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📢 | Electronic book preservation method, compatible with invoices!New service "Arecorena" that can issue invoices on a regular basis August 8 ...


Compatible with the electronic book storage method and invoices!New service "Arecorena" that can issue invoices on a regular basis August 8 ...

If you write the contents roughly
For both invoices and quotations, when revising and issuing after being issued once, the service will manage the history and acquire the revised parts.

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    InvoiceWhat is (seikyusho)?actionIssued to notify the other party that you are asking fordocuments.Voucher documentsIt is a kind of.In English notation, there are "bill" ("Billing Statement") and "invoice".


    It is mainly issued when requesting payment of money or execution of administrative procedures.

    the purpose

    • Clarify that you are obliged to make a claim
    • Notify that the billing deadline is approaching
    • Notify that the billing deadline has passed (originally called a reminder)

    Mainly posted items

    Write the person to claim.
    date of issue
    Write the date the invoice was issued.Write the year ○ month ○ day.
    Write the name and contact information of the invoice issuer.
    The title of the invoice as a document. "Invoice for XX days" etc.
    Specify what you are requesting.In the case of business-to-business transactions, write a greeting at the beginning.
    Below is an example of a monetary payment request
    • Date (Purchase date of the product for which the price is charged)
    • Item
    • unit
    • unit price
    • Quantity
    • total amount
    • Remarks
    • Payee
    • Billing date: The date when the invoice was issued
    • Billing number
    • the term
      • Write the deadline for payment and procedures.It also adds information on what to do if the deadline has passed.

    Precautions for legal treatment

    • Civil lawThen, regarding the statute of limitations of claims, it is decided as follows.
      • It is not possible to establish a suspension of statute of limitations by sending an invoice.
      • In order to establish the suspension of the statute of limitations, it is necessary for the invoice (invoice, etc.) to reach the debtor, and it must be possible to prove that, so it is desirable to use a content-certified mail with a delivery certificate. ..
    • The tax law also has the following preservation provisions.

    General use case

    • When the product is delivered or the service is provided before the payment is made.
    • When requesting compensation, refund of money, etc. at the trial
    • Request for examination and request for trial in patent application
    • If payment has not been confirmed


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