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💹 | Rakuten Humiliation NPB's first savings 3 to 18 with 0 consecutive losses Masaru Tanaka loses 5 points in a row with 9 goals at once

Photo Masaru Tanaka, the starting pitcher who throws power

Rakuten Humiliation 3 consecutive losses, NPB's first savings 18 to 0 Masa Tanaka loses 5 due to 9 runs

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The pitchers were connected by a winning pattern of pitcher relay, but in the 4th inning, the XNUMXth pitcher Soong Jahao was deprived of an additional point and was pushed away.

"Rakuten 4-6 Seibu" (13th, Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi) Rakuten's starting pitcher, Masahiro Tanaka, lost 6 hits and 11 runs in the 5th inning. → Continue reading

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