin Cup Noodle CM "HUNGRY DAYS" SazaeArticles
    Nissin Cup Noodles CM "HUNGRY DAYS Completion"
    Japan Blind Football Associationuniform design, character design
    22/7Debut single "I didn't exist" music video
    201822/7 XNUMXnd single "Shampoo no Kaigashita" music video
    JR West JapanCM "Summer train, summer to see together, summer to return"
    2019Egaonodaika Emotional Sideoriginal work, draft,Manga Kingdom
    2020Mitchiri Wanko! Anime-ShonOriginal work only, co-production: Frensel, prime contractor: Character
    2021Alpha PoliceCM "Endlessly expanding world"

    Joint production of works led by other companies

    Tatsunoko Pro is "Super Dimension Fortress MacrossAnd 'Neon Genesis EVANGELION] and other productions.

    However, these works were created by an outside project, and we only participated in them from a cooperative standpoint. We do not own the rights on our own. Not listed except for Fortress Macross.

    Also,"Irresponsible Captain TylerAnd 'Metalfight Beyblade], even though Tatsunoko Production is involved in actual production, there are works that are not listed on the work list on their website.

    A company where the staff and OB of the company became independent and started a business



    • Artmic(Toshimitsu Suzuki)-The company went bankrupt in 1997 and dissolved.Many of the works are copyrightedAICtaken over by
    • Green box(Mitsuo Sato)-In 1982, it went bankrupt and dissolved.
    • RADIX(Ueda Motoki)-Merged and dissolved on October 2006, 10.Subsidiary merged with a company in the same group on February 1, 2007.In 2, Xergy, which was established in 1, took over most of the copyrights of the work.
    • Animation 21 (Hiroshi Sasagawa, Koji Sugii, Yoshikazu Tochihira, Seitaro Hara)-Disbanded in the late 1990s.
    • Arts Pro (Honda Yasunori) --Dissolved in 2014.
    • Be Train(Koichi Mashimo, Kenji Horikawa)-Currently inactive.


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    注 釈

    1. ^ After that, Tatsunoko Production's works may be treated in rebroadcasts and variety program specials.1986From (Showa 61)1987(Showa 62) was broadcast on Fuji TV "Princess AnmitsuIsStudio PieroAlthough it is a production and not a Tatsunoko work, it is a planning cooperation work of Tatsunoko Production.Also,"Hirake! Ponkikki] Character Gachapin and “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman” collaboration project “Science Ninja Corps Gatchapin] There is also.
    2. ^ Although the number of titles has decreased, Tatsunoko has released works sponsored by other manufacturers such as Bandai even after becoming affiliated with Takara.
    3. ^ Jointly operated with Beppu CityYuru Chara, and uses the name "Team Beppyon", so it is similar to HotchProduction Committee Methodhas adopted a similar management.


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    • 吉田龍夫(Tatsuo Yoshida・初代代表取締役)
    • Kenji Yoshida(2代代表取締役・初代会長)
    • 吉田豊治(Ippei Kuri・3代代表取締役)
    • 野口篤志(専務取締役)
    • 渡邉季之(取締役)
    • 押田聖弘(取締役)
    • Mitsuhisa Ishikawa(Outside Director)
    • Yoshitaka Hori(Outside Director)


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    • BOOMERANG - Cartoon Network's broadcast frame.It was just Hanna-Barbera and Tezuka's animation, but Tatsunoko's animation was added in the middle.
    • Beppu - We are developing “Waku Waku Beppu”, a tie-up business with Tatsunoko characters such as Tatsunoko Bath.

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